PARK CITY, UTAH - On one hand, the Sundance Film Festival is among the most connected, finger-on-the-pulse events anywhere. On the other hand, for all its surplus of information and buzz in some areas, Sundance can feel like you've entered a black hole in others.
I suspect it's the latter hand that explains why January Jones didn't know yet that AMC had announced a Sunday, April 7 premiere for the sixth season of "Mad Men." In Park City to promote her revenge-themed kinda-Western "Sweetwater," Jones was pleased to hear the premiere date, she wasn't able to give much information about the secretive AMC drama.
"Betty will be in it a bit more," Jones teased. 
That won't be difficult, since Season 5 found Betty struggling with her weight and other insecurities, but also found the character MIA for long stretches, in part due to Jones' new baby. 
While Jones wasn't eager to spoil any details at all about the new season, she was quite comfortable talking about her reaction to Betty's arc and transition last season.
Check out this conversation and stay tuned for the first half of my "Sweetwater" interview with January Jones.
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