FOX toasted the season's "X Factor" Top 12 with a red carpet fiesta on Monday (November 4) night at The Bazaar in Beverly Hills.
I started with my chat with creator/judge/mentor Simon Cowell and I'm slowly making it through my interviews with all 12 acts, starting earlier today with the Girls -- Rion, Khaya and Ellona.
Up next? The most ballyhooed of the categories, Cowell's Groups. This is a category that features my personal favorite in simultaneously musical and adorable Alex & Sierra, the season's early favorite in newly minted country trio Restless Road and equally fresh-faced teen trio Sweet Suspense, which could be a dark horse if they can harness that fanbase that made Fifth Harmony into last fall's "X Factor" sleeper. 
Above, you'll see my conversation with Alex & Sierra, who are in the strange position of being critiqued each week on both their performances and their chemistry as a couple. They are, as you can see, a lot like they've been portraying themselves on TV -- Goofy and likable.
Up next, you'll see my interview with Restless Road. I can't necessarily tell you which one is Colton, which is Zach and which is Andrew, but Simon Cowell is assuming that in a couple months, Country music fans and teenage girls will be squealing those names. For now, the guys are enjoying those early squeals and practicing their signature dance moves, which they demonstrate. 
And finally, you have the bubbly young ladies of Sweet Suspense, all under 18 and possessing an almost terrifying amount of energy and spirit. Me, I like that two of them have the ready-for-stardom names of "Millie Thrasher" and "Summer Reign" (Celine Polenghi rounds out the trio) and the judges last week seemed to think they have the voices to match. And which one of them is the diva? They're in harmony on that answer as well.
Still to come before Wednesday's live show, I'll post my interviews with the Boys and the Over-25s.
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