<p>Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tone Bell of NBC&#39;s &quot;People Are Talking&quot;</p>

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tone Bell of NBC's "People Are Talking"

Credit: NBC

Comedy 'People Are Talking' gets an NBC series order

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Meaghan Rath, Tone Bell and Bresha Webb star

Adding to its growing haul of new shows for the 2015-2016 season, NBC has given a series order to "People Are Talking," the network's first new comedy order of the spring.

"People Are Talking" comes from writer DJ Nash and executive producer Will Packer ("Ride Along") and the multi-cam pilot was directed by "How I Met Your Mother" veteran Pamela Fryman.

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<p>The latest &quot;Criminal Minds&quot; finale</p>

The latest "Criminal Minds" finale

Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: Rising 'Criminal Minds' finale, 'Black-is' aid Wednesday split

'Law & Order: SVU' and 'Chicago PD' drop without a crossover

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

"Criminal Minds" had its lowest-rated season finale ever, but still grew week-to-week and ranked as Wednesday's most watched show, helping CBS to an overall win for the night. A solid rise for "Black-ish," meanwhile, played a big part in ABC's won among young viewers.

Not surprisingly, the week's biggest droppers were "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Chicago PD," which were both highly inflated by last week's crossover event.

Also dropping on Wednesday were ABC's "The Middle" and "The Goldbergs," FOX's "American Idol" and "The Mysteries of Laura," which slipped below The Mulaney Line to a 0.9 key demo rating.

"Arrow" had a tiny key demo bump, while "Survivor" added a couple viewers.

Let's get to the numbers...

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<p>Remember Natalie from &quot;Survivor&quot;?</p>

Remember Natalie from "Survivor"?

Credit: CBS

'Survivor' unveils 32 candidates for 'Second Chance' season

The Top 20 votegetters will star in Season 31 next fall

Rather than selecting returning players unilaterally and listening to fans complain about the latest return for Rupert or a confusing return for a castaway even superfans don't remember, "Survivor" has left the decision somewhat up to America to determine the 20 castaways for Season 31.

On Wednesday (May 6) at the end of the latest episode of the less-than-lackluster "Survivor: Worlds Apart," CBS formally announced what had long been rumored across the Interwebs. 

There are 32 candidates up for the "Second Chance" season. As the word "second" implies, this season will only be open to one-time former players who didn't win, so all of your Hantzes and Ruperts are out. Thank God.

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<p>Rodney of &quot;Survivor: Worlds Apart&quot;</p>

Rodney of "Survivor: Worlds Apart"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Worlds Apart' - 'Holding on For Dear Life'

How far would one man go to have his birthday properly celebrated?

Pre-credit sequence. Shirin is gone, but thanks to Mike, last week's Tribal had some amusement and it's time to see what the ripples are. Everybody's trying to figure out who voted for who, with Mike cackling all the way. The Six go off into the jungle to scramble, which Mike loves, even if he wasn't invited. He knows he's safe with his Idol, so The Six will have to cannibalize. Dan is ranting and raving about knowing it was a bluff, while Tyler is trying to lecture Dan on basic strategy. "It's fine," Dan says, putting his hand on Tyler's chest in a threatening manner. Clueless Will is trying to explain to Dan why he voted for him and Dan also reassures him, in a Low-Rent Godfather kinda way. "I don't have too many lifelines remaining," Tyler says, vowing to vote for Dan again if he needs to.

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<p>&quot;The Mindy Project&quot;</p>

"The Mindy Project"

Credit: FOX

Developing: 'The Mindy Project' is out at FOX, but...

Hulu could prove to be the white knight for Mindy Kaling's comedy

Don't freak out "Mindy Project" fans, but the low-rated and [in some small circles] adored comedy will not be back on FOX for a fourth season.

I say "don't freak out," because although "The Mindy Project" has been cancelled by its original network, I'm hearing that conversations are taking place with Hulu about a multi-season renewal.

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<p>The &quot;American Idol&quot; Season 14 Top 4</p>

The "American Idol" Season 14 Top 4

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Season 14 - Performances, Hometown Visits and Elimination

A jam-packed episode lets the judges, Scott Borchetta and the Idols choose

After last week's screwy episode, all bets are off on how Wednesday's (May 6) episode of "American Idol" will handle its performances and its elimination.

In theory, we've got three performances coming up from each contestant tonight, but will we get three performances from the Top 3 following a mid-show elimination? If that's the case, does that mean that one contestant will have gotten the visit home, but will still be booted without singing thrice? Or will we have 12 performances and four Hometown Visit clip packages, even though one singer was effectively a Dead Idol Walking on that visit, having already been eliminated by the voting, even if they didn't know it?

I have no clue. 

Click through and follow along as I inevitably become increasingly frustrated and eventually angry...

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<p>Rose McIver of &quot;iZombie&quot;</p>

Rose McIver of "iZombie"

Credit: The CW

Brainy CW renews 'iZombie' for Season 2

Rose McIver midseason dramedy has retained decently out of 'The Flash'

The CW already had very few shows on the bubble with upfronts looming next week and now the network has one fewer.

As was fully expected, The CW has picked up "iZombie" for Season 2, joining a daunting number of shows already renewed for next year. With so much inventory, The CW is not announcing an episode order or return timetable for the DC Comics adaptation.

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<p>Melissa Benoist as &quot;Supergirl&quot;</p>

Melissa Benoist as "Supergirl"

Credit: CBS/WBTV

'Supergirl' takes flight to CBS series order

Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Zor-El

It's not a surprise, but CBS has given a formal series order to "Supergirl," which will take its place somewhere on the network's 2015-2016 schedule, to be announced next week.

"Glee" and "Whiplash" veteran Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Zor-El, 24-year-old exile from the destroyed Krypton. She's only begun to recognize and embrace her superhuman abilities and embark on a career in heroism, much like her more famous cousin.

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<p>Brent Morin and Ed Sheeran on the live &quot;Undateable&quot;</p>

Brent Morin and Ed Sheeran on the live "Undateable"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: Small 'Undateable' live uptick, but 'NCIS' tops 'Voice' on Tuesday

'New Girl' finale rises, 'Person of Interest' finale falls

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

An hour-long live episode of "Undateable" got a small uptick among young viewers as NBC split Tuesday night in the key demo, with CBS staging its regular Tuesday domination overall, led by "NCIS."

Despite much hype and high-profile guest stars, the "Undateable" event actually lost viewers week-to-week, but that was more a product of the continued late-season swoon for NBC's "The Voice."

"The Voice" hit a series low on Tuesday, as did CBS' finale for "Person of Interest."

Among other Tuesday notables, ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." ticked up, as did FOX's "New Girl" finale, while The CW's "The Flash" was down a tiny bit. All changes were pretty cosmetic.

Let's get to the numbers...

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<p>Lamorne Morris of &quot;New Girl&quot;</p>

Lamorne Morris of "New Girl"

Credit: FOX

'New Girl' Season 4 finale is all about refusing to make a 'Clean Break'

One character says good-bye and the writers generate deja vu

I write about "New Girl" only under two circumstances: When Sepinwall is hospitalized or when Sepinwall is on vacation. And even then, I still only write about "New Girl" under two circumstances: When it's a premiere or a finale and therefore there are plot points that maybe could stand some discussion.

Fortunately, Sepinwall is on vacation and, at least so far as I know -- Knock wood! -- his health is fine.

However, Tuesday (May 5) night marked the fourth season finale for "New Girl," so I guess "Clean Break" is as good a time as any to write a few words about the state of "New Girl."

"Clean Break." 

As it says above, "Clean Break" is the title of the finale. It's not "Clean, Shaven," as I initially typed, because "Clean, Shaven" is an intense film from recently prolific cable TV helmer Lodge Kerrigan, featuring a marvelous performance by Peter Greene. I mention this because rewatching the "Justified" pilot a couple weeks ago was a reminder of just how great Peter Greene is as an actor and how I wish that people weren't -- for perfectly good reasons -- terrified to employ him. In our era of cable TV anti-heroes, Peter Greene should have Emmys. I also mention this because at some point during this write-up, I'm going to type "Clean, Shaven" instead of "Clean Break" and I won't notice. Apologies in advance.

So yeah, the "New Girl" finale was called "Clean Break," but only because that was shorter than the "Birdman"-esque title "Clean Break: A Meditation On Why Some People Think This Show Needs To Move Forward, But We're Never Going To Move Forward And That's OK, Right?"

Let's talk a bit about "New Girl," eh? After the [clean] break, with spoilers for "Clean Break"...

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