'Seinfeld' reunion: Jerry Seinfeld & Jason Alexander are filming today in 'Monk's Café'

"Seinfeld" reunion: Jerry Seinfeld & Jason Alexander are filming today in "Monk's Café"

Seinfeld and Alexander have closed down Tom's Restaurant, the real-life Monk's, to film something -- possibly a Super Bowl or, more likely, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Fox: RIP pilot season

"We are going to be bypassing pilot season," Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly announced today. "The broadcast development system was built in different era and is highly inefficient. It is nothing short of a miracle talent can still produce anything of quality in that environment." PLUS: "The X Factor" will have a different format -- if it returns, "Bones" will likely be renewed for Season 10, and "Gotham" will feature all classic Batman characters, including Bruce Wayne.

Golden Globes hits a 10-year high, according to new numbers
About 20.9 million viewers watched last night, up 2% from last year.

Will Forte will debut an unused "SNL" sketch, "Jenjamin Franklin," on "Late Night with Seth Meyers"

"It’s called Jenjamin Franklin," says Forte, adding: "It's a woman that is the spitting image of Benjamin Franklin and she’s on a date with a guy who's kind of into Colonial history."

Listen to Alex Trebek's 1st hip-hop single
The "Jeopardy!" host's reading of rap categories from last week has been remixed into a hip-hop song.

"Chuck's" Joshua Gomez is coming to "The Crazy Ones"

He'll guest as a copywriter.

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Kiefer Sutherland: A '24' movie could still happen

Kiefer Sutherland: A "24" movie could still happen
"The script for the film is very different," Sutherland said at TCA this morning. "The film is an ongoing situation. There's always an opportunity to do that. But Howard (Gordon) came up for 12 episode run of this and this opportunity presented to us first. It's a fantastic idea. If this ends up causing a film to be made, so be it." PLUS: "24: Live Another Day" will unfold in real time, and more details.

Jimmy Fallon creates his own "Saturday Night Fever" in new "Tonight Show" promo

"We're bringing 'The Tonight Show' back to New York, right?" PLUS: Check out the newest Seth Meyers promo.

Conan O'Brien lookalike claims he's Conan's long-lost illegitimate son

Greg Keating claims his mom worked at 30 Rock in the early 90s and was fired when she got pregnant.

"Downton Abbey" producer defends last night's episode
"It is not us just being flashy and trying to get attention," says exec producer Gareth Neame.

Raj's new "Big Bang" love interest is from "Lost"

"Lost" veteran Tania Raymonde will guest-star on "The Big Bang Theory."

After Amy Poehler made out with Bono, Nick Kroll tweeted a warning for him to "watch his back"
Kroll, Poehler's boyfriend, wasn't mentioned in Poehler's acceptance speech.

ReelzChannel orders a "Polka Kings" reality show

Reelz will delve into the world of poker, via The Chardon Polka Band.

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Yvonne Strahovski joins '24: Live Another Day'

Yvonne Strahovski joins "24: Live Another Day"

The "Chuck" and "Dexter" alum is playing another CIA agent.

Golden Globes hits a 7-year high

Early numbers show last night's ceremony was the Globes' biggest since 2007.

Fox signs a deal with Andy Samberg's The Lonely Island
The "SNL" veteran comedy group that also includes Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer will develop “alternative pipeline of next-generation comedy series" for the network.

Fox sets more spring premiere dates: "24: Live Another Day" bows May 5
"24" will get a two-hour premiere, while "Surviving Jack" will debut after "American Idol" on March 27. "Gang Related" will premiere after the "Idol" finale on May 20.

Netflix renews "Lilyhammer"

Steven Van Zandt will return for a 3rd season.

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Larry David: 'I've written a play' -- and Jerry Seinfeld may star in it

Larry David: "I've written a play" -- and Jerry Seinfeld may star in it

"We’re talking about it," the "Curb  Your Enthusiasm" mastermind says of a plan to tackle Broadway. David's revelation comes one week after Seinfeld said he and David were working on a potentially huge project.

Study: "16 and Pregnant" may have reduced teenage pregnancies by 6%
A new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that "16 and Pregnant" and similar shows like "Teen Mom" may have prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers in 2010.

Sloppiness made the Golden Globes worth watching
Nothing went as planned, as Hank Stuever points out: "Nobody had an acceptance speech ready. Nobody could get to the stage in a timely manner. The red carpet was accidentally soaked before the show in dirty drain water. Men showed up with fancier hairdos than the women. The Breathalyzer results were just north of handcuffable. This is all we ever really ask for from any awards show — something to look at and laugh off." PLUS: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler should never stop hosting the Globes, and the Globes needed more Fey & Poehler.

"Big Bang Theory" books "Star Wars" vets James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher

They'll each play themselves when they cross paths with Sheldon.

Why is "Downton Abbey" so horrible to women?
This week's episode, says June Thomas, is part of "Downton's" "long record of punishing women who dare to challenge convention."

"Top Model" runner-up busted for DUI
Kiara Belen from Season 9 was taken into custody by the LAPD after she was found driving erratically in Hollywood. PLUS: A "Survivor" runner-up was also busted for drunk driving.

Watch the "From Dusk Til Dawn" TV show trailer
Robert Rodriguez's remake will air on the El Rey Network.

Rose McGowan joins Crackle series

She'll co-star on the online network's 3rd-season series "Chosen."

Check out Bill Paxton on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

The former "Big Love" star will begin a four-episode arc starting in late February.

Mark Burnett bringing Lucha Libre Wrestling to El Rey Network

The hourlong Mexican wrestling series will debut later this year.

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Golden Globes corrects its 'Breaking Bad' omission, and surprisingly gives "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" 2 awards

Golden Globes corrects its "Breaking Bad" omission, and surprisingly gives "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" 2 awards
The awards show that prides itself on jumping on the bandwagon of new shows finally recognized "Breaking Bad" for the first time, with wins for best drama and for best TV drama actor. Still, the awards to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and Andy Samberg were part of the Globes' tradition of honoring newbies. PLUS: Jacqueline Bisset explains her bizarre speech, Mia Farrow switched over to "Girls" before the Woody Allen tribute, and what was up with that bizarre Bing ad?

E! apologizes for calling Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's diagnosis a "Fun Fact"

Said the cable network: "We regret the insensitive classification of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's diagnosis during our Eonline (sic) live stream. We understand the serious nature of the disease and sincerely apologize." PLUS: Elisabeth Moss flashed her middle finger during E! Mani-Cam.

Amy Poehler wins her first Golden Globe
The "Parks and Rec" star was flummoxed, especially after making out with Bono. PLUS: Poehler played Tina Fey's son Randy, and watch Fey and Poehler's Globes opener.

Watch the "Game of Thrones" Season 4 trailer
"There's only one hell: the one we live in now."

Roger Ebert -- the cartoon?
Ebert's widow, Chaz, says an Ebert animated series is in the works, but she wouldn't reveal anything more. "We're working on an Ebert animated series," she says. "We are actually in active talks with someone about this now, and they asked that we not really say any more about it. Just an Ebert animated series."

"Ten Commandments" attracts directors Michael Cera, Wes Craven, Lee Daniels, Gus Van Sant

Jim Sheridan will also direct the WGN America event series.

HBO putting Sunday's "Girls" episode on YouTube
The first two episodes of the season will be available Monday morning.

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Study: 'Girls' only shows nudity 3% of the time

Study: "Girls" only shows nudity 3% of the time
Buzzfeed went through every scene from the first two seasons and discovered that the HBO series features very little nudity. Of the 3% nudity shown, 74% is female and 26% male. PLUS: Lena Dunham accused of exploiting struggling writers.

Happy 60th birthday, Howard Stern!
The shock jock and "America's Got Talent" judge today enters his 60s. Stern will formally celebrate his birthday later this month with a Jimmy Kimmel-hosted birthday bash.

The Weather Channel claims a public safety crisis will result if it's pulled from DirecTV
The cable channel is urging DirecTV customers to contact members of Congress about "this public safety issue."

ABC News names Mindy Kaling "Person of the Week"
Watch Diane Sawyer and "World News Tonight" praise "America's New It Girl."

"Young Jimmy Fallon" featured in "Tonight show" promo
"The president is a poopy head."

BBC America renews Dominic Monaghan's "Wild Things," orders a 1970s spy series

"The Game" will be a thriller set during the Cold War.

Watch the 1st trailer for Ron Moore's "Outlander"

The Starz drama is based on Diana Gabaldon's best-selling books.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "HitRecord On TV" renewed before its TV premiere
The Pivot channel also announced that Meghan McCain will star in a new late-night series called "TakePart Live." PLUS: Pivot cancels "Raising McCain" and "Jersey Strong."

"The Queen Latifah Show" begins layoffs
As much as 20 staffers are losing their jobs due to the talk show being "hugely over budget."

Why the Sunday night TV glut?
Network and cable programmers say they put their best stuff on Sundays because it's the most-watched night of the week.

Michelle Forbes joins "Orphan Black"

She'll play a powerful new lawyer at the Dyad Institute. PLUS: What to expect for Season 2.

Hallmark Channel is adapting the "Chesapeake Shores" book series
Best-selling author Sherryl Woods' series of novels could hit TV by 2015.

David Cassidy arrested for DUI for 3rd time

The "Partridge Family" star was taken into custody Friday night by the CHP.

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'Mad Men's' final season kicks off on April 13, 'Better Call Saul' debuts in November

"Mad Men's" final season kicks off on April 13, "Better Call Saul" debuts in November
AMC also announced that "Talking Dead" has been renewed for a 5th season and Revolutionary War spy thriller "Turn" will premiere on April 6.

"Enlisted's" debuts low

About 2.4 million checked out the Fox military comedy.

DirecTV may drop The Weather Channel
With The Weather Channel's deal expiring Jan. 14, the satellite provider has added its own weather channel called WeatherNation.

Audrina Patridge today takes over for Ali Fedotowsky on "1st Look"

The NBC lifestyle show that airs after "SNL" has tapped the former "Hills" star to host following the departure of ex-"Bachelorette" Fedotowsky to E! News.

Sundance Channel bringing back "The Returned"

The French zombie hit will return in the fall.

Robin Wright gets engaged to actor Ben Foster

The "House of Cards" star and Foster met on the set of the movie "Rampart."

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White House responds to Jimmy Kimmel's China controversy

White House responds to Jimmy Kimmel's China controversy
Since more than 100,000 people signed a White House anti-Kimmel petition, the Obama administration was compelled to respond, saying that ABC and Kimmel had free speech rights. The White House noted, though, that ABC and Kimmel have repeatedly apologized for the sketch gone wrong.

Claim: Seth Meyers has hired the 1st-ever black female writer for a network late-night talk show
Comedienne Amber Ruffin -- who participated in "SNL's" recent black female casting call -- is joining Meyers' "Late Night" staff. Ruffin also happens to be an alum of Meyers' comedy troupe alma mater -- Amsterdam's Boom Chicago.

CeeLo Green: I feel a little jaded that "The Voice" hasn't produced a big star
"Believe it or not — I think the only thing that jades me just a bit about 'The Voice' is that we have yet to discover and, you know, unleash to the world the new, the next big thing, a true star on the big stage," he says.

A congressman from Portland recently watched "Portlandia," and thought it was real
"I watched the first three episodes before I realized it was a comedy and not a documentary," said Rep. Earl Blumenauer. "I mean, these are my people."

Ashton Kutcher takes a "Two and a Half Men" selfie with "#Legends"

Check out his Instagram with Garry Marshall, Tim Conway, Carl Reiner and Steve Lawrence.

Creator of "Breaking Bad's" Saul Goodman used to be HBO's go-to political writer

Peter Gould is co-creating "Better Call Saul" these days, but he used to write scripts on Bush and Clinton. PLUS: Betsy Brandt wants to join "Better Call Saul."

How Tina Fey & Amy Poehler became best friends

The Golden Globes co-hosts first met an a Chicago improv class in 1993. PLUS: Watch a history of Fey & Poehler being hilarious.

"Real Housewives" drove Rosie O'Donnell out of her Miami island neighborhood
"We were on Star Island," Rosie recently explained. "And it was getting a little crazy with all those tour boats and that Miami Show ...The Beverly ...The Mom of Miami, whatever it is, Housewives."

Is MTV doing a disservice to gay rights by having females "Faking It" as lesbians?

The new show's fake lesbian storyline, some say, will make lesbianism a joke. PLUS: "Faking It" creator defends the show.

Cory and Topanga's "Girl Meets World" son is making $8,000 an episode

August Maturo's contract will give him a raise of up to $9,261 per episode if the show makes it to Season 4.

Steven Bochco: My TNT series "Murder in the First" is better than my '90s series "Murder One"
Like the original "Murder," the new "Murder" follow a single case over the course of the season. PLUS: Bochco says "I'm just old" these days.

"Parks and Rec's" 100th episode: Was that the beginning of the end?

It seems like most of the characters have little room to grow at this point.

"The Simpsons" does another special couch gag
This one from animator Bill Plympton.

Why are TV's politicians no longer inspiring?
Instead of Jed Bartlet, we have Frank Underwood.

"The Carrie Diaries" tackles the '80s AIDS epidemic

"We've always been leading up to it and felt a lot of responsibility to tell it in a real way but also to (do) it as real storytelling versus melodrama or something preachy," says exec producer Amy B. Harris.

Maggie Smith's actor son Toby Stephens won't watch "Downton Abbey"
"It's not really a show I enjoy — It's just not really what I enjoy watching," he says.

"90210" and "Melrose Place" alum Jessica Lucas joins "Broadchurch" remake
She'll play a reporter on "Gracepoint."

Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" ad turns 30
The classic ad premiered on Jan. 10, 1984.

In Season 3, "Girls" gets mean
The 3rd season is disappointing, says Richard Lawson, because the show has gotten mean and harder to love, trending toward dark satire rather than loving hyperbole. "Girls," he says, "was never exactly a 'nice' show, but it never used to be this mean." PLUS: We're not supposed to like these characters, hating is the price "Girls" has to pay for beating haters at their own game, Season 3 is more implausible than ever, the "Girls" are actually growing up this season, how Lena Dunham's directing makes "Girls" more emotionally resonant (and polarizing), and ranking the guys of "Girls."

HBO's "True Detective" is simply awesome TV
"There is something invigorating about watching a show this searching," says Willa Paskin. "Its mood, its details, its performances, its genre pleasures are so exacting and exceptional that it can be fearlessly eggheady. It's a rejoinder to HBO's other show that wants to be about big ideas, Aaron Sorkin's 'Newsroom,' a series that stomps and snorts and screams about the shortage of smart, demanding, mind-expanding television for intelligent people without actually being any of those things. 'True Detective' is all of them, without the tantrum, just the goods." PLUS: Performances trump storylines, "True Detective" goes off track in Episode 2 and gets stuck in an "arty statsis" in Episode 3, the murder mystery is beside the point, and Matthew McConaughey has never used his handsomeness to greater effect.

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ABC yanks 'The Assets' after 2 low-rated episodes

ABC yanks "The Assets" after 2 low-rated episodes
The eight-part spy miniseries will be replaced by "Shark Tank" repeats.

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Melissa McCarthy will host 'SNL' for the 3rd time on Super Bowl Eve

Melissa McCarthy will host "SNL" for the 3rd time on Super Bowl Eve
This will be the third "Saturday Night Live" season in a row featuring a Melissa McCarthy episode. McCarthy hosts on Feb. 1.

Brittany Snow lands on ABC as a chemistry teacher in "An American Education"
She'll co-star in the remake of the British comedy "Bad Education."

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