<p>Misti and Jim in Friday&#39;s &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Misti and Jim in Friday's "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Hot Sexy Knights'

The teams are off to Malta where a challenging Detour yields a tight finish

Say this for "The Amazing Race": I went into Friday's episode tweeting that I didn't remember a thing that was happening this season after a week away for CBS to air a failed awards show and by the end of the episode, 55 minutes later, I was yelling at my screen and getting really anxious about the pending result.

No, I didn't get what I wanted when it came to the episode's elimination.

And no, it wasn't even all that great an episode, though it had great moments.

But when they want to, the "Amazing Race" editors can orchestrate a thrilling climax pitting ostensible heroes against clear villains and they can still make me care.

Let's talk about Friday's (November 21) night's "Amazing Race" episode and its exciting ending after the break...

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<p>Scott Foley and Kerry Washington in the &quot;Scandal&quot; midseason finale</p>

Scott Foley and Kerry Washington in the "Scandal" midseason finale

Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: 'Scandal,' 'Murder' midseason finales lead Thursday as 'Big Bang' dips

NFL preemptions, plus scattered Obama coverage skews Thursday numbers

Fast National ratings for Thursday, November 20, 2014.

Midseason finales for "Scandal" and "How To Get Away With Murder" helped ABC win Thursday night both overall and among young viewers, as a low "Big Bang Theory" and increasingly weak "McCarthys" and "Elementary" numbers pushed CBS into second.

Note that ratings for Thursday are a bit catawampus due to scattered 8 p.m. hour preemptions for President Obama's immigration address. 

In addition, CBS had the NFL preemption in the Bay Area, while NBC had the NFL preemption in Kansas City. That would probably explain why NBC's numbers appear to be skewed high.

On to Thursday's numbers...

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Credit: FOX

FOX sets midseason plans for 'Glee,' 'Backstrom,' 'The Following' and more

Find out when 'Weird Loners' and 'The Last Man on Earth' will premiere

Kudos to FOX for milking two days of news reports out of an otherwise unified announcement of its midseason schedule.

After we reported yesterday that "American Idol" and "Empire" will premiere on January 7, FOX rolled out its entire midseason overhaul, including premiere dates for new drama "Backstrom," new comedies "The Last Man on Earth" and "Weird Loners," a new reality offering called "World's Funniest Fails" and returns for new seasons of "MasterChef Junior," "The Following" and "Hell's Kitchen." FOX also revealed plans for the final season of "Glee."

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Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: 'Laura,' 'Stalker,' 'Modern Family' rise on Wedesday as 'SVU' dips

CBS rules overall and ABC takes the key demographic

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

Although it was the least-watched of CBS' hours, "Stalker" posted week-to-week gains and helped the network win Wednesday overall, while "Modern Family" also rose and pushed ABC to victory in the key demographic.

There were a lot of positive numbers on Wednesday, actually, as "The Mysteries of Laura," "Survivor," "The Goldbergs" and "The Middle" were among a slew of rising shows.

The night's big dippers were predictable as both "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Chicago PD" dropped from last week's crossover numbers.

On to Wednesday's ratings...

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<p>Jacki Weaver of &quot;Gracepoint&quot;</p>

Jacki Weaver of "Gracepoint"

Credit: FOX

Interview: Jacki Weaver talks 'Gracepoint' and her post-'Animal Kingdom' momentum

Thursday's episode promises to reveal things about Susan Wright

VICTORIA, BC. The description for Thursday (November 20) night's episode of "Gracepoint" mentions the unearthing of certain secrets about Jacki Weaver's Susan Wright, which is a good thing, because the dog-loving trailer park denizen remains one of the odder parts of FOX's 10-part mystery, and I'm saying that as a fan of "Broadchurch."

I mean, the Susan Wright in "Broadchurch" was so odd she was almost literally played by an actress named "quirky" -- Pauline Quirke, if we're being truthful -- and two-time Oscar nominee Weaver has only upped the ante on quirky line-readings and unexplained menace.

When I talked with Weaver on the "Gracepoint" set back in May, she was shy about discussing Susan, but she was very frank about this move into network television, Susan's difficult-to-place accent and pleasures of an unlikely career explosion following the Sundance premiere of "Animal Kingdom."

I posted an exclusive clip from Thursday's episode here, as well as some thoughts on last week's pivotal episode.

Check out the Jacki Weaver Q&A below...

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<p>Wednesday&#39;s &quot;Survivor&quot;</p>

Wednesday's "Survivor"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: San Juan Del Sur' - 'Gettin' to Crunch Time'

There's a Tribal Council blindside and the victim is the audience

Pre-credit sequence. Huyopa returns to camp after sending Josh packing. Jon accepts hugs for his courageous flip-flop. Reed is "furious," but he tells people he's OK. "I need to figure out how to move forward being in the minority," Reed says. But Reed isn't the only one feeling unsure about his position. Jon is unsteady with how he treated Josh and Reed. "If there's anything I've learned from watching past 'Survivors,' it's trust your instinct," Jon says, getting Jeremy's reassurance. Keith knows he's in bad position, but he also knows he has an Idol and hopes to use it to take somebody else out. He's thinking about pretending to sacrifice himself and then blindsiding everybody. "It's getting to crunch-time now," he says.

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Credit: A&E

Netflix resurrects 'Longmire' for Season 4

A&E castoff follows in the footsteps of 'Arrested Development' and 'The Killing'

It's been a Something For Everybody day of TV news.

Between NBC dumping its Bill Cosby project, the first picture from BBC America's "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell," an "American Idol" premiere date, a "How To Get Away With Murder" finale date, Hugh Laurie joining "Veep" in some capacity, plus casting rumors for Netflix's Marvel shows, you'd be hard-pressed to feel neglected by today's small screen rumblings.

And if none of those things interest you... How about this?

Netflix announced on Wednesday (November 19) afternoon that it has picked up a fourth season for the drama "Longmire," cancelled earlier this fall by A&E.

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<p>Kevin Rankin of &quot;Gracepoint&quot;</p>

Kevin Rankin of "Gracepoint"

Credit: FOX

Exclusive clip: Thursday's 'Gracepoint' gets creepy and... musical?

Kevin Rankin tries to calm his jangled nerves in this scene

[Both this post and the clip are slightly spoiler-y. Be wary.]

Last week's "Gracepoint" episode, the seventh in the mystery's 10-episode run, was a big one.

For viewers who are only watching "Gracepoint" and didn't catch "Broadchurch," it introduced a couple characters and added a new layer of tension for Anna Gunn's Detective Miller.

But for fans of "Broadchurch" who have been watching "Gracepoint" either out of rekindled passion or general curiosity, the episode was absolutely crucial because, for the first time, "Broadchurch" devotees didn't know what was coming.

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Credit: FOX

FOX sets 'American Idol,' 'Empire' premiere dates

'Empire' premiere will air with limited commercial interruptions

After a somewhat rough fall, FOX is slowly making announcements for the spring of 2015, revealing a two-night premiere for "American Idol" and a launch for the already-heavily-promoted musical drama "Empire."

Season 14 of "American Idol," also know as "AI, AD" ("American Idol, After Dawg"), will begin with a two-night three-hour premiere on Wednesday, January 7 at 8 p.m. and Thursday, January 8 from 8 to 10 p.m.

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<p>&quot;Secrets and Lies&quot;</p>

"Secrets and Lies"

Credit: ABC

ABC sets 'American Crime' and 'Secrets and Lies' premieres, 'Murder' finale

Viola Davis drama will wrap its first season with a two-hour finale

On Wednesday (November 19) morning, ABC announced premiere dates for two of its high profile midseason dramas, while setting an early finale date for its biggest new hit of the fall.

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