Cher signs on to become a "Voice" mentor

Cher signs on to become a "Voice" mentor
The iconic singer will help mentor Blake Shelton's team. She'll be joined by fellow mentors Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder and Miguel.

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Tina Fey to kick off the 'SNL' season, followed by Miley Cyrus and Bruce Willis

Tina Fey to kick off the "SNL" season, followed by Miley Cyrus and Bruce Willis for the 1st time in 24 years
Tina Fey will host the season premiere -- her 4th time hosting -- on Sept. 28 with musical guest Arcade Fire, while Miley Cyrus will perform double duty as host and musical guest the following week. Willis only hosted "SNL" one previous time, in 1989.

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Eminem 'was just messing with everyone' during bizarre appearance on ESPN

Eminem "was just messing with everyone" during bizarre appearance on ESPN
"We had no idea he would do that," says ESPN producer Bill Bonnell, "but if you see the music video, it's him looking into the camera and doing a throwback to the '80s. You clearly saw after the video was over, he became Marshall Mathers again. He was goofing around."

The best-ever "Breaking Bad" episode?
Last night's was the finest episode of the entire series, says Andrew Romano. "The smartest. The most intense. And ultimately, the most devastating," he says. PLUS: Writers debated how to end last night's episode, what is the significance of Saul's shirt?, this was a lesson in be careful what you wish for, was the ending predictable?, Bryan Cranston has become hot in Hollywood thanks to "Breaking Bad," "THIS SHOW IS GETTING TOO DAMNED TENSE!," this episode made viewers feel physically sick, there will be credibility issues if what looked like is happening doesn't happen, behind the scenes of the final moments, director Michelle MacLaren is the John Cage of this malevolent silence, and this episode had one of the most deeply satisfying moments in TV history.

Wentworth Miller attempted suicide "more than once" as he tried to deal with being gay
"The first time I tried to kill myself I was 15," he says.

See Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson in their HBO trailer

"True Detective" debuts in January.

Daenerys' "Game of Thrones" dragons were made using geese and tennis balls
Here's a look behind the scenes of the HBO series' visual effects.

Elton John will perform at the Emmys in tribute to Liberace
The performance will accompany Michael Douglas and Matt Damon when they present an award at the Sept. 22 ceremony.

Bruno Mars not Jersey enough for the Super Bowl?
Some think the Hawaiian singer wasn't the right choice for the New Jersey Super Bowl halftime show.

Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers reveals she's recovered from battle with cancer
Quivers has been doing the Stern show from her home since May 2012 as she's battled uterine cancer.

Watch Carrie Underwood's "Sunday Night Football" theme

NBC rolled out the theme before Underwood's ex-boyfriend Tony Romo played the Giants.

A bespectacled Simon Cowell describes to Ellen learning the baby news
Cowell also admits it's a "juicy story."

"Downton Abbey" accused of setting the table wrong
The owner of the castle where the PBS show films says: "“Glasses are back to front and things are set wrong. It's the little details."

Study claims "Law & Order" impacts juries
A new academic paper suggests that the "good guy" portrayal of authorities influences the way jurors think.

"Swamp People" stars surrender to police
R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere allegedly beat a man with a bottle a month ago.

Fox mashes up "Mindy" with "New Girl" and "Bones"
Check out "The Mindy Project's" promos for the new season.

"The Vampire Diaries'" Matt Davis joins "CSI"

He'll recur next season.

Syfy to air "Naked Vegas"

The docuseries profiles the art of body painting, profiling a group called The Skin Team.

"TMZ Live" goes national
Harvey Levin's web spinoff talk show, which has been shown in limited TV markets, is expected to air nationwide starting today.

"Parks and Rec's" Jim O'Heir plays Justin Bieber for Jimmy Kimmel
Justin Bieber in 2051. PLUS: O'Heir talks to Kimmel about his radio past.

"American Horror Story" adds "Magic City's" Danny Huston
He'll play Jessica Lange's boyfriend.

Josh Charles weds
"The Good Wife" star married longtime girlfriend Sophie Flack on Friday.

Watch the trailer for BBC America's "Atlantis"
The Greek myths drama debuts this fall.

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Report: Bruno Mars to perform at Super Bowl halftime

Report: Bruno Mars to perform at Super Bowl halftime
An announcement should be made soon, according to the LA Times. The NFL, meanwhile, would only jokingly say that Janet Jackson and Miley Cyrus have been ruled out. UPDATENFL confirms Bruno Mars as Super Bowl halftime performer.

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"Michael J. Fox" gets parents: Candice Bergen and Charles Grodin

"Michael J. Fox" gets parents: Candice Bergen and Charles Grodin
They've been tapped for a potentially recurring role on the NBC sitcom.

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'The X Factor' will finally shift its focus from the judges to the singers

"The X Factor" will finally shift its focus from the judges to the singers
As Simon Cowell says, "The whole purpose of making the show is to find a star."

Screech booted out of "Celebrity Big Brother"
Watch Dustin Diamond's best bits from the house.

Gregg German joins Alicia Silverstone on Lifetime's "HR"

The "Ally McBeal" alum will play her boss.

Thorough research is key to making "Breaking Bad" so riveting
The AMC series has at its disposal an "army of consultants" -- experts in chemistry, the DEA, hazardous waste disposal and cancer. PLUS: Writers considered burning down the house, what if Walt Jr. had an Instagram account?, 21-year-old RJ Mitte was 14 when he began filming, what Betsy Brandt stole from the set, and cast members talk about their most challenging scenes.

"Scandal" costume designer: We're influencing fashion designers

Olivia Pope's gloves have become all the rage.

"SNL's" Da Bears make a comeback for an Aaron Rodgers commercial
Check out Robert Smigel and George Wendt's ad for State Farm.

Paul Scheer explains the "genius" of Arsenio Hall
"I feel like he's the closest we have to a Johnny Carson," says "The League" star.

"Suits": An appreciation
The USA legal drama has, says Maureen Ryan, what's often missing from TV dramas these days: "characters who, generally speaking, enjoy their lives and derive pleasure from their accomplishments."

"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will try to pull off the "hardest trick in television"
Can it combine Marvel's male audience with ABC's female-centric viewership?

Women on Lifetime: Why do they have the same kinds of careers?
Here are eight cliche careers, from nannies with ulterior motives to dirty teachers.

What if "It's Always Sunny" had a "Cheers"-style opening?
Check out the opening credits done in the style of the classic NBC sitcom.

Enough with TV's Canadian-shot "ambiguous cities"!
Shows like "Orphan Black" refuse to offer a clue of what country they are set in.

How will "Grey's Anatomy" survive Sandra Oh's exit?

After all, Cristina Yang has been the backbone for the series.

"Boardwalk Empire" returns as good as ever but still indulgent
As Hank Stuever notes, "We have to take the good things about 'Boardwalk Empire' (the acting, the authenticity in its exquisite details and most of the writing) along with the bad (the repetitiveness, the plodding)." PLUS: "Boardwalk" is "Wire"-like in being a novel for TV, Season 4 is bloodier than ever, meet the new cast members, and how an Englishman transforms into Al Capone.

NFL teams reimagined as a "Game of Thrones" houses
Check out siglis for all 32 teams.

Dr. Seuss meets "The Walking Dead"
Presenting "The Seussing Dead." PLUS: Watch the latest "Walking Dead" teaser.

PBS' "Last Tango in Halifax" tells of a late-life romance
The British drama, debuting Sunday, was so acclaimed it won the best drama award at the British version of the Emmys.

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Cynthia Nixon joins 'Hannibal'

Cynthia Nixon joins "Hannibal"
The "Sex and the City" alum will recur next season as an FBI internal affairs investigator.

CW is the latest network interested in a "Wizard of Oz"-inspired drama
"Heroes" creator Tim Kring is in talks for the revisionist "Dorothy Must Die." CBS and NBC are also developing "Oz"-related projects.

High school teacher suspended for appearing in racy Jay Leno sketch
Steve Endemano was sitting in "The Tonight Show" audience when he agreed to appear semi-naked in "sizzle reel" video.

Comedy Central's "Community" promo makes fun of the show's lack of promotion
"Holy crap, we're being advertised!"

CBS celebrates teachers with "Teach"
Tonight's two-hour special takes a look at four exceptional public-school teachers.

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Neil Patrick Harris won't open the Emmys with a big opening number

Neil Patrick Harris won't open the Emmys with a big opening number
Harris wants this year's ceremony to be "classy and smart," but there won't be an opening number. "The last thing I want is to compete with the Tony Awards, which I had such a blast doing — so no, I'll be doing something different for sure," he says. "But I think that’s what’s fun, trying to come up with new ideas."

Eminem teams with ABC's "Saturday Night Football"
Eminem's "Berzerk" will be the featured song of the season, plus the two are collaborating on a college football-themed music video for the weekly broadcast.

"Burn Notice" creator wants to do a spinoff
"I would love to do it," says Matt Nix, who's working on a medical drama pilot for USA. "The door has been left open intentionally, but nobody's asked me to write a script. If the opportunity ever arose to do something like that I’d be thrilled."

History channel's H2 channel to show 9/11's "Relics From The Wreckage"
The special will highlight five relics that will be featured in the 9/11 museum.

"The Following" books "True Blood's" Carrie Preston
She'll guest as James Purefoy's groupie.

Piper Perabo gets engaged

The "Covert Affairs" star is set to wed director-producer Stephen Kay.

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'Grey's Anatomy' unveils Season 10 promo

"Grey's Anatomy" unveils Season 10 promo
"The storm isn't over yet."

Hank's "Breaking Bad" partner "Gomie" jokes: "It's hard to be a Mexican on 'Breaking Bad'"

Steven Michael Quezada -- an actor/standup comedian/talk show host/Albuquerque school board member -- says of his character: "Gomez is the verbally abused wife. He takes everything with a grain of salt, though. When Hank has something racially colorful to say, I don't think he says it to anybody else but Gomez, you know what I mean?" PLUS: New Mexico clinic to offer "Breaking Bad" rehab scholarships.

"Big Brother" Aaryn's black prom date comes forward
Mike Miller, who took the racist "Big Brother" star to the prom in 2009, says she's not "prejudiced or hateful."

X-Men won't ever be part of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Rights issues will prevent the show from even using the word "mutant."

Dr. Oz goes undercover -- as a woman

The TV doctor dressed in drag at a shoe store to convince women to choose comfort over fashion.

Jack Osbourne's wife suffers a miscarriage
Osbourne got the news as he's preparing to go on "Dancing with the Stars."

Moscow mayoral candidate's campaign is inspired by "The Wire"
Alexei Navalny, the leading opposition candidate, admits copying many of his ideas from the HBO series. PLUS: Isiah Whitlock Jr. hasn't stopped saying "sheeeeeeeeeit."

"White Collar" recruits Zeljko Ivanek

He'll guest star in one episode.

"The X Factor" gets new sponsors

Pepsi and Chevrolet are out, Honda and Procter are in.

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Ryan Seacrest booed as part of NFL Kickoff Game coverage

Ryan Seacrest booed as part of NFL Kickoff Game coverage
To the surprise of NFL fans, Seacrest was part of the NFL kickoff festivities, thanks to his association with NBC.

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