Report: CBS talking to Chelsea Handler about a possible late-night show

Report: CBS talking to Chelsea Handler about a possible late-night show
CBS was interested in the E! star replacing Craig Ferguson at 12:35 — that is, until David Letterman announced her retirement, according to The Wrap. Now she has her eye on replacing Dave. The Wrap also reports that CBS initially offered Handler a syndicated late-night show, which she rejected.

'The Simpsons' pays a couch gag tribute to David Letterman

“The Simpsons” pays a couch gag tribute to David Letterman
“We’ll miss you, Dave," says the animated comedy. PLUS: Letterman reveals the real reason he's retiring, on Friday's show.

'HIMYM' DVD will include an alternative season finale ending

“HIMYM” DVD will include an alternative season finale ending
A source describes the ending as a “happy ending.” Says co-creator Carter Bays: "We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too."

Syfy picks up '12 Monkeys'

Syfy picks up “12 Monkeys”
The remake of the 1995 film has been given a straight-to-series order.

Mayor Rob Ford approached for his own reality show
During the Toronto mayor’s L.A. visit for Jimmy Kimmel last month, the production company behind “Dirty Jobs” and “Wicket Tuna” gave Ford a letter asking if he’d be interested in starring in an unscripted series.

Report: Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace Letterman
According to Mashable, "The Colbert Report" star is currently the front-runner to host “The Late Show.” Colbert's Comedy Central contract expires later this year.

Howard Stern on Letterman: "I feel really old watching him retire”
The shock jock, who’s been Letterman’s guest for 30 years, said he’s really sad to hear that Dave is retiring. PLUS: Many “Late Show” staffers didn’t know ahead of time, NYC’s Council Speaker urges Les Moonves to keep “The Late Show” in NYC, and New York’s governor comes up with his own Top 10 list.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” was given a heads up about “Captain America” twist
“We know a lot about every movie a long time before it comes out,” says exec producer Jed Whedon.

Check out “HIMYM’s” Complete Series DVD box set
“The Complete Playbook” comes out this fall.

ABC bumps up “Rookie Blue” by a month
The Canadian drama will return on Jun 19, while ABC also slotted “Sing Your Face Off” to air on Saturdays this summer.

Tom Hardy to star in BBC’s “Taboo” from Ridley Scott
The “Inception” star will play a rogue adventurer in 1813.

Watch a preview Fox’s “Gang Related”
The Fox drama debuts May 22.

Did Letterman retire because Jimmy Fallon was trouncing him?

Did Letterman retire because Jimmy Fallon was trouncing him?
With Fallon’s takeover of “The Tonight Show,” Dave has never been so badly beaten before. PLUS: Watch Keith Olbermann’s touching tribute to Letterman.

Advice for potential Letterman replacements: Don’t take the job!
“If anyone truly wants to become the next David Letterman, they won’t do it by becoming the last David Letterman,” says James Poniewozik. "An 11:35 p.m. show on CBS is not the place for someone who dreams of reinventing the wheel. It’s for someone who likes the wheel, and doesn’t mind watching it spin in place, over and over, for years.”

“House of Cards” is expected to get the millions tax credits it needs to stay in Maryland
The Maryland House of Delegates is also expected to drop its threat to use eminent domain to seize the Netflix show’s property.

One of the dating show contestants who rejected Jon Hamm in 1996 has no regrets
In fact, she has never watched "Mad Men."

“Downton Abbey” creator had to lecture his cast on the dangers of Twitter
Richard E. Grant recently annoyed Julian Fellowes by posting a picture of himself in “Downton” garb on Twitter. “He’s very naughty. The trouble we’ve had with things like Twitter,” says Fellowes.

“Suits” adds D.B. Woodside and Brendan Hines
The “24” alum and “Lie to Me” vet will recur in Season 4.

Watch every “Game of Thrones” death in 3 minutes
See every on-screen death. PLUS: Sigur Ros covers “The Rain of Castamere."

Tatiana Maslany talks about her newest “Orphan Black” clone
“It’s strange because we shot her in pre-production,” says Maslany of playing Jennifer Fitzsimmons. “So we shot her in like a day in pre-production, the first day of shooting basically before the crew was even there. So it was an intense day because we went through her whole illness, from health to sickness, in a succinct amount of time. PLUS: Watch the new “Orphan Black” trailer.

Check out a new trailer for HBO’s "The Normal Heart”
Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo look worried in the latest trailer for the film about the ‘80s AIDs crisis.

Poppy Montgomery secretly weds at Disneyland
Mickey and Minnie Mouse presided over the “Unforgettable” star’s vows.

'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' renewed for Seasons 11 and 12

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” renewed for Seasons 11 and 12
The two-season renewal will make the FXX series the longest-running live-action comedy in cable history. Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan’s FXX sitcom will air alongside “It’s Always Sunny’s” 10th season in 2015.

'Homeland' will film in South Africa for Season 4

“Homeland” will film in South Africa for Season 4
“We knew going into season four that we would need to move the production overseas to tell the story of Carrie returning to the Middle East as chief of station,” says showrunner Alex Gansa in a statement. “We are thrilled to have found a new home in Cape Town and look forward to getting season four production off the ground.”

FXX orders a Tracy Morgan sitcom from the “It’s Always Sunny” guys
The former “30 Rock” star will work on a new straight-to-series comedy with Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton.

“Scandal” hits a season low, “Community” falls to a series low
Meanwhile, “The Millers” got a big boost last night from “The Big Bang Theory."

Letterman tops Fallon and Kimmel with his retirement announcement

Letterman tops Fallon and Kimmel with his retirement announcement
Early numbers show Jimmy Fallon hitting a low in household ratings. PLUS: Fallon issues a brief statement on Letterman’s exit, Arsenio jokes: “My plan is working perfectly,” and Alec Baldwin asks why Dave’s son can’t watch Nat Geo.

“Glee’s” low-rated season is reduced from 22 to 20 episodes
The Fox series has begun dipping below 3 million viewers.

“Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm has a long-haired dating show past
Check out Hamm at age 25 in 1996 competing on a show called “The Big Date."

J.Lo outbids Diddy for ownership of Fuse TV
Jennifer Lopez’s NuvoTV beat out an offer by Diddy’s Revolt for ownership of the music channel.

Watch “Community’s” G.I. Joe opening
Last night’s episode was all about G.I. Jeff.

Ariana Grande addresses “Sam & Cat” rumors, calls them “ridiculous and false”
"I just wanted to address this one rumor in particular because I am NOT making more money than my costar, nor do I think I should be,” she wrote on Twitter last night. "So we can all move on and get out of our heads that this was a money thing cause I don't play like that at all. I am, have always been and always will be about equality and fairness.”

Seth Meyers reminisces with Stefon’s co-creator
Former “SNL” writer John Mulaney recalled all the times he tried to get Bill Hader to break character on “SNL’s” Weekend Update. PLUS: Architectural Digest delves into Meyers’ “Late Night” greenrooms.

Snooki is pregnant again
The former “Jersey Shore” star is expecting her 2nd child with her fiance Jionni.

Late-night will soon belong to Letterman’s kids
Credit: CBS

Late-night will soon belong to Letterman’s kids

Late-night will soon belong to Letterman’s kids
As Jeff Jenson notes of David Letterman's retirement, his "persona  – the one forged in NBC years before CBS, 11:30 and more life matured him; the self-deprecating smart-ass; the loose-canon insider-outsider, speaking snark to power, usually his own network — and his comedic sensibility — honed in the freer, wilder spaces of late night’s later hours; ironic and irreverent; the master of the calculated joke fail; impish tweaker of talk show genre conventions; all originally forged in the late, late hours of l — can be seen in almost all of his younger rivals. Conan, Kimmel, Stewart, Colbert, Ferguson, more — late night will soon officially belong to Letterman’s kids, nerd-comics with writer-humor bent, not stand-up comedian bent, who’ve inherited the fringe terrain that Letterman terra-formed for them."

Les Moonves will likely go for a bold choice to replace Letterman
CBS also has the advantage of picking its new 11:35 host last.

L.A. mayor to Les Moonves: Bring Letterman’s replacement show to Los Angeles
"I look forward to speaking with you about the possibility of bringing the successor to Mr. Letterman’s show to Los Angeles,” Mayor Eric Garcetti wrote in a letter to the CBS boss.

Why CBS should pick Ellen
"There are a lot of reasons Ellen would make a phenomenal replacement for Letterman,” says Phillip Maciak, "and that list could easily begin and end with the fact that she would be the only openly gay person and the only woman in a landscape of straight men. But that’s obvious. What isn’t immediately obvious is that Ellen belongs to this interstitial timeslot. She belongs to—maybe even pioneered—this new generation of hosts who don’t care what time it is.

Why CBS should hire a white guy named Jimmy -- and not a woman
"After all, they are the funniest people in comedy,” says Alexandra Petri, sarcastically. "Consider: Which, in the course of history, has hosted more late-night talk shows on major broadcast networks? Women and people of color, or white men named Jimmy? That’s right: White men named Jimmy. There is something about this name that makes a person objectively better. There are so comparatively many women out there, and so comparatively few people named Jimmy, that this has to be a merit thing.”

17 women who could replace Letterman
1. Chelsea Handler. 2. Tina Fey. 3. Amy Poehler. 4. Mindy Kaling. PLUS Here are 10 more women, and 12 unexpected choices to replace Dave.

Seth Meyers pays tribute to Letterman
“If it wasn’t for David Letterman, this show wouldn’t exist,” Meyers said on Thursday’s “Late Night” monologue. “If it wasn’t for David Letterman, I wouldn’t be here."

Why Neil Patrick Harris could be a perfect replacement for Letterman
Harris has awards show-hosting experience, plus has spent time filling in for Regis Philbin on “Live!” He could also get help from the creators of “How I Met Your Mother,” who used to write for Letterman.

“The Americans” is still trying to figure out how to use its “Felicity” wig
A special wig was created to mimic Keri Russell’s long-haired “Felicity” past, but the FX drama’s hair chief, Peg Schierholz, says producers haven’t found the right time to use it on the show. "I’m trying to find a place for it that’s right,” she says. "There was one spot where I was tempted to use it and it turns out I couldn’t, because Felicity as a killer I’m not sure that people really want to see that."

Not everybody is a "Big Bang Theory” fan
Meet one person who doesn’t get the appeal of the CBS sitcom.

Study links the decline of smoking on network TV to the decline of cigarette sales
The Annenberg Public Policy Center found there were 4.96 instances of smoking per hour of programming in 1961, compared to just 0.29 instances per hour in 2010.

Female football players get their own reality show
A show is in the works that would follow players in the Legends Football League, a women’s tackle football league that grew out of the Lingerie Bowl.

“Scandal” has been stuck in a rut: How to fix Season 3
Everything seems to have come to a grinding halt this year after two thrilling seasons, says Danielle Henderson: "What happened to the philandering senators? The babies being traded by the Russian mob? The gladiators seem bored, and they need something to do that isn’t related to the White House or B613.” PLUS: How does “Scandal” film group scenes?, Olivia needs to handle her Fitz situation, Shonda Rhimes calls the hiding of Kerry Washington’s pregnancy "Ridiculously AWESOME!,” Darby Stanchfield on replacing Olivia at the White House, and Tony Goldwyn defends Fitz.

“Modern Family” stationary helps drag the show’s co-creator into Ariel Winter custody fight
Steve Levitan allegedly used the stationary to support Winter in her emancipation fight for her mom, who now wants to grill him in court.

Young males prefer “Inside Amy Schumer” over young females
What’s to blame for this disparity? Is it the “Tosh.0” lead-in?

Animal Planet Canada decides not to air the controversial “Call of the Wildman”
Will the American Animal Planet follow suit?

Tesla’s founder just hated “Silicon Valley”
Says Elon Musk: "“I really feel like Mike Judge has never been to Burning Man, which is Silicon Valley. If you haven’t been, you just don’t get it. You could take the craziest L.A. party and multiply it by a thousand, and it doesn’t even get f*cking close to what’s in Silicon Valley. The show didn’t have any of that.”

Ex-roommates Lauren Graham and Connie Britton reconnect via Twitter
The “Nashville” star learned today how to tweet Graham back.

Anna Kendrick: “SNL” backstage feels more like the set of “30 Rock”
"I might shout for Dr Spaceman and see what happens,” she tweets.

“Nashville” has a too-many characters problem
Keeping track of everybody has become daunting.

“Survivor’s” Sarah talks about her “complete shock” of an elimination
"Yeah, I should have played more of a double agent. I didn't play a double agent at all,” she says.

“Game of Thrones” gets the sitcom treatment
What would Westeros look like as a classic comedy?

“The Blacklist” follows social media reaction closely
“We pay very close attention to the feedback,” says exec producer exec producer John Fox. Star Megan Boone adds that she monitors social media “every waking hour."

“Who’s the Boss?” star Danny Pintauro weds
The now 38-year-old Pintauro married his boyfriend of two years on a beach today in California.

Report: CBS approached John Oliver about potentially replacing Craig Ferguson

Report: CBS approached John Oliver about potentially replacing Craig Ferguson
CBS had talks late last year to have the former "Daily Show" correspondent replace Ferguson on “The Late Late Show” in case Ferguson didn’t renew his contract at the end of the year, reports The Hollywood Reporter. There were also discussions for Oliver to launch a show syndicated by CBS.