<p>Trey &amp; Lexi of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Trey & Lexi of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Trey & Lexi talk 'The Amazing Race'

Third place team talks about alliances, found money and traveling the world
In an "Amazing Race" season lacking any one dominant team, dating couple Trey Wier and Lexi Beerman briefly looked like they were in position to take control.
From the sixth Leg to eleventh Leg, the former University of Texas football player and his former cheerleader girlfriend never finished lower than third and picked up three wins (most for any team this season) and a pair of second place finishes.
Then, continuing that momentum in the finale, Trey & Lexi completed a pair of tasks in the lead and reached the season's last challenge with an advantage. The matching of flags and local greetings left Lexi frustrated and stymied, as Team Longhorn slipped from front of the pack to third at the closing Pit Stop. Despite the setback, Trey & Lexi were still enthusiastic at the mat, with Lexi making the latest in a running-gag string of not-really-hints for Trey to make her an honest woman.
Lexi made another of her marriage jokes in the couple's exit interview, which also covers the intense last task, their close friendship with two of the other racing teams and the money-finding incident with James & Abba, an event that also featured in yesterday's exit interview with Natalie & Nadiya
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<p>Natalie and Nadiya of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Natalie and Nadiya of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Natalie & Nadiya talk 'The Amazing Race'

The 4th place team discusses 'finding' money and being seen as villains
On Sunday (December 9) night, "The Amazing Race" wrapped up its 21st installment with possibly the most unlikely winner in the show's history.
And on Monday morning, I talked with each of the final four teams, including the million dollar winner. Counting down from fourth to first, HitFix will be running one interview per day. [I'll do the same thing next week with the "Survivor: Philippines" winner and remaining contestants.]
Up first? The season's fourth place finishers, the last team eliminated before that climactic Leg, which took the Top 3 to New York City.
No team on this season's "Amazing Race" produced the diversity of opinions that greeted Sri Lankan twins Natalie & Nadiya Anderson.
To fans, the Twinies were boundlessly enthusiastic and endlessly quotable and, in the early going, brought energy to a potentially dull season.
To detractors, the Twinies were shrill, loud and bullying. And depending on your definitions for "find" or "steal," they helped separate James & Abba from a chunk of money, leaving the Rockers begging in the streets of Bangladesh. 
But what did viewers expect? As one twin observed in the finale, "We've always been evil. We've never been nice."
In our conversation, the Twins were unapologetic about the money incident, but admitted that they gave the show plenty to work with when depicting them as villains. They also talk about their current friendship with all of their fellow Racers and their surprising enthusiasm for the season's winning team.
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Predicting the 2013 Golden Globe nominees for Television

Predicting the 2013 Golden Globe nominees for Television

Will Lindsay Lohan, 'Newroom' and 'Girls' get Golden Globes attention
Every summer, I spend a couple weeks delving into Emmy nomination predictions. I carefully examine each major category and handicap between 15 and 20 candidates, listing pros and cons and digging deep into precedent. 
As a result, I'm pretty good at Emmy predictions. Even when I'm wrong, 9 times out of 10, I know exactly why Emmy voters made the choices they made. I'm not perfect, but I can get inside the head of Average Emmy Joe reasonably well.
I'm not especially good at Golden Globe predictions.
Predicting the Golden Globes is like trying to get inside the head of Claire Danes' "Homeland" character when she's off her meds. After a while, it's all headshots, push-pins and interconnecting yarn.
When you are attempting to predict the actions of an award-giving organization that, in recent years, has nominated folks like Callie Thorne and Thomas Jane and Piper Perabo and Jennifer Love Hewitt, you're not dealing with an easily predictive sense of logic or evaluation.
Yes, Golden Globe voters love pretty people. But to what extreme? My predictions here suggest that Hayden Panettiere has a reasonable shot of being nominated for "Nashville," but have I gone too far? Did I go too far in assuming that as reviled as her performance was, Lindsay Lohan's chances of being nominated for "Liz and Dick" are almost disturbingly good?
As befits an organization of foreign journalists, the Golden Globe voters love nominating big name international actors, whether it be Jeremy Irons or Jonathan Rhys Meyers. So am I going out on a limb in saying that Jonny Lee Miller of "Elementary" is going to be right on the cusp of a nomination?
Dakota Johnson of "Ben and Kate" not only fits the Golden Globes preference towards attractive young actresses verging on stardom, but the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson was also Miss Golden Globes a few years back. I don't have her getting a nomination, but if she does, you'll know exactly why.
And on and on.
It's enough to drive a prognosticator mad.
So here are my predictions. I've categorized by "Probable Nominees" (basically locks) and "Strong Candidates" and "Dark Horses." For the most part, the top six names are my formal predictions. Don't take any of it to the bank.
The Golden Globe nominations will be announced on Thursday (December 13) morning. 
Here are my predictions:
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<p>Phil Keoghan of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Phil Keoghan of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' Season 21 Finale - 'Take Down That Million'

Which team made it to Phil first and won the big prize?
There's something to be said for dominance.
The 20th installment of "The Amazing Race," which aired last spring, culminated in bickering married couple Rachel & Dave winning the million dollars and finishing first in an astounding eight of 12 competitive Legs on the Race.
They were the New York Yankees of "The Amazing Race." They dominated from start to finish and there was almost no suspense. In fact, they were such an obscenely strong team that they screwed up the final task of the season, ran through the finish line, were corrected, went back and completed the task and ran through the finish line a second time, as if to mock the other teams. 
You looked back on Season 20 of "The Amazing Race" and you said, "Well duh. No other team possibly could have won and it was really cute that Rachel & Dave let the other teams travel with them around the world."
But the Yankees don't win the World Series every year, no matter how high their payroll happens to be.
Some years, the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals or the 1987 Minnesota Twins win the World Series. Sometimes, a team does exactly enough to make the playoffs and then exactly enough to win a series or two and then, on the biggest available stage, that team does exactly enough to come out on top. If you look at the 2006 baseball season, the Cardinals were only the best team in baseball on October 27, but that was the last day of the season, so that's the only day that counts. 
There probably wasn't a New York Yankees for the 21st installment of "The Amazing Race." Abbie & Ryan thought they were going to be, but multiple travel gaffes in Germany sent them packing. Several teams won a couple Legs. One team won three Legs. But if you want to talk about the importance of finishing strong, the teams in this season's "Amazing Race" Top 3 finished 10th, 9th and 7th in the season-opening Leg. So maybe the final results on Sunday (December 9) night were appropriate. If no team was going to be able to win "The Amazing Race" and claim unquestioned supremacy, maybe this was exactly the correct result for this season.
More after the break...
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<p>Carter's torch is snuffed on &quot;Survivor: Philippines&quot;</p>

Carter's torch is snuffed on "Survivor: Philippines"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Carter Williams talks 'Survivor: Philippines'

The latest booted contestant discusses playing with heart versus head
We've reached a "Survivor" Final 5 full of big personalities, including likable perpetual target Malcolm, analytical Denise, conscience-driven former child star Lisa, accident-prone returning favorite Skupin and hissable villain Abi.
And then there was Carter Williams. To be polite, we'll call Carter "enigmatic." On one hand virtually incapable of stringing together enough sentences for talking head segments and rarely at the center of strategic negotiations, Carter began to emerge as a threat in recent weeks due to his strong challenge play and his apparent friendship with all remaining contestants.
On Wednesday (December 5) night's "Survivor: Philippines," the rest of the Top 5 decided that Carter was such a threat that getting rid of him was worth spending additional days in the wilderness with Abi. This came despite Carter's attempts to convince his competition that they should want to go to the end against the best players, not Abi.
In his exit interview, Carter discusses his regrets in the game, his decision to lay back and not take a leadership role and his hypothetical path to victory had he remained in the game.
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<p>Carly Rose Sonenclar of &quot;The X Factor&quot;</p>

Carly Rose Sonenclar of "The X Factor"

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Top 6 Results - Two eliminations plus Ke$ha performs

Last year's winner, Melanie Amaro, also drops by

We're getting closer to the end on "The X Factor." Tonight? We eliminate two more singers and cut down to what the show is calling The Semifinals. 

We'll also enjoy performances by Melanie Amaro and Ke$ha. Or we'll try to enjoy them. 

Click through for the full results live-blog!

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<p>The &quot;Survivor: Philippines&quot; Top 6</p>

The "Survivor: Philippines" Top 6

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Philippines' - 'Shot Into Smithereens'

Family members come to visit and God is invoked for assistance
Pre-credit sequence. I miss Penner. Dangrayne -- Now we know the origin of that name -- returns to camp in the aftermath. Abi says it's clear to her now that Skupin, Blair Warner, Malcolm and Denise have a Top 4 alliance. Yes, Abi. It's "clear" to you because Jonathan Penner told you EXACTLY THAT. You're not Sherlock Holmes. Abi does, however, begin feeding Carter's insecurities about not being part of that alliance and reminds him of the Imaginary Immunity Idol she "found" last week. Blair Warner thinks Penner is correct about the quality of Malcolm's game, so she knows that going to the end with Malcolm and Denise might be a mistake. However, if we know anything about Blair Warner, it's that she likes to be true to her word. Also, she's not good at this game.
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<p>&nbsp;Fifth Harmony of &quot;The X Factor&quot;</p>

 Fifth Harmony of "The X Factor"

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Top 6 - Unplugged Performances

The contestants sing a second song affiliated with a soft drink

"The X Factor" lost a bit of talent last week with the eliminations of Vino Alan and Paige Thomas. I doubt that either singer is going to become an international superstar, but until Cece Frey goes home, every "X Factor" elimination will be a minor injustice. 

That means we're down to the Top 5 + Cece Frey.

Click through for the full recap of Wednesday's (December 5) telecast...

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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 159

Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 159

Dan and Alan talk 'Walking Dead,' 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Boy Meets World'


Happy Monday, Boys & Girls.
Not much is new this week, but it's still a busy week on The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. In addition to reviewing a new 30 For 30 doc, talking about the finales of "The Walking Dead" and "Boardwalk Empire" and unpacking a frustrating episode of "Homeland," we also answered four pieces of Listener Mail, including our much-anticipated discussion of "Girl Meets World." You're welcome!
Oh and as we mentioned in the podcast, this week's opening music is "Tell Me," the first song on the new album by Numbers and Letters, fronted by HitFix's Katie Hasty. Woot! Download the song here.
And here's today's breakdown:
"You Don't Know Bo" (00:01:15 - 00:10:10)
Listener Mail - Young performers and the Emmys (00:10:30 - 00:21:15)
Listener Mail - "Girl Meets World" (00:21:15 - 00:32:30)
Listener Mail - "Under the Dome" (00:32:40 - 00:37:10)
Listener Mail - Slow-playing cancellations (00:37:15 - 00:44:15)
"Boardwalk Empire" (00:44:30 - 00:59:20)
"The Walking Dead" (00:59:20 - 01:09:58)
"Homeland" (01:10:00 - 00:1:24:15)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed.] 

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.

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<p>The Beekman Boys</p>

The Beekman Boys

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Not a Well-Rounded Athlete'

The teams take the long way to Spain as the finale looms
We all did the math on this one, didn't we?
There was one Non-Elimination Leg that saved The Beekmans.
There was a second Non-Elimination Leg that [briefly] saved the Rockers.
And the "Amazing Race" season had only two episodes remaining. 
Yes, I suppose it's *possible* that next Sunday's two-hour finale could have included a Non-Elimination Leg, but we've already had one in-episode NEL this season, plus you need to have some achievement/milestone to keep people watching a two-hour finale -- Heck, "Survivor" seems to save a half-dozen eliminations for the finale each season.
So... Yeah. That was inevitable and mostly not worth discussing.
A truly uninspired recap of a truly uninspired "Amazing Race" episode after the break.
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