What will become of Count Dracula and his ambition plans for alternative energy sources?

The world may never know.

We can confirm that on Saturday (May 10) morning, NBC put a stake in the heart of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' "Dracula," stopping the sucking after one lone season.

The reality, as I discussed in my BubbleWatch gallery, is that "Dracula" had almost an identical case for renewal as the one made by "Hannibal." In fact, on sheer numbers, "Dracula" had a better case. Adding in Live+7 DVR figures, "Dracula" got a 57 percent bump overall (from 3.25 million to 5 million viewers) and an 80 percent bump among adults 18-49 (from a 1.0 rating to a 1.8 rating). "Dracula" also was an international co-production, at least curbing some of NBC's up-front costs.

However, whatever deal NBC was getting on "Dracula" apparently wasn't able to compete with the deal Gaumont provided for "Hannibal." That's why "Hannibal" was renewed yesterday and "Dracula" has been turned to dust.

Am I sad about this? You must not have read my review.

Are you sad to see "Dracula" go? And are you now worried that there won't be enough vampires on the big and small screen?

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