You can't pigeon-hole Jordana Spiro.
Between her tomboy sportswriter on TBS' "My Boys," her scene-stealing airhead in "Must Love Dogs," her Doomsday-loving cult groupie on "Dexter" and her gangster-treating MD on FOX's "The Mob Doctor," the only commonality is the actress playing the parts.
Last week, I sat down with Spiro to discuss "Mob Doctor" and Grace Devlin, who is self-explanatorily balancing her obligations as a doctor and her debt to the mob. We chatted about why she targeted a drama pilot this development season, how morally and ethnically compromised Spiro wants to see Grace become and, because I was distracted by the prayer-tinged poster behind her, the show's particular approach to faith.
"The Mob Doctor" premieres on Monday, September 17 at 9 p.m. on FOX.
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