<p>Stephen Lang of FOX's 'Terra Nova'</p>
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Stephen Lang of FOX's 'Terra Nova'

Credit: FOX

Comic-Con panel finally takes viewers to 'Terra Nova'

How did the Ballroom 20 audience react to the FOX drama?
I'm still not ready to tell you what I think of FOX's heavily hyped, abundantly speculated upon new drama "Terra Nova." I'm certainly not ready to do a review and I don't even think I'm ready for something as vague as a Take Me To The Pilots entry. 
I've seen "Terra Nova" twice now, once in a short version last month and once in the extended cut that had its premiere at San Diego's Comic-Con on Saturday (July 23) morning.
The Comic-Con panel was FOX's first time putting all of its cards on the table when it comes to "Terra Nova." An initial Comic-Con panel last summer, before the pilot was even shot, was scheduled and then canceled. The network screened a scarcely substantive, barely sizzling sizzle reel for critics back in January and then presented a nearly identical glimpse of clips at Wonder-Con in April. Even advertisers got basically the same glimpse at the FOX upfront in May.
So Saturday's screening was a pretty big deal. 
A few quick reactions and some details from the brief Q&A after the break...
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<p>&nbsp;Maggie Q of 'Nikita'</p>
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 Maggie Q of 'Nikita'

Credit: The CW

'Nikita' brings Season 2 teases, Maggie Q stunts to Comic-Con

What's new for Nikita, Alex, Michael and Division?
On the TV side, Saturday was a day of memorable moments, from the emotion-filled final Comic-Con panel for "Chuck" to an unbilled surprise appearance by "Fringe" star Joshua Jackson, but I'd put Maggie Q attempting to demonstrate stunt-work on a shy audience member in the upper tier.
If Maggie Q is not already a beloved Comic-Con institution, the "Nikita" star is well on her way with appearances like Saturday afternoon's panel.
It's the sort of moment that can't be described properly, but I'll try.
Maggie Q was asked about her enjoyment of stunt-work and, specifically, the responsibility to frequently do stunts in less-than-ideal attire.
"If I could fight in pajamas, I would, but I don't think that would sell,” she laughed, with resignation. "I think the bikini would be a better selling point." She added that she often finds herself telling the show's costumer, "I can't do that in that."
Here, showrunner Craig Silverstein mentioned, "I like when you run and climb up big dudes." 
Jokingly, Maggie Q said that she'd demonstrate if anybody in the audience happened to be 6'7". Up goes a hand. There's a very tall, very large guy in the audience and Maggie Q brings him up on-stage and -- wearing an outfit I'm not sartorially qualified to describe other than that it involved very brief yellow shorts and a matching yellow long-sleeved top -- attempted to run and climb up on the big dude, or at least display how it might be done. She didn't quite pull off the full stunt -- embarrassment may have set in either for Maggie Q or her human prop -- but it was a moment of such game enthusiasm it was hard not to root for the star of The CW's newly transplanted Friday action drama.
More Maggie Q and more on Season Two of "Nikita" after the break...
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Credit: FOX

Comic-Con Live-Blog: FOX's 'Fringe'

Expect plenty of teasing non-answers about last spring's cliffhanger

That was a fine five minute break after the completion of "Vampire Diaries." Now, without further ado, it's on to "Fringe." I'm a live-blogging fool...

4:19 p.m. There's been a lot of in-and-out between the animated panels and then "VD" and now "Fringe." They certainly have some audience overlap, but there are definitely fans who were only here for one or two of the big afternoon panels.

4:26 p.m. The "Fringe" panel is starting *early* that doesn't happen here. We open with a sizzle reel from last season. Each star gets cheers when they first appear. But they decide not to show my scene. Boo. And the sizzle reel ends with: "They don't remember Peter." "How could they? He never existed."

4:29 p.m. Jeff Pinkner and J.W. Wyman come out first. The stars all arrive in a rush, so we don't know who got the most applause. We've got John Noble, Anna Torv, Seth Gabel, Jasika Nicole, Lance Reddick and Blair Brown.

4:31 p.m. Noble begins with a few words: "You guys are the best fans that any company could ever have." Aww. "I know it's obvious, but this is our Emmys," Pinkner says.

4:31 p.m. Damian Holbrook begins, of course, by asking about the absence of Peter/Joshua Jackson. Pinkner jokes that they tried to find a replacement for Peter. Fake Audition Reel! Sylar! That guy from "Saturday Night Live"! Ben Schwartz! [Schwartz reading sides from "Dawson's Creek."] Rebecca Mader! ["Is it cuz I'm English? I can totally do an American accent," Mader says.] Damon Lindelof! Geoff Stults, who nobody in the audence recognizes. Paul Scheer! MICHAEL EMERSON! DANNY PUDI! [Pudi with a fake mustache.] Greg Grunberg! ["He's a mind-reader now," Grunberg says.] Jorge Garcia!

4:37 p.m. ZOMG! The clip ends with an Observer auditioning and that auditioner is... Joshua Jackson! 

4:37 p.m. Out walks Joshua Jackson in a hat and a charcoal gray suit. "I got so dressed up for you guys," Jackson says.

4:38 p.m. "Thank you everybody for coming to PaceyCon2011," Jackson says.

4:38 p.m. Apparently there was a lot of cut footage in the finale. Will we see it now? "We always try to keep our extras and our ends, just in case we're going to show everybody," Wyman says. "All of the important stuff made it," Pinkner says. 

4:40 p.m. The floor is already open to questions. But we can't hear them. Jackson repeats the question, which was how Peter could have fathered his own child if he never existed. "The question is, is that our child?" Torv asks. But nobody answers the question. At all. In any way. 

4:41 p.m. Will Olivia learn to control her powers? This season? "We can't give you things that are going to be spoilers," Wyman says, telling viewers to tune in. "All will be answered, we promise." Pinkner adds, "I'm not sure we've seen all of her powers yet." We get applause for Torv's Leonard Nimoy impression. Pinker warns the fans that "What's going to happen?" questions aren't going to be answered. He urges people to ask about "insight" or "process" or "things that already happened." 

4:43 p.m. The moderator asks other cast members to do their impressions of Anna Torv doing her impression of Leonard Nimoy. Up first? Lance Reddick. Joshua Jackson tries coaching him, "You don't exist anymore, so stop talking," Reddick tells him. He starts off clunky, but soon finds a solid William Bell. 

4:44 p.m. A fan asks Noble how much more fun it is to play an evil character like Walternate. "There's a charm to playing Walter who can get away with anything and does... Walternate, he's not as bad as he appears," Noble says. "You shot my wife in the head. That was pretty bad," Jackson says. "That was in 2026," Noble responds. "Fine. You will shoot my wife in the head," Jackson agrees.

4:46 p.m. "I loved getting to play Our Side Lincoln, because that felt like me," Gabel says of getting to play Lincoln full-time next season.


4:48 p.m. Is Josh deprived because he doesn't have an alternate version to play? "Certainly I've seen the fun everyone else had playing their alternate. It did give me more free time than they had, which didn't suck," Jackson says, before saying that however he gets brought back into the show, it's bound to be as a very different character.

4:49 p.m. What would Blair Brown's ideal Alt-Nina be? "I'm not sure that in the alternate universe, Nina isn't an inanimate object," Brown says confusingly. She suggests more seriously that in the alternate world, Nina is out of control, since she's so in-control in our world.

4:50 p.m. Jasika Nicole says we're going to see a different side of Astrid. She starts to say. They try to stop her and Nicole breaking into song, "Astrid has a gun..."


4:51 p.m. Will we get more flashbacks this season? "We've loved them as well and it's certainly our intent to keep doing that," Pinkner says. Wyman adds, "We'll always go back and we'll always go forward if it suits the story... I can definitely say for sure we will see some other episodes like that."

4:52 p.m. They've done a musical episode. They've done animated. What's next? "The nude episode," Wyman says. "They make me go nude, nobody else," Noble complains. He says that Walter's nudity is all a set-up for the Nina/Walter affair in Season 5. "You have a very tight tushie," Pinker compliments Noble. Now it's Jackson's turn to read the "Audience members under 18" placard. "I'm sure it's very tight, but we didn't need to know that," Jackson says.

4:54 p.m. Referring to Alt-Astrid's Aspergers, will there be more characters with physical or developmental disabilities? "Have you met Walter," Jackson says. "I think this show shows that disabilities aren't necessarily disabilities," Gabel says. Noble references the "Johari Window" episode as showing the "Fringe" commitment to treating people with "problems" or "disabilities" or "conditions" as being normal and special in an emotional way.


4:58 p.m. We're wondering why Walter sent his Machine back in time without proper instructions. Jackson thinks that's something we're going to learn this season. 

4:59 p.m. The cast is now going to ask *us* questions? Hmmm... For prizes!

4:59 p.m. Trivia. They've got "Save Peter" t-shirts for winners. Jasika asks the first question: What is the kind of sandwich that Walter made for Astrid when she was trying to break the code in Season 3? We get several incorrect guesses. It's some sort of cucumber, avocado and cheese with potato chips on it. Jackson tips his hat to the winner.

5:01 p.m. Torv is up next: What color was Walter's suit that he got married in? Purple.

5:02 p.m. I'd rather here more from the actual talent on the panel. But that's just me.

5:02 p.m. Noble's turn: What instrument did Roscoe Tanner play on the album cover shown in the episode? Nobody knows. Everybody's yelling guesses. Apparently he played drums. 


5:05 p.m. Blair Brown's question: What did Nina promise Peter in Season One in the equestrian ring? That she would do him a favorite at any time, no questions asked.

That's all, folks...



<p>'The Vampire Diaries'</p>
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'The Vampire Diaries'

Credit: The CW

Comic-Con Live-Blog: The CW's 'The Vampire Diaries'

Pretty vampires, werewolves and witches hit Ballroom 20

It's been a full 4 hours since I last live-blogged something.

I'm getting withdrawal twitches. 

With that in mind... "Vampire Diaries" time!

3:30 p.m. I've got a fresh computer battery and I'm ready to go as, Ballroom 20 reloads after the departure of hundreds of Seth MacFarlane fans.

3:38 p.m. Wait a second. Was that a clip from Season 3, featuring Elena walking in on a naked Damon? I believe it was.

3:39 p.m. Time for our panelists, starting with Joseph Morgan (muted applause), Nina Dobrev (more applause), Julie Plec, Ian Somehalder (very loud applause, prolonged shrieks), Kevin Williamson, Birthday Boy Paul Wesley (probably quieter applause) and finally Candice Accola.

3:40 p.m. Whose death was most surprising and whose death hit the hardest? "On a personal level, watching Kayla Ewell go," Accola says. "I feel like every character on the show has died at one point or another," Wesley says.  Wesley goes with Rose's death. "I would say Kayla... And Aunt Jenna was very hard for me," Williamson says. Somerhalder also goes with Kayla Ewell. "I still get hate mail for killing Mason Lockwood," Plec says. And Dobrev also goes with Ewell and Sara Canning. Morgan also votes for Sara Canning.


3:44 p.m. Plec and Williamson said we haven't seen the lost of Elijah. 

3:44 p.m. Jeremy appears to be haunted? "Yeah, two super-hot chicks. It could be worse," Somerhalder says. 

3:46 p.m. What's happening with Damon's emotional state with Stefan suddenly becoming what Damon always wanted him to be, just with a bad guy. "It's one of those reluctant hero stories, but it's told of a man who takes one step forward and three steps back at every moment," Williamson says, before saying that Damon's best intentions keep exploding in his face.

3:47 p.m. We're trying to sing "Happy Birthday" to Paul Wesley. "I'm blushing," Wesley says, admitting that he doesn't like attention. "You shouldn't have become an actor, Paul," cracks Somerhalder. Wesley is looking forward to exploring the "Ripper" side to Stefan. 

3:50 p.m. Which is more fun for Nina, Elena or Katherine? "I get the best of both worlds. I get to be the bad girl and I get to be the good girl. I get to do flashbacks and bite people. I get to do scenes with this one and that one and they're both so much fun," Dobrev says. She adds, "It will kill me one day, because it's a lot of work." How does she shift between them? Somerhalder interjects, "She becomes a raging bitch one day and..." and Nina agrees, "I can get away with a lot more when I'm Katherine on set."

3:52 p.m. The stars like to pitch episodes set in Hawaii, The Caribbean and Paris. "You need a break sometimes and when you live as we all did or do in Southern California, you don't typically get seasons. And in Atlanta when it says 'Night - Exterior,' Kevin and Julie, in February... it kicks your butt," Somerhalder explains.

3:53 p.m. Accola says that her recent transformation has been "very cool." "It's very cool to do stunts and it's very cool to play a strong young female," Accola says. And what's in store for Caroline and Tyler? "Puppies?" Somerhalder interjects.

3:55 p.m. Wesley warns Somerhalder about the placard mentioning that people under 18 are in the audience.

3:55 p.m. If they could play any other character who would it be? "I'd like to play Damon, because of all the attention he's getting," Morgan says. "I would like to be Klaus... The biggest, baddest vampire of all time? Before you came around, that's what Katherine was," Nina says. "A hybrid," Morgan interrupts. In unison, Somerhalder and Wesley agree they'd also like to be Klaus. "I just wanna be Klaus with a really bad accent... 'Ripper,'" Wesley says. "A bad version of his accent," Somerhalder clarifies. "I like being Caroline," Accola giggles. Plec says she'd want to be Elijah.  


3:59 p.m. Will Damon and Elena date? That was the first audience question. Plec points out that Katherine said at the end of last season that it's OK to love both Damon and Stefan and Plec aggress, saying, "Katherine seems to know more about what it's like to care for both Salvatore brothers than anyone else thus far, so she's not saying it for no reason."

4:01 p.m. Can the actors tell the difference between when Dobrev is playing Katherine or Elena. "It's this weird little twinkle in her eye. She gets slightly sadistic. Whereas with Elena, she's pure," Somerhalder says. "Usually the attire will give it away," adds Wesley, who compares Katherine's brand of walking to "swimming through Jello."


4:03 p.m. With Stefan turned evil, will Elena just run into Damon's arms? "I don't think she's going to run straight into his arms," Williamson says. "She might zig-zag first," Somerhalder adds. Williamson chips in, "There are too many things in the way for them to just run into each other's arms."

4:04 p.m. "I'm just feeling naked without my name sign," Wesley says. "Here. Take a better one," Somerhalder says, passing his name sign over to Wesley.

4:05 p.m. A Brazilian fan tells the stars how much Brazil loves them.

4:06 p.m. Nina's asked to choose between Stefan and Damon. "Half of this room will get so mad at me if I say one," Dobrev says. "The beauty of this situation is that I don't have to choose. Katherine had it right," Dobrev says. Somerhalder adds, "Sharing is caring." There's then a reference to a Salvatore Sandwich. Hmmm...

4:07 p.m. Now for Nina, who can she relate to more - Elena or Katherine? Dobrev started off more as an Elena, but she's becoming more of a Katherine as she gets older.


4:09 p.m. Dream guest stars? "Fabio," Somerhalder says. "He auditioned for Damon," Wesley says. "I know who Kevin would want... Taylor Swift," Dobrev reveals, also adding that Justin Bieber wanted to be on "Vampire Diaries." "Stunt casting is not something I think we excel at and I don't think it's necessary," Williamson disagrees.

4:10 p.m. The last question is for Ian and kinda for Paul. If they could change anything about their characters, what would it be? "Thanks, you just put me in a loaded situation," says Somerhalder, sitting between the series creators. "I wouldn't change a damn thing about Damon Salvatore. With all these characters, they've just created these super-dynamic, very complex individuals," Somerhalder says. Somerhalder says he likes "the push and the pull," saying it's "the alcoholic in the bar, how difficult that person has to fight those urges." 

4:13 p.m. Is Ian Team Damon or Team Stefan? "Me? I'm actually a little Team Stefan," he says, pulling out a Team Stefan shirt. And is Paul Team Damon or Team Stefan? "He does the sexy raptor dance with his shirt off," Wesley says, pulling out a Team Damon shirt. And Nina? "We already went through this..." She pulls out a Team Katherine shirt. Candice has a Team Tyler shirt. And Morgan has a Team Klaus shirt. What about Jule and Kevin? "We should probably not choose. We'd start a little war between our children," Plec says, pulling out a shirt with the names of almost all of their characters. "All of these teams together make up this kick-ass family that we call 'Vampire Diaries,'" Somerhalder says.


And that's all, folks...




Comic-Con Live-Blog: NBC's 'Chuck'
Credit: NBC

Comic-Con Live-Blog: NBC's 'Chuck'

Zachary Levi and company celebrate their final 'Chuck' Comic-Con
Saturday (July 23) is a TV-tastic day at Comic-Con. Ballroom 20 will feature "Chuck," "Terra Nova," FOX animation, "The Vampire Diaries" and "Fringe." Other rooms will be paneling "Community," "Once Upon a Time," "Grimm" and much much more.
Today's festive live-blogging will begin with a show that has been a Comic-Con favorite since premiering its pilot for these same San Diego fans. That's right. It's time for what we all are assuming will be the final "Chuck" Comic-Con panel.
Click through for the surprises, the emotion and the hilarity...
9:55 a.m. Five minutes til the panel. The room is filling rapidly, with fans receiving one-size-fits-all t-shirts very clearly reading "The Final Season." Sniffly...
10:00 a.m. The panel begins right on time with a clip package led by the finale shocker that found Morgan uploading the Intersect and discovering the wonders of kung-fu. It cuts to "4 Weeks Later... Chris Fedak's Office." Fedak is on the phone with an executive reassuring them that even though Josh Gomez can't fight or dance or even act, the Intersect twist will pay off. Fedak ends the call banging his head on a table. They have a blank "Ideas" board. "It wasn't the best of choices," Josh Gomez tells him. Captain Awesome shows up to suggest a musical montage to help, specifically a performance from Jeffster, specifically a montage set to "Eye of the Tiger." It's very "Rocky" style with Gomez running and doing pushups on the Warner Brothers Lot. The Jeffster footage includes a huge Tiger in the background. Josh Gomez punching a side of beef? Funny. Josh Gomez jumping rope? Even funnier. But where are the steps he runs up?

10:05 a.m. The video continues with Levi and Gomez outside the door of Ballroom 20. "I think you're ready," Levi tells him. They high five and Levi lets Gomez run in alone. He looks at the camera and mutters, "We're doomed." The tag line... "Chuck... Season 5... We're doomed."
10:06 a.m. On the stage first... Mark Christopher Lawrence. Much happiness! Jeff Krinsky! Vik Sahay (bowing to the appreciative crowd)! Louder cheers for Ryan "Captain Awesome!" McPartlin. No surprise here, the loudest reception so far? Mr. Adam Baldwin. These folks love Baldwin and Baldwin loves them. But the lovely Yvonne Strahovski is no slouch in the fan-happiness department. On comes Joshua Gomez, sporting the cup of coffee I wish I had. Impressively, Zachary Levi has *nearly* equalled Baldwin when the roaring begins. And last, but not least, the man who didn't invite me and Sepinwall back to moderate this year... Chris Fedak.
10:09 a.m. The moderator vows that we're going to get questions from the crowd this year.
10:10 a.m. Chris Fedak begins, "In network TV, You don't always get the chance to write your own ending. Alf was captured by the bad guys and we don't know what happened to him because it was cancelled." Levi adds, "Are we going to wrap up 'ALF' in Season 5?" Then, in a more serious moment, Levi's voice cracks as he says, "We get to say good-bye to each other and we get to say good-bye to you and that's a really rare thing in television these days."
10:11 a.m. Gomez gives a "Holy crap" when it's mentioned that he's the Intersect. Gomez adds, "I think in true Morgan Grimes fashion, it's full-steam ahead. Unlike Chuck where he actually thought things through and cared about the welfare of other human beings, Morgan just wants to hurt people with kung-fu and take revenge. No, I'm excited.." He speculates that the Intersect project was originally designed to provide laughter.
10:12 a.m. Is Chuck OK with not being the Intersect? "I wouldn't say he's totally 100 percent OK, that that was the perfect solution. I think he definitely what the beginning of the season wants the Intersect," Fedak says before calling this a "back to basis" season for "Chuck." Fedak says, "What happens if you take away Superman's cape?" and reassures the fans that Chuck will still be a real spy and that this will still be the Chuck show.
10:14 a.m. What's on tap for Sarah? "I hope I get to kick more ass. I loved that Thailand. It was one of my favorite things ever," Strahovski says.
10:16 a.m. Will Casey find true love? "Define 'true,'" Baldwin says. Fedak adds that Chuck is now running his own private spy company called Carmichael Industries. Their leading rival is titled Verbanski and Gertrude Verbanski is a potential love interest.
10:16 a.m. Villains for the first episode will include one played by MARK HAMILL. Fedak says that because Chuck and Company are private contractors, the CIA will have an adversarial relationship. But don't worry, Beckman will be back.
10:18 a.m. "I wish we had a montage of pictures of how his hair has morphed from the original Morgan we knew and loved to now, where it's almost like Awesome's," McPartlin says, worrying that with Intersect Morgan and Casey, there may not be room for Awesome. The crowd says "Awww..." but he assures us that all will be well with Awesome.
10:19 a.m. And what of the Buy More guys? "I said this before, but you *could* address us individually," Sahay cracks, adding, "I didn't get a microphone. That's how respected I am." Fedak adds, "This is the season where it all fall apart between Jeff and Lester. There will be war between them." McPartlin interjects, "Jeffster is like Sonny and Cher. You can't break them up!"
10:22 a.m. "Someone might not survive this season," Fedak teases.
10:22 a.m. How do they all want the show to end? "Awesomely," Levi says. "I don't," Gomez replies. "Do I really have a say in how the show ends? No. So... Adam?" Yvonne says. "With the death of Vik," Baldwin says, with McPartlin between them, trying to keep peace. "We have to have a set scapegoat and Vik's the perfect target," Baldin says, adding "I'm still not convinced that it will end this year." McPartlin says, "I would like a feature trilogy, much like 'Lord of the Rings.'" Sahay wants a glorious death in slo-mo. "I think there needs to be a baby Jeffster by the end of the show... not our baby," Krinsky says. "I think it should end funny," Lawrence says.
10:30 a.m. Ellie knows about Chuck's spy life, so it's much more of a family business, Fedak teases. "I'd love to have Linda [Hamilton] back," Fedak teases.
10:31 a.m. Favorite stunts? "I liked falling off a balcony with Adam into a pool," Levi says. "The Thailand episode was one and the catwalk fight scene," Strahovski says. Baldwin's favorite was a scene in which Chuck fell off a roof and Casey caught him with one arm. "My 'Pulp Fiction' homage," McPartlin says. "I think mine was just one of the many times I passed out," Krinsky says. "I only had three, so I love them all," Christopher says.
10:33 a.m. Fan asks Yvonne if Australian women find American accents sexy. "OK, the line for creepy questions are actually there," Levi says. "You should go to Australia. Why not? Give it a shot," Strahovski says, giggling.
10:34 a.m. Are we going to find out the science behind Chuck's brain and the Intersect. Fedak can't come up with an answer and Strahovski jokingly passes him their printed talking points. Fedak still can't find a spoiler-free answer, as Levi dies next to him. "Everybody behaves differently when they have it... Let me put it this way, by the third episode, Morgan will have frosted his tips. It effects people in different ways," Fedak says.
10:35 a.m. Has Josh practiced his "Flash" face? "That's such a big spoiler," Gomez says, as the audience starts chanting "Flash! Flash!" at Levi's urging. Gomez went into the writers and asked if he had to replicate Levi's "flash face." Finally Gomez does his flash face. It's a flash face.
10:37 a.m. A fan wants a Jeffster DVD or World Tour. "Absolutely. Done," Sahay says. "We're going to your country first," Krinsky says.
10:37 a.m. Could there be a spinoff? "Definitely," Fedak says. "I always liked the idea that the ending of the show was just a prologue for another adventure," Fedak says. He says that their greatest challenge as writers is giving each of the potential shows within "Chuck" enough screentime. 
10:39 a.m. How much impact did the actors have in the development of their characters? Levi says that on the pilot, both Fedak and Josh Schwartz were open to their suggestions. Sahay doesn't feel the same way. "You guys have a great show here," Sahay cracks. Fedak admits that over the course of five years, the characters begin to belong to the actors. "When we see something that works really well in an episode early in the season, we begin to go after that," Fedak says. "I don't like to toot my horn too often, but I will take credit for the appearance of Ronald Reagan on the show," Baldwin says.

10:41 a.m. Will Chuck the character ever go to Comic-Con? "I would love to do that," Fedak says.
10:42 a.m. Last question: Who would win in a fight - Casey or Jayne? "We're out of time," Baldwin responds. "This is a 'Chuck' panel. Casey would win," Baldwin says.
10:43 a.m. Time for last words to the fans. "This is a really amazing place for the 'Chuck' show. We made it, but it was really born here," Fedak says, recalling that first Comic-Con panel again. "From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the Subway sandwiches," Fedak says. 
10:44 a.m. Levi's going to have a hard time getting this out. He's in tears again. "You guys are just so epic. You're so epic. You're so awesome. Every single one of you," Levi says, thanking y'all for the time and the money spent on Subway sandwiches and for the passion and the energy. "So thank you," Levi says, again choking up. Led by McPartlin, the cast stands to clap for the audience and the audience stands and claps for "Chuck." Awwwwwwwwwwww.


Exclusive first-look at The CW's 'Secret Circle' Comic-Con poster
Credit: The CW

Exclusive first-look at The CW's 'Secret Circle' Comic-Con poster

A storm is building around Britt Robertson in The CW's drama
The busiest TV studio at this Comic-Con (and just about every recent Comic-Con), Warner Brothers TV is descending on San Diego on Saturday (July 23) with vampires ("The Vampire Diaries"), lovable spies ("Chuck"), sexy assassins ("Nikita") universe-bending investigators ("Fringe") and time-bending investigators ("Alcatraz").
Oh and there will also be witches. The sexy teenage witches (and warlocks, I suppose) of "The Secret Circle" will make their Comic-Con debut on Saturday afternoon with a pilot screening and panel in Room 6BCF, featuring stars Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Phoebe Tonkin and Natasha Henstridge, plus producer Kevin Williamson, who will be sprinting to this panel from "Vampire Diaries" in Ballroom 20 (one of a slew of panels I'll surely be live-blogging). 
As a little treat, HitFix has an exclusive first look at the special-for-Comic-Con "Secret Circle" poster that'll be available at the WB booth on the exhibition floor on Saturday afternoon.
Check it out, after the break.
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<p>John Barrowman at Friday's Comic-Con panel</p>
<div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;">&nbsp;</div>

John Barrowman at Friday's Comic-Con panel

Credit: Scott Appel/Starz

John Barrowman brings song, flirtation and 'Torchwood' to Comic-Con

Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer and Jane Espenson also talk 'Miracle Day'
"I'm like all of you. I'm a fan of science fiction. I'm a nerd at heart and I'm proud of it." 
You get a lot of quotes like that when you're at Comic-Con, where stars go to great lengths to try to convinced packed ballrooms that They're just like Us.
Somehow, when John Barrowman says it, he can get away with it. Before greeting a packed-to-the-gills Ballroom 20 on Comic-Con Friday (July 22), Barrowman spent time on the Con floor and was able to go through his list of purchases, which included Captain America action figures and a collection of fast-food commemorative glasses. Other stars can claim to be nerds, but Barrowman has the details to back up any story.
Of course, there are many things that John Barrowman can get away with that few other stars can pull off and all of those entertaining gifts were on display as he and his castmates promoted Starz' "Torchwood: Miracle Day."
[More after the break...]
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<p>HBO's 'True Blood'</p>
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HBO's 'True Blood'

Credit: HBO

Comic-Con Live-Blog: HBO's 'True Blood'

All manner of vampire, werewolf and witch talk from Ballroom 20

After a long mid-afternoon break, it's time for a little more live-blogging action featuring the witches, werewolves and, of course, vampires of HBO's "True Blood."

Click through for all the fun...

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<p>Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory'</p>
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Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Credit: CBS

Comic-Con Live-Blog: CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory'

What excitement will the CBS comedy panel hold? Let's find out!

I've never live-blogged a Comic-Con panel for "The Big Bang Theory" before. But they're usually quite fun. So let's see how this goes... Worst that happens? I won't live-blog next year's "BBT" Comic-Con panel...

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<p>&nbsp;The zombies of 'Walking Dead'</p>
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 The zombies of 'Walking Dead'

Credit: AMC

Comic-Con Live-Blog: AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

What's on tap for Season 2 of the zombie favorite

It's Comic-Con Friday and the line for Ballroom 20 wrapped down stairs, around the Marina and practically to Mexico. 

Up first on my live-blogging docket? A little zombie show called "The Walking Dead."

Don't expect many spoilers, but click through for the full recap...

11:24 a.m. Chris Hardwick is our moderator. He welcomes Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman (loud applause) and Greg Nicotero.

11:24 a.m. Gale Anne Hurd announces that Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" will premiere on Sunday, October 16 at 9 p.m.

11:26 a.m. Once again, "Walking Dead" will be a part of AMC's "Fear Fest" block. 

11:26 a.m. Robert Kirman heard about negotiations with AMC after Darabont and Hurd made the pitch. "You've got to hand it to AMC for being a network that had the vision to try something this crazy." They note the number of networks that didn't have the vision to do this. "And now they all want a zombie show," Darabont cracks.

11:27 a.m. "I was doing the comic and thinking 'Well, I'll always be doing the comic,'" Kirkman says, recalling the years of pitching "Walking Dead" in other mediums. 

11:27 a.m. Chris Hardwick makes it clear that he loves "Dream Warriors," calling it his favorite "Nightmare on Elm Street." Darabont goes into a story of writing the script with Chuck Russell in a cabin in Big Bear. They wrote the script three weeks before "Dream Warriors" began shooting. And now you know!

11:29 a.m. "When I grew up in Pittsburgh, I just assume that everybody loved zombies," Nicotero says. "With this, we were really determined to follow the spirit of the art work and push things further," Nicotero adds, saying that he goes so far as to cast every single zombie performer. There's a zombie school in Atlanta where they train the extras on how to be zombies. That's not a nice thing to call Emory! [I kid. I kid.]

11:31 a.m. "You can shoot me in the face!" Hardick gushes, saying he'd love to play a zombie.

11:32 a.m. Hardwick tells a story about scaring people at a party by loudly explaining how "Walking Dead" was a realistic depiction of a zombie apocalypse. "But you're no stranger to scaring girls away," Kirkman interjects.

11:34 a.m. "It's a bit of pressure knowing that everybody loves the show. And there's expectation now," Kirkman says, adding that those expectations have "empowered us to try harder." Darabont adds, "This year we have a room of writers who know the show."

11:35 a.m. "Partner with the most talented people you can find. Three of them are sitting up here. If you can do that and you have great underlying source material, that's what a producer does," Gale Anne Hurd advises.

11:36 a.m. Comic-Con premiere trailer. Here's what we see: POV shot of Jon Bernthal running. Very intense. And behind him? An army of zombies. He fires a shotgun aggressively. Empty city streets. Flashback to what Rick experienced when he came out of his coma. And the events of last season. We're leaving Atlanta. "The end of civilization... Was just the beginning." We're on the road. "The strain of survival... Takes its toll." Several people from the core group are splitting off. Tensions. An explosion. A breakdown on the road in a traffic jam. And here come the zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. A set piece in a sea of stalled cars. Pretty evocative. Hey, a quote from HitFix! Gotta see if it was my review or Sepinwall's. 

11:42 a.m. It was Sepinwall's review.

11:42 a.m. The cast finally comes out. They all come out together, so I can't tell you who got the most applause. Harwick asks if this is Andrew Lincoln's first Con. He replies, "This is my second Con, but it's still just as scary."

11:44 a.m. "It's the greatest job I've ever been involved in and it just keeps getting better and better," Lincoln says. Sorry, "Love Actually."

11:44 a.m. "You work as hard on a failure as you do on a success," Sarah Wayne Callies says. And yet she still was excited when the numbers came out and they got another season. "They're the best television scripts I've ever seen," Callies says of the Season Two scripts. "The most dangerous things out there are the monsters inside," Callies says of the season's theme.

11:46 a.m. "Every stage of the way, every person I've met... have just only made this better and better and it has been capped by you, because I think that the 'Walking Dead' fans are the best in the world," Bernthal says, calling "Walking Dead" fans the "smartest" and "most badass."

11:48 p.m. "Every script is gold. I'm working with my friends who are so good at what they do and I think you're going to be so thrilled. If you're a fan of the 'Walking Dead' graphic novel, I think you're going to be so thrilled this season," Laurie Holden says.

11:50 a.m. When asked about his character's up-beat attitude, Jeffrey DeMunn says, "I guess he's just so terribly nearsighted he doesn't realize the trouble he's in." Frank Darabont called Jeffrey DeMunn and said, "Hey Jeff, how'd you like to come down to Atlanta to kill zombies?" And DeMunn said yes.

11:52 a.m. "You wake up. You do a tick check.. check for ticks... You just check everywhere... You check for ticks. You go to work. You take it all in. You sweat your butt off and then you go home and do another tick check," says Steven Yeun on his daily routine. Apparently ticks are a major problem on the "Walking Dead" set. "There's ticks where we shoot. And sometimes, you know, they're small. You don't notice them. One of them climbed... my mountain... and planted a flag... right on the peak... of my mountain," Yeun elaborates. Yup. That's just about enough information. Perhaps too much. Maybe.

11:54 a.m. The crowd loves Norman Reedus, who bought himself a big truck that gets him approving glances from "rednecks" down South. He loves Georgia. "I may never leave," he says. And the best part of Reedus' job? "Dude, I run around with a crossbow and shoot zombies in the brain."

11:56 a.m. "Robert Kirkman, you did my podcast a few months ago," Hardwick begins. "Are we plugging your podcast now?" Kirkman interjects. The purpose of the intro is Kirkman's confession that in the event of a real zombie apocalypse, he'd kill himself. "Yeah, I'd jump off a bridge," Kirkman says. Hurd says, "Read the comic book, learn the rules."

11:58 a.m. Any Season 2 teases? "It picks up about five seconds in an overlap with the end of the first season. It's literally them driving away from the CDC. There's not of this bulls*** 'Six Months Later' stuff," Darabont teases.

11:59 a.m. First crowd question is about possible casting on Michonne and The Governor. Robert Kirkman suggests "Ed O'Neill" for both roles, because he wants to meet him. "And my second go-to is John Stamos," Kirkman jokes. Darabont adds, "We're actually having those conversations as we speak."

12:01 p.m. Do any of the actors do their own stunts? "I did pretty much all my stunts apart from taking my horse down. Even the driving and I only learned to drive four years ago," Lincoln says. Jon Bernthal hedges, but adds, "We do as much as we can ourselves. It's an incredibly game group of actors and an incredibly game crew. Best crew in the world." "When you get bruises and cuts, it's like you've earned your day. It's like your war wounds," Holden says.

12:03 p.m. Reedus is asked which is weirder, "Walking Dead" or working on a video with Lady Gaga. "By far this is the best and the weirdest. It doesn't get much weirder than this, so I'd say this one. I love Gaga, though. She's super-cool," Reedus says.

12:04 p.m. What advice does Greg Nicotero have? "Just constantly document what you do," Nicotero have. You have to study what people have done before and what people are doing now. Nicotero got a complimentary phone call from Rick Baker about the makeup on "The Walking Dead," which he called "astounding." 


12:07 p.m. "I've done 800 movies, this is one of the best projects, because I get to be with these people every day," Nicotero says.

12:08 p.m. "He is going to blow your mind this year," teases Callies about the performance by the actor playing young Carl this season.

12:09 p.m. Robert Kirkman apologizes for not taking Andrew Lincoln to a Cracker Barrel while he's been in the South.

12:11 p.m. "I think the plan is to get there but it's not something we can rush. We have to take our time with it," Kirkman says of the evolution of Lincoln's Rick versus the evolution of Rick in the comic.

12:12 p.m. The fake blood doesn't taste gross. It's just corn syrup. But the stuff that gives zombies their black teeth takes disgusting. "There are little black puddles all over the set," Nicotero says. They've streamlined the zombie-making process. It only only requires 90 minutes to prep a hero zombie.

12:14 p.m. The last question is about Jeffrey DeMunn and his theater work. "The two disciplines feed each other is the one thing I can say," DeMunn says, noting that doing theater tunes up the memory as well. "They add an energy to each other, but beyond that, I have no idea how 'Death of a Salesman' helps you kill a zombie.