Mindy Kaling makes her Vogue debut, says: 'I don’t want to be skinny'

Mindy Kaling makes her Vogue debut, says: “I don’t want to be skinny”
"There’s a whole list of things I would probably change about myself,” she tells the fashion magazine. "For example, I’m always trying to lose fifteen pounds. But I never need to be skinny. I don’t want to be skinny. I’m constantly in a state of self-improvement.”

Michelle Borth out at “Hawaii Five-0”
Borth, who’s been on the CBS drama since Season 1, won’t return as Catherine ‘Cat’ Rollins for Season 5.

Jimmy Carter’s 1st text message was about his Stephen Colbert appearance
The former president texted his grandson, who’s running for Governor of Georgia, asking if he saw his “Colbert Report” appearance on Tuesday.

How realistic is “How I Met Your Mother”?
How do Americans actually meet their spouses? The Wall Street Journal investigates...

LeBron James’ Starz basketball comedy “Survivor’s Remorse" rounds out its cast
Jessie T. Usher will play basketball phenom Cam Calloway, while Tichina Arnold will play his mom.

Another “Michael J. Fox Show” star books a pilot
Ana Nogueira is joining CBS’ “Good Session.”

“Graceland” adds “CSI:NY’s” Carmine Giovinazzo
He’ll head of the LAPD’s Gang Task Force next season.

“The Walking Dead’s” Carl has a 29-year-old female stunt double
Check out a photo of 14-year-old Chandler Riggs with the woman who plays his stunt double.

Lara Spencer sticks with “GMA”
ABC News has locked down Spencer amid contract talks with Josh Elliott, w ho’s being wooed by NBC Sports. “You know you're in the right job when getting up at 4 a.m. is a joy,” says Spencer of her new long-term deal.

Lena Dunham directs her boyfriend’s new band’s music video
Check out Jack Antonoff’s “I Wanna Get Better” from his band Bleachers. PLUS: What if Hannah Horvath hung out with a “Golden Girl”?

CBS held a ''Good Wife’ wake' in the Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday

CBS held a “'Good Wife’ wake” in the Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday
Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies, plus the show’s creators were reunited, perhaps one last time, for a panel moderated by Charlie Rose, who asked: "what the hell happened to Will and why?"

“Alice in Arabia” writer: An online “mob” formed to take down my misunderstood project
Brooke Eikmeier says she was "accused of being a tone-deaf racist hack” when, in reality, her project was about "a mixed-race Arab girl” and "a loving, but conflicted, Muslim family.” "A mob formed, made up its mind, then rushed to destroy a valuable opportunity for furthering the cause of women worldwide,” she says. "ABC Family pulled the plug on the show on March 21, just four days after the pilot was picked up.”

“Modern Family” beats “Idol” in total viewers for the 1st time
For the 3rd week in a row, “American Idol” lost to fellow veteran reality show “Survivor."

Dan Harmon says it would be weird if “Community” didn’t get a 6th season
"We know there's going to be a sixth season or else you'll probably show up with pitchforks and torches,” adds Joel McHale at last night’s Paleyfest. PLUS: Watch “Community’s” G.I. Joe PSA.

Simon Cowell would like to see an “American Idol” reunion
"One day Paula Randy Me and Ryan will reunite,” he tweeted last night. "I know it will happen. It was a special time.”

Bravo will let its reality TV fans vote to “select a scene”
Viewers can pick which scene they want to watch from “Real Housewives” or other Bravo reality shows.

“Mad Men” lands on the cover of Time magazine
Time goes behind the scenes of the final season and talks to Matthew Weiner about the entire series run.

Bill Cosby does a tightrope walk with Jimmy Fallon on his back
Fallon also got to do his Cosby impression to Cosby on last night’s “Tonight Show."

“Arrow” gets a boost from The Huntress’ return
Last night’s ratings were up 12% over last week. PLUS: Last night’s episode, explained.

Check out historical “HIMYM” pics
Walk down memory lane, starting with pics from the pilot. PLUS: Lindsay Lohan & Billy Eichner destroy a car in honor of “HIMYM."

George R.R. Martin posts proof he’s writing the next “Game of Thrones” book
An excerpt from "The Winds Of Winter” was posted on the author’s blog.

John Cusack to appear on the CBS Wall Street drama pilot he’s producing

John Cusack to appear on the CBS Wall Street drama pilot he’s producing
Cusack, who will play a Wall Street trader, is part of a trend of big names guesting on the TV shows their producing. Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Hart are also doing it with their respective pilots.

“Psych”: An appreciation
The USA series, which exits tonight, was very important in proving that basic cable could offer quality dramas. Sure, “Monk” and “The Shield” came before. But “Psych,” debuting in July 2006, was part of "a subsequent generation of series to prove that it could do so regularly and that an audience would be there to watch,” says Neil Genzlinger, who adds: “‘Psych' was a bridge show that helped get us to the basic cable of today, though, paradoxically, today’s landscape might be less forgiving."

“Scandal’s” Columbus Short arrested for felony battery
Short turned himself in and posted $50,000 bail after he was taken into custody over last weekend’s bar brawl.

“Today” is using Jimmy Fallon’s big ratings in its summer concert battle with "GMA"
The ability to not leave 30 Rock is being used as leverage by NBC in this year's summer concert wars.

“Grey’s Anatomy” to tackle the “Bubble Boy” story
The last half of the season will be devoted to the story of the Bubble Boy.

George Lopez: My 11 pm TBS talk show got better ratings than “Conan"
Lopez revisited Conan’s move to TBS this morning on "The Howard Stern Show," saying he really had no choice but to take the demotion to 12 pm as Conan O’Brien was considered a “folk hero” to Turner execs. “Even right now. Even with the $70 million that they spent on Conan, my numbers are better than his,” says Lopez.

“Franklin & Bash” books “Dexter’s” James Remar
He’ll guest as a strip club owner.

“Hot in Cleveland” and “The Soul Man” stars tonight will appear in live commercials
The “Hot in Cleveland” stars will promote Toyota, while Niecy Nash will help sell Bush Brothers beans.

Why “Billy on the Street” is surprisingly sweet
Billy Eichner is like a caricature of a New Yorker on his Fuse show.

"Girls" mention surprised the head of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop
“This is probably the only time I'll ever experience such a surreal pop culture reflection of my actual life,” says Samantha Chang. "It's hilarious — or, it would be, if I had the time to stop and laugh.” PLUS: What will the Iowa Writers’ Workshop be like for a “Girls” character?, and here are “Girls’” 5 unresolved storylines.

Peter Dinklage tells Letterman of his embarrassing “Game of Thrones” fight scene
He didn’t see himself as a hero after slicing off an elderly amputee’s fake leg. PLUS: 13 embarrassing early acting roles of “GoT” stars.

When will “Gilmore Girls” fans stop pestering Lauren Graham about doing a movie?
Graham is constantly asked the same question and she always politely gives the same vague answer, as she did on Reddit this week. PLUS: Graham’s paperback of her debut novel contains a conversation with her and her “Parenthood” daughter Mae Whitman.

“The Simpsons’” Lego minifigures unveiled
Check out Lego versions of Krusty, Ralph Wiggum and more.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” are at the center of the reality TV universe
See how the E! show is connected to every other reality show.

“Idol’s” MK Nobilette: I appreciated that producers let me be openly gay
"They didn't have to put it in there,” she says of her audition comments. "That was their choice, which I appreciated."

See Carol’s “Walking Dead” season finale poster
“Who will survive?”

“Arrested Development’s” Michael Bluth and Kermit the Frog are kindred souls
They are both the straight man and the calm one in their respective series, says Torie Bosch, who adds: "In fact, most Muppet tales could be summed up as the story of a puppet-family who lost everything, and the one frog who tried to keep them all together.”

How to explain “HIMYM” to somebody who’s never watched an episode
Yes, the CBS comedy takes place in 2030.

Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and “Review” are poised to become comedy classics
Both freshman comedies hold their own with any sitcom on broadcast TV, or FX or HBO. PLUS: “Broad City” has become TV’s best sitcom.

Bethenny Frankel on her talk show: "I felt edited and diluted, a little bit controlled”
"I'm not really great when I'm shackled,” she tells Andy Cohen. "As you know, you have to kind of unleash the beast.”

Grant Show becomes a dad at 52
The “Melrose Place” alum and “Devious Maids” star welcomed a daughter on Tuesday.

Kevin Smith may get a late-night show on AMC

Kevin Smith may get a late-night show on AMC
The director not only got his “Comic Book Men” renewed for a 4th season, but AMC is considering in bringing his and Ralph Garmin’s podcast, "Hollywood Babble-On,” to the small screen. "I always describe it as Entertainment Tonight but filthy,” Smith says of the podcast. "We sit there and make fun of our industry betters." PLUS: AMC’s slate include Chris Carter’s “Area 51,” “Kingmakers” and “Bombingham."

“Scandal’s “Columbus Short was arrested twice last month for allegedly assaulting his wife
TMZ reports that Short also pled no contest for beating up a guy on an L.A. basketball court.


Here’s Ben McKenzie as “Gotham’s” future Commissioner Gordon
James Gordon looks dapper in a suit.

AMC orders comedy projects from John Leguizamo and “The Daily Show’s” Wyatt Cenac
Leguizamo will star in and produce a comedy about best friends in and around NYC, while Cenac’s "No Money Down" follows a guy with multiple personalities who ends up working for an Austin car dealership.

“How I Met Your Dad” casts a new female best friend
Recent “Crazy Ones” guest-star Tiya Sircar will take over the role as Greta Gerwig’s female best friend. She replaces Krysta Rodriguez.

NBC announces summer premiere dates, including Amy Poehler's brother's "Welcome to Sweden"
Greg Poehler's Swedish sitcom that his sister is producing debuts July 10, while “Food Fighters” debuts July 22.

“Dancing” boss denies Erin Andrews is hated on set
A Life & Style report called Andrews "arrogant, obnoxious and difficult to deal with,” but executive producer Conrad Green insists "Erin and our entire cast have been getting on brilliantly."

“The Mindy Project” addresses the kiss and the season’s final 8 episodes
Season 2 will have a miniseries-style ending.

Listen to Sarah Palin’s new show’s “patriotic” theme song
Her Sportsman Channel show "Amazing America’s” theme will be patriotic theme song performed by the band Madison Rising.

Jake Johnson talks last night’s “New Girl” twist
His reaction: “Wow, here we go."

Matthew Morrison doesn’t know his “Glee” future, but expects to be there at the end
"I think I'll be there in the end in some way,” he says, "whether it's the whole season or just the final episode, I think I'll be back."

Warrant issued for 'Scandal' star’s arrest

Warrant issued for “Scandal” star’s arrest
Columbus Short is facing felony aggravated battery charges for allegedly punching a guy during a bar fight over the weekend.

Fox announces season finale dates, 'Enlisted' bumped for 'Kitchen Nightmares'

Fox announces season finale dates, “Enlisted” bumped for “Kitchen Nightmares”
“American Idol” will indeed battle the “Survivor” finale on May 21. Fox also announced season premiere dates for “Kitchen Nightmares" -- which takes over "Enlisted's" slot -- “Masterchef,” “Riot” and “Gang Related."

Fox's 'I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’' pranks single women into competing for a fake Prince Harry

Fox's "I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’” pranks single women into competing for a fake Prince Harry
Twelve single American women will be flown to a palatial home in Britain, where they’ll get to spend time with, unbeknownst to them, a Prince Harry lookalike.

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” books Amy Acker
She’ll play Audrey, the famous cellist first mentioned in “The Avengers.”

Kit Harrington used a butt double on “Game of Thrones”
Harrington tells GQ that a crew member had to fill in for him because he was injured. “When it came down to it I had a broken ankle,” he says, “so the only time you saw my ass, it wasn’t my ass.” Harrington also wants more male nudity on the show: "It's only right, if you're going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that," PLUS: Watch 3 “Game of Thrones” seasons summed up in 9 minutes, check out new photos from Season 4, “Game of Thrones” gets autotuned, and Sophie Turner says “I’d like at least a whole episode dedicated to my death."

Linus Roache joins “The Blacklist”
The “Law & Order” alum will play the “Kingmaker."

Joan Rivers slams Lena Dunham: “Girls” star is encouraging her fans to “stay fat”
"You are sending a message out to people saying, 'It's okay! Stay fat! Get diabetes. Everybody die! Lose your fingers,” Rivers tells Howard Stern.

E! orders "Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons”
It’s the latest Kardashian spinoff.

Did “Glee” ripoff “30 Rock’s” parody of “Friends”?
Last night, “Glee” did a “Chums” joke,” just like “30 Rock” did.

“Entourage’s” Perrey Reeves joins “Covert Affairs”
She’ll be a recurring guest star next season.

Showtime orders Morgan Spurlock’s “Seven Deadly Sins”
The documentarian will explore the weird and darkly comic world of sin.

'NCIS' ratings go up for New Orleans-based spinoff episode

“NCIS” ratings go up for New Orleans-based spinoff episode
Last night’s episode with Scott Bakula saw a rise of 4%. PLUS: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” up with its season finale.

Oprah going on tour
She’s taking her pals Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell and Iyanla Vanzant on an eight-city weekend tour to bring "empowerment, resilience and authenticity.”

Josh Charles called “Parks and Rec’s” Retta to console her
"After watching my tweets he called to say he was concerned,” she says. "He basically trying to console me cuz he knew I was a wreck.”

Mindy Kaling responds to complaints that she’s only dating white guys on “Mindy Project”
“Do people really wonder on other shows if female leads are dating multicultural people?” she asked at Paleyfest. "Like I owe it to every race and minority and beleaguered person. I have to become the United Nations of shows?”

Is HBO trying to take down “House of Cards” with its “True Detective” Emmy decision?
The Netflix series had emerged as a critical favorite, which may have prompted HBO to put “True Detective” in the drama series category, instead of miniseries.

Chloe Sevigny’s “Those Who Kill” will air on Lifetime Movie Network
A&E had pulled the serial killer drama two weeks ago.

Could a “Community” movie actually happen?
There’s been increasing talk of putting the NBC comedy on the big screen — after Season 6.

El Rey Network renews “From Dusk Till Dawn”
The Season 2 pickup comes two weeks into its Season 1 run.

NBC acquires “Taxi Brooklyn” starring Chyler Leigh and Jennifer Esposito
The series from Luc Besson is based on the director’s “Taxi” film franchise.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” co-creator talks about the big season finale
"This just seemed like a good way to throw a wrench into the precinct dynamics for a while -- how much of his assignment we will or won't work into S2 remains to be seen,” says Michael Schur. PLUS: That’s how to do a sitcom season finale, the finale proved how great it’s become and it set up Season 2 for a strong start.

Jimmy Kimmel asks kids to reveal the naughtiest words they know
Just how dirty did it get?

E!’s new slate includes “Botched,” “Christina Milian,” “Gucci” and “The Receipt”
“Pretty Young Things,” “Lance Bass Wedding” and “Spin Out” are also coming to E!

Jayma Mays doesn’t expect to return to “Glee”
"It is probably (the end) for me, for my character, but I'm not sure about the show itself,” she tells Chelsea Handler.

“Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert is pregnant
She and J.P. Rosenbaum are expecting their first child.

Can Matthew McConaughey defeat Bryan Cranston for Emmy’s best dramatic actor?

Can Matthew McConaughey defeat Bryan Cranston for Emmy’s best dramatic actor?
Now that “True Detective” is competing in the drama categories, rather than the miniseries categories, "McConaughey could be the irresistible force that dislodges the immovable object of Bryan Cranston,” says James Poniewozik. After last year’s final batch of eight “Breaking Bad” episodes, Cranston looked like a sure thing to win the Emmy in 2014. Not anymore.

Why “The Good Wife” twist was so devastating
"Now fans know that what they have been waiting for will never happen,” writes Delia Ephron. PLUS: The whole plot seemed very Deus Ex Machina.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” is considered a coup for Jimmy Fallon
Schwarzenegger was up for grabs as a guest after being loyal to Jay Leno for years. And he chose Fallon over Kimmel, despite being a Californian.

Why are network reality TV shows losing viewers?
“American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars” and even “The Voice” are down. In fact, the only network reality competition that’s up this year is “Shark Tank.”

“Sons of Anarchy” bringing back the Grim Bastards motorcycle club
Michael Beach will reprise his Season 7 role as club leader T.O. Cross.

“HIMYM’s” prop master recalls the show’s most memorable props, including the yellow umbrella
Propmaster David Baker worked on every episode, except the pilot.

Did “Scandal” help get Alfre Woodard cast as U.S. president on “State of Affairs”?
In casting Woodard in the Katherine Heigl CIA drama, NBC may seen the role as being another powerful black woman.

Why “Glee” is worth watching again
The Fox comedy has rediscovered its sense of humor — and how to correctly use music.

“Shameless” is not a comedy — it’s a “really depressing drama”
The TV Academy allowing the Showtime drama to switch Emmy categories is like cheating, says Tim Goodman.

Coming to Discovery: “The Pigman of Texas”
Wild-hog wrangler Brian “Pigman” Quaca will star in a reality show in which he helps control Texas’ wild-boar population.

How Bill Nye went from sketch comedian to “The Science Guy”
Here Nye presents his origin story.

“New Girl” stars reunite on the big screen in “Let’s Be Cops”
Check out the trailer starring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., plus “The Vampire Diaries’” Nina Dobrev.

“Girls” Season 3 finale proved it had been saying something all along
Season 3 was the year “Girls” got real and faced the hard reality of life. PLUS: “Girls” had trouble knowing what to do with its cast and big-name guest-stars.

PBS presents the 5-hour “Story of the Jews”
Historian Simon Schama says he violated “all the historian’s rules about distance and objectivity” for his documentary, which was originally shown in Britain last year. He says he wanted to look at the history of Jews in light of present events.

Watch Louis CK’s 'SNL' promos

Watch Louis CK’s “SNL” promos
Will he or won’t he smoke the pot with Kenan Thompson?

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 premiere will be simulcast in the UK at 2 a.m.
HBO’s East Coast airing will be shown simultaneously in Britain, where it will be 2 o’clock in the morning. PLUS: “House of Cards” meets “Game of Thrones” in new mashup.

USC taps "The Office's" Rainn Wilson as commencement speaker
Pancakes may or may not be served.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ends its freshman season as one of TV’s best comedies
The Fox comedy overcame its biggest hurdle: Andy Samberg.

“Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge” premieres on Syfy
The creature-building reality show isn’t setting out to create drama, just riveting projects. PLUS: It should’ve been called “Project Nerdway."