Watch: Eugene Mirman, John Roberts and Dan Mintz talk 'Bob's Burgers'

Watch: Eugene Mirman, John Roberts and Dan Mintz talk 'Bob's Burgers'

Which star sings a HitFix song as Michael McDonald?
Two years ago, I sat down with Eugene Mirman, John Roberts and Kristen Schaal to discuss their yet-to-premiere animated comedy "Bob's Burgers."
I can't recommend it highly enough.
A few weeks ago, I walked into the interview room with Mirman (Gene on "Bob's Burgers") and Roberts (Linda) and they immediately recognized me from that bizarre interview. This time, Schaal was absent and Dan Mintz (unmistakably Tina) was in her place and it's possible that if you go back to the original conversation, a good percentage of the insanity came from her direction.
This interview isn't quite so crazy. But it has some moments of hilarity and it features Roberts singing a new HitFix-themed song in the style of Michael McDonald. 
"Bob's Burgers" airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.
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Watch: Rachael MacFarlane talks 'American Dad' and 'Hayley Sings'

Watch: Rachael MacFarlane talks 'American Dad' and 'Hayley Sings'

What was the inspiration for MacFarlane's new album?
It's been a big 2012 in the MacFarlane family.
Obviously, Seth had a big screen hit and was recently announced as the host of next spring's Oscars.
Sis Rachael, meanwhile, has continued with her vocal work as Hayley on "American Dad," but on September 25, she also released her first album, a collection of standards, plus rearranged '60s and '70s classics. Several tracks from the album were heard on last Sunday's "American Dad" premiere.
In this interview, MacFarlane discusses the style and inspiration for "Hayley Sings," as well as upcoming developments on "American Dad." 
"American Dad," of course, airs on Sunday nights at 9:30 on FOX.
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<p>Angie Layton of &quot;Survivor&quot;</p>

Angie Layton of "Survivor"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Angie Layton talks 'Survivor: Philippines'

Booted contestant talks cookies, cuddling and jealousy
When "Survivor" host Jeff Probst asked the members of the struggling Matsing tribe what they would change if they could, he probably didn't expect either of the responses he received.
Roxy Morris said that she wished her tribe could stop working so hard around camp. That wasn't the right answer and Roxy was voted out minutes later.
But Angie Layton's answer may be the one that lives on longest in "Survivor" lore.
"That we could have cookies," replied the 20-year-old former Miss Utah Teen USA.
Angie outlasted her cookies comment and she outlasted Roxy, who leveled charges that Angie and Malcolm were doing more at night than merely seeking comfort, but only by one episode. On Wednesday's (October 3) "Survivor," Matsing suffered another humiliating defeat and true power couple Malcolm and Denise decided that Russell's potential (but largely undisplayed) physical strength had more value than Angie's long-term loyalty.
In her exit interview, Angie stood by both her cookie comment -- a joke to lighten the mood, she insists -- and the nature of her relationship with Malcolm -- "mutual warmth," she insists. She also discusses her disappointment at Roxy spending an entire episode discussing her breasts. 
Click through for the full interview...
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<p>Who are these people?</p>

Who are these people?

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Thursday - Boot Camp #2

What dreams would Simon and company shatter?

On Wednesday, "The X Factor" said farewell to a bunch of people who weren't really very good and whose presence in Miami wasted FOX and Simon Cowell's money.

I don't pity Simon Cowell or FOX for losing a couple thousand dollars on hotel rooms for people like Dehydrated Trevor or That Awful Girl Who Sang Annie, but I do pity myself for having to dedicate an hour to pretending that said people were ever going to advance particularly far on "The X Factor."

Let's see what excitement will ensue in Thursday's episode!

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<p>Autumn Reeser of &quot;Last Resort&quot;</p>

Autumn Reeser of "Last Resort"

Credit: ABC

Interview: Autumn Reeser talks 'Last Resort'

Is her character a hero, a villain or a work-in-progress?
Viewers who tuned in to last Thursday's premiere of ABC's "Last Resort" may not have a read yet on Autumn Reeser's Kylie Sinclair. 
I've seen three episodes and I'm not sure I know what to make of her either. As a weapons lobbyist, Kylie's not inherently sympathetic, but she's Manipulative with a capital "M" and it seems like if we want to unravel the "Last Resort" mystery, she's going to be a crucial source of information. So she's a bad guy, but maybe she's going to eventually be a good guy? Or vice versa? 
Of course, I like Kylie. But that's because she's played by Reeser, whose Taylor Townsend was largely responsible for the late-run renaissance of "The O.C." and who also provided quirky humor and energy to ABC's "No Ordinary Family." 
I got on the phone last week to talk with Reeser about her character's dual nature, about the rewards of playing smart women and about the fun of delivering exposition in the middle of a sex scene.
Click through for the full conversation...
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Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Philippines' - 'This Isn't a We Game'

Would Team Russell come together to reverse its slide?
Pre-credit sequence. Team Russell returns to camp after another Tribal Council. Castaways describe the experience as "fun" and "interesting." Angie's not happy with Roxy throwing her under the bus, but she thinks that everybody remaining in their tribe trusts her and knows that nothing is happening with her and Malcolm. Well, that would be everybody other than Russell, who worries about Angie and Malcolm as a couple and is determined to sway Denise to his way of thinking.
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<p>The &quot;X Factor&quot; judges welcome contestants to Boot Camp</p>

The "X Factor" judges welcome contestants to Boot Camp

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Wednesday - Boot Camp #1

We're done with auditions... On to the madness of boot camp

Farewell, "X Factor" auditions. We had some fun with you, but it's finally time to move on to something else. Anything else.

It's time for Boot Camp, which would be a lot like Hollywood Week on "American Idol," except that it's in Miami and, therefore, is completely different.

Wednesday's (October 3) episode is only an hour because of the debate, so let's get down to the business of singing!

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<p>Rob and Sheila of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Rob and Sheila of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Rob & Sheila talk 'The Amazing Race'

It was so close, yet so far for the lumberjack and his bride-to-be
Fifteen seconds.
Fans of "The Amazing Race" never got much of a chance to know competitive lumberjack champion Rob Scheer and bride-to-be Sheila Castle.
Fifteen seconds. 
That was all that separated Rob & Sheila from a potentially longer tenure on the Race. 
Rob & Sheila successfully weathered a pair of Roadblocks, but the task of finding a lady with an abacus on Shanghai's Bund proved frustrating. Still, they had the clue and nearly made it to Phil Keoghan in next-to-last position, only to get run down from behind by Chippendales Dancers Jaymes & James. 
Fifteen seconds. 
In the season's first "Amazing Race" exit interview, Rob and Sheila discuss the disappointment of their brief time on the show, why finding a lady with  an abacus was so hard and what frog fallopian tubes taste like.
Click through...
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Watch: 'Raising Hope' star Shannon Woodward talks fake orgasms and arachnophobia

Watch: 'Raising Hope' star Shannon Woodward talks fake orgasms and arachnophobia

FOX comedy returns on Tuesday with more Sabrina quirkiness
It isn't often that we discover a love interest on a TV show sleeps with a stocking over her head out of fear of nesting spiders, but in the world of FOX's "Raising Hope," Shannon Woodward's Sabrina is only beginning to rise to the level of eccentricity around her. 
Sabrina's growing quirkiness was one of the pleasures of "Raising Hope" both for fans and for Woodward, who tells me that she requested the opportunity to engage in some wackiness of her own. And things are only getting crazier in the third season, which introduces Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith as Sabrina's mother and threatens to take the Jimmy-Sabrina romance to the next level.
In our recent sit-down, Woodward and I discussed the very logical reasons why even a normal person would start donning hose before bed, her off-camera relationship with the twins who play Hope and her very enthusiastic "When Harry Met Sally" homage in the premiere.
Check out the full interview above...
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Watch: Echo Kellum and Lucy Punch talk 'Ben and Kate'

Watch: Echo Kellum and Lucy Punch talk 'Ben and Kate'

FOX comedy airs its second episode on Wednesday
Now, it's on to Lucy Punch and Echo Kellum, who play BJ and Tommy on the FOX Tuesday comedy.
While Faxon and Johnson can tap creator Dana Fox for information about the real-life inspirations for their characters, Punch and Kellum have been able to stray from Fox's own family history and in this interview, they discuss the development of BJ and Tommy.
The two actors also tease upcoming details about their characters and explain the secret to not being upstaged by Jones.
Check out the interview... 
"Ben and Kate" airs on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.
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