<p>It's Lyric 145!</p>

It's Lyric 145!

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Performances - Top 12... Or More?

Would it be another week of raves for Emblem 3 or would somebody else steal the spotlight?

When last we dropped in on "The X Factor," we were saying farewell to Willie Jones, Sister C, David Correy and Diamond White. We'll see if we miss those four.

We were also saying farewell to whatever awful name "The X Factor" gave to The Lylas after their original name didn't clear. There was a promise that an online contest would determine the new moniker. We'll see how that went.

Click through for the full live-blog/recap of Wednesday's (November 7) performances from the "X Factor" Top 12...

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'Skyfall' stars Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe offer alternatives to being called 'Bond Girls'

'Skyfall' stars Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe offer alternatives to being called 'Bond Girls'

How are these 'Bond Beasts' different from past Bond Girls?
NEW YORK CITY - In "Skyfall," Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe play variations on what have typically been called "Bond Girls," since Ursula Andress rose from the sea in "Dr. No." 
Of course, with James Bond turning 50 this year and a whole new generation of filmmakers and audiences discovering and embracing the franchise, perhaps it's time for some new nomenclature. 
"I would prefer Bond Woman rather than 'Girl,'" laughed Harris when we spoke in New York City a few weeks ago. 
Marlohe offered a playfully different version, saying "I love 'Bond Girl,' but I would prefer 'Bond Beast.'" 
In our conversation, Harris and Marlohe explain how Eve and Severine from "Skyfall" aren't typical Bond Girls, no matter what you choose to call them. They also discuss the importance of Daniel Craig in setting the on-set tone as Ambassador of James Bond.
"Skyfall" opens domestically on Friday, November 9. You can also check out my interviews with Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench and Javier Bardem.
<p>Rob and Kelley of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Rob and Kelley of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Rob & Kelley talk 'The Amazing Race'

Team Monster Truck doesn't think highly of money-stealers
On "The Amazing Race" a couple weeks back, Monster Trucker Rob French blamed a local Bangladeshi riverboat captain for costing his pairing the million dollar prize due to a faulty end-of-Leg delivery.
Rob spoke too soon. The transportation screw-up only cost Rob & Kelley one place in that particular Leg.
It was a different travel gaffe, this one self-inflicted, that officially ended things for Rob & Kelley. On an early morning in Istanbul, they were the only team to take the Metro to a clue marker, eschewing taxi cabs for fear of traffic congestion. Had there been gridlock in Istanbul that day, Rob & Kelley would have been the beneficiaries of that decision. Instead, they spent a full episode lagging in last place, unable to make up enough time to recover.
"[W]e were all good with getting eliminated, but when we saw that last night, it pretty much upset us, because we felt that they didn't get what was due them," Rob told me when we spoke on Monday morning.
Both Rob and Kelley expressed disappointment that Natalie & Nadiya and Trey & Lexi weren't penalized in any way for pocketing $100 belonging to Mark & Abba, an appropriation of funds that left The Rockers begging for cash in the streets of Bangladesh. They also seemed rather unimpressed that Beekmans Josh & Brent received a penalty that amounted to eating an ice cream cone.
Of course, Rob & Kelley were mostly full of praise for Josh & Brent, who they bonded with along the Race. In the exit interview, they discuss their lone wolf strategy, their Istanbul travel strategy and why they felt like underdogs.
Click through...
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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 156

Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 156

Dan and Alan talk 'Witness,' 'Wedding Band,' 'Walking Dead' and more


Happy Tuesday, Boys & Girls!
Due to Hurricane Sandy, we [Sepinwall in particular] were off the grid last week and then, after we settled in and recorded a half-hour of a podcast yesterday, we [Sepinwall, really] got power back and the migration led to a one-day delay.
That means that the podcast begins with a review of HBO's "Witness," which actually premiered on MONDAY night. It's very good, though, and we recommend you watch it in some form or another, so it's OK. 
We also talked about TBS' "The Wedding Band," revisited ABC's "Nashville" and "Last Resort" and had spoiler-heavy discussion of both "The Walking Dead" and two weeks of "Homeland."
And, somewhere in the middle, we talked about NBC's midseason schedule and plans to revamp "Up All Night." So it was a busy podcast.
Here's the breakdown:
"Witness" (00:01:55 - 00:11:05)
"The Wedding Band" (00:11:05 - 00:23:25)
NBC's Midseason Schedule (00:23:25 - 00:37:30)
"Nashville" (00:37:30 - 00:44:15)
"Last Resort" (00:44:20 - 00:52:05)
"The Walking Dead" (00:52:20 - 01:10:30)
"Homeland" (01:10:30 - 01:31:30)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed.] 

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.

'Skyfall' star Javier Bardem explains his hesitation to face off against James Bond

'Skyfall' star Javier Bardem explains his hesitation to face off against James Bond

Oscar winner also notes how Silva and Anton Chigurh are different
NEW YORK CITY - It's no surprise that Javier Bardem, an Oscar winner for crafting one of the past decade's most memorable villains, has been able to return to the dark side with such success in "Skyfall."
As Silva, James Bond's newest deadly adversary, Bardem creates such an indelible impression that he towers over a movie he doesn't enter until roughly an hour in.
I sat down with the "No Country For Old Men" star in New York City last month and he admitted his early misgivings about taking on the "Skyfall" role.
"When I feel that I'm really attracted to some material, then I start to feel insecure," admits Bardem, who credits director Sam Mendes with convincing him to sign on.
Bardem also discusses the key difference between Anton Chigurh and his new character.
"In 'No Country For Old Men' it was an iconic, symbolic idea of fate -- bad fate, horrible fate and violence. There was no humanity behind that. In this case, it's a human being. It's a person," he explains.
In the interview, Bardem also touches on Silva's distinctive look and the important of making sure that in addition to being terrified, he's also quite funny.
"Skyfall" opens domestically on Friday, November 9. You can also check out my interviews with Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench.
<p>Jeff Probst snuffs RC's torch on &quot;Survivor: Philippines&quot;</p>

Jeff Probst snuffs RC's torch on "Survivor: Philippines"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Roberta 'RC' Saint-Amour talks 'Survivor: Philippines'

RC offers her suggestion on why Abi hated her so much
Apologies for the slow posting of this week's "Survivor: Philippines" exit interview with Roberta Saint-Amour. She's New York-based and as of Monday morning, she still didn't have power after Hurricane Sandy, so I'm grateful she was able to make the time.
And you can be forgiven if you don't have a clue who "Roberta Saint-Amour" is. Just as Dawson turned out to be "Sarah Dawson," Roberta Saint-Amour is the not-so-secret identity for the "Survivor" contestant we've come to know as RC in recent weeks.
RC became the first member of the undefeated Tandang tribe to be sent home when, on last Wednesday's episode, Jeff Kent decided it was more important to try to vote Jonathan Penner out of the game than to sick with the alliance that took him to the Merge.
Yeah. We still don't get it either. 
It was fitting that Jeff Kent's voting decision doomed RC, since he was driven by anti-returning player rage, while RC had been left with only a returning player, Mike Skupin, as an ally after Pete conspired to dupe Abi into turning Tandang against her in the early days.
Yeah. We still don't get that either.
In her exit interview, RC discusses her relationship with Abi, Pete's pro-chaos strategy and why she wasn't worried about aligning with a returning player.
Click through for the full interview...
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'Skyfall' star Judi Dench enjoyed going to 'the ammunition shed' for the new James Bond adventure

'Skyfall' star Judi Dench enjoyed going to 'the ammunition shed' for the new James Bond adventure

Oscar-winning Dame discusses reuniting with Sam Mendes
NEW YORK CITY - For yours, Dame Judi Dench has been a piece of ornate detailing on the sports car that is the James Bond franchise.
In her first six stints as 007's boss M, Dench typically appeared exactly enough to remind you that the series was employing one of the world's great  actors, but rarely enough to entirely justify the participation of the Oscar-winning icon. She's been decoration with Shakespearean training.
That's not the case in "Skyfall."
In the newest James Bond adventure, Dench's M is front-and-center, particularly in the film's second half, which almost becomes a Bond & M buddy caper. Because M has ties with Javier Bardem's Silva, "Skyfall" offers perhaps our first real examination of the powerful woman's past and lets her be part of the action in the present.
A couple weeks ago, I sat down with Dench in New York City to discuss her enhanced "Skyfall" profile, as well as the opportunity to reunite with Sam Mendes. The Dame also offers a tantalizing tease on her favorite part of playing this version of M. 
It's been raking in money overseas for weeks, but "Skyfall" finally opens in domestic theaters on Friday, November 9. [And check out my interview with "Skyfall" star Daniel Craig.]
<p>Trey and Lexi of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Trey and Lexi of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Get Your Sexy On'

The teams get competitively pampered in Istanbul
"Amazing Race" Pro-Tip: If flying a long distance to a foreign country, whenever possible attempt to find out the traffic patterns in your destination city. It's not hard. On an airplane, walk up and down the aisles saying, "Is anybody here from Istanbul? What's morning congestion like?" 
That's about all there is to say about Sunday (November 4) night's episode of "The Amazing Race."
Once we get that out of the way, I'm only going to get into pointless moralizing tips like, "Yo. Don't steal." 
Why should either of these tips be necessary?
Dunno. But we'll discuss after the break...
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'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson looks back on 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' and at his future

'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson looks back on 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' and at his future

Did he enjoy playing a more even-keel Edward Cullen?
On Saturday (November 3), I posted my video interview with "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" star Kristen Stewart, who discussed animalistic Vampire Bella, as well as her bond with co-star Mackenzie Foy. 
For Sunday, it's on to Robert Pattinson, who appears for the fifth and final time as Edward Cullen. After four films of worrying about Bella's mortality and her future, this is a more easy-going Edward in the fifth movie. Yes, he's still got some pretty dramatic concerns in the form of the arrival of the fearsome Volturri, but he also gets to be a content husband and a playful father, a transition Pattinson talks about her. 
I tried to phrase the obligatory "nostalgia" question in a slightly different way from the way other reporters might have been doing. I'm not sure if I succeeded and, with a very brief interview window, I probably dwelled on it a bit too much. Apologies!
And, finally, Pattinson discusses the future and the projects he's done between "Twilight" movies and the films he hopes to do going forward.
Check out the full interview above, don't forget to watch the Kristen Stewart interview and look back the week of November 16 for five more interviews with folks like director Bill Condon, hilarious co-star Michael Sheen and, of course, Taylor Lautner. 
'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart discusses beating up Taylor Lautner in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart discusses beating up Taylor Lautner in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

K-Stew also talks Vampire Bella and working with Mackenzie Foy
On Friday (November 2) afternoon in Beverly Hills, I sat down with seven of the stars of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," as well as director Bill Condon, to discuss the final installment of the blockbuster vampire franchise.
The interviews will be posted over the next two weeks leading up to the November 16 premiere, kicking off with Kristen Stewart, whose Bella has finally become the series' newest bloodsucker.
In the conversation, Stewart discusses her joy at getting to whale on co-star Taylor Lautner, the development of the initially animalistic Vampire Bella and her relationship with young Mackenzie Foy, one of the new cast's new additions playing Renesmee.
As an actress who got started in the business at a very early age, I found Stewart's response to Foy particularly interesting. 
Check back tomorrow for my interview with Robert Pattinson and then chats with Lautner, Condon, Michael Sheen, Nikki Reed & Elizabeth Reaser and Jackson Rathbone & Kellan Lutz. 
And check out the full interview above.