Report: MSNBC fires Alec Baldwin


"Up Late With Alec Baldwin" has been canceled in wake of Baldwin's homophobic rant, Page Six reports. The decision to fire Baldwin was made by Comcast. UPDATE: Both sides "mutually" agreed to part ways.
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'Family Guy's' Brian Griffin to make a 'special announcement' next week?


An animated clock has surfaced at, promising a special announcement on Dec. 6 at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET. UPDATE: 20th Century Fox confirms the website is a hoax.

Vince Gilligan: "Breaking Bad's" Jesse Pinkman was likely captured

"My personal feeling is that he got away," he tells GQ. "But the most likely thing, as negative as this sounds, is that they're going to find this kid's fingerprints all over this lab and they're going to find him within a day or a week or a month. And he's still on the hook for the murder of two federal agents." PLUS: A 135-minute documentary titled "No Half Measures" accompanies the "Breaking Bad" Complete Series DVD set.


BBC unveils "Doctor Who" Christmas special details

The Christmas special will be called "The Time Of The Doctor."


"SVU" bringing back The Beast

Pablo Schreiber's' serial killer character returns on Jan. 8.


Kelsey Grammer producing an FX Harriet Tubman underground railroad event series

Grammer is working on "The Code" with "The Color Of Water" author James McBride.

Tracy Morgan says 27 "Thanksgiving-y" things

Watch his holiday tribute for Jimmy Fallon.




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'Doctor Who's' 50th anniversary special sets a BBC America ratings record


About 2.4 million watched the afternoon/morning airing, and another 3.6 million tuned in for the primetime repeat.

Ron Burgundy will guest-anchor "SportsCenter"
Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" character will take over the ESPN news show on Dec. 5.

Ohio State researchers found that even background television does damage, giving young kids a poorer understanding of people's mental states.

She'll play mom to Marie de Guise.

Jessica Grout, 23, speaks no Arabic, yet she's become a finalist by singing in Arabic.

What a ridiculous storyline! PLUS: Is having no one to root for a problem this season?

The former "Today" co-hosts will appear together on Tuesday's "Katie."

Both will be back on Jan. 15.

"Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time" will air on Epix in January and on Comedy Central in April.

Jay Leggett, who appeared in Season 5 of the Fox sketch comedy show, died Saturday after a day of hunting. He was 50.
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Did 'Family Guy' pull off its latest stunt to boost toy sales?

Did "Family Guy" pull off its latest stunt to boost toy sales?
Some fans are viewing last night's episode with suspicion.

Katie Couric opens up about her Yahoo! venture
Couric says: "We are going to try things, we are going to see how they go, we are going to see what people are interested in, we can do everything from a town hall meeting to in-depth interviews to a breaking news story." PLUS: Did Couric have nowhere else to go?

"Doctor Who" beats "The Hunger Games" -- in per screen average
The theatrical showing of "The Day of the Doctor" averaged $13,607 to "Catching Fire's" $12,300.

One tells the 18th century London story of the birth of modern surgery, the other sounds a lot like "Revolution."

Spike initially yanked the episode taking place at Nashville's Pit and Barrel after the shooting on Saturday morning, but it forgot to pull encore airings of the episode.

"The lifestyle that comes with being an actor in a successful TV show isn't something I gravitate towards," says 21-year-old Jack Gleeson.

The late-night pals got together for the Montclair Film Festival.

"The Cosby Show" alum will appear on the new drama series "The Red Road."

The "Deadwood" alum calls the period drama badly written.

Season 5 of the CW series resembles "Buffy" Season 4.

"It's a great episode. Super weird. Never been done before in television," he says.

Watch Jonathan Groff in HBO's gay dramedy.
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'Family Guy' boss: 'We thought it could be a fun way to shake things up'


"This was an idea that got pitched in the writers room and it sort of caught fire," says exec producer Steve Callaghan. PLUS: "Family Guy" fans launch petition.
Last night's show was the 2nd-highest rated AMAs in 11 years. PLUS: Katy Perry's geisha costume stirs outrage.
Watch "Getting On" and "Ja'mie: Private School Girl" right now.
Sunday's episode proved to be harder to follow than the U.S.' real-life deal with Iran.
The 21-year-old "Hunger Games" star wasn't a big draw.
"At long last the show seems to have found a way to reconcile its penthouse ambition with its pulpy, dime store heart," says Andy Greenwald. "After years of being wonderful to look at, there's finally something to see." PLUS: What a wet blanket of a season it was, the finale was a thing of ruthless beauty, and an appreciation of one of "Boardwalk's" best characters.

He'll star in Robert Rodriguez’s remake for the El Rey network.
A boy and a girl.

"Total Divas," "Eric & Jesse" and "Hello Ross" will all be back.
Malin Akerman has reportedly split from her drummer husband are splitting after six years of marriage.
Amy Sherman-Palladino is producing Foster's new musical, 


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A&E renews 'Longmire'

A&E renews "Longmire"
A 3rd season has been ordered, three months after "Longmire's" exec producer said it would be back.

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It's official: Katie Couric will join Yahoo! in 2014 as 'global anchor'


As part of her deal, Couric will leave ABC News, continue hosting "Katie" (until, at least, its likely cancelation after Season 2) while leading a team of news reporters. She'll also host a monthly interview series.
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Martin Sheen to star in Animal Planet's 'The Whale'


He'll play Old Thomas Nickerson in a BBC film based on the whaling incident that inspired Moby Dick.

Why did it have to happen?

"I really felt like this was the right ending for this character at the right time," says exec producer Terrence Winter. PLUS: Jack Huston talks season finale.

She immediately sought medical attention while filming the Thanksgiving Live special.

The Doctor did do big ratings, attracting 10.2 million viewers.

The BBC America series returns April 19. PLUS: Watch a teaser for "Sherlock."


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Aasif Mandvi: Another 'Daily Show' star is headed to HBO


He's joining geopolitical crisis comedy pilot "The Brink," joining Tim Robbins and Jack Black. No word on if Mandvi is actually leaving "The Daily Show."

Daly has found a way to juggle his late-night show with "The Voice," "Today" and his radio show, but NBC is still considering rebooting the show.

The freshman drama will return with a 2nd season.

The "Gossip Girl" and "Leverage" alums will join "Grey's Anatomy's" Lauren Stamile on the medical drama starring Jason O'Mara.

Every show hit or tied a series low.

"I work for NBC television now and I’m not speaking to Jay Leno," said the shock jock.

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Katie Couric may jump to Yahoo!


Couric is said to be negotiating an exit package from her ABC News deal. According to The Hollywood Reporter is being wooed to Yahoo! by CEO Marissa Meyer to host a newsmaker program that would be featured on Yahoo!'s homepage.
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