<p>'V' showrunner Scott Rosenbaum</p>

'V' showrunner Scott Rosenbaum

Watch: 'V' showrunner Scott Rosenbaum talks finale shockers, renewal hopes

Season two shocks, renewal possibilities and more with the writer-producer
Regular readers know that I've been up and down on "V" over its two seasons, but a big part of why I've stuck with the show has been Scott Rosenbaum.
Rosenbaum came onto "V" late in the game, taking over as showrunner after the pilot and several episodes had already been produced. Before coming to "V," IMDB lists Rosenbaum's credits as "The Shield" and "Chuck." Note that I didn't write, "Rosenbaum's credits *included* 'The Shield' and 'Chuck.'" Nope. Rosenbaum produced on both shows and wrote some of their finest episodes. And those are his series credits. That's a pretty pure and admirable resume, right?
With "V" on the bubble at ABC, Rosenbaum joined star star Elizabeth Mitchell and guest star (and original series star) Marc Singer at San Francisco's WonderCon last weekend. In the press room afterwards, I had a long chat with Rosenbaum about the second season's shocking finale, about the contingencies around possible renewal and about whether or not I should feel guilty that I'm rooting for Morena Baccarin's Anna.
This is actually a really, really long interview, but I'm glad HitFix's videographer/editor/mastermind Alex Dorn left it intact, because I think that for fans of "V," this will be interesting stuff. 
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<p>Bret Harrison of 'Breaking In'</p>

Bret Harrison of 'Breaking In'

Credit: FOX

HitFix Interview: Bret Harrison talks FOX's 'Breaking In'

Is his new role and extension of 'The Loop' and 'Reaper'?
I'm interviewing Bret Harrison on a "Breaking In" set decorated to resemble San Diego's Comic-Con. All around us are people dressed as the usual Sailor Moons, "Star Wars" characters and, for a very specific reason, familiar faces from "The Goonies." 
Harrison's costume isn't very elaborate. His character -- brilliant hacker, occasional slacker Cameron, recruited to Contra Security by Christian Slater's Oz -- is dressed as a janitor, but other than the mustache, he looks a lot like Bret Harrison. The mustache, however, is distracting, perhaps because Harrison has maintained the same boyish appearance dating back to his long run on "Grounded For Life."
Sans mustache, he won fans playing a pair of Sams on the relatively short-lived, but relatively adored "The Loop" and "Reaper." And once Harrison stopped fiddling with the mustache, we discussed what drew him to "Breaking In" and its similarities to those previous cult favorites.
Click through for the full interview...
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<p>Christian Slater of 'Breaking In'</p>

Christian Slater of 'Breaking In'

Credit: FOX

HitFix Interview: Christian Slater talks FOX's 'Breaking In'

Why is the 'Heathers' star trying a network comedy now?
It's early March and I'm chatting with Christian Slater next to the set for his new FOX comedy "Breaking In" on the Sony Pictures studio lot.
We're perched 20 yards away from the Contra Security game room, which hasn't been featured in either of the two episodes I've seen, but which features several fully operational video games, as well as a working Skee-Ball console. 
"We have a whole room full of prizes!" Slater gushes when I complain that Skee-Ball without prizes is almost sad. "There's a whole secret chamber full of stuff."
Slater's kidding, I think. But I'm not 100 percent sure, which is appropriate, since "Breaking In" features the "Heathers" star as Oz, the enigmatic, geeky and possibly unhinged head of a motley team of security testers brought in to make sure that even worse criminals can be kept out. The comedy co-stars Bret Harrison, Odette Annable, Alphonso McAuley and Trevor Moore and premieres after "American Idol" on Wednesday (April 6) night.
After we got our Skee-Ball discussion out of the way, Slater and I had a good chat about his recent string of TV roles, what it means that he's a producer on "Breaking In" and his new show's five-year plan.
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<p>Elizabeth Mitchell</p>

Elizabeth Mitchell

Watch: Elizabeth Mitchell talks 'V' shockers with HitFix at WonderCon

How will Erica Evans face the shocking events of the 'V' finale?
SAN FRANCISCO - Although "V" is very much on the bubble for renewal at ABC, star Elizabeth Mitchell, showrunner Scott Rosenbaum and original series lead (and recently added remake guest star) Marc Singer took the WonderCon stage on Sunday (April 3) to meet with fans and talk about the recent finale and hopes for the future.
In the press room after the panel, I got to talk with Mitchell about the dark and shocking ending to the second season finale -- obviously there are spoilers in this video -- and where that tragedy is going to leave her Erica Evans in a possible third season. 
In the interview, Mitchell talks about what Erica and Morena Baccarin's Anna might have in common, how she sheds her intense and emotional characters at the end of the day and what she'd like to see happen in the hypothetical future on "V."
Check back in the days to come for my video interviews -- filmed and edited by HitFix's awesome Alex Dorn -- with Singer and Rosenbaum, but I think Mitchell's a pretty terrific way to kick off the "V" interviews.
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<p>Jerry Weintraub</p>

Jerry Weintraub

Credit: HBO

TV Review: HBO's 'His Way'

Jerry Weintraub mostly tells his own story in Douglas McGrath's doc
Jerry Weintraub has never been credited as the writer or director of a film or television show, but he's unquestionably a master storyteller.
The larger-than-life producer is at the center of the documentary "His Way," which premieres on HBO on Monday (April 4) night. And were Weintraub the only master storyteller involved with "His Way," it would still be worth watching for entertainment devotees. But Weintraub stories seem to bring out the best in other expert storytellers and "His Way" also features friends and admirers like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ellen Barkin and, very oddly, George and Barbara Bush recounting and embellishing Weintraub narratives. 
The dominant voice in “His Way” may be Weintraub’s, but it’d be called “My Way,” if not for the theoretical authorial hand of Douglas McGrath, who wrote and directed the doc. As steady and thorough and perceptive and funny as Weintraub is, McGrath seems to be just holding on for dear life. Unless a project is strictly autobiographical, you should never feel like the subject of a documentary is the one pulling the strings and make no mistake: Jerry Weintraub feels like he's the guy pulling the strings on "His Way," which hinders the film, particularly in its second half. That doesn't mean "His Way" isn't an entertaining 83-minute documentary, but it's an entertaining 83-minute documentary, rather than being an enlightening film that's anywhere near as perceptive as its subject matter.
More after the break...
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<p>Odette Annable of 'Breaking In'</p>

Odette Annable of 'Breaking In'

Credit: FOX

Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 67

Dan and Alan talk 'Breaking In,' 'Lights Out,' 'Top Chef Masters' and more


Happy Monday, Boys & Girls.
It's another mighty busy week for The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. And things are only gonna get more busy next week. The televisual join is jumping!
This week, we review FOX's "Breaking In," Comedy Central's "Workaholics" and Bravo's "Top Chef" masters. We also reflect on the series life and cancellation of "Lights Out." And then, because the podcast just wasn't long enough, we answer a couple Listener Queries, talking about "Community" and product placement.
Here's this week's breakdown:
WonderCon -- 00:50 - 04:45
"Lights Out" -- 04:45 - 21:30
"Breaking In" -- 21:35 - 31:40
"Workaholics" -- 31:45 - 38:35
"Top Chef Masters" -- 38:40 - 50:20
Listener Mail, "Community" -- 50:25 - 56:51
Listener Mail, Product Placements -- 56:55 - 01:04:40

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed.]

And here's the podcast...


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<p>Stephen Lang of 'Terra Nova'</p>

Stephen Lang of 'Terra Nova'

Credit: FOX

'Terra Nova' stars, not footage, shine at WonderCon

Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang kept the Con crowd amused
SAN FRANCISCO - Back in January, at the Television Critics Association press tour, we got the first showcase of footage from FOX's "Terra Nova." Sepinwall wrote about it back then. 
Nearly three months later, after promises that the audience was about to get footage that hadn't been revealed anywhere previously, a Sunday (April 3) afternoon WonderCon crowd was treated to what amounted to nearly the same clip package/sizzle reel. I'd say the clip package was close to 95 percent identical to the TCA, with the only notable difference being a one or two frame glimpse at a brontosaurus and a reaction shot of several young Terra Novans staring at the brontosaurus in awe as either an homage to or outright theft from "Jurassic Park."
That's a lot of post-production time under the bridge to not be able to show potential fans anything new at all, so you'll forgive me for instinctively thinking, "Well, now we know why 'Terra Nova' isn't premiering next month." Even WonderCon attendees who didn't see the TCA footage, or the Super Bowl ad or the several promotional clips that aired on FOX before the network decided to delay the "Terra Nova" launch until fall, barely got anything to sink their teeth into. 
"The bottom line is we were not confident we're going to have the visual effects done in time. There are hundreds and hundreds of visual effects shots," stated series showrunner Brannon Braga of the premiere delay. Perhaps that's why FOX hasn't teased anything more than that one T-Rex-thing attacking a Jeep and, in this sizzle reel, the brief flash of the friendlier brontosaurus. A month ago, a "Terra Nova" WonderCon panel probably seemed like a great time to really unveil a healthy serving of new footage. Now, we can assume FOX will just wait and treat Comic-Con as the show's big coming out party, just a year after "Terra Nova" was announced and then pulled from the San Diego schedule.
Director and series executive producer Alex Graves admitted that by the time production returned from Australia after shooting the pilot in December, they already knew it was unlikely they'd be able to make the scheduled May sneak. 
Much of the delay was credited to research and development on the "Terra Nova" dinosaurs, which will include feathered lizards and also, in what was described as an industry first, dinosaurs realized via motion capture technology.
"It looks kind of funny to see guys in dinosaur suits walk around in front of green screen," Braga told the WonderCon crowd.
More highlights, such as there were, from the "Terra Nova" WonderCon panel, which also featured stars Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang, after the break...
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<p>Paul Bettany of 'Priest'</p>

Paul Bettany of 'Priest'

Credit: Screen Gems

WonderCon Tidbits: Reactions to 'Priest,' 'Cowboys & Aliens,' 'Hanna' footage

And why did 'Three Musketeers' waste a half-hour?
SAN FRANCISCO - In recent years, WonderCon has made a TV/film sandwich in the Esplanade. Friday afternoon and Sunday have been dedicated to TV panels, with big-ticket movies packing the room all day on Saturday.
The balance was a bit off this year. The highest profile movie panels closed Friday afternoon ("Green Lantern") and opened a late-starting day on Saturday ("Cowboys & Aliens"). 
For a variety of reasons, a bafflingly large number of late-spring and early-summer movies (i.e. films opening before Comic-Con in July) opted to skip WonderCon this year. "Captain America" and "Thor" both concentrated their efforts on press and exhibitors at Las Vegas' CinemaCon and left actual fans hanging. Also skipping WonderCon were plausible offerings like "Scream 4," "Pirates of the Caribbean 4," "X-Men: First Class," "Super 8" and "Transformers 3," to say nothing of a slew of longer lead franchise films that could have used San Francisco to begin buzz-building.
I'm not criticizing either WonderCon or the uninvolved studios, merely noting that it wasn't for a lack of compatible projects that Saturday (April 2) afternoon included full hours slated for a movie opening next weekend ("Hanna") and mid-budget vampire flick ("Priest) that in previous years would have been bundled with a far larger presentation. Perhaps that's why the Esplanade spent the afternoon in a state of kinda-near-fullness, rather than the out-the-door-and-around-the-corner level of crowding typical.
There was still plenty of interesting stuff on Saturday, though the day's most interesting panel -- Tarsem Singh's "Immortals" -- was already covered in a full post.
Click through for quick takes on the footage from "Cowboys & Aliens," "3 Musketeers," "Hanna" and "Priest," plus discussion of anything noteworthy from the panels...
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<p>Henry Cavill of 'Immortals'</p>

Henry Cavill of 'Immortals'

Credit: Relativity Media

First 'Immortals' footage debuts at a lively WonderCon panel

Director Tarsem Singh explained where he branched away from history
SAN FRANCISCO - It's going to be hard to avoid comparing "Immortals" to "300." The two films share similar producers, a similarly exhaustive use of green screen and at least a tangentially similar historical-cultural backdrop.
The teaser trailer for "Immortals" was screened on Saturday (April 2) for a packed Esplanade ballroom at San Francisco's WonderCon, as the crowd became the first people to see any footage from director Tarsem Singh's follow-up to 2006's labor-of-love "The Fall." And you can expect the comparisons to "300" to only increase.
Having seen the footage, here's how I can best explain the difference:
Zack Snyder isn't a great storyteller, but he has an unfailing eye for things that look "cool." Tarsem Singh -- many light years better as a stylist than Snyder -- isn't a great storyteller, but he has an unfailing eye for things that look "beautiful." I vividly remember the experience of watching the first "300" footage at Comic-Con and being impressed by its coolness (which perhaps led directly to eventually being let down by its leaden sense of drama). Watching the tease for "Immortals," its coolness didn't overwhelm me, but I was amazed by the compositional beauty of every frame.
In the panel that was sandwiched between the two airings of the teaser -- expertly moderated by HitFix's Drew McWeeny -- Singh repeatedly described "Immortals" as "Caravaggio meets 'Fight Club'" and as bizarre as that amalgamation may sound, it actually made sense with the context of the clips.
[More on the "Immortals" teaser and the "Immortals" panel after the break...]
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<p>Stephanie Valencia of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'</p>

Stephanie Valencia of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

Credit: CBS

HitFix Interview: Stephanie Valencia talks 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

The latest 'Survivor' castoff discusses her tribal struggles
Another week, another "Survivor" exit interview with another member of Russell's ill-fated alliance.
This week's disappointed Russellite is perhaps his fiercest defender, 25-year-old Stephanie Valencia, whose "Survivor: Redemption Island" highlights included a slew of aggressive assaults on the poor gameplay of her tribal comrades, plus a brazen attempt to tell a member of the rival tribe that she'd happily flip at the Merge.
Unfortunately for her, and unfortunately for Boston Rob, Stephanie's time on "Survivor" fell just short of that Merge. 
Stephanie became the latest castaway to fall victim to indomitable Matt's Redemption Island Duel winning streak, failing to best Matt in a game of Memory.
I chatted with Stephanie about her ties to Russell, her fights with Dave and why the social aspect of "Survivor" was so much harder for her than the physical side.
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