Welcome to Sunday (January 27) night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, one of the only 10 or 20 times per year that Hollywood gathers together to salute itself. 

On the TV side, we're just anticipated yet another "Modern Family"/"Homeland" celebration. 

But on the movies side, this remains one of the most wide-open Oscars races in years and it maybe up to the SAG voters to led some clarity. Click through for the full live-blog and join the conversation!

8:00 p.m. ET. "Zero Dark Flirty"? No, TNT. No.

8:01 p.m. Chris Tucker, Jane Krakowski and Helen Hunt are Actors. Hal Holbrook? He's a BLEEPING ACTOR. Alfred Woodard is an actor. Damian Criss is an opportunity for TNT to pander to "Glee" fans. Sofia Vergara is Colombian. Just in case you didn't know. Also? Sofia Vergara saying "hooker" will always be funny.

8:05 p.m. Nicole Kidman kicks off the show with Best *Male* Actor in a Supporting Role. I really appreciate that the SAG Awards show full, tangible clips for each performance, rather than just trailers for the movies like the other shows. The award goes to... Tommy Lee Jones for "Lincoln." Tommy Lee Jones is glowering elsewhere tonight, so the show gains two minutes of wiggle room!

8:07 p.m. Bradley Cooper helps Jennifer Lawrence, battling illness all week, out to center stage. She really does look like she might pass out at any second. She also looks gorgeous, but... on the verge of passing out. They're presenting the clip package from "Silver Linings Playbook." That's right. We get tangible clips AND trailers. 

8:09 p.m. Robert DeNiro is still disappointed at losing to the absent Tommy Lee Jones.

8:09 p.m. Justin Timberlake is an actor. And that's a fine checkered charcoal suit he's wearing. He's presenting Best *Female* Actor in a Supporting Role. The best thing about the length of these clips is that we get to see 45 percent of Anne Hathaway's role in "Les Miserables."  And... The winner is... Anne Hathaway, of course. "I'm just so thrilled I have dental," Hathaway says. She recalls getting her SAG card at 14. She keeps it very simple and very gracious, thanking her mother for voting for her and her "great representation," whose names she can't remember. She remembers her manager's name. Show-off. Interestingly, she singles out her "Dark Knight Rises" cast in addition to the "Les Mis" cast. Her logic? That the things you learn on one role, you take with you to the next. Fair enough. 

8:19 p.m. Jeff Daniels and Kerry Washington are... two people who star on TV shows? And now, they're thanking the men and women in uniform watching the SAG Awards around the world. They're presenting Outstanding *Male* Actor in a Comedy Series, one of those TV awards that doesn't distinguish between leads and supporting performers, since SAG thinks TV shows don't really matter. It's amazing they distinguishing between drama and comedy at all. "Outstanding Actor *Male or Female* Stuck On That TV Box Thing in a Lead or Supporting Role." The winner is... Alec Baldwin for "30 Rock." This is Alec Baldwin's eighth win, according to the narrator. Presumably that includes wins as part of the show's ensemble? Baldwin begins by thanking Tina Fey and calling this the greatest experience he's had. He thanks his agent, "the greatest agent in the history of show business."

8:23 p.m. Julianne Moore and Damian Lewis are... gingers. They're presenting Outstanding *Female* Actor in a Comedy Series. The winner is... Tina Fey for "30 Rock." I'm happy with this end-of-series celebration of "30 Rock." Yes, I want Amy Poehler to win something at some point, but Tina Fey is awesome. "Thank you for letting me in this union!" Fey gushes. "Amy, I've known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham," Fey says in what is sure to be the line of the night. She reminds the audience that the "30 Rock" finale is this Thursday. "Just tape 'The Big Bang Theory' for once, for crying out loud," Fey closes awesomely. We love Tina Fey.

8:28 p.m. Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Ben Affleck are standing in order by height to present a trailer for "Argo."

8:29 p.m. Julianna Margulies and Noah Wyle are presenting Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The "30 Rock" clip is funny. The "Big Bang Theory" clip features Kaley Cuoco in a short black dress. And Tina Fey wonders why nobody watches her show live. [Boy, there are a lot of great ensembles not nominated in this category...] The winner is... "Modern Family." Yawn. I'd been hoping "30 Rock" might sneak in and pull off a surprise. But no. Jesse Tyler Ferguson speaks for his cast, saluting both "30 Rock" and "The Office," telling them that if anybody on either show needs a job, they should call Jeff Greenberg, their casting director. 

8:40 p.m. Awww... Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber get to present together. They're such a nice couple. They're presenting Outstanding *Female* Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries. This will be the conclusion of Julianne Moore's "Game Change" juggernaut, but it's nice that other people get invited to the party as well, including Charlotte Rampling for "Restless," a miniseries most viewers aren't aware ever existed. The winner is... Julianne Moore. Duh-doy. Nicole Kidman smiles, but doesn't clap. She's lost every major award to Julianne Moore in the last 12 months. "This means so much to me coming from all the actors who voted," Moore says. Then she references the amount of basketball she watches in her family and their discussions about how it's teams that win championship, not individuals. Then she thanks every person with a speaking part in "Game Change," plus the baby.

8:44 p.m. James Marsden and a nearly unrecognizable Rose Byrne are honoring Outstanding *Male* Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries. Like Moore, Costner has already won the Emmy and the Golden Globe in this category. Will somebody else pull an upset? The winner is... Kevin Costner, who is unable to attend. In his absence, Anne Hathaway should be allowed to come out and thank two more people.

8:46 p.m. It's SAG President The White Shadow and the President of AFTRA. Time for a clip package celebrating the joining of the two guilds. One union means greater actor-power. Woot.

8:51 p.m. UNION NOW!

8:56 p.m. See? They're bringing Anne Hathaway back. Does she remember her agents' names? Nope. She and Hugh Jackman are presenting clips from "Les Miserables." I'm on page 520 in the book. I should be ready to see the movie by the time it's out on BluRay.

8:59 p.m. Alec Baldwin is kicking off the tribute to Mr. Dick Van Dyke. "Dick laid the groundwork. He did everything," Baldwin says accurately. Cue the clips...

9:02 p.m. Now I'm going to have "Put on a Happy Face" stuck in my head all night long... Well played, Dick Van Dyke.

9:03 p.m. "Diagnosis Murder," FTW.

9:04 p.m. Standing ovation for Dick Van Dyke. Will he trip over the podium? Nope. People like Dick Van Dyke. As they should. "That does an old man a lot of good," Van Dyke says. "My Lord and savior... Carl Reiner couldn't be here tonight," Reiner says, noting that Mary Tyler Moore also missed the show due to the flu. "The years have just been full of surprises for me and a lot of fun," he says. "Aren't we lucky to have found a line of work that doesn't require growing up?" he asks. Van Dyke even makes a joke about his Cockney accent. Because he's awesome. "If this very heavy object here means that I can refer to all of you as my peers, I'm a very happy man," he closes. 

9:08 p.m. That was a short speech. Surely Anne Hathaway has somebody else to thank...

9:13 p.m. Amy Poehler and Neil Patrick Harris are a fun presenting pair. "Family. Honor. Sacrifice." "Tension. Deception. Courage." "Madness." "Intrigue." These are words that sound dramatic when said loudly. It's a bit that should have been funnier than it is. Sigh. They're presenting Outstanding *Male* Actor in a Drama Series. Damian Lewis won the Emmy and the Golden Globe. Is he going to make it a sweep? Or will Steven Buscemi or Bryan Cranston play spoiler? The winner is... Bryan Cranston for "Breaking Bad." This is his first SAG Awards win. You will never hear me complain about a Bryan Cranston win. Nope. "It is so good to be bad," Cranston says, thanking the studio and network, the writers and producers and crew in New Mexico. Bryan Cranston gives decent speech. He doesn't try too hard. He just thanks the right people in the right order, even if he maybe kinda messes up Betsy Brandt's last name. "Tonight, at least, I'm well-endowed," Cranston says.

9:19 p.m. Dev Patel is all alone, because nobody else form the cast of "Best Exotic New Special Super Terrific Marigold Hotel and Boarding House" was able to make the flight. Cue clip. 

9:20 p.m. Taye Diggs is joined by Busy Philipps, who I suspect is tweeting as she presents. They're presenting The Claire Danes Memorial Female Actor in a Drama Series award. Danes didn't win last year, because SAG Award voters were silly and didn't even nominate her. Is there any chance she doesn't win tonight? Well, SAG Awards voters refused to accept that "American Horror Story" is a miniseries and nominated Jessica Lange here, so... Who knows? The winner is... Claire Danes. This is her second SAG win, with the first coming for "Temple Grandin," back when she was that year's Julianne Moore. The trumpet blurts. "So I guess I'm an actor. I'm not an actress. That answers that question," she says. While Moore referenced sports, Danes just says it takes a village. She lists the whole ensemble. Who knew that Morena Baccarin runs lines with Danes every night and makes dinner for her? Danes nearly leaves the stage before thanking her husband and baby, but makes it in under the wire. Whew.

9:25 p.m. Don't hate Jessica Chastain because she's beautiful.

9:25 p.m. Chastain is presenting the Necrology. Farewell, Ben Gazzara, Lupe Ontiveros, Larry Hagman, Whitne[y Houston, Jack Klugman, Conrad Bain, Jonathan Frid, Celeste Holm, Sheman Hemsley, Michael Clarke [Spelled "Clark" in the tribute]  Duncan, Charles Durning, Davy Jones, Kathyn Joosten, Phyllis Diller, Dick Clark, Andy Griffith and, in anchor position, Ernest Borgnine.

9:34 p.m. Alfred Molina is on a TNT show. Sigourney Weaver was on a USA show. Now they're presenting Outstanding Ensemble for a Drama Series. "Breaking Bad" definitely wins for best introductory clip. The winner is... WHOA. A real upset. "Downton Abbey" is the winner. Madness. I mean... not really. "Downton Abbey" has a really great ensemble. Of course, most of that ensemble is elsewhere. It's so hard to get people here for the show that Amy Nuttall is in attendance, even if I don't have a clue what her character's name is. [Yes. I know. It's Ethel. But seriously.]

9:40 p.m. Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis present the trailer for "Lincoln."

9:42 p.m. Robert DeNiro is presenting Outstanding *Female* Actor in a Leading Role in a motion picture. DeNiro co-stars in a movie with one of the nominees. Is that a sign of some sort? The winner, indeed, is... Jennifer Lawrence for "Silver Linings Playbook." Yay. I'm happy for her. I kinda wish that DeNiro had been a bit more giddy. Couldn't he click his heels or something? Lawrence thanks MTV, remembering that she got her SAG card for a promo for "My Super Sweet 16." She's pleased with her naked statue. She thanks David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper and she calls Harvey Weinstein "a rascal." Hurrah for J-Law.

9:51 p.m. Only 9-ish more minutes!

9:51 p.m. Viola Davis has "The Help" co-star Jessica Chastain's approval as she comes to present Outstanding *Male* Actor in a Leading Role. Surely this one is in the bag, right? Yup. Daniel Day-Lewis wins for "Lincoln." He's soft-spoken and introspective. His motto with "Lincoln" was "first do no harm," he explains. "Then it occurred to me that it was an actor that murdered Abraham Lincoln..." he cracks. "Everything flowed from Steven Spielberg," he closes.

9:57 p.m. Jude Law, naturally, is presenting Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture. This could be an important award for whoever wins. The winner is... "Argo." Suddenly, "Argo" may be becoming your prohibitive Oscar favorite, despite all of those seemingly large nomination snubs. "I can't believe I'm standing in the place Daniel Day-Lewis just was," Ben Affleck says. Affleck speaks very, very quickly, but gives terrific speech. 


That's all, folks... Thanks for following along...

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