10) Leslie Hope is coming and she's a "badass." We're going to be exploring other republics, including Georgia, which is governed by President Foster, played by Leslie Hope. She has "her own management style." Kripke compared the ability to delve into other kingdoms to "Game of Thrones." We're fine with that.
9) Eric Kripke is really, really, really stoked the show got to use Led Zeppelin. "Sometimes you have moments where you're like, 'I have the coolest f***ing job in the world,'" Kripke says, recalling the efforts to coordinate song usage with Led Zeppelin's "people." He particular recalls a particular conversation. "They called me and they're like, 'Good news. Robert and Jimmy saw the episode. They're in.' And I was like, 'Are you telling me Led Zeppelin watched my show?'" Kripke, who insists that the songs complemented the episode well, says "I'm so obsessed with that band, to an unhealthy degree."
8) Nobody has been hospitalized. Yes, "Revolution" features a lot of stunts and action scenes and so far, the cast has been surprisingly injury-free. "No one's been to the hospital. Everyone's been safe," Giancarlo Esposito said, as all of the producers started frantically knocking on wood and narrating ways in which these quotes will be played back ironically if something bad happens this week. 
7) J.J. Abrams has the genre special sauce, unless he doesn't. The moderator giddily complimented Abrams on having the "genre special sauce" for doing things right. "Have you seen 'Undercovers'?" Abrams asked. [He quickly backtracked and swore, "I love all the people involved in that show."] "You never know what really what the answer is to anything except 'What makes you feel?' The only thing that I think comes close to a litmus test for me in terms of what might work is if it actually makes me feel something," Abrams says.
6) J.J. Abrams has a chocolate river, unless he doesn't. Jon Favreau was wooed to direct the pilot through his desire to work with J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot. As he put it: "To be able to play in that Willy Wonka's chocolate factory that they have over there in Santa Monica was great from just being a guy who gets to go to the parties there to a guy who actually gets to drink the chocolate milk out of the river..." I can't be sure that he is being literal, but you can't be sure that he's not.
5) The webisodes aren't unimportant. Part of how "Revolution" has attempted to keep fans engaged during this long, long, long break is with webisodes featuring Giancarlo Esposito and David Lyons. The first of the webisodes just premiered and don't go thinking this is just filler. Kripke says that anything that happens in the webisodes is part of the show's core mythology and that they're character-developing. Esposito insisted the webisodes are some of his favorite moments yet. So... watch. If you care.
4) They have J.J. Abrams-affiliated dream casting for a President. "We want Jennifer Garner to be President Affleck," Kripke said. He was joking. I'm not sure why he was joking. Why wouldn't Jennifer Garner be open to reuniting with her "Alias" chum if it were a limited arc with a juicy character angle? I get that she's obviously limiting her acting choices while she raises a family and concentrates on a few films and whatnot. But I still don't see why for a three-episode arc or something she would be such pie-in-the-sky casting that they'd joke about it, rather than just going out and getting her. 
3) Tracy Spirodakos falls down a lot. Asked about pranks or funny things on-set, Spiradakos and Alonso hinted that they have a developing prank, but nobody volunteered anything else hilarious. "I tend to trip a lot. That's probably the biggest amusing that we have on-set," Spiradakos admitted. She added, "Walking. The ground just hates me." 
2) Props to April Webster. Casting directors never get to be on the stage during Comic-Con or PaleyFest panels, but I always enjoy when they get recognition from the people on the stage, so kudos to Billy Burke for spotting April Webster in the crowd and saluting her. "I want to recognize her and thank her for bringing us all together," Burke notes. "It's a little stupid how much we all dig each other. We're having the greatest time making this show...It's a very physically and tough show to make, and we work very long hours, but most of us, all of us, wouldn't have it any other way, I think. We're really loving it."
1) In the event of a pending disaster, invite Tracy Spiridakos for fun, Daniella Alonso for practicality. As Hurricane Sandy was heading toward their North Carolina set, Alonso went out to the store at two in the morning and loaded up with batteries and flashlights and food and water and the person at checkout said that Spiridakos had just been in, but had purchased only one thing: A bottle of wine. We all have different survival mechanisms, eh?


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