NYC mayor asks CBS’ Les Moonves to keep the post-Letterman 'Late Show' in New York

NYC mayor asks CBS’ Les Moonves to keep the post-Letterman "Late Show” in New York
Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters, “I had a very good conversation yesterday with the man who will actually make that decision, Les Moonves, and I emphasized that New York has been an extraordinary home for the 'Late Show' and that we think it’ll be a great home for the Late Show going forward. And I’m hopeful that that’s what will come to pass."

Weather Channel returns to DirecTV after agreeing to cut back on weekday reality shows
The satellite provider had yanked The Weather Channel complaining that it ran too many reality shows. In response, The Weather Channel agreed to reduce its weekday reality TV programming by half.

Watch a preview of the new “Last Comic Standing” with Roseanne, JB Smoove, Keenen Ivory Wayans
"It’s not real to me unless I see you with a microphone,” Wayans said at today’s NBC Universal press conference.

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HBO renews 'Game of Thrones' for Seasons 5 and 6

HBO renews "Game of Thrones" for Seasons 5 and 6
The HBO series "is a phenomenon like no other,” says HBO programming chief Michael Lombardo. “David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with their talented collaborators, continue to surpass themselves, and we look forward to more of their dazzling storytelling.”

Can “Justified” right itself?
Season 5, which ends tonight, has been a disappointment, especially with so few episodes left in the series. PLUS: Damon Herriman was glad to see Dewey Crowe on for most of the season.

Maryland fails to pass a “House of Cards” tax credits bill at the last minute
The Maryland House of Delegates was on the verge of passing an increase in the Netflix drama’s tax credits to $18.5 million, when three delegates wanted to add a condition that would’ve required the show to pay back the money should it leave the state.

“Sharknado 2” is basically an extension of “Sharknado”
“We never stopped making the first movie,” director Anthony C. Ferrante said today at NBC Universal’s press day. “This thing never stopped…If it stayed in Los Angeles it would have been boring." PLUS: "This is the most important film ever made about climate change," says "Sharknado 2's" Judah Friedlander.

“New Girl” planning to reset the show and go back to basics, with a lighter tone
“I think this year we got a little heavy, we got a little into that emotional arc, and I think this show completely exists without all that heaviness,” says creator Liz Meriwether, who adds that she wants to return to the fun of the pilot.

“Mad Men” might be channeling “Midnight Cowboy” in its final season
Stan Rizzo is wearing Jon Voight’s outfit in promo shots. And Stan shares the same last name as Dustin Hoffman’s Ratso Rizzo. PLUS: Seth Meyers unveils his Don Draper impression.

Stephen Colbert doesn’t need his “Stephen Colbert” character to be an excellent “Late Show” host
Colbert has proven to have a great TV presence with his real persona, as shown in many TV interviews.

“Family Guy” joins Instagram
Check out Peter Griffin’s vacation pic.

Johnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel again
This was their 2nd kiss in a year. Says Depp: "I feel bad about it, but I also feel like between you and I, it's kind of an 'anything goes' kind of thing. You know what I mean?” PLUS: Kimmel spoofs “Game of Thrones” with KFC ad.

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Bravo announces 15 new shows, including 'Manzo’d with Children' and 'Game of Crowns'

Bravo announces 15 new shows, including “Manzo’d with Children” and “Game of Crowns”
The “Real Housewives” spinoff and the pageant wives reality show will join new programs with titles like “Euros of Hollywood,” “100 Dates,” “Top Chef Duels,” “Extreme Guide to Parenting,” “Going Going Gone” and “Gen XYZ.” That’s in addition to the scripted “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” and “Odd Mom Out." PLUS: Bravo renews “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Don’t Be Tardy,” orders “Kandi’s Wedding”

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 premiere is closing in on the piracy record
More than 1 million people illegally downloaded Sunday’s episode within 12 hours of its debut. PLUS: “Game of Thrones” has featured at least 6 current or former porn stars, and just 500,000 UK viewers watched the U.S. “Game of Thrones" simulcast at 2 a.m.

Mindy Kaling: “I would be dead if I lived the life of my character”
Kaling, now wearing bangs, tells Chelsea Handler her “Mindy Project” character has "Lindsay Lohan's love life but she's like a's kind of fun because I don't live that life."

Oxygen’s new shows include “Fix My Choir” and “Street Art Throwdown”
Oxygen is also adding “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” and “Nail’d It” to its lineup.

Fox improv series “Riot” nabs Steve Carell, Cheryl Hines, Jason Alexander
Mayim Bialik, David Arquette, D.L. Hughley and Chris Kattan are also set to guest-star.

Christina Hendricks wanted to be on “Game on Thrones,” though she has yet to watch the HBO drama
It was just something to say on the red carpet, she tells Conan.

Simon Cowell regrets having an extramarital affair
"It just happened,” he says. "You have to deal with it and man up to it.”

Ali Fedotowsky: 2 people have been stabbed and killed in my apartment complex this past week
The E! News star and former “Bachelorette” is planning to move after the 2nd stabbing incident occurred last night.

Kate Mara is set to star in a Lifetime movie about kidnapper Ariel Castro
She’s about to sign on to play one of the victims who was held by Castro for years in a house in Cleveland.

Billy Eichner pimps out Paul Rudd for $1
Have sex with Rudd for $1 on the next “Billy on the Street.”

CW picks up “The Backpackers”
Dillon Casey and Noah Reid will play two Americans backpacking across Europe in this summer series.

“Parenthood’s” Crosby pops up tonight on “About a Boy”
Dax Shepard is returning the favor after David Walton showed up on “Parenthood.”

“SVU” books Samantha Mathis
She’ll guest on a May episode.

Netflix’s “Marco Polo” casts its title role
Lorenzo Richelmy will play the famed explorer.

Read an oral history of “Deadwood”
Ian McShane, Kim Dickens and more former “Deadwood” stars reminisce for the 10th anniversary of the HBO series.

“Doctor Who” adds a new, “storming villain"
Steven Moffat says with Ben Miller’s addition, "we knew we needed somebody special to send everybody behind the sofa."

Matthew McConaughey still wears his “True Detective” pants
The actor spoke to People recently and revealed he was wearing Rust Cohle’s gray Dickies.

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Report: Jillian Michaels wants to quit 'The Biggest Loser' over its poor treatment of contestants

Report: Jillian Michaels wants to quit “The Biggest Loser" over its poor treatment of contestants
"She is deeply concerned about the direction the show has been taking," a source tells People magazine. "She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants."

Coming to NBC: “NBC’s Epic Funnies”
The “America’s Funniest Home Videos”-esque clip show will take funny online clips and put them on TV.

Ashley Tisdale & George Wendt team for TBS barbershop sitcom
The untitled comedy from the creators of “Will & Grace” will have Tisdale playing a barber and the former “Cheers” star taking on the role as the barbershop’s former owner.

NBC Universal boss confident Fallon will beat Letterman’s replacement — and it won’t be Leno or Tina Fey
Steve Burke says Fey seems happy making TV shows and movies for NBC Universal, while Jay Leno is on the verge of signing a deal to do occasional specials.

Is “Game of Thrones” a “chick show”?
"Think about it,” says Amanda Marcotte. "Nearly all the plots set in motion in (the Season 4 premiere) are the stuff of traditionally feminine narratives. Marital troubles, sexual jealousy, ungrateful children, and, of course, the intricacies of wedding planning. It's All My Children, just with more amputated limbs.” PLUS: Ranking the women from the season premiere, more questions answered from the premiere, a chart shows how the show lines up with the books, the 6-foot-6 The Hound talks about working with Maisie Williams, and meet the inventor of the Dothraki and Valyrian languages.

Jimmy Fallon is being touted for bashing both Democrats and Republicans
Is he the most centrist late-night host?

Doctor sues claiming he was assaulted by “Bar Rescue” host
Dr. Paul Wilkes claims he was asked by the show’s production company to hit on Jon Taffer’s wife, which resulted in him getting beat up by the Spike TV host.

Why Chelsea Handler is the wrong choice for CBS
The E! star shtick doesn't have mainstream appeal.

“Shameless” boss explains why he kept the cast in the dark
That season finale scene was shot separately from the entire cast.

“Silicon Valley” is an upscale "Big Bang Theory” — and a wasted opportunity
"Instead of pulling back the curtain on startup hype and eviscerating empty techie values, 'Silicon Valley' is an upscale 'Big Bang Theory' that gets its laughs from a mural of a Pakistani guy penetrating the Statue of Liberty,” argues David Auerbach, a former Google employee. PLUS: How “Silicon Valley” got those tech cameos and nailed tech culture, and “Silicon Valley” does have a women problem.

“Battlestar Galactica” rebooted movie will have nothing to do with the Syfy series
Ron Moore isn’t even involved, though original series creator Glen Larson is producing the film.

“Full House’s” Bob Saget picks his favorite TV dads
Ted Mosby isn't one of them.

Confessions of a Louis CK hater
Jonathan Heaf calls the “Louie” star a "sociopath with a microphone. The man is just not funny."

“Dollhouse’s” Enver Gjokaj lands on “Rizzoli & Isles”
He’ll play a professor over the course of three episodes.

“The Simpsons” honors Minecraft
Watch a creepy, animated version of the Springfield family.

Vice presidents are all the rage on TV
From “Veep” to “House of Cards” to “Scandal,” VPs are taking over the small screen.

Man sues BET after getting shot at the cable network’s BET Awards after-party
Antwon Black claims BET and Viacom should be blamed for the poor security.

Ranking TV shows with “house” in the title
No. 1: “House of Cards.”

Nicole Eggert’s 15-year-old daughter doesn’t want to watch “Charles in Charge”
"She's really not that interested in it,” says Eggert, who’s now 42.." Maybe it's weird for her, I don't know. But she never watches them.”

Cheryl Burke dropped 15 pounds before this “Dancing” season
“(I) tried every diet you could think of,” she says of striving to lose weight after she was dubbed fat by “Internet trolls” six years ago.

Which late-night host is the best-dressed?
Jimmy Fallon wears Ralph Lauren suits, Jimmy Kimmel wears black Nike socks.

“West Wing” VP Gary Cole hasn’t offered advice to the “Veep”
Cole talks about his role on the HBO series. PLUS: What it’s like being Jonah.

The 8 stages of watching a new TV show
From resistance to acceptance.

Watch a preview of “Devious Maids” Season 2
The Lifetime series returns April 20.

See the 1st episode of James Cameron’s Showtime doc series “Years of Living Dangerously”
The documentary series features reports from Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba and Don Cheadle.

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'Bates Motel' earns a 3rd season

“Bates Motel” earns a 3rd season
A&E has picked up “Bates” for a 10-episode Season 3.

Samuel L. Jackson films cameo for “Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
Jackson says he reprised Nick Fury in the season finale.

“Conan” coming to Comic-Con
Conan O’Brien will broadcast an entire week of shows from Comic-Con in San Diego, starting July 8.

TCM will celebrate Mickey Rooney’s life on with a 13-episode marathon on Sunday
Turner Classic Movies will kick off the marathon honoring Rooney, who died yesterday at 93, with “Broadway to Hollywood."

“The Bachelor” creator marries a Miss America, with Chris Harrison officiating
Mike Fleiss, 49, married 26-year-old former Miss America Laura Kaeppeler on Sunday.

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'Game of Thrones' returns to its best-ever ratings, 'Silicon Valley' has a strong debut

“Game of Thrones” returns to its best-ever ratings, “Silicon Valley” has a strong debut
About 6.6 million watched the Season 4 premiere, the most-watched program since “The Sopranos” finale in 2007 and up dramatically from the 4.4 million who watched the Season 3 premiere. “Silicon Valley” debuted to 2 million viewers, while “Veep” had the same ratings as last year’s season premiere. PLUS: AMC’s “Turn” debuts to 2.1 million.

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Syfy teams with “Sharknado” producers for zombie drama 'Z Nation'

Syfy teams with “Sharknado” producers for zombie drama “Z Nation"
Syfy is promising this new zombie drama will "take viewers where no zombie has gone before."

Neil Patrick Harris on replacing Letterman: “It would be an asinine amount of work”
The former “How I Met Your Mother” star said this morning he hasn’t been approached about “The Late Show” job.

Stephen Colbert could be No. 1 as Letterman’s replacement, says his former warm-up man
Pete Dominick, who warmed up “The Colbert Report’s” audiences for six years, weighs in: "Can Colbert drop the character and still succeed? Of course. Hosting the 'Report' has always been far more difficult than a late night network-style talk show. But can he just be himself and be a success? Inside his slick suits, Colbert possesses every weapon and trick a comedian can utilize. As long as it’s the same guy in the same suits, Colbert will more than hold his own on CBS.” PLUS: Taiwanese animators tackle the Colbert-to-“Late Show” rumors.

Nat Geo to televise an attempt to break the free-diving record
A swimmer will attempt to dive down to 350 feet.

Xbox hands shows to Sarah Silverman, Seth Green and Michael Cera
While Cera and Silverman make a sketch comedy show, Green will do another stop-motion animated show similar to his Adult Chicken.

Pete Townshend wrote a song he’ll perform for “The Americans”
The Who star worked with the show’s composer on his first song for television. "It Must Be Done” will premiere on the April 30 episode.

Why “Game of Thrones’” Daenerys Targaryen is like President George W. Bush
"Her approach to foreign policy and making war, as laid out in this episode, is Bushian to a tee,” argues Zack Beauchamp. PLUS: Why Sansa Stark is the strongest “GoT” character, why there should be nudity in every episode, Angry Birds does “GoT,” meet the new “GoT” stars, including Pedro Pascal as Oberyn, and listen to a Dave Koz jazz version of the “GoT” theme.

Barbara Walters tells "View"-ers: “You’re not free of me yet”
This morning on “The View,” Walters addressed her retirement date announcement and emphasized that she’ll still be involved with the show, at least behind the scenes.

“Shameless” and “House of Lies” each end the season on a finale high
About 2.83 million and 1.4 million watched both Showtime shows, respectively, through all airings.

“Covert Affairs” recruits “Felicity” alum Amy Jo Johnson
She’ll play a National Counter Terrorism Center investigator.

“Veep” has become a master class in cursing
Unlike other shows, says Kevin Fallon, “on ‘Veep,' cursing is actually a tool for comedy, and one that’s harder to use properly than you might think.”

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Game show contestants will defuse fake bombs on Fox’s 'Boom!'

Game show contestants will defuse fake bombs on Fox’s “Boom!”
On the Israeli-based format, colored wires on the fake bombs will represent multiple-choice answers, which allow viewers at home to play along.

Conan’s MTV Movie Awards sidekick will be Ice Cube — not Andy Richter
“Andy’s not reliable,” Conan tells EW. “I’d love to bring Andy — in fact, I’ve tried to bring Andy to many things. But he’s like the country singer George Jones late in his career: Maybe he’ll show, maybe he won’t.”

Watch the “Silicon Valley” pilot
HBO has posted the censored version on YouTube. PLUS: Why the protagonist needs to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, and, how Thomas Middleditch got cast in the leading role.

Ricky Gervais’ “Derek” returns in May
Season 2 of the Netflix series debuts May 20.

NBC Universal’s Emmy campaign unveiled
Mindy Kaling is a “Certified Romantic,” Any Poehler is a “Certified Public Servant” and Andy Samberg is a “Certified Smartass” in NBC Universal’s Emmy campaign key art.

Carol Leifer: I struggled on “SNL” as a female writer
Before she was wrote for “Seinfeld,” the comedian joined “Saturday Night Live” in 1985, where she quickly found out she wasn’t part of Lorne Michaels’ exclusive “group,” as she reveals in her new memoir.

Recalling Letterman as a college freshman
At 18 years old in 1965, David Letterman had his own midnight rock ’n’ roll show on Ball State’s radio station. “David Letterman’s Make It or Break It” lasted a week.

Neil Patrick Harris: “As far as I know, there is no other ending”
“We only shot one,” Harris responded when asked about the “HIMYM” alternate ending.

Syfy orders drama series “Olympus”
A Syfy exec says of the drama series: “'Olympus' is a fantastic blend of action, intense thrills, creatures and great storytelling. It will feature characters from mythology in a way never before imagined."

Food Network renews “Beat Bobby Flay”
The game show will be back for another 26 episodes.

Does ABC have a women problem?
Advertisers are complaining that ABC is too reliant on female shows, including aging dramas like “Grey’s Anatomy."

Kirstie Alley rejoins Jenny Craig after watching herself on her TV Land sitcom
“I was like, you look OK on the street, but you don't look (OK) on TV, not so much,” she tells Matt Lauer of her decision to resume her role as Jenny Craig pitchwoman, which she did from 2004 to 2007.

“Shameless” season finale even shocked Emmy Rossum
"HOLLLLLLY MOLY NO IDEA,” she tweeted after last night’s season finale. PLUS: This was “Shameless’” best season yet, the finale sucked for using a cheap stunt, and “Shameless” has TV’s best gay couple.

“Jeopardy!’s” Arthur Chu: We need more Asian villains
Chu thought #CancelColbert was “dumb,” but he can’t help appreciating its founder, Suey Park, because of the villainous role she took on. "Perfect people are freaking boring,” he says of the roles many Asians play. "Perfect people don’t get to be the protagonist of the story, because you can’t tell a story about perfect people."

Nick Offerman: Amy Poehler is the funniest person on the “Parks and Rec” set
Chris Pratt is the “#1.1” funniest, followed by Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza.

Rob Lowe: It’s tough to be good-looking
"There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting,” he tells NY Times magazine. "They can’t be any of the things that you long to play as an actor. I’m getting to play those parts now and loving it. When I was a teen idol, I was so goddamn pretty I wouldn’t have taken myself seriously.”

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Barbara Walters will retire from 'The View' on May 16, followed that night by a 2-hour special honoring her

Barbara Walters will retire from “The View” on May 16, followed that night by a 2-hour special honoring her
In addition to airing "ABC: A Barbara Celebration,” ABC News will name its NYC headquarters after her.

Simon Cowell’s “Got Talent” earns the Guinness World Record for world’s most successful reality TV format
The reality format that first launched as “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2007 has expanded to 58 countries.

HBO teases “The Leftovers”
Watch a preview of the drama from “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof.

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Jay Leno reacts to Letterman’s retirement in a joking way

Jay Leno reacts to Letterman’s retirement in a joking way
“Oh well you know, he and I gonna do the Sunshine Boys on Broadway so we’re very excited about that,” he told “Extra” at a comedy show in New Jersey. PLUS: Did Letterman retire over his inability to make viral videos?

Shannen Doherty starring in "Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys” -- from “Sharknado” producers
The Animal Planet TV movie, airing Memorial Day Weekend, also stars Christopher Lloyd as he, Doherty and Jason Brooks battle “Killer Lampreys."

Yahoo! planning to create its own prestigious TV comedies
The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo! is preparing to spend $700,000 to $1 million per episode on four 10-episode half-hour comedies.

HBO Go crashes during “Game of Thrones” premiere
This is the 2nd time in a month that HBO Go has crashed during a big HBO event, following last month's "True Detective" finale rash.

“Game of Thrones” star recounts the premiere’s biggest moment
"It was about being in the right pace at the right time," she says. PLUS: Season premiere questions, answered, “House of Cards” says “welcome back,” Clorox jumps on the “GoT” bandwagon, the premiere had some of the best banter yet, the Lannisters dominated this hour, and Sansa Stark sings in "Game of Moans" music video.

George Stephanopoulos denies a report he’s upset with “GMA’s” softer direction
Page Six reports that the “GMA” star, who’s in early contract negotiations, isn’t happy with the addition of more entertainment personalities. But Stephanopoulos tells Page Six, "So much of what you’ve been told is false.”

BBC taps Benedict Cumberbatch to play Richard III
Sam Mendes will produce a BBC2 TV movie based on Shakespeare’s historical play.

Jimmy Fallon to have on Nirvana’s surviving members, plus KISS
“The Tonight Show” will celebrate this year’s Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees all week.

Watch Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis mock their relationship on “Two and a Half Men”
"I bet you only date hot actresses,” Kunis says. "God no, I'd never date an actress. They're all crazy,” Ashton responds.

Nick Cannon booed trying to yell “America’s Got Talent” at a Knicks game
The NBC reality show tried to tape an opening at Madison Square Garden.

Erin Andrews worried about reports she’s caused “Dancing” tension
"I've got to be honest. ... It kind of got me worried and scared,” she says, adding that she called producers to find out what was wrong. "I just went back and forth with the producers like, 'Are we good here? Please tell me what I need to work on. Please tell me what I need to do. 'And they're like, 'We couldn't be happier.'"

Read an excerpt from Rob Lowe’s new memoir
Lowe writes about kissing Evan Handler on “Californication” and working on “The West Wing” in this excerpt from “Love Life,” Lowe’s 2nd memoir. PLUS: Lowe & Aziz Ansari reunite in a pool, Rashida Jones & Retta dished on Lowe on “Watch What Happens Live,” and Jones talked about kissing Lowe.

AMC teams with Ford for “Mad Men’s” final season
Ads will not only promote the 2015 Ford Lincoln in the first commercial break, but Lincoln will roll out a series of 30-second vignettes featuring some of the past six seasons’ most unexpected moments, according to Ad Week. PLUS: Kevin Rahm is becoming a dad.

Amy Poehler’s brother’s Swedish sitcom renewed
Greg Poehler’s “Welcome to Sweden” is set to air this summer on NBC.

Comedian John Pinette, who got mugged in the “Seinfeld” finale, dies at 50
According to TMZ, the hefty comic died in a hotel room in Pittsburgh.

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