Ellen DeGeneres got Oscar-hosting gig in a whirlwind 48 hours

Ellen DeGeneres got Oscar-hosting gig in a whirlwind 48 hours
Ellen was pitched as Oscar host on Wednesday morning to the new Academy president. Ellen was called on Wednesday night and accepted Thursday morning.

Maura Tierney joins Showtime's "The Affair"
She'll play Dominic West's wife.

Blacked-out Time Warner customers can't access CBS.com
CBS Time Warner customers affected by the blackout will see anti-Time Warner ads if they go to CBS.com.

Could Simon Cowell's baby boost "The X Factor" ratings?
The tabloid headlines could re-spark interest into the former "Idol" judge.

Jason Sudeikis returns to NBC on Sunday
He'll star in a series of NBC Sports soccer ads that will air during the NFL Hall of Fame game.

"American Horror Story: Coven" will have a feminist theme
Sarah Paulson will play Jessica Lange's daughter.

W. Kamau Bell can't compare himself to other talk show hosts
But he wishes he thought up "Slow Jam the News."

Fox buys "Fatrick," a comedy from "Don't Touch the B" creator, Nat Faxon & Jim Rash
The comedy project revolves around a handsome 30-something named Patrick who's haunted by his child of being called "Fatrick."

Janina Gavankar is moving to another vampire show
The "True Blood" star is headed to "The Vampire Diaries."

"HIMYM" fan posts 10-hour video of him watching the "500 Miles" video
Over and over again.

Charlie Sheen is reportedly living with the porn star whom he scuffled with 3 years ago
Is Sheen having a "porn again romance" with Capri Anderson?

"The Bridge" will wrap up its murder mystery before the season is over
As for Season 2, exec producer Elwood Reid said, "There won’t be one big crime. We are not going to have the killer of the season every year."

Anna Faris: Chris Pratt talked me into doing "Mom"
Faris recalls: "I had left the ('Mom') script on the kitchen counter, and my husband picked it up. And he read the first page, and he said, 'Whatever you're doing, put it down right now.' He's like, 'This is you.' And it felt like that."

Joan Rivers says WGA "Fashion Police" hearing is "a bunch of bullsh*t"
"E! should hire Anthony Weiner to work with these people," she said in a statement. "He'd fit right in."

"Dads" should learn to do offensive comedy from "It's Always Sunny"

The Fox comedy should take lessons from its sibling cable network's sitcom.

Check out a "Golden Girls" scale model house
Filled with plenty of easter eggs.

CBS redeveloping Jim Gaffigan's comedy pilot

He'll once again play a happily married father of five.

Take a look at the 1940s-era set of TNT's "Lost Angels"
The Frank Darabont drama is based on the book "L.A. Noir."

Should "The Mindy Project" make Mindy Kaling's character likable?

Kalng says her character's selfishness might've been a mistake.

See the "Duck Dynasty" boys without their beards
Check out pics of them throughout the years.

Preview "Parks and Rec" on "The Writers' Room"

Monday's episode goes behind the scenes with Amy Poehler.

"Star Trek's" Michael Ansara dies

He played Kang in three different "Trek" series.

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'Sharknado' screenings sell out, prompting theaters to add more screenings

"Sharknado" screenings sell out, prompting theaters to add more screenings
Turns out the Syfy film is perfect for movie theaters. "You need full audience participation to truly appreciate a film like 'Sharknado,'" says a spokesperson for movie ticketing service Fandango.

Time Warner pulls the plug on all CBS-owned stations

Time Warner subscribers in New York, Los Angeles and other markets, as of 5 pm ET, have lost not only CBS but Showtime, TMC, Flix and the Smithsonian channel.

Kathy Bates: NBC treated "Harry's Law" like "sh*t"
"I think they treated us like s–t," the actress said today while promoting "American Horror Story: Coven." "They kicked us to the curb," she added, noting that "Harry's Law" had a lot of viewers.

"Sherlock": Watch the Season 3 teaser
John Watson has a mustache.

"Breaking Bad" Season 5 debuts on Netflix

There are nine days to catch up on the first eight episodes of the season.

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NBC dumps 'To Catch a Predator's' Chris Hansen

NBC dumps "To Catch a Predator's" Chris Hansen
Hansen had been with NBC News for 20 years, but the network opted not to renew his contract.

Seth Rogen named James Franco Roastmaster

Rogen will roast his longtime pal on Aug. 18 to air on Labor Day Weekend.

Did Raven-Symone come out?
The former "Cosby Show" kid tweeted, "I can finally get married! Yay government!" PLUS: The actress released a statement, saying she is "not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to."

"Sons of Anarchy's" creator talks about a controversial scene in season premiere
"I've wanted to do that story for about three years," says Sutter. "I knew obviously it would be somewhat controversial but I feel like as much as I wouldn't do something just because it was controversial, I’m also not not going to do something because it’s controversial."

NBC teases "Parenthood's" return

"Discover what you've been missing."

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Did Oscars pick Ellen as a response to Seth MacFarlane?

Did Oscars pick Ellen as a response to Seth MacFarlane?
The Academy apparently is trying to distance itself from last year's controversies. PLUS: Is the Oscars done chasing young viewers?, and Ellen boosts ratings when she hosts awards shows.

"It's Alway Sunny" stars feel like they could keep on going by doing 10 episodes a season
"I think at only 10 episodes a season, you really don't run the risk of burning out," says Charlie Day. PLUS: "Sunny" will mock Emmy snubs.

"Glee" releases a "Cory Monteith Memorial Card"

Watch a 12-second tribute to the late "Glee" star. PLUS: Darren Criss talks to Conan about Monteith's passing.

FX picked Courteney Cox's "Dirt" over "Breaking Bad," Vince Gilligan recalls to Charlie Rose

In an hour-long conversation, Gilligan explained that FX had to pick one of the two shows and settled on Cox's 2007 series "Dirt" because  the network had a mandate to add female viewers. But Gilligan credits FX boss John Landgraf with letting AMC acquire the rights to "Breaking Bad." This morning, Landgraf said you can't go darker than "Breaking Bad." PLUS: Watch the "It's Heisenberg" music video."Nightline" goes behind the scenes of the Aug. 11 premiere.

"The League" co-creator finds FXX move exciting yet frustrating

"To be perfectly frank, it's very exciting," says Jeff Schaffer. "It's also a little frustrating right now that we can't tell our fans what channel FXX is yet. … It's like saying, 'When I die I'm going to heaven.' I know it's a good thing but I don't know where that is." PLUS: Nowadays, NFL players ask to be on "The League," and read more "League" tidbits from today's TCA panel.

Watch a preview of talk show host Lindsay Lohan
Mocking Kristen Stewart while guest-hosting "Chelsea Lately."

Joy Behar ends her Current stint with the disassembly of her set
Watch as Al Jazeera "staffers" remove her desk.

Daft Punk to make a rare TV appearance on "Colbert Report"

The "Get Lucky" band will appear next week as pat of Colbert's "Colbchella" concert series.

Why FX is splitting into 3 channels
FX boss John Landgraf says the plan is for FX, FXX and FXM to "support one brand. I don't believe it's possible to be all things to all people. What we hope with the brand is to be able to capture people when they're young and keep them in our brand as they go through their life."

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Billy Bob Thornton to star in 'Fargo' on FX

Billy Bob Thornton to star in "Fargo" on FX
He'll play a character similar to Steve Buscemi's in a 10-episode limited series based on the 1996 movie.

Ellen may have beaten out her pal Jimmy Kimmel for Oscar-hosting job

Kimmel was thought to be the favorite by ABC, as hosting the Academy Awards would've given him a boost as Jimmy Fallon moved to 11:30. But producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan prevailed, picking Ellen, who was a guest at Kimmel's wedding last month. PLUS: Watch Ellen's Oscar monologue from 2007.

Lindsay Lohan told rehab jokes when she guest-hosted "Chelsea Lately"
"I've been on a 90-day court ordered vacation," said Lohan, who taped her guest stint Thursday to air on Monday.

CNN's Jake Tapper to guest on "All My Children"
He'll make his acting debut playing a reporter.

Rebecca Romijn's name on her driver's license is "Rebecca Romijn Stamos"

She's been married to Jerry O'Connell for six years, but admits to being too lazy to go to the DMV to change her name. PLUS: Romijn tweeted a pic of O'Connell in a Speedo.

"Big Brother" hits a season high
About 7.04 million watched last night's eviction.

Alexandra Breckenridge will be back for "American Horror Story: Coven"
Ryan Murphy announced the news on Twitter.

Why would the BBC use a live special to announce the new "Doctor Who"?
Does a special mean a big name -- or a woman or black "Who"?

Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" now has a YouTube channel
Check out Andy Cohen's new YouTube Clubhouse.

Valerie Harper filming a TV movie 4 months after announcing she has terminal cancer
The former "Rhoda" star is in Canada filming "The Town That Came A-Courtin'" for the UP channel.

Is "Dads" poised to be as successful as "2 Broke Girls"?

The hatred for the Seth MacFarlane sitcom's racial humor at yesterday's TV critics'  panel was reminiscent of "2 Broke Girls'" session three years ago.

"Breaking Bad" buys "Thanks Albuquerque" billboards"
"We had great chemistry together," says the billboards in Albuquerque. Meet the makers of "Blue Meth" donuts, Bryan Cranston chatted with Stephen Colbert about his "Power Rangers" past, and watch an Etch A Sketch recap of "Breaking Bad."

Antonio Sabato Jr. joins "Castle's" spoof of "Saved by the Bell"

He'll play a former teen star named Ramon Russo. PLUS: Joshua Bitton joins "Castle" as a new detective.

Robin Thicke sings "Blurred Lines" on Jimmy Fallon with kids' instruments
Watch their performance with The Roots.

"Human Giant's" Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel are teaming up for "Crash Test"
Their bringing their standup show, originally created by Aziz Ansari, to Comedy Central.

Tia Mowry's childhood is inspiring a Nickelodeon sitcom

The actress, now known as Tia Mowry-Hardrict, is putting together a comedy based on a 12-year-old girl who lives with her drill sergeant mother. Both her parents were sergeants in the U.S. Army.

See the chocolate version of Mario Lopez
"The X Factor" host was presented yesterday with a  Dove mint and dark chocolate sculpture of his head and body.

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Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars for 2nd time

Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars for 2nd time

Ellen will return to Oscar-hosting duties for the first time since 2007, she announced on Twitter. "I am so excited to be hosting the Oscars for the second time. You know what they say – the third time’s the charm," she said in a statement.

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Simon Cowell: Last season's 'X Factor' was like a bad dinner party

Simon Cowell: Last season's "X Factor" was like a bad dinner party

Season 3, in contrast, is a "fun dinner party," Cowell told critics. Simon also responded to "The Voice's" claim that it's not about launching careers. "You're making a promise to contestants, you're going to turn them into a real live artist. You can't guarantee, but that is your commitment. Otherwise it’s a game show."  PLUS: Simon can't imagine returning to "Idol," the "X Factor" prize is being reduced from $5 million to $1 million, and Simon declined to talk about becoming a father.

Brian Williams to undergo knee surgery
The "NBC Nightly News" anchor announced tonight that's he's taking a leave of absence.

How difficult is writing subtitles for "Honey Boo Boo"?
Exec producer Sara Reddy, charged with the subtitling task, says: "They talk incredibly fast and they just skip over consonants and entire syllables," she says, adding: "I don't know why I have this gift, but I understand them perfectly, and I don’t think they need to be subtitled."

"Dads" producer: "We don't want this to be the racial-insult comedy show"
The Seth MacFarlane Fox sitcom has come under fire for its racial jokes, particularly one in which Brenda Song is asked to dress as a "sexy Asian schoolgirl." PLUS: Song defends schoolgirl outfit.

Can "Enlisted" pull off being a comedy about war?
The Fox comedy tried "really, really" hard not to become "mocking or disrespectful."

Why DogTV won't work
As Slate explains, the $4.99/month DirecTV channel that launches today looks to canines "like a slideshow powered by a dim strobe light."

What does the "Breaking Bad" trailer "Ozymandias" mean?
Why Walter White goes together with the 1918 poem.

Pakistani talk show gives away babies as prizes
Last month, "Amaan Ramazan" gave away two babies on live TV.

"Castle" paying homage to "Saved by the Bell"
An episode will revolve around the murder of an actor who plays a "Screech"-like character.

Read of Pauley Shore's rise and fall
Why "The Weasel" didn't make out of the '90s.

"SNL's" ticket lottery is now open

To sit in the "Saturday Night Live" audience any time next season, you must show your interest now.

Watch a "heartbreaking end to "Kids' Jeopardy!"
A boy held back tears after adding an extra "t" to Emancipation Proclamation."

Lena Dunham plans to stalk the "Scandal" cast at the Emmys

Last year, she says, she "ended up following Kerry Washington around for 10 hours without actually talking to her." PLUS: Assistant feeds Dunham on "Girls" set.

See 15 new "Boardwalk Empire" images from Season 4
Including new cast member Jeffrey Wright.

Why "Parks and Rec" will be fine without Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins
Both characters had been running out of steam. PLUS: 8 side characters who should be considered for the main cast.

Jason Segel has slimmed down for the final "HIMYM" season
"This time when I take my shirt off, I've made a promise to myself, it doesn't have to be funny," he says.

Food Network orders a kids' edition of "Rachael vs. Guy"
"Kid Cook-Off" debuts Sept. 8.

"Almost Human" insists it's a procedural "police drama"
The J.J. Abrams robot cop drama doesn't want to scare away viewers who don't like genre shows.

Tracy Morgan used to be a barbershop poster model
Check out the "30 Rock" star before he made it big.

FXX to air the Creative Arts Emmys
The annual ceremony had aired on ReelzChannel the past two years.

Bravo renews "Million Dollar Listing New York"
The 2nd-year reality show hit a series high recently.

Disney Junior going to space with "Miles from Tomorrowland"

The cartoon follows a young adventurer and his family as they travel through outer space.

TLC reenacts in-law horror stories
"Surviving the In-Laws" is cheap even TLC standards.

Check out Jimmy Kimmel as a child
He's wearing matching outfits with him mom.

"One Life To Live" and "All My Children" get season finale dates
Their first season on The Online Network will wrap on Aug. 19 and Sept. 2, respectively.

Watch the 1st episode of "Broadchurch"
The BBC drama that Fox is remaking is now available on BBC America's YouTube channel.

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Confirmed: New "Doctor Who" will be revealed live on Sunday

Confirmed: New "Doctor Who" will be revealed live on Sunday
BBC will air a "Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor" special at 7 pm UK time (2 pm ET and 11 am PT). Yes, it'll be broadcast on BBC America.

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Comedy Central promotes James Franco's roast with a punch to the face

Comedy Central promotes James Franco's roast with a punch to the face
"It ain't gonna be pretty."

Americans spend more time on digital devices than watching TV, study finds
Digital devices include surfing the web on your computer or spending time with your smartphone.

Preview Oprah's 1st Letterman appearance in 8 years
The two TV titans discussed meditation.

Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones react to leaving "Parks and Rec"
"Such a bittersweet time for me," tweeted Jones. "It has literally been a world class pleasure," added Lowe.

CNN's "Our Nixon" uses footage from 500 reels of Super-8 home movie footage
Tonight's documentary on Richard Nixon offers a unique look at Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal.

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Fox expects 'Glee' to end after 2 more seasons

Fox expects "Glee" to end after 2 more seasons
The Season 6 finale in May 2015 will likely be the series finale -- unless the show finds new breakout stars, says Fox's Kevin Reilly.

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