Was 'The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story' the worst-ever TV movie?

Was "The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story” the worst-ever TV movie?
"Or is it secretly genius, and we were too tired from our Labor Day barbecues to notice?” wonders Kevin Fallon. "We’ve been left with little recourse, after spending two hours of our lives watching it, but to believe that 'The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell’ is really an avant-garde meta examination of Saved By the Bell. That it is a dramatic deconstruction of the worst elements of the hit ’90s children’s series. That the bad acting, wooden dialogue, elementary plotting, and impotent dramatic tension are actually an artistic wink at those very elements in the original series. Or maybe, just maybe, 'The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell' is just plain atrocious.” PLUS: This was Dustin Diamond’s Crybaby Tour of the ’90s, Lark Voorhies tweets "I did not watch , and will not watch,” and Mario Lopez used the occasion to promote his new book.

“Faking It” nabs Laverne Cox
The “Orange is the New Black” star will guest as a Hester High alum and the director of the school’s elite drama club. PLUS: “Faking It” adds 2 more to its cast.

Piers Morgan announces his CNN contract has expired, says he turned down a 2-year deal
Morgan tweets he was offered the chance to host “40 big interview ‘specials.’”

John Oliver co-hosts the news with Cookie Monster
Check out their "W-ORD Channel 7 News."

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 key art teases the cannibal story
“Hunt or be Hunted."

Introducing the cast of “Utopia”
The Fox reality show will follow 14 strangers living togehter over the course of one year.

Bob Saget tackles a filthy version of “America’s Home Videos”
Watch “America’s Filthiest Home Videos.”

NBC is developing a celebrity adventure reality show
"Better Late Than Never” is from “Smash’s” Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

Nickelodeon creates a NickSports block
Airing Wednesday nights on Nicktoons, the NickSports block will feature content from the NFL, Major League Soccer and NASCAR.

Nick Cannon is writing a children’t poetry book
The “America’s Got Talent” host’s "Neon Aliens Ate My Homework and Other Poems” will be published in March.

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E! reports Joan Rivers is on 'the road to recovery'
Credit: E!

E! reports Joan Rivers is on 'the road to recovery'

E! reports Joan Rivers is on “the road to recovery”
"She's getting better. Don't believe all this ridiculous speculation,” a source tells the network of the “Fashion Police” star. Over the weekend, reports claimed Rivers was on life support.

“Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” didn’t deliver on its cheesy potential
The Lifetime film was a Twitter hit, but the juicy scandalous stuff was rather tame. Instead, the two-hour film was packed with Hollywood industry cliches. PLUS: This was Lifetime’s “Sharknado,” the film was insanely bizarre, presenting 100 revelations from the film, and the casting director says finding Screech/Dustin Diamond proved the biggest challenge.

“24: Live Another Day’s” success has led to the revival of “24” movie talks
A big-screen Jack Bauer has been the subject of much discussion.

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Report: Taylor Swift will be part of 'The Voice'
Credit: NBC

Report: Taylor Swift will be part of 'The Voice'

Report: Taylor Swift will be part of “The Voice”
Swift will join the NBC singing competition as an advisor for all four teams, serving in the same capacity as Chris Martin did last season, according to Us Weekly.

"Downton Abbey" unveils its first Season 5 trailer
Says Carson: "I feel a shaking on the ground I stand on."


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Report: Amazon plans to revive 'The Tick' with Patrick Warburton
Credit: Fox

Report: Amazon plans to revive 'The Tick' with Patrick Warburton

Report: Amazon plans to revive “The Tick” with Patrick Warburton
People reports that the 2001-02 Fox series based on the comic book superhero, which also co-starred a pre-“Lost” Nestor Carbonell, is being revived on the streaming service.

Garry Marshall recalls his sister discovering Robin Williams after Dom DeLuise turned down the “Mork” role
“I was looking for someone to play Mork,” he told the audience at a taping of CBS’ “The Odd Couple.” "Dom DeLuise turned down the role. So did John Byner. And Ronny told me about this funny guy, Robin, who performed on the street. People would put money in his hat.”

Miley Cyrus’ "charity consultant" said he fully vetted her VMA date
Trever Neilson, the "Charity Fixer to the Stars,” was responsible for discovering Jesse Helt at a homeless youth shelter.

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Fox rebooting 'The Greatest American Hero'
Credit: ABC

Fox rebooting 'The Greatest American Hero'

Fox rebooting “The Greatest American Hero”
The Steven J. Cannell cult classic superhero comedy/drama that ran on ABC for three seasons from 1981 to 1983 is being remade by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the writer-directors behind “The Lego Movie” and the “21 Jump Street” movies. According to Deadline, the new take on “The Greatest American Hero" "will chronicle inner-city teacher Isaac’s adventures after his discovery of a superhero suit which gives him superhuman abilities."

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'The Wil Wheaton Project' canceled by Syfy
Credit: Syfy

'The Wil Wheaton Project' canceled by Syfy

“The Wil Wheaton Project” canceled by Syfy
Wil Wheaton related the story of the cancelation of his show, which debuted in May, on his blog. He got the news via a cell phone call from a Syfy exec: "Ultimately, he told me, the executives in New York just didn’t think we had enough viewers to justify more episodes. I didn’t say anything about the total lack of promotion off the network, or point out that our ratings were on par with The Soup, or that ratings are always lower in summer than the fall.”

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'The Following' is replacing the showrunner it just hired in June

“The Following” is replacing the showrunner it just hired in June
Jennifer Johnson, who took over for creator Kevin Williamson as showrunner two months ago, will be replaced by a trio of co-showrunners.

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'Marvel’s Agent Carter' brings on Chad Michael Murray
Credit: CW

'Marvel’s Agent Carter' brings on Chad Michael Murray

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” brings on Chad Michael Murray
The “One Tree Hill” alum will become a series regular on the ABC midseason show, playing the important role of Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Jack Thompson. PLUS: “Dollhouse” alum Enver Gjokaj is also joining the cast.

“Modern Family” casts Andrea Anders as an annoying new neighbor
She and Steve Zahn will move in next to the Dunphys next season.

“CSI” books Greg Grunberg
The “Heroes” alum will guest as a man in rehab.

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Chelsea Clinton exits NBC News
Credit: NBC

Chelsea Clinton exits NBC News

Chelsea Clinton exits NBC News
The former first daughter had been reportedly making $600,000 for doing very little actual work.

Some “Friends” fans didn't like Jennifer Aniston’s upset reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s reunion
They didn’t realize the whole bit was rehearsed and planned, as Kimmel pointed out last night.

Jimmy Kimmel dressed Aaron Paul’s Emmy statues like Run-DMC
Check out the “Run-DMC Emmys.” PLUS: Paul talked to Kimmel about his “Breaking Bad” Scavenger Hunt, and Kimmel dressed Ed Sheeran as Annie.

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Jimmy Kimmel proved that a real 'Friends' reunion would look stupid
Credit: NBC

Jimmy Kimmel proved that a real 'Friends' reunion would look stupid

Jimmy Kimmel proved that a real “Friends” reunion would look stupid
Kimmel's viral sketch reuniting the female cast "established once and for all how stupid this reunion would be by demonstrating how stupid this reunion would be,” says Verne Gay. "The characters are older (much older), and those who played them are stars in their own right, with their own bodies of shows and movies -- most of all, the lead female characters. They've moved on, and so should fans.”

Joan Rivers was reportedly put in a medically induced coma
The NY Daily News reports doctors plan to take Rivers out of the coma this weekend to determine how much damage was caused when she went into cardiac and respiratory arrest during a routine doctor’s visit. UPDATE: Melissa Rivers says her mom is “resting comfortably."

Explaining David Chase’s “Sopranos” revelation that wasn’t a revelation
The Sopranos” creator appeared to confirm the ending to Vox, but that isn’t the same as actually confirming the ending. PLUS: Chase wanted to leave fans in limbo.

Ed Helms to visit “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
He’ll play a USPS inspector.

"The Leftovers" should learn a lesson in subtlety from “Rectify”
One show was subtle in the way it built up to a transfixing two hours, the other was unsure of what it wants to do or who its characters are.

When The New York Times writes about Brooklyn, it often mentions “Girls”
The HBO series has become a defining cultural benchmark of modern Brooklyn, name-dropped in articles about landlords, bar reviews and political intrigue.

“Dating Naked” couple weds
The VH1 reality show has produced its first married couple.

Examining the state of black cast members on “SNL”
Sure, “Saturday Night Live” has three black cast members. But, says Wesley Morris, Maya Rudolph’s "dynamism and sense of showbiz hasn’t been replaced, either. And it’s left a bitterness in the culture that you felt in last year’s complaints about there being no black women on the show. You felt it in the writer Leslie Jones’s shocking 'Weekend Update' editorial in which she speculatively raged about her sexual undesirability as a big, black woman. It was both a moment of comedy and cultural expurgation. Her rant was as much about her as it was about the working conditions of her employer." PLUS: Graphing “SNL” ratings, “SNL’s” most essential/inessential musical guests, how Nasim Pedrad auditioned and left “SNL,” Sasheer Zamata gives advice from a grown woman, and examining “SNL” movies.

Remembering Phil Hartman, “The Glue” on “SNL”
With a biography on Hartman due out next month, it’s hard to explain why he was one of “SNL’s” most important cast members. Part of it, says Bryan Curtis, was "the unusual nature of Hartman’s talent. Hartman was so good at playing smarmy, air-quoting, golden-voiced sharpies — '20 percent droid,' said the writer Robert Smigel — that it’s difficult to catalogue all the comic notes he left behind in the universe.” PLUS: Remembering Hartman’s “Simpsons” characters, including Troy McClure.

“Ground Floor” returns Dec. 9 in a new timeslot
The Bill Lawrence-produced TBS comedy will air Tuesdays at 10.

ABC’s updates its mysterious “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” billboard
The billboard in L.A. now features Agent Coulson and the show’s new timeslot.

CBS reveals details of its season premieres
Read descriptions of the new fall episodes.

Oprah Winfrey Network launching a YouTube series
Celebrity guests will be interviewed on “Who Am I."

Emmys snubbed “Sharknado”!
Here’s a belated “For Your Consideration” video.

Amy Sedaris on future “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert: “He has this whole bag of tricks people haven’t even seen yet”
"This guy can do anything,” she says of her “Strangers with Candy” pal, "and his reference level is so high. It’s going to be from talking to politicians to talking to reality TV stars, but he’ll be able to do it. It’s gonna be a good show.”

With retirement looming, Letterman is great again
Dave seems refreshed since announcing his retirement in April, says Mike Ryan. "Here’s a guy just enjoying his last few months on the job – with a renewed sense of purpose after vanquishing his rival, Leno.” PLUS: Paul Shaffer: “I’m not retiring, as many people have assumed."

“Southern Charm” star’s U.S. Senate bid is accompanied by reality TV cameras
Thomas Ravenel, who’s attempting to unseat longtime U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, has a sign outside his campaign events warning: "You are being photographed . . . Please do not enter this area if you do not wish to appear.”

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy” star attempt and fail to explain medical terms
It’s a bonus feature of the 10th season DVD box set.

Whit Stillman’s Amazon pilot “The Cosmopolitan” is as good as his movies
The Paris-based pilot is retro-Stillman that is the spiritual heir to “Barcelona.” PLUS: Stillman explains how his pilot was cut in half.

New Dan Harmon “Harmontown” trailer revisits the Chevy Chase voicemail
It also features Harmon's “Community” stars.

“Bachelor in Paradise” star: We did not have a threesome
Says Jesse Kovacs: "The whole threesome thing, that didn’t happen.”

Kevin Spacey to take a “House of Cards” break for a 1-night-only concert performance
He’ll sing Billy Joel and Simon & Garfunkel songs at a Washington benefit to raise money for his foundation.

Allison Janney says of her 2 Emmy wins this year: “Television is a woman’s medium”
“I am proud to work in TV,” she says.

Naked extras on “Looking" get paid much more
While clothed non-union extras can earn $85.92 for eight hours, nude extras can earn $250 over the same period.

Will Forte’s beard has become bushier
The “SNL” alum has been growing his beard for Fox’s “Last Man on Earth."

“Glee” vet Nolan Funk joins “Arrow”
He’ll play Felicity hacker ex-boyfriend from when she was at MIT.

NBC buys naked amnesiac drama “Blindspot” from Greg Berlanti
The FBI thriller focuses on a naked amnesiac discovered in Times Square with his name tattooed on his back.

Ranking Kevin Arnold’s “Wonder Years” romantic flings
Winnie Cooper is No. 5!

Corbin Bernsen is headed to “Scorpion”
The “Psych” star will play a Vegas casino owner.

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