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Pre-credit sequence. "Nice Tribal, guys. That's one for the books," Spencer observes after the Trish vote-out. But the big question is immediately raised: Why did Tony vote for his former ally? Tony explains that it was strategy and he didn't feel good about it, but he couldn't take somebody as well-liked as Trish to the end. "I feel horrible about it, but I feel like it was the most strategic move for me to make," Tony says. I guess I can buy that. Spencer feels like he's been thrown under the bus repeated and he's impressed he's still there, but he's also now worried about the Tyler Perry Idol Tony is wielding. I'd be more worried about Tyler Perry showing up, out of nowhere, dressed as Madea, but we all have our own phobias. "I'm guaranteed Final 3, so it's up to me pretty much," Tony claims. Spencer isn't sure whether or not to trust Tony about the powers. Tony says that in his everyday life he can't be corrupt, but in the game he's bluffing and lying. "The only thing that I have going for me is my bluff," Tony knows. 

Peanut Butter & Blood. Icky lizard. It's Day 37. Kass is still [pretending to be] smarting from her fight with Trish, who she calls full of hate. Tony disagrees. "Tony is an idiot," Kass tells us. She's sure that everybody dislikes Trish and Tony was misreading the support for Trish. "He hasn't had to do much. He was on a winning team right up to the Merge," is Kass' deconstruction of Tony's gameplay. A boat is heading to shore. Everybody is hoping for perks of some sort. Tony is the first, oddly, to recognize Kass' husband. Woo's cousin hits the beach. Kass briefly shows emotion. Spencer is happy to see his sister. Tony wanted his wife to be there, but instead he gets his best friend Arnold. Tony is disappointed, but vaguely understands that his wife is home with his four-month-old baby. This makes Tony cry. "You just get PSYCHED!" Woo says of seeing his blood. The loved ones arrived with juice and bread and peanut butter, as well as a clue that says something about fearing heights and the threat of Immunity. Woo is dreaming of Immunity, a million dollars and proposing to his girlfriend. "I'm not a goat, I'm just hated," Kass tells her husband, explaining that she came out and played like a man. She knows that she's hated and her husband just nods politely. Spencer tells his sister that he knows he's done the best he could, but he's prepared to do what it takes to win Immunity. ["And you thought there wasn't gonna be a Loved Ones visit," Probst tells us live.]

I'm not sick but I'm not well/ And I'm so hot 'cause I'm in Hell. Immunity time! The Loved Ones are still there and the castaways are encouraged. Spencer's sister says he's neurotic. Woo has a second wind. Tony says that this is the difference between real-life ties and game alliances. The task is actually complicated. It involves standing on a high platform, using a bucket to get water to raise a submerged key. Then they have to take the key, return to the beach and unlock a puzzle. It's windy. The platform is really more of a flagpole with a perch. The pole is shaking and Kass is particularly nervous, flailing and earning Probst's ire. Tony is the first get his key, but we all know that Tony sucks at puzzles. Spencer gets his key. Can he catch Tony again? Woo is the third to his key and joins the puzzle race. Again, Spencer seems to be making progress on the puzzle and building a big lead, which emboldens his confident sister. "Tony hasn't had a lot of success with puzzles," Probst says as Kass finally shows up on the beach. Suddenly Kass is making a lot of progress and Spencer is having issues. Wow. It's an impressive comeback for Kass, winning Individual Immunity and seemingly spelling Spencer's demise, so close but so far. "Losing in itself is devastating, but to lose to a brain-dead weasel like Kass, that's the most humiliating way I could have lost today," Spencer says, vowing to play his ass off.

Final 4 Tie = Fight To The Death. "The best part of today is I get to send Spencer home," Kass says. This is exactly what Kass wanted, she claims, going against two Brawn. Spencer wants to have a conversation with Tony. Ha. Spencer has run the numbers and he tells Tony immediately that it's a Final 2 this season. He listened to Jeff's phrasing at the last challenge and knows Probst didn't mention pleading cases to the Jury. Tony agrees that the super-fan knows what he's talking about. Spencer then makes the compelling case that Woo and Kass would take each other to the end if they get the chance. Again, Tony seems to be hearing Spencer, who is willing to make fire if that's what's required. Back at camp, Kass and Woo agree that they need to get Spencer out next, regardless. Woo has no memory of what happens if it's a tie in the Final 4. He thinks it may be rocks, or a Jury decision, or possibly a fight. Woo is SO getting a winners' edit in this episode, suddenly coming across as goofy and charming for the first time since the school visit or possibly since the beginning of the season. Kass doesn't care what the boys do, because she's comfortable.

Tribal Council, I. Probst is impressed with Kass' comeback, which she attributes to her husband's support. Tony insists he was ultimately pleased to see his friend, rather than his wife. Probst thinks this was the first time that he saw emotion from Spencer. Spencer makes his clear case for how keeping him benefits Tony and sweetens the pot by swearing in front of the Jury that he'd take Tony to the Final 2, if he has the chance. "I think you'd beat me handily, Tony. You've played the better game," Spencer claims, not that we believe him. Woo says that he's been a player, even if he's been inconspicuous. It's so strange that nobody's even mentioning voting Tony out. Kass says a bitter Jury gives Woo a win, but a non-bitter Jury is complicated. Kass says without pause that she'd be more likely to beat Woo, putting Tony on full-alert. Interesting.

The Vote, I. Kass writes Spencer's name. Spencer writes Woo's name. Before the tally, Tony reads the part of the Idol that says it can be played "after the votes are read." Reactions on the Jury are mixed. Then Tony admits that he bluffed. Spencer is ticked off. The votes are read: Spencer. Woo. Spencer. SPENCER. Bah. "Well done, Tony," Spencer tells one of his nemeses and departs. "'Survivor' isn't a game to me. 'Survivor' is a passion to me," Spencer says, calling this a tough pill to swallow. He says he learned a lot from the game.

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