Disney Channel’s 'Jessie' gets Michelle Obama to make yet another TV cameo

Disney Channel’s “Jessie” gets Michelle Obama to make yet another TV cameo
The first lady will appear on the tween sitcom next month.

BET taps Keke Palmer to host a daily talk show, from producer Judge Mathis
When she hosts "The Keke Palmer Project,” Palmer, age 20, will become the youngest talk show host.

“Game of Thrones” director thinks last night's big scene wasn't all that controversial
Alex Graves, who directed last night's episode, says the scene “becomes consensual” toward the end. Which is nonsense, says Amanda Marcotte, who adds: "If Graves intended to depict consensual sex in the end, he completely failed.” PLUS: This isn’t the way it happened in the book, “GoT” is obsessed with rape, that was a rape cliché, and Michael Huisman on “GoT” peeing.

John Oliver won’t drop the “fake British accent” for HBO
Oliver chatted with “Today’s” Matt Lauer about his new late-night show and Stephen Colbert’s move to CBS.

“Dawn” from “Mad Men” calls last night’s episode “emotionally draining”
"All those ups and downs. But it was so much fun to do, though!” says Teyonah Parris. PLUS: "Mad Men" had one of its most brilliant exchanges last night, did you recognize a "JAG" star?, why Peggy needs a wife, can Sally save Don?, there was another Sharon Tate hint, and "Mad Men" gave a shout-out to January Jones,

Emma Stone recalls her VH1 reality TV past
In 2004, Stone competed on "The New Partridge Family."

“Cosmos” gets an Easter ratings boost
The Fox series has been doing well on Sunday nights.

Disney Channel launching the Radio Disney Music Awards
The latest awards show will be shown on Sunday.

New York City will celebrate “Barbara Walters Day”
Mayor Bill de Blasio made the proclamation for Walters’ final day on “The View” on May 16.

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'The Goldbergs' to pay tribute to the Ultimate Warrior

“The Goldbergs” to pay tribute to the Ultimate Warrior
The creator of the ABC sitcom is a huge fan of the WWE wrestler, who died recently.

Did “Game of Thrones” just have its most disturbing scene?
“It is f*cked up,” says Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. “It doesn’t get any darker than that, does it?” PLUS: The actors laughed while filming that scene, "GoT" has become TV's most cynical show, it's not going to be easy to come back from that one, it’s a gasp-inducing moment -- but the gasp is largely empty, and Aidan Gillen talks Littlefinger.

“Today” will begin simulcasting on SiriusXM
All four hours of the NBC morning show can be heard on the satellite radio channel, starting in June. This isn’t the first time a network morning show will get a satellite simulcast. “GMA” had one with XM before its merger with Sirius.

Lindsay Lohan reveals she had a miscarriage while filming her reality show
Lindsay made the revelation during a chat with a producer during her two-hour finale.

Stephen Colbert had dinner recently with CBS boss Les Moonves and Julie Chen
Colbert and his wife Evelyn celebrated the “Late Show” announcement on Friday night, according to Page Six.

HBO teases the final season of “True Blood”
“There’s no one left,” says Sookie.

Watch a preview of “Falling Skies” Season 4
The TNT series returns in June.

Kate Middleton wore an outfit straight out of last week’s "Mindy Project"
Mindy Kaling noticed the Duchess of Cambridge's weekend outift, and wrote on Instagram: "UHH, Miss Duchess Whoever, I WORE this dress last week! What's next? Kate in my donut print pajama bottoms I mean c’mon."

British glamour model says she’s planning an abortion to get on “Big Brother”
Josie Cunningham, 23, is worried producers will reject her four-months pregnant body.

“Louie” offers another Season 4 teaser
This one is about dying. UPDATE: Watch another one.

“The Vampire Diaries’” Ian Somerhalder is reportedly dating a former “Idol” contestant
Somerhalder is reportedly seeing Molly Swenson, who was featured in Season 10.

Check out Shirley MacLaine on “Glee”
The Oscar legend is playing a New York socialite as part of a multi-episode arc.

Former “Bachelor” star Melissa Rycroft welcomes a son
It’s the 2nd child for Rycroft, who has a 3-year-old daughter.

Tila Tequila is pregnant
The former MTV “Shot at Love” star is 10 weeks along, she revealed on Facebook.

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Discovery Channel cancels 'Everest Jump Live' in wake of avalanche tragedy

Discovery Channel cancels “Everest Jump Live” in wake of avalanche tragedy
Discovery released a statement Sunday saying: “In light of the overwhelming tragedy at Mt Everest and respect for the families of the fallen, Discovery Channel will not be going forward with Everest Jump Live. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Sherpa community.”

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Gwen Stefani is set to join 'The Voice' as a judge

Gwen Stefani is set to join “The Voice” as a judge
The No Doubt singer is in talks to take over Christina Aguilera’s chair in the fall, according to TMZ. Aguilera will take the season off in the fall as she prepares to give birth.

“Orphan Black” accused of stealing
A writer has sued the BBC claiming the BBC America series is based on a script he wrote in the ‘90s.

“Mixology” looking good for renewal, “Trophy Wife” and “The Neighbors” are still on the bubble
Meanwhile, fellow ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” could return next year for a shortened season.

Bravo’s “Southern Charm” is a “pop culture smear” on Charleston, South Carolina
That is what one local says of the reality show, according to the NY Times, "channeling the prevailing view of many longtime Charlestonians.”

Amy Poehler: “Parks and Rec” will have a big surprise in the final seconds of the season finale
"The last minute or so of our season finale…the last moments are really important and big things happen that kind of show you where we're going and where a lot of the characters are going or shows you where they may go,” she teased. PLUS: Can Leslie Knope have it all?

Watch profane outtakes from Amy Schumer’s Aaron Sorkin spoof
Josh Charles likes to drop F-bombs.

“Lost’s” Carlton Cuse: "Social media has created this bell curve effect around finales that is really overblown”
"I can’t say that the ending of a story is always the best part of the story,” he says, "and yet there’s sort of this implicit idea that the finale is somehow supposed to be the mind-blowing best episode of a show.”

What makes “Supernatural” so enduring?
Is it the hair? Is it Netflix? Or is the “400 pounds of dude” that the CW series showcases each week?

King Joffrey’s little brother on “Game of Thrones” was killed off last season — as another character
Joffrey’s brother is teen actor Dean-Charles Chapman’s 2nd role on the HBO series. He previously played Martyn Lannister, who was murdered in Season 3. PLUS: Has “GoT” jumped the shark already this season?, Joffrey meets "Mrs. Doubtfire," and Natalie Dormer on the Purple Wedding.

Scott Foley answers Reddit questions about “Scandal,” “Felicity,” “Grey’s" and Jennifer Garner
Foley says he prefers working on “Scandal” over “Grey’s Anatomy” because “Scandal” is a regular job, and not a guest stint. PLUS: Cher sings for "James Novak."

“SVU” boss makes the case for renewal
Showrunner Warren Leight says: "We're just in that moment of purgatory — for a crime we haven't committed.”

Monica Potter: “Parenthood” is set in Berkeley — it’s about time we had a gay character
“I’m like, ‘We live in Berkeley!’” she says of this week’s episode. "Even if we didn’t live in Berkeley, I’m like, ‘C’mon, lets go!’”

Heather Graham signed on for “Californication” having never watched the Showtime series
"I'm only allowed to say that I'm from David’s (Hank Moody’s) past,” who "adds a lot of conflict,” she says.

Tracy Morgan has still got it in his Comedy Central special
"Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide” shows the former “30 Rock” star at the top of his game.

See the trailer for “Petals on the Wind”
Lifetime's “Flowers in the Attic” followup is even crazier.

Religious TV has been resurrected
Programs like “The Bible” and Oprah’s upcoming “Belief” are trying to catch an audience interested in spirituality.

Stop trying to solve “Mad Men”!
All those theories are crap, says Sam Adams, who points out that Matthew Weiner has "never shown much interest in leaving clues for viewers to pore over. One of the more compelling theories about why creator Matthew Weiner is so obsessive about critics spoiling minor details is that it's a way to create an air of mystery around a show that otherwise doesn't generate much. Weiner prefers genuine surprise to an elongated tease.” PLUS: Should the Manson theories be taken seriously?, Vincent Kartheiser has stopped taking buses to the “Mad Men” set, Kartheiser started watching “True Detective” with Episode 7, costume designer Janie Bryant talks about Peggy’s power suit, all the ‘90s and ‘00s TV stars who’ve appeared on “Mad Men,” why “Mad Men” needs Sally Draper, and how “Mad Men” changed the way men dress.

Kristen Bell gets “Naked and Afraid” for Ellen
It’s one of Bell’s favorite shows.

Lindsay Lohan explains why she doesn’t wear a bra on “Lindsay”
Turns out she hates wearing bras, as she told Andy Cohen while wearing a bra.

TV is showing relationships that are more complicated
From “Game of Thrones” to “Elementary,” says Mary McNamara, "television is making room for relationships that side-step easy sentiment to explore the other ways in which we bind ourselves to each other.”

Check out “Cook Smart,” Alton Brown’s “Good Eats”-like web series
The Food Network star had said his former show might return in a different capacity.

Tori Spelling’s husband is reportedly upset his name isn’t in “True Tori” title
Dean McDermott, who’s at the center of the reality show, allegedly “feels betrayed."

Dennis O’Hare reveals details of his new “American Horror Story” character
“We’ll have lots of scenes with each other, but we’ll be battling,” he says of him and Jessica Lange.

Zac Efron drops his pants for “Workaholics”
Efron and Seth Rogen dropped by the set to promote their new movie “Neighbors."

Billy Crystal’s “700 Sundays” gets an HBO showcase this weekend
The one-man show isn’t a “greatest hits” revue.

Watch Key & Peele on “Fargo”
The Comedy Central duo play FBI agents on the FX series.

Inside “SNL’s” makeup lab
First-year “SNL”-er John Milhiser introduces us to the makeup world of “Saturday Night Live."

Jim Rash: I watch all the shows featured on “The Writers’ Room” — but “Pretty Little Liars” proved a challenge
"I do!” the “Community” star says of his Sundance series, which returns tonight with “Scandal. "It’s a lot of weekends…Luckily, some of these shows I was already watching. I was already watching 'Breaking Bad' and Game of Thrones last year, and I was already watching 'Parks and Recreation.' But then I just do some binge watching. Now, clearly, with 'Pretty Little Liars,’ there’s like 100 episodes. There’s no way I was going to be able to fit in 100 episodes of 'Pretty Little Liars,' so I just sort of watched a list of key episodes."

BBC America tells "The Real History of Science Fiction”
The BBC-made series, airing after “Orphan Black” on Saturday, kicks off with an exploration of robots.

Food Network’s “Unwrapped” spawns “Rewrapped”
Marc Summers is back with a show that has chef contestants “rewrap” famous foods.

“Bob’s Burgers” Tina Belcher is an icon for anxious millennials
She’s dysfunctionally ambivalent, yet a decidedly moral person.

“Friday Night Lights” boss looks back at the series finale
Jason Katims didn’t shoot that final game any other way.

“Vikings” creator addresses last week’s death
Michael Hirst said he "decided quite a long time ago” to kill off that character.

“Devious Maids” is back
What will happen in Season 2? PLUS: Susan Lucci is enjoying her “Devious” work.

Whoopi Goldberg stars in “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” on Lifetime
She plays a dying matriarch Saturday in the film based on Terry McMillan’s book.

Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts”: Watch a preview
The PBS documentary series, airing this fall, will tell the story of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor.

Give credit to WGN America to trying something new with “Salem”
“Salem” does a good job reimaging witches. PLUS: It makes witch trials boring, this feels like a "me-too” exercise, and “Salem” uses 1 dress made of human hair.

Tatiana Maslany was warned “this is going to be insane” before joining “Orphan Black”
The 28-year-old actress, it turns out, can handle playing many characters, thanks to a strategy of using certain triggers that help her slip seamlessly into each role. "Last season, nobody knew about ('Orphan Black’) when we were shooting, so we kind of had this little private moment,” she says. "Now it's public and you have to sort of quiet up the noise — of peoples' opinions, peoples' criticisms, peoples' love. The pressure is people knowing about you and saying, 'OK, let's see what you can do.’” PLUS: “Orphan Black” is even clone-crazier in Season 2, showrunner planned Season 2 to “take off like a bullet” to avoid losing momentum, “Orphan Black” makes its feminist argument with flat male characters, this is a smart and challenging show, Jordan Gavaris talks Felix, and being famous feels foreign to Maslany.

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'Mad Men' gets a huge ratings boost from DVR users

“Mad Men” gets a huge ratings boost from DVR users
With DVR users accounted for, “Mad Men’s” Season 7 premiere ratings jumped 62% and narrowed the gap with last year’s premiere.

Laura Prepon will be back full-time on “Orange is the New Black” in Season 3
That is, if Netflix renews the prison drama for a 3rd season.

“Hot in Cleveland” books Luke Perry
The former “Beverly Hills 90210” star will go on a date with Wendie Malick’s character.

“Cougar Town’s” Ian Gomez joins CBS’ “Cuz-Bros” pilot
Technically, Gomez will be a guest-star in the pilot because he’s still tied to “Cougar Town” — unless the TBS comedy doesn’t return.

ABC Family orders paranormal drama pilot “Stitchers”
The pilot will have a woman “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased so that she could use their memory to investigate murders for the government.

“Hawaii Five-0’s” Alex O’Loughlin weds
O’Loughlin and his girlfriend quietly got married in Hawaii recently.

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Michelle Obama will appear on 'Nashville'

Michelle Obama will appear on “Nashville"
Not only will the first lady appear on next week’s “Parks and Rec” season finale, she’ll also make a cameo on the May 7 episode of “Nashville.” Obama will attend a charity concert put on by Rayna Jaymes.

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'SNL' will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2015 with a 3-hour NBC primetime special

“SNL” will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2015 with a 3-hour NBC primetime special
NBC has set the “Saturday Night Live” special for Feb. 15, 2015. “SNL” launched on Oct. 11, 1975. No word yet on which "SNL" will actually appear.

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Report: Ryan Seacrest plans to exit E!’s red carpet and stick with 'Idol'

Report: Ryan Seacrest plans to exit E!’s red carpet and stick with “Idol”
Seacrest is close to signing a deal that would keep him on “American Idol” for another two years, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Seacrest is also expected to walk away from his E! red carpet duties, and his overall future with NBC Universal is unclear after his contract expired last month.

Discovery Channel’s Mount Everest jump could be in jeopardy following deadly avalanche
NBC News, which is producing next month’s jump for Discovery, says “the future of the production will be assessed at the appropriate time” after 13 Sherpa guides were killed last night. NBC News producers are now helping in the search and rescue operations.

“GMA” promotes Lara Spencer to co-host
She’ll now have equal status with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolos.

Bill Clinton makes a “House of Cards” joke in front of Kevin Spacey
“I was always accused of getting away with murder, but Spacey actually does it in 15 minutes,”  the former president said at a Rain Forest benefit concert last night at Carnegie Hall.

Syfy renews “Face Off”
Season 7 of the prosthetic makeup reality competition will feature a “Life and Death” theme.

Appeals court reverses a ruling banning Lifetime from airing "Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story”
Lifetime had called the ruling "unprecedented and would cause grave and irreparable damage not just to Lifetime but to the constitutional protections for speech.”

See the full HBO “The Normal Heart” trailer
The trailer mainly focuses on Mark Ruffalo’s character.

“Ray Donovan” adds Eion Bailey
He’ll play a self-help guru who enlists Donovan for help.

Kim Novak didn’t leave the house for days following jokes about her Oscar appearance
"It really did throw me into a tailspin and it hit me hard,” says the 81-year-old acting legend, who equates the jabs to “bullying."

WGN America teases “Manhattan”
John Benjamin Hickey stars as leader of The Manhattan Project in the race to build the first atomic bomb during World War II.

TLC renews “Something Borrowed, Something New”
The wedding dress-design competition will return for a 3rd season.

Watch a preview of the new season of “Maron”
Marc Maron gets into it with Chris Hardwick and Michael Ian Black. PLUS: Maron has pillow talk with "Comedy Bang! Bang!”

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'Scandal' has its most-watched finale yet

“Scandal” has its most-watched finale yet
About 10.5 million viewers watched the explosive Season 3 conclusion. PLUS: “Parenthood” and “Community” were also up, while “The Crazy Ones” was down in its finale.

Jimmy Kimmel beats repeats, hits a season high with “Scandal” special
Kimmel was No. 1 last night for the first time since Jimmy Fallon took over "The Tonight Show," but Fallon and Letterman are on vacation this week (as is Kimmel).

“Scandal” finale: Underwhelming?
It was a good finale, says Samantha Highfill, but it wasn’t shocking at all. "I was able to walk away from the finale and sleep well, which just didn’t feel right to me, she says. "Look, I’m not saying it was a bad finale at all. I’m just saying that, if we’re talking purely about the shock factor that Scandal does so well, I was expecting more. But maybe that’s my own fault.” PLUS: “Scandal” is serving supreme inhumanity as delectable plot-twist tidbits, finale summed up everything that was wrong with Season 3, that last twist wasn’t that shocking, how women named Olivia Pope reacted to the finale, and Tony Goldwyn calls the finale his worst nightmare.

“Scandal’s” Columbus Short calls domestic violence allegations “outlandish”
"Life has the best scriptwriters of all time,” he tells NewsOne Now.” "That’s all I can say about that,” Short said with a chuckle. “I don’t mean to laugh but it read outlandish and it sounds even more outlandish coming out of your mouth.” PLUS: Could Short be kicked off "Scandal" over the allegations?

Hayden Panettiere won’t be part of “Heroes: Reborn”
"Well, it was a shock to me,” she says of the NBC miniseries, which she learned from her cousin. "I mean, we had nothing, nothing to do with it; it will definitely be interesting to see how they reinvent that."

“The View” alum Debbie Matenopoulos is married and pregnant
“I eloped in Greece and I’m four months pregnant!” says Matenopoulos, who now hosts the show "Home & Family.” PLUS: What happened to other “View” alums?

Whoopi Goldberg penning a pot column
“The View” star wrote about her marijuana vaporizer for The Denver Post’s new pot-centric website.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Farewell to Cristina Yang promo
Sandra Oh still has a few more episodes to go.

“Parenthood’s” Season 5 finale felt out of whack with the season as a whole
"'The Pontiac' is a ‘F*CK IT!’ finale,” says By Todd VanDerWerff. "By that I mean that it has barely anything to do with the season that preceded it and hopes we don’t really pay attention to that fact. But on its own terms, as a wrap-up to some other, better season, it’s pretty terrific.” PLUS: That was a tearjerker, and “Parenthood” isn’t as good when given a full season.

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Shonda Rhimes answers burning 'Scandal' finale questions on Jimmy Kimmel

Shonda Rhimes answers burning “Scandal” finale questions on Jimmy Kimmel
Kimmel also shows a “Scandal” blooper reel and got dirt on “Scandal” actors. PLUS: This was "Scandal's" best episode yet.

George R.R. Martin reveals what a full-sized “Game of Thrones” dragon looks like
Martin posted an excerpt from his companion book to the Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Lindsay Lohan confirms her sex list is real on “Watch What Happens Live”
"That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford,” she told Andy Cohen.

U.S. Sen.  Elizabeth Warren: I threw up twice before my 1st “Daily Show” appearance
"I was miserable,” says the Massachusetts senator. "I had stage fright -- gut-wrenching, stomach-turning, bile-filled stage fright. And I was stuck in a gloomy little bathroom, about to go on 'The Daily Show.’”

Stephen Lang joins “Salem”
The “Avatar” star will play Increase Mather, an old-line, hard-core Puritan, on the WGN America series.

Jeremy Piven had never watched “Seinfeld” when he played George Costanza
"You know, what an incredible honor,” he writes in a Reddit AMA of his brief role on “Seinfeld.” "I think everyone loves ‘Seinfeld.' And the horrible truth that I'm so embarrassed to reveal is that at the time, I was very young, I was in my mid-twenties when I played George, and I didn't have a TV... so I had never seen 'Seinfeld.’”

“Community” ends its season, again as if it was truly the end
Although there’s a possibility of another season, the season finale felt like an appropriate season-ender.

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