Clay Aiken is said to be considering a run for Congress

Clay Aiken is said to be considering a run for Congress

The former "American Idol" star is "actively considering a bid to represent North Carolina's 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House," reports The Washington Blade. Aiken has been meeting with pollsters and a former Al Gore political consultant as he contemplates a run for office.

"Community" returns down

While "The Big Bang Theory" saw its viewership rise, "Community" only grabbed 3.7 million and 3 million in its Season 5 debut. PLUS: Dan Harmon had to clean up much of the "dirty work" from Season 4 with "Re-Pilot."

Seth Meyers mulls having no band or DJ on "Late Night"
When Meyers takes over for Jimmy Fallon, expect less music and more sketches about news, sports and politics.

Check out "Big Bang's" new rival comic book store

Owned by "Drake & Josh's" Josh Peck.

"House of Cards" releases a mysterious black and white trailer
What is Frank Underwood doing?

Showtime will marathon "Shameless," "House of Lies" and "Episodes"

All marathons this month will air in advance of their season premieres.

ABC's "Assets" bombs
The eight-part spy miniseries could become the lowest-rated Big Four drama debut ever.

"MythBusters" to tackle "Star Wars"
Could Luke and Leia's swing across a giant chasm work in real life?

Jimmy Fallon's 2-hour primetime "Late Night" special airs Sunday

Watch a promo for the "Best of Fallon."

"The Dick Van Dyke Show" joins the Netflix lineup

All seasons of the '60s classic sitcom are now available for streaming.

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'Veronica Mars' unveils its official movie trailer

"Veronica Mars" unveils its official movie trailer

"Nine years of radio silence and yet I still kind of knew I could count on you," Logan tells Veronica in the first official trailer.

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Rush Limbaugh: Conan O'Brien ripped me off

Rush Limbaugh: Conan O'Brien ripped me off
"We were the first to discover and document how the media, all of them, will use the same word or phrase in covering a story," said the conservative talk show host, in reaction to Conan's bits showing how newscasters repeat the same words.

"Duck Dynasty" stars' New Year's Eve interview boosts Fox News ratings

Willie and Kori Robertson didn't say anything newsworthy in their late-night interview.

Why did "Fresh Prince's" Uncle Phil feel so real?
James Avery's character, says Rembert Browne, "was the opposite of so many black fatherhood tales that were playing out in the media, on television, and in real life. Instead of abandoning a child, he took in an extra. It's hard to fully express how important it was to see a character like that growing up, but it mattered tremendously. It's why Philip Banks felt real. Mainly because you wanted him to be."

Mindy Kaling's "Mindy Project" character is on Tinder

Users of the matchmaking app have reported being matched with the fictional character, though it's unclear if Kaling is behind it all.

"Downton Abbey" gets the Lego treatment
A man spent 15 hours putting together the "Downton" castle and its people as a Christmas gift for his girlfriend.

Report: "Captain America's" Agent Carter is getting a TV spinoff
Hayley Atwell is set to take on the role after playing Peggy Carter in the movies.

Check out John Travolta on "Kirstie"
It's a "Look Who's Talking" reunion.

"The Big Bang Theory" is a hit in France

The CBS comedy has replaced "Desperate Housewives" as the most popular American comedy around the world. And according to Nico Case, who lived in France in 2011, "bazinga" could be heard more than "bon jour" on the streets of Paris. PLUS: "Big Bang" owes its success to classic TV.

TV Guide Network will air marathons of CW shows
"The Tomorrow People," "The Originals" and "Reign" will be marathoned on Jan. 4, 11 and 18, respectively.

"The Walking Dead" celebrates the New Year with "Apocalypse Resolutions"
The resolution cards include one showing Daryl, with the caption: "GET NEW CLOTHES."

"My Little Pony" does a "Mad Men" tribute

The "Friendship Is Magic" special is set in "Manehattan."

Super Bowl will be live-streamed for free for the 3rd year in a row

But you'll have to pay to watch the NFC Championship game.

How to avoid "Sherlock" spoilers
The British series aired in the UK on Jan. 1 -- 18 days before the U.S. airing.

"Full House" meets "Some Like It Hot"
Check out John Stamos and Bob Saget dressed as the iconic Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis characters.

"HIMYM" co-creator: I watched the "Cheers" finale for inspiration

"Cried as hard as I did in 1993," tweeted Craig Thomas.

"Top Chef's" Gail Simmons welcomes a daughter

Dahlia Rae Abrams is the first child for the "Top Chef" judge.

ABC kicks off 2014 with spy miniseries "The Assets"

The eight-part miniseries debuting tonight tells the story of double agent Aldrich Ames, who sold American secrets to Russia.

Patricia Richardson: There will never be a "Home Improvement" reunion show

"Earl died, we can't have one without Earl," she says.

Check out every "Futurama" character on a single poster

See one fan's tribute to the late sitcom.

Flavor Flav loses his mom

The former reality star's mother, Anna Drayton, passed away on New Year's Eve.

Joseph Ruskin, legendary "Star Trek" guest actor, dies at 89
Ruskin appeared in five "Trek" series.

With Dan Harmon's return, "Community" feels like it's grown up

In many ways, tonight's two-episode Season 5 comeback for Harmon presents a sadder, wiser and more subdued show -- one preferable to last season, says Alyssa Rosenberg. It "feels less elaborate and extravagant than the version of Community that Harmon used to run," she says. PLUS: "Community" feels like "Community" again, it's back to being weird and fun, Donald Glover's departure hangs over the first five episodes, Joel McHale calls "Community" "The Wire of comedy," Gillian Jacobs says the "repilot" is brilliant, NBC promotes "Greenville," and "Community" is planning a '70s disaster movie episode.

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'Don't Look Back,' warns new 'Walking Dead' poster

"Don't Look Back," warns new "Walking Dead" poster

AMC has released a poster featuring Rick and Carl on train tracks.

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Bruce Springsteen is using 'The Good Wife' to promote his new album

Bruce Springsteen is using "The Good Wife" to promote his new album
Two of Springsteen's new songs from the album "High Hopes" will be used on the legal drama on Jan. 12. will then stream the album.

Time magazine puts Seth Meyers on the cover
Here's the future "Late Night host's reaction on Twitter: "@TIME shamelessly panders to the "My Mom" demographic." PLUS: "Meyers' last SNL episode won't be before the beginning of February, he guesses."

Watch James Seinfeld visit Louis CK's boat
It's the Season 3 premiere of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Appreciating James Avery, one on the most endearing black father figures in TV history
As The Root points out, Uncle Phil's "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" mirrored that of Avery, who didn't have a father figure in his life growing up. PLUS: "Fresh Prince" co-stars remember Avery, Avery has a "Ninja Turtles" past, and "l'oncle Phil" is the most-read story in France's leading paper, Le Monde.

"Duck Dynasty" stars are launching their own gun line
The line of guns, which includes an assault rifle, isn't just intended for duck hunting. PLUS: Willie Robertson says "we all learned a lot" from the controversy.

Nigella Lawson recalls her "mortifying" trial on "GMA"

The TV chef felt like she was on trial.

Puppy Bowl books internet sensation Keyboard Cat for halftime
"Puppy Bowl X" will also feature Lil Bub, while allowing, for the first time, a fantasy draft and MVP interactive voting.

Miley Cyrus rang in the New Year by kissing Ryan Seacrest on the lips
The pair locked lips at midnight in Times Square.

Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff get naked for a charity calendar
Check out the former "Battlestar Galactica" co-stars in the buff for their charity organization, Acting Outlaws.

"Breaking Bad" fan who won a contest to watch the finale with cast arrested on drug charges

Ryan Lee Carroll was charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor for drug possession.

Jamie Chung gets engaged to Bryan Greenberg
The "Real World"/"Once Upon a Time" vet is set to marry the former "How to Make it in America" star.

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'Key & Peele,' binge-watching and Walter White are out for 2014

"Key & Peele," binge-watching and Walter White are out for 2014
The Washington Post's annual "In/Out" list claims that "Orange is the New Black" is the new "In" show, and that "Broad City" is in while "Key & Peele" is out. Also in: "SNL's new black woman."

Presenting the 2014 TV Calendar
When will your favorite shows return this winter?

"Sherlock's" return watched by a whopping 9.2 million UK viewers
That's 7.5 million more viewers compared to the very first episode. PLUS: Read Steven Moffat's interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, and Cumberbatch's parents made a cameo.

Will there be a "Wolf of Wall Street" reality show?
Jordan Belfort, whose story inspired the Martin Scorsese film, is shopping an "uplifting" reality project.

Louis CK tells Jerry Seinfeld he imagines himself doing "Louie" for "7 or 8 years tops"
In a prematurely released clip from "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Louis CK also reveals he co-wrote Season 4 with legendary comedian Stephen Wright.

RIP "Fresh Prince's" Uncle Phil
James Avery, 68, a classically trained actor who will forever be known for his role in the Will Smith NBC sitcom, died of complications from heart surgery on Tuesday. PLUS: Watch the best of Uncle Phil.

NBC announcers fail to recognize "The Voice" contestants on Rose Parade float
Al Roker and Hoda Kotb did, however, know whom winner Tessanne Chin was.

"New Year's Eve With Carson Daly" comedian mocks Pearl Harbor survivors
Said Natasha Leggero: "It sucks that the only survivors of Pearl Harbor are being mocked by the only food they can still chew."

Investigation Discovery gives Jerry Springer a "Tabloid" show

Springer's one-hour show will delve into bizarre larger-than-life stories that can't be made up.

Obama has been working his way through "Breaking Bad," "Boardwalk Empire" and "Game of Thrones"
In fact, the president has been trying to avoid "Breaking Bad" spoilers. PLUS: Why Obama's TV habits are troubling.

Watch Stephen Colbert's brief cameo in "The Hobbit" sequel
He is a "Laketown Spy."

Aaron Sorkin slams report that he and Olivia Munn are at odds on "The Newsroom" set
"The story bears no resemblance to reality," Sorkin said, referring to a RadarOnline report claiming that Munn had a "know it all" attitude on set. "Olivia is a perfect cast member who is loved and respected by the entire cast, by the crew and the producers, by HBO and especially by me."

Luke Grimes exits "True Blood" over creative differences
The actor didn't like the direction of his James character.

David Simon's next project: A musical about The Pogues?
"The Wire" and "Treme" honcho clarifies reports of a planned musical devoted to the Celtic punk band.

Watch a preview of AMC's Revolutionary War drama
"Turn: America's First Spy Ring" debuts in 2014.

"SNL" will be made available to Chinese viewers
The NBC hit will be available on a popular online video service.

Vince Gilligan: "Better Call Saul" will be a prequel, "by and large"

"But the wonderful thing about the fractured chronology we employed on 'Breaking Bad' for many years," he adds, "is the audience will not be thrown by us jumping around in time. So it's possible that we may indeed do that, and we'll see the past and perhaps the future."

ABC will start restricting access to full TV show episodes online

Starting Jan. 6, only Hulu Plus and cable subscribers can access shows the next day. Others will have to wait a week.

Laurie Metcalf joins CBS' "The McCarthys" pilot

In a casting that's in 2nd position to HBO's "Getting On," Metcalf will play the wife of Jack McGee and the mother of Joey McIntyre.

Jimmy Kimmel ends the "Worst Contest Ever" during the Fiesta Bowl

Watch Kimmel surprise a fan during last night's game.

"Game of Thrones" was the most pirated show of 2013; "Breaking Bad" No. 2

"The Walking Dead" came in 4th, while "The Big Bang Theory" was the 4th-most illegally downloaded show.

Robin Roberts comes out

The "GMA" star thanked her longtime girlfriend in a Facebook post.

"New Girl" releases a new cast poster

This one features Damon Wayans Jr.

"Survivors" Boston Rob and Amber are expecting their 4th child

Rob Mariano announced the news on Twitter, saying: "My wife Amber is so hot, I can't keep my hands off her."

Angela Lansbury named a dame of the British empire
The "Murder, She Wrote" star was among a number of women to receive this year's honor, including the co-creator of "Gavin and Stacey" and a star of Britain's "The Apprentice."

Rachel Nichols gets engaged

The "Continuum" and former "Alias" star is set to tie the knot with boyfriend Michael Kershaw.

Former "Even Stevens" star Christy Romano weds
Romano wed her longtime boyfriend on New Year's Eve.

Ex-"Sopranos" actor implicated in the killing of a police officer gets parole
Lillo Brancato Jr. was originally sentenced to 10 years in prison.

"Bones" star TJ Thyne gets engaged

Thyne popped the question while vacationing in Germany.

Woman claims the biggest prize in "The Price is Right" history

Sheree Heil's winning totals $170,345.

Kaley Cuoco is a married woman
"The Big Bang Theory" star had the "Greatest night of my entire life," getting married in a pink gown on New Year's Eve.

The cable channel where you can watch "Beverly Hills 90210" reruns signed off at the end of 2013. It's being replaced by Disney Junior.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
TV Tattle will be back January 2nd.

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Ryan Murphy reveals how 'Glee' would've ended had Cory Monteith lived

Ryan Murphy reveals how "Glee" would've ended had Cory Monteith lived
Here's an excerpt from Murphy's eulogy for Monteith: "Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn's glee club. 'What are you doing here?' he would ask. 'I'm home,' she would reply. Fade out. The end."

Showtime announces "House of Lies Live"
An improv version of the Showtime series featuring its cast will air on New Year's Eve, with a preview going online the day before.

"Community" releases its "Mad Men" trailer
See Season 5 as the AMC series.

Rachel Zoe gives birth, names her baby "Kaius Jagger"

The Bravo welcomed her 2nd child on Sunday.

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Nick Nolte joins Fox's 'Broadchurch' remake

Nick Nolte joins Fox's "Broadchurch" remake

On "Gracepoint," he'll play the series regular role of Jack Reinhold, " a stubborn, unmarried, willful man" who has lived in Gracepoint for 20 years.

Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars" trailer features Tina Fey, Jay Leno, Howard Stern, Louis CK
The "Back to the Future" car, Patton Oswalt and Todd Barry will also be part of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" Season 3, which debuts on Jan. 2.

"SNL" scores its best ratings in nearly 2 years thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake
This was also "Saturday Night Live's" highest-rated Christmas episode since 2004. PLUS: Jimmy Fallon's episode was just about perfect, and Seth Meyers turns 40 this week.

Did E! "digitally elongate" Britney Spears to make her look thinner?

The "I Am Britney Jean" documentary that aired last night, according to Gawker, aired with its "picture slightly elongated, which is weird (Britney's not even going through an overweight period) and at odds with the entire concept of documentary filmmaking."

Billy Joel joins Ryan Seacrest's "New Year's Rockin' Eve"
He'll perform after the ball drops.

"Sons of Anarchy" gets gingerbread cookie makeover
Check out "Crumbs of Anarchy."

Phil Robertson defends his anti-gay comments
During a bible study session on Sunday, the "Duck Dynasty" star said: "I am just reading what was written over 2000 years ago. Those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom. All I did was quote from the scriptures, but they just didn’t know it. Whether I said it, or they read it, what’s the difference? The sins are the same, humans haven't changed." PLUS: Cracker Barrel restores "Duck" merchandise after backlash, and Charlie Sheen continues tweeting his anti-Robertson rant..

Watch "Orphan Black's" Season 2 trailer

"I'm part of a sisterhood like no other."

The Weather Channel plans mass coverage of the Super Bowl -- it's "The Weather Bowl"

More than 200 people will work on coverage of the Big Game, which may be in snowy conditions.

HBO releases another "Girls" trailer
"These are not just for me."

Nigella Lawson to be investigated by police over her cocaine admission
Scotland Yard is set to review her recent testimony.

"Glee's" Dot-Marie Jones marries her longtime girlfriend
Jones and Bridgett Casteen exchanged vows on Saturday.

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Justin Timberlake unleashes his Jimmy Fallon impression on 'SNL,' cracking up Fallon

Justin Timberlake unleashes his Jimmy Fallon impression on "SNL," cracking up Fallon

Watch Fallon lose it in a "Family Feud" sketch. PLUS: Madonna and the real Barry Gibb came on "The Barry Gibb Talk Show," Paul McCartney sang a duet with Fallon, the women of "SNL" sing "(Do it On My) Twin Bed," and go backstage with Fallon.

Drake will be "SNL's" 1st host and musical guest of 2014
The rapper will pull double-duty on Jan. 18.

Charlie Sheen slams "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson in Twitter rant
"hey Mallard brained ... Phil Robertso! have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine..." PLUS: Cracker Barrel pulls some "offensive" "Duck" products, and the Hunt Channel wants to take "Duck Dynasty" from A&E.

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