Bob Costas is taking a 2nd night off

Bob Costas is taking a 2nd night off
Costas told "Today" by phone this morning that his eyes are so sensitive that they are tearing up even in dim light. So Matt Lauer will fill in once again. PLUS: Why Costas is essential to Olympics coverage.

Ryan Seacrest is launching a clothing line with help from Macy's
"Ryan Seacrest Distinction" will debut in 150 of Macy's 500 stores this spring, and it'll specialize in helping guys match the colors of their suit and tie. "I'm not a designer, nor do I think I am," says Seacrest. "I see an opportunity to help curate these different pieces for guys at an accessible level."

Is "How I Met Your Dad" a step down for movie actress Greta Gerwig?
Some are accusing Gerwig -- the "indie darling and Mumblecore queen" -- of "selling out" to television, especially after her highest-profile movie role in "Frances Ha." One publication accused her of stooping to TV.

"The Biggest Loser's" Rachel: "Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training"

Rachel Frederickson insists, though, she's "very, very healthy."

Check out Julia Louis-Dreyfus' date with the real "Veep"
Louis-Dreyfus sat next to Vice President Joe Biden for last night's White House state dinner honoring France. PLUS: Mindy Kaling tweeted pics from inside the White House.

"Dads" ends the season with 2.6 million viewers
The much-derided Fox comedy was down 30% from last week thanks to the Olympics.

"Nightline" co-anchor: I was on cocaine and ecstasy when I melted down on "GMA" 10 years ago
ABC News' Dan Harris is confessing that drug use was responsible for his panic attack on air in 2004.

"Veronica Mars" covers EW

See Veronica and Logan and marshmallows.

Lady Gaga is filming a music video with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
The "super-secret" video revolves around the Bravo cast.

Nathan Fielder tells Jimmy Kimmel he feared going to jail over Dumb Starbucks
The "Nathan For You" star says the health department could've jailed him for operating without a permit.

"The Office's" Oscar Nunez joins USA comedy "Benched"

He'll join Eliza Coupe and Jay Harrington on the legal comedy, playing a public defender.

"Army Wives" is exiting with a 2-hour farewell special

"Army Wives: A Final Salute" airing March 16 will feature comments from real-life military wives.

Sarah Silverman is dating Michael Sheen

Us Weekly says Silverman and the "Masters of Sex" star were recently spotted making out.

Former "Storage Wars" contestant wins a storage locker full of human ashes
Steve Monetti spent $550 on a locker full of containers filled with human remains.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' new music video

The "HIMYM" star is starring in a "SLEEP with neuro" drink campaign.

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Greta Gerwig lands the lead in 'How I Met Your Dad'

Greta Gerwig lands the lead in "How I Met Your Dad"
Gerwig will play the female version of "How I Met Your Mother's" Ted Mosby, a woman named Sally, who is described as a "female Peter Pan."

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'White Collar' is in limbo

"White Collar" is in limbo
Filming on Season 6 is supposed to begin in March, but USA's talks with the studio have stalled, leaving "White Collar" with an uncertain future.

White House's state dinner honoring France features Mindy Kaling, Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Tonight's state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande is also featuring J.J. Abrams and CNN boss Jeff Zucker. PLUS: See Kaling's outfit, Louis-Dreyfus sat next to the real "Veep" Joe Biden, and Colbert sat at the head table next to Michelle Obama.

Matt Lauer says of Bob Costas: "He looked a little like the loser in a prize fight"
"I'm Matt Lauer, in for Bob Costas tonight," said Laure at the top of Tuesday's Sochi coverage. "If you've been following along the last several days you know Bob’s been battling – and that's an understatement — an eye infection that's traveled a little bit." PLUS: NBC Sports' Michele Tafoya tweets: "Sources close to Bob Costas tell me his eye problems are due to a virus, not an infection."

Without NBC, the IOC couldn't afford to run the Olympics

The Peacock's $775 million payment to the International Olympic Committee represents 62% of the IOC's broadcast revenue for this year's games. In fact, as The Washington Post notes, NBC is responsible for funding a fifth of all Olympic games. PLUS: Why is snowboarding coverage so terrible?... and sexist?, and why can't NBC's Olympics website avoid spoilers?

Original '90s Flash will guest on CW's "The Flash"
John Wesley Shipp will have a "mysterious role" on the CW series.

"Melissa & Joey" sets up another "Sabrina" reunion
Melissa Joan Hart will be reunited with Beth Broderick, her "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" aunt.

"HIMYM's" The Mother has yet to learn her name

Says Cristin Milioti: "I don't know if it’s because they think I’m a terrible liar, but no, I have not been told that. It's very much on lockdown."

Kurt Sutter: A "Sons of Anarchy" video game is "definitely" happening

"and it's pretty f*cking awesome," Sutter wrote on Twitter.

BBC America asks: What if Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham were the same person?
That's the premise of "Nottingham," from the creator of "Dracula."

Dave Chappelle said "I'm Rick James, bitch" 10 years ago today
It was Feb. 11, 2004 that "Chappelle Show" aired the famous "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" episode.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine": TV's most quietly pro-gay show
Unlike other shows, the Andy Samberg comedy manages to address gay rights issues thoughtfully with little fanfare.

Ken Burns: I wouldn't want a narrator for a documentary on Ken Burns
Burns answered questions on Reddit, saying of a potential Burns documentary: "I'd want it to be a silent film. Wouldn't that be good."

"Bones" releases a Happy Valentine's Day video
Watch a cute compilation of Booth and Brennan.

Will "Supernatural's" spinoff get a much-needed female lead?

The "Supernatural" females haven't come off well, with them falling into the category of lover, mother, daughter or bitch.

"Grey's Anatomy" gets a new surgeon
"Big Love" alum Patrick Fabian will recur as a pediatric surgeon.

Look back at Fred Armisen's pre-"SNL" music career

Armisen was part of the hardcore punk group Trenchmouth and later played drums for Blue Man Group. PLUS: Meet some of Armisen's band members, and Jimmy Fallon wants to be part of Armisen's band.

Will Simon Cowell ever return to American TV?
Cowell has been an American TV staple since 2002, except for the 16 months off that he took to launch "The X Factor."

Garry Trudeau is putting his comic strip "Doonesbury" on hold for "Alpha House"

The Amazon series is keeping Trudeau busy all summer.

Betty White goes crazy on "WWE Monday Night Raw"
The 92-year-old White last night showed no signs of slowing down.

Timothy Olyphant can't think of anything he wants to see Raylan accomplish on "Justified"
"I reserve the right to change my mind here," he says, "but I don't think there's anything I really want to see him accomplish. I just hope that we take our time and are thoughtful about the way he goes about accomplishing things." PLUS: Joelle Carter talks Ava and Raylan, and Olyphant originally wanted "Justified" to be called "Killtucky."

Check out Freddie Prinze Jr.'s "Star Wars Rebels" Cowboy Jedi character

Prinze says he always wanted to play a Jedi.

Tim Gunn: Larry King thought "Project Runway" was about an airport

Gunn offers advice and recollections in his Reddit Ask Me Anything.

"SNL's" Vanessa Bayer recalls her "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" internship
Bayer also recalls how she was too ugly for a peanut commercial. PLUS: Conan's YouTube channel surpasses 500 million views.

Ex-"Baywatch" babe Donna D'Errico files for bankruptcy

The ex-wife of Nikki Sixx claims she only has $20 to her name.

Lifetime orders dystopian-future drama "The Lottery"
In the 10-episode series, women stop having children, "threatening extinction of the human race. When 100 embryos are successfully fertilized, a national lottery is held to decide the surrogates."

PBS tonight tells the true story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

It's part o the latest installment of "American Experience."

See more "House of Cards" teasers

Netflix has three more trailers in advance of Season 2's release this weekend.

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Tom Brokaw announces he has cancer: 'I am very optimistic'

Tom Brokaw announces he has cancer: "I am very optimistic"
The 74-year-old former "NBC Nightly News" anchor was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow, at the Mayo Clinic in August, according to NBC News, which adds that "doctors are optimistic about the outcome of the treatment he is receiving."

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HBO orders 'The Brink,' a geopolitical crisis comedy starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins

HBO orders "The Brink," a geopolitical crisis comedy starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins
The dark comedy about a geopolitical crisis stars Robbins as the U.S. Secretary of State and Black as a lowly foreign service offirer. Jay Roach is directing and Jerry Weintraub is producing "The Brink," which also stars Aasif Mandvi, Esai Morales, Pablo Schreiber and Geoff Pierson.

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'Dads' takes a shot at 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

"Dads" takes a shot at "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
On tonight's episode, Martin Mull's character drunkenly sings about "Dads'" fellow Fox freshman comedy: "It takes gallons of wine/ to sit through “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”/that Golden Globe should be mine!/Bottoms up! Bottoms up!"

Taylor Lautner will star in a BBC sitcom, replacing Andy Samberg

Samberg starred on the first season of BBC3's culture-clash comedy "Cuckoo," and now Lautner has signed up for Season 2, playing a mysterious American stranger who shows up on a British family's doorstep. He'll be joined by Helen Baxendale, who played Ross' British girlfriend on "Friends."

Jerry Seinfeld: "The Lego Movie" ripped off my American Express ads
Seinfeld tweeted today: "I think Lego Movie stole my Superman has issues with Green Lantern bit from Amex Seinfeld and Superman webisode. Anyone else catch that?"

Rapper Nas' life is set to become an Xbox TV series

"Street Dreams" will be loosely based on Nas' 1990s childhood in Long Island’s Queensbridge housing complex.

Remembering Shirley Temple's TV past
Temple, who died last night at age 85, made a small mark on the small screen as host and narrator of NBC's 1958 anthology series "Shirley Temple's Storybook." Temple returned for a 2nd season in 1961 for retitled "The Shirley Temple Show," which aired in color. PLUS: TCM sets a Shirley Temple marathon for March 9.

"Psych's" Maggie Lawson to "Save the Date" on CBS
She'll play a 35-year-old woman who needs to meet the right man after unexpectedly booking a wedding venue.

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'Game of Thrones' alum Michelle Fairley will play a '24' villain

"Game of Thrones" alum Michelle Fairley will play a "24" villain
Fairley is replacing Judy Davis on "24: Live Another Day" as the widow of a terrorist.

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Hugh Jackman is returning as Tony Awards host

Hugh Jackman is returning as Tony Awards host

This will be Jackman's 4th time hosting the awards after helming the ceremony for three consecutive years, from 2003 to 2005.

"Ellen" hits a series high

The week ending Feb. 2 was Ellen's most-watched ever.

Jimmy Kimmel to delve into Dumb Starbucks
"Nathan For You's" Nathan Fielder tonight will talk about his coffee shop stunt.

"The Last Ship" nabs Titus Welliver

Welliver had originally been cast in the pilot, but had to exit due to a family emergency. Now he'll appear in the final two episodes of the Michael Bay drama.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher joins "Astronaut Wives Club"

She'll star in the ABC drama about the '60s space race, told from the wives' perspective.

PBS Kids renews "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"
The animated series from the Fred Rogers Company will return for a 2nd season.

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Bob Costas woke up this morning with both eyes swollen and crusted shut

Bob Costas woke up this morning with both eyes swollen and crusted shut
"Both eyes were red and angry on Sunday and Monday," said Costas, adding: "It was increasingly uncomfortable with each passing night, but I could cope with it. But last night until today, it got to where I couldn't look in the bathroom light without squinting and blinking and my eye watering." PLUS: Tonight ends 157 consecutive nights of primetime Olympic hosting for Costas, dating back to 1998.

Winter Olympics hurt Monday shows
The networks' original programming couldn't compete with the Sochi games.

Fox Batman prequel "Gotham" casts 4, including The Penguin and Alfred
James Gordon's fiancee and Captain Essen have also been cast.

"The Neighbors" will host a "Full House" reunion with DJ and Steve
Candace Cameron and Scott Weinger are set to visit the alien neighborhood.

Juan Pablo has ruined "The Bachelor: He's a special kind of mean disguised as nice
"Bachelor" defender Brandy Zadrozny has had enough of Juan Pablo: "He’s corny, homophobic, manipulative, creepy, rude, boring, and not as attractive as ABC tries to convince me he is."

Canadian comedy "Schitt's Creek" to star Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Chris Elliott

Levy will play a suddenly broke video store billionaire and O'Hara will play his soap star wife. Levy's son, Dan, will also star.

"Scandal" adds a "Homeland" actress
Nazanin Boniadi, who played "Homeland's" FBI analyst Fara Sherazi last season, will appear in the final eight episodes of the season. Details of her character are being kept under wraps.

Daniel Tosh will give away his car on the "Tosh.0" season premiere
The Feb. 18 Season 6 premiere also promises the "most spectacular wardrobe reveal to date."

"The Colbert Report" hires its Sochi correspondent from "The Kids in the Hall"
Watch Scott Thompson reprise his Buddy Cole character.

"The Talk" is celebrating Florence Henderson's 80th birthday with a "Brady Bunch" reunion

Four of the six "Brady" kids, plus Alice, will be part of Thursday's show to celebrate Henderson's Valentine's Day birthday.

Adult Swim is touring the country with a gigantic black-and-pink blow-up castle

The inflatable fun house is touring colleges through May.

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'The Biggest Loser' mulling 'small but significant tweaks' following Rachel's shocking weight-loss

"The Biggest Loser" mulling "small but significant tweaks" following Rachel's shocking weight-loss
The NBC reality show is considering more check-ins with the contestants once the finale is taped.

"The Wonder Years" is finally getting a DVD release, with every original song included
The same company that put out "China Beach" on DVD is securing the right to every original song from the classic comedy.

"House of Cards" launches a card game

The Netflix show is teaming with Cards Against Humanity for a unique card game.

In praise of Bob Costas
"That poor man is SUFFERING up there in those tasteful glasses," as Deadspin notes. PLUS: 15 unflattering things Costas looked like last night.

Shayne Lamas is not in a coma, says her dad Lorenzo

"The Bachelor" alum is "conscious and stable" after her miscarriage.

"24's" Annie Wersching joining "Extant"

She'll co-star on the CBS summer series starring Halle Berry and Goran Visnjic.

Julia Roberts cancels her "Jimmy Kimmel Live" interview after the death of her half-sister
Roberts was supposed to make her Kimmel debut last night. Instead, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy filled in.

"30 Rock's" Katrina Bowden lands on TNT

She'll play a prostitute, co-starring opposite Ed Burns in the 1967-set drama "Public Morals."

MTV picks up "Eye Candy" starring Victoria Justice
"Twilight's" Catherine Hardwicke is behind the thriller in which Justice plays a hacker who gets into trouble on the web.

CBS will repeat its Beatles 50th-anniversary special

"The Beatles: The Night That Changed America" will be rebroadcast at 8:30 on Wednesday.

Austin Mahone to guest on Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out"

The teen heartthrob will show his comedic chops and perform on the MTV2 show.

Lorne Michaels: At least Seth Meyers has a "friendly face" in Fred Armisen

Michaels and Jimmy Fallon weighed in on Meyers' hiring of Armisen as his "Late Night" bandleader: "He's so talented, so we're going to figure it out somehow," says the "SNL" boss. "And Seth won't be alone up there, which is what I care about." PLUS: Armisen's best "SNL" musical moments.

Viacom is sticking up for Nathan Fielder's "Dumb Starbucks" stunt
Says a spokesperson for the company that owns Comedy Central: "Viacom takes intellectual property rights seriously, and also recognizes the important constitutional protection afforded to expressive works characterized by social commentary."

Dick Van Dyke to guest on Hallmark Channel

The 88-year-old legendary actor will appear on two episodes of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

"Sherlock" is getting a "Sherlocked" convention

The three-day convention will take place in England later this year.

Here's a glimpse of the "HIMYM" series finale script

"Last Forever."

Soleil Moon Frye welcomes her 3rd child

It's the first boy for the former "Punky Brewster" star.

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