As you've heard already, I covered the Top 12 red carpet on Monday night and talked to all of this season's finalists. I've posted my interviews with the Girls -- Rion, Ellona and Khaya -- and the Groups -- Sweet Suspense, Alex & Sierra and Restless Road -- and the Boys -- Tim Olstad, Carlito Olivero and Carlos Guevara.
Now it's time now for the Over-25s.
Mentored by Kelly Rowland, the Over-25 category yielded last year's winner in Tate Stevens. Will one of this year's Geriatrics follow in Tate's footsteps?
Rachel Potter got the top spot in this story, just because the 29-year-old country singer shared details about her Broadway background and also did an amusing impression that hopefully made the cut. If you were on the fence about Rachel previously, this conversation might make you like her more. 
Up next is Lillie McCloud, who you still won't believe is a 54-year-old grandmother. Lillie discusses being the season's oldest contestant and how her extra seasoning has made her more prepared for this moment. She also explains why last week's Top 16 performance wasn't necessarily comfortable for her. 
Finally, Jeff Gutt explains why he wants this more than some of the younger contestants and what he gained from last year's "X Factor" near-miss.
Check back for my "X Factor" live-blog in just a couple hours.
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