Set to premiere on January 14, FXX's "Man Seeking Woman" is dark-and-sweet half-hour romantic comedy, but that's a bit reductive. 

Ideally, your first response to the series should come knowing as little as possible, because the "Man Seeking Woman" description -- The 10-episode comedy follows naïve twenty-something Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) on his unrelenting quest for love -- tells you precious little.

However, there are many ways to arrive at the core comedic conceit of "Man Seeking Woman" fresh, including the January 14 series premiere -- I've only seen the pilot so far, but it works well -- or reading series creator's very funny and sometimes moving short story collection "The Last Girlfriend on Earth." Since I was on the show's Toronto set, I'll also have a slew of "Man Seeking Woman" interviews around the premiere date, including conversations with Rich, Baruchel and co-stars Eric Andre, Britt Lower and Maya Erskine.

Plus you can also check out a pair of new "Man Seeking Woman" promos, currently exclusive to HitFix. Both of these 30-second spots give a decent idea of the show's heightened tone, but don't spoil the pleasures of seeing this twisted-but-emotionally-realistic perspective on love expanded across full episodes.

Check out the two promos and, at the bottom, the "Man Seeking Woman" key art, which is also a HitFix First Look...

"Force Fields"



And the "Man Seeking Woman" key art:


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