Credit: DC Comics

'Supergirl' takes flight to CBS with a series commitment

Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler are writing the pilot

Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler's high profile "Supergirl" pilot has already found a home and its destination may just surprise you.

"Supergirl," which comes from Berlanti Productions and Warner Brothers TV, has received a series commitment from CBS, which is making a slightly surprisingly leap into the superhero world. 

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<p>Devin Hester of the Atlanta Falcons</p>

Devin Hester of the Atlanta Falcons

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: CBS Thursday Night Football numbers plummet with Bucs-Falcons rout

'Mysteries of Laura' has a solid encore for NBC

Fast National ratings for Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Testing the limits of America's insatiable appetite for NFL action, a dismally one-sided Thursday Night Football game between the Falcons and Buccaneers fell hard from last week's telecast, though CBS still dominated primetime in all measures.

The game, which was essentially over by the end of the first quarter, was off by 40 percent from the Fast Nationals for last week's Thursday Night Football premiere.

Thursday's only other original programming was NBC's "The Biggest Loser," which was down nearly 20 percent from last week's premiere.

Some numbers will, of course, change due to the live nature of the football.

On to the numbers...

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'Gotham' star Ben McKenzie discusses Jim Gordon's evolution, promises no Rooney episode

'Gotham' star Ben McKenzie discusses Jim Gordon's evolution, promises no Rooney episode

'Southland' veteran reflects back on the 27-episode grind of 'The O.C.'

You may find other interviews in which "Gotham" star Ben McKenzie discusses the decision to go from a critically admired cop drama ("Southland") to playing a very different sort of officer-of-the-law in FOX's "Gotham."

McKenzie has previously talked about the differences between playing a beat cop and a detective, though I think he does it extremely well in our video interview from last week.

You may find other interviews in which McKenzie discusses the difficulties finding resources on Jim Gordon's backstory and how that allowed him freedom.

I believe McKenzie has talked about his conversations with DC's Geoff Johns and the fact that Gordon won't be getting his trademark mustache any time soon, though he's very amusing in discussing it in this interview. ["At the end of the day, we all know a mustache on me would look ridiculous. It's only a look you can pull off later in your life," he explains.]

But I'm prepared to guarantee you with near absolute certainty that this is the only Ben McKenzie interview you'll watch in which the "Gotham" star promises that his new FOX drama won't follow in the footsteps of his previous FOX drama and dedicate an entire episode to singing the praises of L.A. rockers Rooney.

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<p>Octavia Spencer of &quot;Red Band Society&quot;</p>

Octavia Spencer of "Red Band Society"

Credit: FOX

Ratings Analysis: 'Mysteries' debut shines, 'Red Band Society' draws young women

'Extant' ends its first season with weak numbers for CBS

So America loves "CopMom MomCop" and critics should all stop whining about how its sexual politics are stuck in the '70s and its sense of tonal coherence is stuck in the spin-cycle, right?

Shrug. For one day, "Mysteries of Laura" is looking pretty good for NBC.

Although "Mysteries of Laura" dropped to 10.2 million viewers and a 2.0 rating among adults 18-49 in Final Live+Same Day ratings, NBC is pretty giddy. 

Among other things, NBC is boasting this was "the highest 18-49 rating for any ABC, CBS or NBC program originating in the hour, excluding sports, since March 19." Presumably that's specifically the Wednesday 10 p.m. hour and not any 10 p.m. hours, so it's just evidence that Wednesday 10 p.m. hasn't been the best of hours for the major networks lately. It was also the most-watched debut on any Big 4 network since early March. [That debut was "Believe," which premiered after an episode of "The Voice." How'd that work out?]

NBC is pleased that "Mysteries of Laura" retained 80 percent of its "America's Got Talent" lead-in, the most for any of the four dramas that have aired after an "America's Got Talent" finale in recent years. Of course, two of those dramas were "Outlaw" and "Windfall."

But let's get some more detail on Wednesday's numbers, much include a less glorious premiere for FOX's "Red Band Society," after the break...

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<p>Tom Mison of &quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

Tom Mison of "Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

Interview: Tom Mison on 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 and an odd 'Silence of the Lambs' comparison

Costume comfort, Ichabod-Katrina and John Noble's trickiness also come up

WILMINGTON, NC. Tom Mison doesn't roll with a posse, but Ichabod Crane's Revolutionary War attire does.

The last time I'd talked with Mison, he and co-star Nicole Beharie had dropped by the HitFix video studio and he was in civilian garb, which was at least a wee bit confusing. Oddly, the lack of wig/hair extensions on the 32-year-old Brit were less confusing at the time. Mison and Crane are closely interwoven at this moment and with Crane, nothing has proven to be more interwoven than the military uniform he wore for almost all of the first season of "Sleepy Hollow."

So it's reassuring that Mison strolls into the make-shift press holding area above a Wilmington bar wearing both the newest incarnation of Ichabod's costume and his familiar flowing locks. Before he can sit down, though, Mison's jacket has to be passed along to professional who surely has other chores for different occasions, but is only available for this one purpose now.

There are things I can tell you about where Ichabod Crane finds himself in the second season and things I cannot reveal, largely because I don't know them. When we left Ichabod, he was in what we could delicately call "a predicament." While visiting the set, I appeared as an extra in a scene from what will be the eighth "Sleepy Hollow" and I can tell you that the scene didn't take place in the confined space in which we last saw Ichabod. No, it was a confined space resembling a slightly hipster-y bar, but more on that as we get closer to the episode that I'm reasonably confident I briefly ruined.

How Ichabod extricates himself from the predicament and when Ichabod extricates himself from the predicament remain mysteries to me and Mison didn't share. If you want, however, to assume that there's a possibility he could spend the entire season in that predicament, you probably don't want to read any further.

Since our conversation began with the partial disrobing, Mison and I talked a bit about Ichabod's attire, before discussing how this season impacts Ichabod's dynamics with Katrina, Henry and other core characters.

How is the Abbie-Ichabod dynamic like that of Clarice and Hannibal in "Silence of the Lambs"? Mison explains that as well.

And what quality or characteristic is most central to playing Ichabod? Mison's answer is amusing.

The interview spoils nothing about Monday's (September 22) second season premiere of "Sleepy Hollow," but it does say things about the second season, albeit mostly thematic things rather than plot things. Tread accordingly...

Check out the full Q&A...

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<p>&quot;The Mysteries of Laura&quot;</p>

"The Mysteries of Laura"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'Mysteries of Laura' debut, 'America's Got Talent' finale lead NBC Wednesday

'Red Band Society' draws a young, female, small audience for FOX

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

How can you be a mom *and* draw big ratings? Debra Messing knows!

Despite aggressively negative reviews, "Mysterious of Laura" had a solid debut on Wednesday night, airing following the finale of "America's Got Talent." NBC dominated primetime in all measures.

The "Talent" finale airing in the earlier two-hour block than last year's finale and delivered lower key demo numbers, but a bigger audience.

Although the "Laura" debut posted a decent drop at the half-hour, it still did strong enough numbers for NBC to be optimistic heading into next week's Wednesday 8 p.m. premiere.

On the other side of the equation, FOX can't be overjoyed with the early returns for "Red Band Society." But despite soft figures, "Red Band Society" grew from its "Hell's Kitchen" lead-in overall and didn't drop in the half-hour, staving off panic. Still, "Red Band Society" finished tied with ABC comedy repeats among young viewers, which isn't great.

The night's other semi-notables were on CBS, where "Big Brother" beat "AGT" in the key demo in their head-to-head hour and "Extant" rose week-to-week in its season [series?] finale.

More analysis coming later with Finals, but on to the Fast National numbers...

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<p>Orlando Jones</p>

Orlando Jones

'Sleepy Hollow' star Orlando Jones on Captain Irving's legal woes and interacting with fans

How has this season's added work load changed things for 'Sleepy Hollow'?

I don't want to jinx anything, but HitFix's video studio is becoming like the West Coast Campus for "Sleepy Hollow." 

In June, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie stopped by our offices for a look back at the first season of their FOX hit and a tease of the early start for production on Season 2.

This past week, we hosted Orlando Jones, who plays Captain Frank Irving on the history-tweaking, supernatural-fueled action-dramedy.

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<p>The &quot;New Girl&quot; Season 4 premiere</p>

The "New Girl" Season 4 premiere

Credit: FOX

Ratings Analysis: 'New Girl' up from spring, 'Mindy Project' flat

Does the 'Utopia' bump mean anything for FOX?

As TV audiences become more and more fragmented, it's always amusing to go back and look at perceived failures from two or three years ago and muse on how grateful the networks work be to have those numbers now. 

It's a bit less common to go back only a year and look at the numbers a show was doing and go, "GOOD LORD. WHAT HAPPENED?!?" But it occurs.

Case in point: More than a few ratings observers have glanced at this morning's premiere ratings for "New Girl" and then looked back at last year's premiere ratings and gone, "GOOD LORD. WHAT HAPPENED?!?"

Last September, "New Girl" premiered with a 2.9 rating among adults 18-49 and 5.53 million viewers. By its finale in May, "New Girl" was down to under 2.4 million viewers and a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49.

Before going any further, it always has to be repeated: Few shows on TV get a larger Live+3 and Live+7 DVR bump than "New Girl." There. Acknowledged. 

And last year's "New Girl" premiere was also a reasonably big bump from where the numbers ended the spring before. 

But still... Mere justifications like "Well, the Nick-Jess relationship really wasn't clicking" don't quite do that sort of in-season viewer attrition justice.

We've already reported on Tuesday's (September 16) Fast National numbers for the "New Girl" premiere, but now let's look a bit deeper...

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<p>Tuesday&#39;s &quot;America&#39;s Got Talent&quot;</p>

Tuesday's "America's Got Talent"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'Utopia' rises but 'America's Got Talent' leads NBC Tuesday

'Big Brother' is steady in its second Tuesday airing

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

The two-hour performance finale of "America's Got Talent" helped NBC comfortably beat "Dancing with the Stars"-fueled ABC and "Big Brother"-led CBS on Tuesday night. 

While the network only finished fourth overall and third among young viewers, FOX got some [tempered] good news as "Utopia" ticked up week-to-week, while the network would surely want a mention that the "New Girl" and "Mindy Project" premieres were both up from spring finales (but down steeply from last year's September premieres).

This may be a good afternoon to do some ratings analysis when Live+Same Day figures come in.

On to the numbers...

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How is 'Red Band Society' like 'My So-Called Life'? Wilson Cruz explains

How is 'Red Band Society' like 'My So-Called Life'? Wilson Cruz explains

And who wins in his Olympics of Sassy Nurse with Octavia Spencer?

On FOX's new hospital dramedy "Red Band Society," Wilson Cruz plays Kenji, a nurse who frequently gets to banter with Octavia Spencer's Nurse Jackson.

It's a dynamic that Cruz calls The Olympics of Sassy Nurse.

"It was automatic. I met Octavia on the set and it was as if I'd known her my whole life," Cruz says.

With "My So-Called Life" celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, it's notable that since that seminal teen drama, Cruz has largely eschewed regular TV roles, opting instead to concentrate his energies on a long-term advocacy role at GLAAD.

"I have to look at a teen show show through the prism of 'My So-Called Life' and I think this show comes as close as anything I've seen," Cruz told me when we sat down last week, admitting that he had thought he might be done with steady acting.

Instead, Cruz finds himself on the older side of a two-tiered cast of adults and kids with "Red Band Society." And do the "Red Band Society" kids even know "MSCL" anymore?

"I think a lot of them know and obviously the younger they get, the less they know. But don't worry, I fill them."

Check out the full Wilson Cruz interview above.

And check out my interview with "Red Band Society" co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse.

And "Red Band Society" premieres on Wednesday, September 17 night at 9:00 on FOX.

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