'Guardians of the Galaxy' is getting an animated series

"Guardians of the Galaxy” is getting an animated series
Marvel unveiled a one-minute trailer for its new animated series at Comic-Con.

Stephen Colbert pops up at Comic-Con dressed as a Hobbit
One day after appearing in Capitol Hill, Colbert moderated a panel on “The Hobbit."

“The Simpsons” will have a “Futurama”-themed opening to the season
“A show out of idea teams up with a show out of episodes,” reads the tagline for the season premiere underneath the title, “Simpsonorama.”

Analyzing the new “Game of Thrones” characters — there’ll be more racial diversity next season
Thanks to the focus on Dorne, the new cast members will add more racial diversity to the show. PLUS: George R.R. Martin is too busy writing his book to pen an episode next season.

Gordon Ramsay’s 12-year-old daughters gets a BBC cooking show
Tilly Ramsay will get to show off her cooking skills on CBBC, the children’s BBC.

“Ray Donovan” star Steven Bauer, 57, is dating an 18-year-old girl
Bauer, who was once married to Melanie Griffith, revealed his relationship at the “Magic in the Moonlight” premiere.

“Big Brother” tells another housemate that their grandpa died
Derrick learned of his grandfather’s death via a note handed out from producers.

“Once Upon a Time” writers call “Lost’s” Carlton Cuse on the Dharma Initiative red phone
Watch how the writers came up with their “Frozen” idea.

Study: Watching TV after work makes you feel like a loser
German researchers found those who watch TV felt guilty because they weren’t doing something more important.

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spit food at each other
Watch the bearded “Mad Men” star in Fallon’s latest viral stunt.

“Chuck” couple reunited at Comic-Con
Check out Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski on stage for Nerd HQ.

Jenny McCarthy pens a column regretting her “View” Hillary Clinton lesbian comment
“How could I make a joke like that and then five minutes later preach about female empowerment?” she wrote in The Chicago Sun-Times’ Splash section.

Watch the “Outlander” opening credits
The much-anticipated Starz drama had its world premiere last night at Comic-Con.

Disney XD renews “Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” and “Avengers Assemble”
Both Marvel Universe block shows will be back this fall.

Check out an extended preview of “Mike Tyson’s Mysteries”
Tyson promoted his new Adult Swim cartoon at Comic-Con.

“Vikings” unveils Season 3 trailer
See what was shown at Comic-Con.

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Stephen Colbert showed up on Capitol Hill dressed as a fencer

Stephen Colbert showed up on Capitol Hill dressed as a fencer
Colbert was likely filming a “Better Know a District” segment on Friday with Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio).

Dan Harmon will try to bring Donald Glover back to “Community”
“The first thing I want to do is get Donald Glover back,” he tells TV Line, “and I will do anything to make that happen.”

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” characters are writing a self-help book
Its title: "The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today.”

“Bates Motel” promotes Kenny Johnson
"There's a great deal of unfinished story in the relationship of Caleb to the Bates family,” co-showrunner Kerry Ehrin says of Johnson, who’s becoming a series regular. PLUS: Nicola Peltz will also be back, and watch “Bates Motel” audition tapes.

Starz unveils new “Outlander” trailer
The adaptation of author Diana Gabaldon’s historical novels debuts Aug. 9.

Fox bans all advertising on a Boston radio station whose host called Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch” who should “drop dead"
In addition, all Fox Sports and Fox Entertainment personalities are banned from appearing on Boston’s WEEI and its sibling radio stations.

“Archer” Season 6: ISIS spy team returns, with guest-voice Allison Tolman from “Fargo”
“We treated season 5 as a vacation,” creator Adam Reed said at Comic-Con. "We’re happy to be home and we’re excited to get back to what we normally do after a fun summer of cocaine."

“Marvel’s Agents of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” casts Lance Hunter, details Lucy Lawless’ role
Hunter will be played by British actor Nick Blood, while Lawless will play Isabel Hartly, a veteran S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. PLUS: Reed Diamond will play Kraken, watch the gag reel, Marvel Studios movie directors will direct episodes next season, and Mockingbird is coming aboard.

Read all the dirt on “TMZ”
The website that has spawned three TV shows “was the first entity to successfully transfer web content to television,” notes Buzzfeed, in a lengthy article revealing the tradeoffs that have resulted in TMZ's many scoops. But TMZ won’t write anything negative about Ellen DeGeneres -- she's a TMZ corporate sibling.

“OITNB’s” real-life Piper and Larry recall meeting in a San Francisco restaurant, with a little help of “Melrose Place”
As Larry Smith recalls: "Piper didn't have a TV and her friend Kristen was hell-bent on watching the season finale of 'Melrose Place,' so I invited them to my place two blocks away to watch it. My roommate David was in a gay and lesbian book club and Piper and he bonded, so she started coming over for book club. I wasn't invited. But I was glad she kept coming by.”

Nathan Fielder explains the difference between him and “Nathan For You” self
"I try to play a version of myself from my early 20s and late teens; I just revisit that mindset,” says Fielder, who is married. He adds: "I'm a bit more oblivious to social cues (on the show) than I am in real life.”

Cable TV has blended into an indistinguishable swamp of reality TV
There’s not much difference these days between A&E and History.

Check out “Bones’” Booth in prison
Here’s the first footage from Season 10.

Watch “The Originals” Season 2 trailer
Exec producer Michael Narducci told Comic-Con attendees: "The very thing that they cling to... is now coming into jeopardy, and the antagonist is their mother, the person you should feel the most love from.” PLUS: See “The 100” Comic-Con trailer.

See “The Simpsons’” Homer Dome at Comic-Con
You can literally walk inside Homer’s head.

“Mad Men’s” Vincent Kartheiser is selling his “micro-home”
The 1912-built Hollywood bungalow was featured last year in Dwell magazine.

Comedy Central teases animated Rob Lowe in “Moonbeam City”
Check him out as an “‘80s Nagel Hunk.”

“Buffy’s” Charisma Carpenter posts, deletes a nude photo on Twitter for her 44th birthday.
"Yes, my bday suit for my bday,” she said in the tweet which displayed in which she posed topless.

There’s 1 good reason to watch “True Blood’s” final season: The cast member deathwatch
That’s the fun of this season, says Inkoo Kang: “As a viewer who's sat through every single episode of this show and slowly watched the characters morph from lovable Southern Gothic caricatures to unrecognizable strangers whose whims don't make a lick of sense (remember Nice Eric?), it's damn near impossible to resist the near-nihilistic wish that all the characters would meet the true death.”

Is drama TV’s murder trend coming to an end?
Bloody, brutal shows are apparently out of style.

David Lynch: “There are no plans yet” for a new “Twin Peaks” movie
Lynch has been too busy with the “Twin Peaks” Blu-ray set.

Kathie Lee’s son interviews Regis Philbin
Cody Gifford, who’s now 24 and a master’s student at Oxford University, interviewed Reege for his student newspaper.

Joel McHale weighs in on British TV
Which UK shows would he remake for American viewers?

History channel delves into World War I with "WWI: The First Modern War”
The four-part documentary, airing all of Saturday night, focuses on four lethal inventions from The Great War: “Armored Beasts, “Giant Airships,” “Poison Gas” and “Submarines."

“Ice Lake Rebels” and “Escaping Alaska” offer the sight of snow on TV during the hot summer months
The respective Animal Planet and TLC reality shows follow residents in northern Canada and Alaska.

WGN America’s “Manhattan” is an unlikely attempt to cross-pollinate “Lost” with “Mad Men”
“Episodes,” says Todd VanDerWerff, "are constructed so that characters are keeping secrets from each other (and occasionally the audience), and the show's larger plot is built around the deeper mystery of what this strange base in the middle of the desert is up to. But because everybody watching will have some rough idea of what the Manhattan Project was all about, it makes the mystery show aspects wrinkle the brain in a very different way. This is a conspiracy show in reverse, where the aims are known to the audience but the methods aren't always.” PLUS: The first episode is too crammed with self-seriousness, it’s historical TV done right, it’s missing the spark needed to make it a great show, it is complicated and captivating, and “Manhattan” creator sees his show connected to Wikileaks and Edward Snowden.

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Comedy Central renews 'Drunk History' and 'Nathan For You'

Comedy Central renews “Drunk History” and “Nathan For You”
Both will return next year for their 3rd season.

Sam Raimi is working on an “Evil Dead” TV series
The acclaimed movie director expects to get “Evil Dead” veteran Bruce Campbell to star in the TV adaptation, which he's working on with his brother.

“Big Bang” writers at Comic-Con talk “Star Wars,” Wil Wheaton and why they avoid Penny’s last name
“At this point, we’ve come so far, it’s a bit of a superstition for us,” showrunner Steve Molaro says of Penny’s last name.

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'Game of Thrones' announces 9 new cast members, including “Whale Rider” star Keisha Castle-Hughes

“Game of Thrones” announces 9 new cast members, including “Whale Rider” star Keisha Castle-Hughes
Castle-Hughes will play Prince Oberyn’s eldest bastard daughter, Obara Sand. She'll be joined by veteran actor Jonathan Pryce and a new actress to play Cersei's daughter. PLUS: Watch the "GoT" blooper reel.

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Mary-Louise Parker and Peter Sarsgaard to star in NBC’s 'The Slap' miniseries

Mary-Louise Parker and Peter Sarsgaard to star in NBC’s "The Slap" miniseries
Based on the Australian series, “The Slap” explores what happens when a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child.

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'The Walking Dead' Season 5 gets premiere date, trailer

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 gets premiere date, trailer
AMC’z zombie series returns Oct. 12.

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Comic-Con attendees forbidden from asking 'Big Bang Theory' writers about cast negotiations

Comic-Con attendees forbidden from asking “Big Bang Theory” writers about cast negotiations
When a Deadline reporter at this morning’s “Big Bang” panel tried to ask about the negotiations, a Comic-Con monitor exclaimed, “We can’t let you ask about that — it’s a legal question.” Still, the writers seemed to be conveying the message that everything is proceeding as normal.

AMC orders Afghanistan-set “White City” pilot
AMC calls “White City” “a gripping geopolitical drama focused on Western diplomats and journalists living in Afghanistan.”

Cartoon Network renews 5 shows, including “Adventure Time”
“Uncle Grandpa,” “Clarence,” “Regular Show” and “Steven Universe” also got picked up for another season.

“Bates Motel’s” Olivia Cooke shaves her head at Comic-Con
Norman Bates’ pal Emma is bald for a new movie role.

Blame Jack Bauer for the rise of “Bonkers TV”
Bonkers TV is when a show goes from one gasp-inducing plot point to the next, from “Scandal” to “Salem,” according to Tara Ariano. Bonkers TV, says Ariano, "operates on the outskirts of our television renaissance. This is programming designed to stun its audience at any cost (even coherence  and plausibility) in an effort to restore some kind of order to a chaotic media landscape.”

Brooks Wheelan: I never expected to be on “SNL"
"I had a good time on it,” he says. "Looking back, it was a cool year. I never expected to be on Saturday Night Live, so the fact that I got to do it for a year is like, What?! It’s an added bonus.” PLUS: 1982-85 vet Gary Kroeger on being fired from “SNL."

Watch Jordan Peele play Stan Lee on “Key & Peele”
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele revealed the upcoming sketch at Comic-Con.

“Airline Repo” gets a Season 2 premiere date, adds a female pilot
The Discovery Channel reality show returns Aug. 22.

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'Days of Our Lives' vet is set to join 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

“Days of Our Lives” vet is set to join “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
Eileen Davidson, who also appeared on “The Young and the Restless,” is expected to join Lisa Rinna on the Bravo reality show.

Lifetime drops “Good Grief” mortuary reality show after co-owners were charged with corpse abuse
The Johnson Family Mortuary in Fort Worth, Texas, was to have starred in the reality show, but authorities found there to be eight decaying bodies at its facility.

Cinemax picks up “Outcast” pilot from “Walking Dead’s” Robert Kirkman
"Demons are the new zombies,” Kirkman says of the adaptation of his exorcism comic book.

Stephen Colbert slams “True Blood” for its “transparent Hollywood attack on Republicans”
Colbert agrees with Ted Cruz’s criticism of the HBO series.

“Firefly” cast will lend their voices to the “Firefly Online” game
All the actors will be back, including Nathan Fillion.

Check out “Game of Thrones” fan-made Emojis
This concept art isn’t available for texting. PLUS: Pedro Pascal feels like a rock star at Comic-Con, and George R.R. Martin puts his head on Daenerys’ body.

Mick Jagger visited the set of his HBO rock n roll drama he’s making with Martin Scorsese
The Rolling Stones frontman tweeted a photo from the set of the pilot in Sands Point, Long Island.

Jimmy Fallon gets Morgan Freeman to do his interview with a helium voice
"I do love your voice and everyone loves your voice,” Fallon said, "but I was wondering what your voice would sound like on helium. I'll do  the same interview, I'll just do it on helium.” PLUS: ESPN’s Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James’ essay as Morgan Freeman.

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'Hannibal' will try the split-season approach for Season 3

“Hannibal” will try the split-season approach for Season 3
Bryan Fuller says Season 3 will combine two seasons. “Two separate stories that’ll have two finales and so you get two seasons for the price of one,” he says. PLUS: Eddie Izzard will return via flashback, Clarice is part of a two-year plan, and watch the blooper reel.

Chris Carter: “There certainly have been conversations” about reviving “The X-Files"
Carter notes that he’s “very friendly” with Fox’s new bosses.

“Project Runway” is a lesson in today’s fashion world, despite failing to launch a true fashion star
Sure, Christian Siriano has found success. But he is the outlier, says Robin Givhan. She notes that “Project Runway” has "offered a nuanced tale about what success means in today’s fashion industry, why it is so difficult and why it mostly has nothing to do with having one’s name up in lights — or on the New York Stock Exchange.”

Jimmy Kimmel cracked Obama jokes on the night the president was supposed to visit
“He’s here in town to go to fundraisers, where he will spend the evening  pretending to care about what celebrities think,” Kimmel said at the top of his monologue last night. “I feel like the president only comes to LA for money. He’s like a college student who comes home to do laundry and steal food from the refrigerator.”

Craig Ferguson: I’d be willing to do another talk show, but not right away
“I would do another one. I just don’t want to do this one anymore,” the “Late Late” host tells Larry King.

“Sleepy Hollow” unveils an Oculus Rift experience at Comic-Con
Experience the CW series in 3D.

“The View” media attention hasn’t done anything for the ratings
The ABC daytime talk show is actually down this July compared to last year.

“True Blood’s” Nelsan Ellis blasts Luke Grimes for quitting over gay role
“You quit your job because you don’t want to play a gay part? You make a big statement when you go, ‘I don’t want to play this part because it’s gay,” Ellis says. “You just made a statement, and it has ripple effects.”

Check out “The Walking Dead’s” Comic-Con booth
“Glenn go to terminus."

A “Sharknado 2” app will change the lighting in your room while you’re watching
The audio cue track translates on-screen action into ambient lighting effects. PLUS: Tara Reid really believes a “Sharknado” could happen in real life.

The Venezuelan “world’s tallest slum” used on “Homeland” last season has begun evicting squatters
The Torre David skyscraper was used in Season 3 to torture Nicolas Brody.

Watch Tatiana Maslany fight zombies as “Shaun of the Dead”
The “Orphan Black” star once went to a convention to meet the cast of “Shaun of the Dead."

Eric Stonestreet: I refused to take a picture with Rick Santorum
The “Modern Family” star didn’t like the conservative politician’s stance on gays.

Comedy Central unveils "The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail”
The standup showcase hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani gets the post “@midnight” slot.

Former Kate Gosselin nanny details the eavesdropping, plus the strict rulebook
"When Jon called the kids on the phone, Kate said to us nannies, ‘You are Kate, so always listen in on the phone calls,’” says the anonymous nanny.

Ricky Martin joins “The Voice” in Mexico
He was previously a coach on “The Voice Australia."

CBS signs a deal with author James Patterson
The long-term deal comes as a CBS is adapting his “Zoo” book.

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'Community' will stay the same on Yahoo, but it won’t return before Christmas

“Community” will stay the same on Yahoo, but it won’t return before Christmas
“My philosophy is: Attempt to make the same show, and let the lack of boundaries make themselves felt,” Dan Harmon said at Comic-Con. ” I don’t want to take the wheels off so much that people think, ‘This is a new show.’” PLUS: Episodes won't be binge-released -- they'll be put out weekly.

“Teen Wolf” renewed for a super-sized Season 5
The MTV drama will be back with 20 episodes next year.

NBC to burn off the final 2 “Crossbones” episodes next week on a Saturday
Following this week’s regularly scheduled episode, the final two “Crossbones” episodes will air on Saturday, Aug. 2.

Melissa Gilbert is headed to “Secrets & Lies”
The "Little House on the Prairie” will return to ABC in a recurring role.

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