So far, I've posted my "X Factor" Top 12 red carpet interviews with the Girls -- Rion, Ellona and Khaya -- and the Groups -- Sweet Suspense, Alex & Sierra and Restless Road.
Up next? This season's Top 3 Boys -- Carlos Guevara, Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad -- may not be your favorites, but they certainly were central to the season's most dramatic moment, as they sat in the spotlight sweating as Paulina Rubio deliberated and redeliberated during the Four Chair Challenge.
Olstad, in particular, bore the brunt of that Four Chair Challenge drama, as he was sent packing and then brought back to the stage as the crowd and her fellow judges toyed with Rubio's emotions.
In my chat with Tim Olstad, seen above, he discusses that chair-based madness, the advantages and disadvantages of possibly, as Simon Cowell suggests, appealing to older audiences and more. 
The next interview, below, is with Carlito Olivero, who discusses his commitment to bilingual performance, Paulina Rubio's influence as a mentor and more.
Finally, Carlos Guevara discusses being the youngest of the "X Factor" Boys, remembers the pressure of that Four Chair Challenge and discusses why he's becoming more comfortable with managing his Tourette's syndrome even in this spotlight.
Stay tuned for my interviews with the Over-25s, followed by my normal "X Factor" live-blog tonight.
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