Les Moonves: Letterman and I agreed Stephen Colbert was the No. 1 choice

Les Moonves: Letterman and I agreed Stephen Colbert was the No. 1 choice
Moonves talked about CBS’ pick on “CBS This Morning”: "It appeared to us that he was the only logical successor to David. And when I called Dave to ask for his blessing he said exactly the same thing. He said I can't think of anybody even a close second.” PLUS: Will Colbert be allowed to continue his stellar science interviews on CBS?, CBS should’ve picked Louis CK instead, Colbert agrees with Bill O’Reilly’s anti-Colbert rant, Jennifer Garner worked for Colbert as his babysitter after they met working on a 1996 "Spin City" episode, and why CBS screwed up by alienating conservatives.

“SVU” on the bubble: Is this the end of the “Law & Order” franchise?
Now in its 15th season, the Dick Wolf drama is having trouble convincing NBC to pay the hefty cost of renewal.

MTV Movie Awards will pay a special tribute to Paul Walker
"Well, I think we are just really happy and honored that they were willing to allow us to celebrate him in some way on the show,” says exec producer Garrett English. "And his family and friends were willing to have that happen.”

“Community” and “Parks and Rec” each hit a series low
Last night was the 2nd week in a row “Community” hit a series low.

“Parks and Rec” co-creator explains last night’s surprise
"I really think that the only weapon that TV has in this day in age is surprise,” says Mike Schur. "People have seen so many stories and so many incarnations in so many different shows. That's why we like to have our big moments be surprises.” PLUS: Can “Parks and Rec” make this trope work?

“24” unveils its full-length “Live Another Day” trailer
Check out the new “movie-quality preview."

Jimmy Kimmel puts Drake in disguise to meet his haters
Watch Drake dressed as a bearded news reporter.

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Stephen Colbert: 'I do not envy whoever' replace Letterman — 'those are some huge shoes to fill'

Stephen Colbert: “I do not envy whoever” replaces Letterman — “those are some huge shoes to fill"
Watch Colbert address the big news on “The Colbert Report” — without mentioning the big news.

Jon Stewart: We spent all day looking up old Stephen Colbert clips
"The exciting news today is that I no longer need a cable subscription for the privilege of watching Stephen Colbert," Stewart said on tonight's "Daily Show," adding: "I think Stephen Colbert is up for the challenge."

Jimmy Fallon to Colbert: Get ready for a late-night dance-off
Fallon said at the top of tonight’s “Tonight Show”: "Now, a lot of people in the media are already talking about there being a new late night war – and I just want to say there’s not going to be any war. It’ll be a dance off. A late night dance off! Get ready, Stephen.” UPDATE: Seth Meyers can't wait to haze Colbert.

HBO's "The Leftovers" is going on a brief hiatus
“We put ourselves on a tight schedule, and we decided to give our production a short hiatus to prep our final episodes,” HBO said of the Damon Lindelof series.

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Craig Ferguson congratulates 'the lovely Stephen Colbert' in his 'Late Late Show' monologue

Craig Ferguson congratulates "the lovely Stephen Colbert” in his “Late Late Show” monologue
"Isn’t that lovely?” Ferguson said at the top of tonight’s show, according to a  transcript. "Congratulations Stephen! A fine addition to the CBS cavalcade of stars.” PLUS: Colbert breaks his silence on Twitter.

Report: CBS focused in on Colbert in February — its post-Letterman search began last October
That’s according to Josef Adalian, who adds of the tricky Craig Ferguson situation: "Of course, CBS might actually be fine with keeping Ferguson and focusing on launching Colbert; it could be Ferguson who feels slighted and ready to leave. If so, it’s hard to see how he could get a better talk show gig than the one he has now. As talented and respected as Ferguson is, there simply are no broadcast networks with available time slots for him.”

Colbert’s CBS hiring seems stranger and stranger the more you look at it
"The most glaring issue with the hire,” says Richard Lawson, "is that Stephen Colbert has, for the most part, been playing a character for the last 10 or so years. Sure, the line between 'Stephen Colbert' and Stephen Colbert is often blurry, but much of what’s made the guy famous and successful has been full-blown parody. An argument could be made that during The Colbert Report’s interview segments, which probably pertain the most to this new gig, Colbert is more himself, and has proven a nimble and likable interviewer. But it’s still in the context of the ‘Colbert' character, and, in a broader sense, of the late-night Comedy Central political-humor lineup.” PLUS: Why “The Late Show” will ruin Colbert, What if Colbert can’t interview well out of character?, the real Colbert is far more gentle than the “Colbert” character, we’re losing a great TV character with Colbert’s "Colbert" departure, Colbert is hugely popular in Google searches, watch 21 times Colbert was himself, Colbert won’t be a Letterman clone — and that makes him a great pick, can he compete with the Jimmys in social media?, and Colbert will become “America’s Catholic."

Stephen Colbert won’t revert to the correct pronunciation of his name
He’ll still be "kohl-BAYR” on “The Late Show,” while the rest of his family uses "KOHL-bert."

Comedy Central has become a late-night launching pad, with 2 11:35 pm network late-night hosts
First “The Man Show’s” Jimmy Kimmel and now Colbert. In fact, Comedy Central is the only network to boast three hit late-night shows, thanks to the addition of “@midnight."

Watch Stephen Colbert’s comedy evolution, starting with his 1995 “Exit 57” show on Comedy Central
Colbert co-starred with Amy Sedaris on the one-season series, before going on to “The Dana Carvey Show” the next year.

NBC will air “Rosemary’s Baby” during May sweeps — it’ll battle “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale
The two-part miniseries will air on Mother’s Day, May 11, and Thursday, May 15.

“Cuz-Bros” reunites “Enlisted” stars
The CBS comedy pilot has added Parker Young to a cast that already includes Geoff Stults.

“Tosh.0” production assistant was accidentally killed by an L.A. Sheriff deputy
John Winkler, 30, was mistaken for a knife-wielding assailing at a West Hollywood apartment when he was only trying to help. Winkler was killed in the same complex that ex-“Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky lives in. On Tuesday, she noted that two people had been stabbed in her building in the past week.

TCM’s Mickey Rooney marathon expanded to 24 hours
Turner Classic Movies will kick off the marathon Sunday at 6 am ET with "Broadway to Hollywood."

Watch Seth Rogen’s “SNL” promos with Ed Sheeran
He’s sandwiched between two gingers.

In defense of “Justified” Season 5
Season 5 was one of the best seasons, says David Chute, because it "was able to overcome the Not-as-Good-as-Mags-Bennett curse by not placing the entire adversarial burden on a single pair of shoulders, but by parceling out among several excellent actors another close-knit backwoods criminal clan.”

Rob Lowe: “Californication’s” Eddie Nero was one of my all-time favorite roles
Lowe answered questions on Reddit today, and wrote: "I could play Eddie Nero for 100 years. And NEVER get bored. I will miss him SO MUCH when Californication ends. But he is based on all of the demented, pretentious, intellectual, sexually confused, A-list Academy Award winning movie stars that I know.”

"Mork & Mindy” reunite on “The Cray Ones”
"It's been what? 32 years,” Robin Williams joked of his reunion with Pam Dawber. "I remember there were three cameras and they shot on film."

USA unveils its “Rush” medical drama promo
Tom Elias plays an on-call doctor who’s highly discreet.

Watch the “Covert Affairs" Season 5 promo
The USA series returns in June.

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Bill O’Reilly: 'I hope Colbert will consider me for the Ed McMahon spot'

Bill O’Reilly: “I hope Colbert will consider me for the Ed McMahon spot”
That was Colbert’s “Papa Bear’s” reaction to “The Late Show” news, at least before “The O’Reilly Factor” comes on later today.

Stephen Colbert’s agent called CBS’ Les Moonves to express interest
Moonves says the effort to find Colbert’s replacement went at a breakneck pace immediately after Letterman’s announcement. Colbert, Moonves said, had one request: “He said, ‘I want to be sure Dave is on board.’” PLUS: CBS will own “The Late Show” — not Letterman’s Worldwide Pants, and Neil Patrick Harris is “thrilled” with the Colbert pick.

Report: CBS execs are frustrated with Craig Ferguson’s “Late Late Show”
Les Moonves would only say "“we’re having conversations” and “there is nothing to report now,” but Deadline reports that CBS hasn’t been happy with Ferguson’s ratings.

CNN boss: Interview shows like “Larry King Live” are no longer viable
"We believe that genre is no longer viable,” says Jeff Zucker. "There are just too many outlets with not enough big gets for a pure talk show to thrive any longer."

Here’s video proof that all Shonda Rhimes characters sound the same
Introducing the “Shonda Staccato.”

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Could Ryan Seacrest leave 'Idol' for a bigger role at NBC?

Could Ryan Seacrest leave “Idol” for a bigger role at NBC?
Seacrest is currently in talks with Fox and NBC Universal about his future — his “Idol” and “Today” contracts are about to expire.

Study: Twitter and Facebook have little influence on watching TV
Only 16% of a group of 1,665 respondents ages 15 to 54 reported that they used social media while watching television, according to a report by the Council for Research Excellence.

CNN replacing Piers Morgan with “original series” and documentaries
There won’t be an anchor-hosted show on CNN’s 9 pm timeslot.

Lindsay Lohan complains to Letterman her reality show is “taken out of context a bit”
"That creates the drama and the spectacle and that's ratings so I get it,” she tells Letterman. "I don't have control of the editing. I am producer but I don't have control of that aspect of it."

“Game of Thrones” creators are making their 1st movie
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will tackle “Dirty White Boys.”

Starz finds its “Outlander” star
Scottish actor Steven Cree will play Ian Murray.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus calls the John Hancock tattoo “a birthmark”
And here’s a "1962 baby photo" as proof. PLUS: Tony Hale had no idea.

What if “Mad Men” was a Blaxploitation movie?
Watch the trailer for “Don-O-Mite.” PLUS: “The Simpsons” has another “Mad Men” spoof in the works.

“Dancing” bringing back Donny Osmond, as a guest judge
The Season 9 winner will return for next week’s show.

Oprah gave an O magazine interview while lying on the floor
Oprah Winfrey was even photographed for the cover while lying down.

“Duck Dynasty” star: I was sexually abused as a child
Lisa Robertson made the revelation in the new book “The Women of Duck Commander.”

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Dear CBS: Please let Colbert be Colbert
Credit: Comedy Central

Dear CBS: Please let Colbert be Colbert

Dear CBS: Please let Colbert be Colbert
"Just please God, don’t let that thing be a middle-of-the-road, Hollywood-centric, let’s-roll-a-clip, something-for-everyone 11:35 p.m. talk show,” James Poniewozik writes of Colbert’s ascension. "Colbert is smart, quick, personable and likeable, but that likeability comes from—weird as this is to say about someone who’s hosted a show in character for nine years—authenticity. Colbert is specifically not for everyone; he’s geekily intelligent, blisteringly funny and has a distinct, often political, point of view. Take that away and you take away everything.”

Rush Limbaugh on Stephen Colbert: "CBS Has Just Declared War on the Heartland of America”
The conservative radio host weighed in on Colbert’s “Late Show” promotion, calling him a "partisan, so-called comedian.” He added: "“No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values, conservatives––now it’s just going to be wide out in the open. What this hire means is a redefinition of what is funny and a redefinition of what is comedy.”

Survey: 23% of Colbert’s viewers watch Letterman, but “The Colbert Report” has younger viewers
In fact, a recent survey found that “Colbert” fans were most represented in the 18-29 category.

Who should replace Colbert — Amy Schumer? Aziz Ansari? Jon Stewart!?
Why not replace “The Colbert Report” with a 1-hour “Daily Show,” one that doesn’t require you to go online to watch the full interviews.

Watch Stephen Colbert out of character
Here’s a glimpse of “The Late Show” Colbert, as shown during the Emmys and in an interview with Oprah.

Why Colbert was a no-brainer choice for Letterman’s replacement
"If ever there was a no-brainer for such an important slot at the network -- and despite what you might think about the late night talk show environment, it’s still a marquee gig when judged from within -- then hiring Colbert was it,” says Tim Goodman. "He has a built in following which will likely grow when he drops his faux right wing persona that was the cornerstone of his time on The Colbert Report. He is insatiable about pop culture, politics, music -- pretty much anything in the zeitgeist. And he has the ideal mind for taking in those information streams, weeding out what’s important and then commenting on them.”

Why this is not going to end well for Colbert
The real Stephen Colbert has never spent any appreciable time on camera, so it will be difficult for the CBS audience to get used to his real persona.

Colbert is perfect for the job because he’s “multi-talented”
Being “multi-talented” is “suddenly a requirement for hosting a late-night show — a trend driven mainly by Jimmy Fallon,” says Adam Buckman. "Colbert might not possess Fallon’s talent for mimicry and celebrity impressions, but Colbert is an accomplished professional in all the other aspects of show business — particularly singing, dancing and acting.  He’s a shrewd showman who writes best-selling books, created a highly profitable show ('The Colbert Report') built around a fictional character he developed and plays personally, and seems to create excitement and draw crowds wherever he goes."

Why Colbert will triumph on CBS
As Brian Lowry points out, "Anyone fretting about Colbert’s ability to hold down an hour or step out of the self-absorbed conservative talkshow host persona he’s affected on 'The Colbert Report’ clearly hasn’t been paying attention to the obvious, which is Colbert’s gift for improvising in that character is virtually unmatched. (Sacha Baron Cohen would be a close cousin, but it’s a different vibe.)”

#CancelColbert creator declines to react to the Colbert news
Suey Park tweeted: "[Absence is a politic. #NotYourClickbait]"

Why CBS was so quick to announce Colbert’s hiring
Stephen Colbert’s contract at Comedy Central was nearly up, the upfronts were coming soon, and CBS wanted to end all the distracting speculation, says Verne Gay, who adds: "But here's the key reason: These transitions take time -- time for the hosts to get used to the idea, time for viewers and fans.”

Recalling the rise of Colbert
Stephen Colbert has been with Comedy Central since 1997. PLUS: See the shirtless Colbert.

Conan O’Brien responded to the Letterman retirement news minutes before the Colbert hiring news
“I think people are thinking about it the wrong way,” Conan told Ryan Seacrest this morning. “Right now, we have a glut of people more or less my age or a few years younger than me hosting shows. I think if CBS was smart, they’d counter-program. They would go with really, really old or really, really young. So I’m suggesting either Larry King or Beyonce‘s baby, Blue Ivy … so I think they’re barking up the wrong tree with me or anyone like me.”

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Letterman is 'flattered' CBS chose Stephen Colbert to replace him

Letterman is “flattered” CBS chose Stephen Colbert to replace him
“Stephen has always been a real friend to me,” David Letterman said in a statement. "I’m very excited for him, and I’m flattered that CBS chose him. I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses.”

CBS says “The Late Show” will stay in NYC — and that Colbert was "head and tails above everybody else”
CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler says “we talked about everybody” to replace David Letterman. But ultimately, Colbert is "just is head and tails above everybody else and Dave is a very big seat to fill,” she says. "We’re huge fans, he’s inspired and talented for all the obvious reasons.” She adds that CBS isn’t concerned about Colbert’s politics. "We didn’t have concerns. We were most excited about his talent to be creative and innovative, and now he’s going to work on his idea of what his show will look like."

Watch Stephen Colbert’s 2005 Letterman debut, promoting his new show “The Colbert Report”
Colbert talked about his upbringing in South Carolina. PLUS: Here's Colbert crashing Letterman's monologue in 2011.

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Comedy Central wishes Stephen Colbert luck, looks forward to 8 months of 'The Colbert Report'

Comedy Central wishes Stephen Colbert luck, looks forward to 8 months of “The Colbert Report"
“Comedy Central is proud that the incredibly talented Stephen Colbert has been part of our family for nearly two decades,” the cable network said in a statement. PLUS: Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson congratulate Colbert on Twitter, Colbert confirms he won't do the CBS show in character, and #CancelColbert is trending worldwide on Twitter.

Report: Stephen Colbert’s replacement is expected to come from “The Daily Show”
Does that mean Chris Hardwick doesn’t have a chance?

“SVU” sticking with Donal Logue
His recurring role as acting commander of the New York Special Victims Unit will extend through the remainder of the season.

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Charlie Sheen to star in a WEtv relationship show pilot: 'Charlie Sheen’s Bad Influence'

Charlie Sheen to star in a WEtv relationship show pilot: “Charlie Sheen’s Bad Influence"
Sheen will produce and star in the reality show in which he’ll put engaged couples to the test. The Sheen show is part of several brand-new WEtv series, including “David Tutera’s CELEBrations” and “Mystery Millionaire.”

Stephen Colbert: “I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me”
"Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth,” Colbert said in a statement, reacting to the news of his replacing Letterman. PLUS: Jon Cryer pitches himself as "unctuous sidekick."

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel share the same agent
James “Baby Doll” Dixon — who also represents Jon Stewart and Carson Daly — will soon represent two of the three 11:35 pm network late-night hosts. (Dixon was in the "touchy position" of representing Kimmel and Stewart in 2002 when they were both being considered for ABC's late-night gig.)

Rebecca Romijn to star in TNT's "Librarian” series; Noah Wyle will produce and recur
Romijn, who last year starred on TNT’s “King & Maxwell,” will return to the cable network later this year in “The Librarian.” She’ll be joined by John Larroquette, Christian Kane, as well as Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin, who will reprise their roles from the movies.

Watch the “Girl Meets World” trailer
Here’s the first footage from the “Boy Meets World” spinoff.

“Dancing with the Stars” losing its showrunner
Conrad Green, who’s been in charge of “Dancing” since its launch in 2005, is leaving to join Fox’s “Utopia” social experiment reality show.

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It's official: CBS names Stephen Colbert as Letterman's replacement

CBS names Stephen Colbert as Letterman's replacement
CBS made the announcement official today: "The CBS Television Network today announced that Stephen Colbert, the host, writer and executive producer of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning “The Colbert Report,” will succeed David Letterman as the host of 'The Late Show,' effective when Mr. Letterman retires from the broadcast. The five-year agreement between CBS and Colbert was announced by Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS Corporation, and Nina Tassler, Chairman of CBS Entertainment." PLUS: "He was the most logical choice from the start," says "The Late Shift" author Bill Carter.

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