<p>Rachel Bilson of &quot;Hart of Dixie&quot;</p>

Rachel Bilson of "Hart of Dixie"

Credit: The CW

'Hart of Dixie' gets a January premiere on The CW

Rachel Bilson dramedy will have a 10-episode fourth season

Are you ready to return to BlueBell to catch up with Lemon, Brick, Annabeth, Meatball and the rest of the gang?

Just me? 

Well fine.

The CW announced on Tuesday (November 4) that "Hart of Dixie" will return for its fourth season on Friday, January 9 at 9 p.m. 

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<p>Simon Baker in &quot;The Mentalist&quot;&nbsp;</p>

Simon Baker in "The Mentalist" 

Credit: CBS

CBS sets 'Mentalist' final season, plus 'Survivor' and 'Amazing Race' spring dates

'Undercover Boss' is also returning next month

CBS did some midseason tinkering on Tuesday (November 4) morning, setting a season premiere and series finale for "The Mentalist," scheduling the return of "Undercover Boss" and announcing spring dates for new installments of "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race."

Note that none of CBS' Tuesday announcements impact current programming in any way, so don't go looking for cancellations or anything, though both "Madam Secretary" and "The Good Wife" will drop off the schedule for a few weeks rather than airing repeats.

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<p>Monday&#39;s &quot;Scorpion&quot;</p>

Monday's "Scorpion"

TV Ratings: Monday split as 'Gotham' rises, 'Blacklist' falls and 'Scorpion' steadies

The CW and ABC have NFL preemptions to things may change

Fast National ratings for Monday, November 3, 2014.

Even with a "Countdown to CMA Awards" special pulling things down, CBS still won Monday night overall, while a drop for "Blacklist" couldn't keep NBC from winning Monday among young viewers.

Note that ABC had the NFL preemption in Indianapolis and the margin of victory is small enough that NBC could end up in first overall after figures adjust.

There were some minor Monday fluctuations that you shouldn't put all that much stock in, but in case you're curious: "Gotham" was up for FOX, which made it look worse that "Sleepy Hollow" dipped a little. The second week of "2 Broke Girls" was down a little, leading into a dip for "The Millers," which made it look better that "Scorpion" was flat.

And although "Jane the Virgin" was up week-to-week for The CW, that was mostly the product of an NFL preemption in New York.

On to the numbers...

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<p>Graham Elliott of &quot;MasterChef Junior&quot;</p>

Graham Elliott of "MasterChef Junior"

Credit: FOX

Interview: Graham Elliot previews the return of 'MasterChef Junior'

Why does the format work so well with kids? And what would Young Graham have cooked?

"MasterChef Junior" returns this week in a higher profile home than FOX expected when the network announced its schedule in May. 

Originally announced for Fridays, "MasterChef Junior" will premiere in FOX's Tuesday 8 p.m. slot on November 4, a move the network hopes will boost the fortunes of struggling 9 p.m. comedies "New Girl" and "The Mindy Project."

Yes, the new Tuesday home for "MasterChef Junior" speaks to the swift and decisive failure of "Utopia," which was originally set for Tuesdays at 8, got pushed to Fridays and was finally cancelled over the weekend.

But it also shows a vote of confidence for "MasterChef Junior," which delivered solid numbers on Fridays last fall and also generated some of the warmest reviews for any recent competition reality show. 

Speaking personally, I've been only an on-and-off "MasterChef" viewer in its summer installments for grown-ups, but I found "Juniors" a charming variation in a market glutted with interchangeable cooking shows.

In August, I sat down to Graham Elliot, who judges with Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich on "MasterChef Junior." We talked about his own culinary upbringing, the different tone that kids bring to the "MasterChef" format and a couple of the little things that still bother me about the show.

Check out the Q&A...

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<p>Sunday&#39;s Ravens-Steelers game</p>

Sunday's Ravens-Steelers game

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Ravens-Steelers, CBS NFL lead Sunday as 'Once' rises, 'Mulaney' falls

CBS rules overall, while NBC takes the key demo

Fast National ratings for Sunday, November 2, 2014.

A full hour of Broncos-Patriots overrun helped CBS win Sunday night overall, while NBC's coverage of the Ravens and Steelers ruled primetime among young viewers.

Take all these numbers with a grain of salt due to the complicates of live football.

In preliminaries, it appears that ABC's "Once Upon a Time," "Resurrection" and "Revenge" all bounced back after last Sunday's World Series-depressed numbers.

The same cannot be said for FOX's "Mulaney," which delivered anemic ratings after yet another in the fall's oddly undiscussed rash of "Family Guy" repeats.

On to the numbers...

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Credit: FOX

FOX cancels 'Utopia'

Live-feeds will end on Sunday, while 'MasterChef Juniors' repeats go to Fridays

The inevitable axe has finally fallen for FOX's "Utopia."

FOX confirmed on Sunday (November 2) afternoon that the ambitious year-round reality series "Utopia" has been cancelled effective immediately.

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<p>Matt Ryan of &quot;Constantine&quot;</p>

Matt Ryan of "Constantine"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'Constantine,' 'Grimm' droop, 'Shark Tank' rises on Halloween Friday

'Blue Bloods' helps CBS lead primetime overall

Fast National ratings for Friday, October 31, 2014.

Despite a 10 percent drop in key demo TV usage, Halloween had no impact on "Blue Bloods" and CBS' normal overall Friday victory, while "Shark Tank" even rose week-to-week in helping ABC dominate among young viewers. 

Also rising on Friday were "The Amazing Race," "Last Man Standing" and "Hawaii Five-0," at least in total viewers.

But it should come as no surprise that Halloween took a big bite out of NBC's "Grimm" and an even bigger bite out of "Constantine" in its second airing. 

As ugly as NBC's "Constantine" numbers are, they're still pretty compared to what FOX's "Utopia" is doing these days. 

On to Friday's ratings...

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<p>Friday&#39;s &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Friday's "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat'

The teams stay in Morocco where good directions are hard to find

Embargos and NDAs aside, in four or five months, I'll be able to let readers know why it was so amusing to me that "The Amazing Race" spent a second consecutive Leg traveling through Morocco on Friday (October 31) night.

That amusement held sway even though Friday's Leg was, as we've almost come to expect from "The Amazing Race" this season, a mixed bag of really good tasks, confusingly confusing tasks and gratuitously complicated tasks. It was a Leg that made me build more appreciation for the teams I already liked, gave a couple unexpected stars the chance to shine, but also failed to generate even an iota of tension or excitement surrounding its result. 

But I liked the scenery, I liked the Greeter with the chicken on his head and I'm sure that this "Amazing Race" episode set a record for most goat teat close-ups.

And, staring down an impressive wall of exhaustion, let's talk a little bit more about Friday's "Amazing Race" after the break...

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<p>A to Z</p>

A to Z

Credit: NBC

'A to Z' and 'Bad Judge' will end after 13 episodes on NBC

Low-rated comedies were both below the Mulaney Line this week

"A to Zed" is dead, baby. "A to Zed" is dead.

That would be funnier if you happen to be a Canadian "Pulp Fiction" fan.

NBC confirmed on Friday (October 31) afternoon that both "A to Z" and "Bad Judge" will complete their 13-episode runs, but won't go further than that. 

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<p>Baylor cries</p>

Baylor cries

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur' - 'Make Some Magic Happen'

Baylor cries a lot and Dale attempts a big bluff

[Apologies for the late "Survivor" recap. I've done timely recaps from several far-flung parts of the world in the past, even with strange time zones in play. This week's complication was a near-complete lack of Internet access. But here's my recap anyway... Just for the completists!]

Pre-credit sequence. When we left things, Coyopa had just voted out Kelley for reasons only understood, and maybe not even then, by Mr. & Miss America Jon & Jaclyn. "Tribal was about as bad as it gets," says Dale, voice cracking, as he colorfully refers to complete strangers slaughtering his daughter. I like the rhyme, even if the sentiment confuses me. "It was the roughest thing I've ever watched my daughter go through," Dale says, vowing not to quit until he can't talk anymore. The next morning, Dale is still insecure, suspecting he's next, vowing to do something drastic. That thing is showing Jon his fake Idol, hoping it will give the rival alliance a couple sleepless nights. Dale is appropriately scared.

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