<p>Joshua Jackson</p>

Joshua Jackson

'Fringe' star Joshua Jackson talks Peter's evolution and the final season

Why wasn't he reduced to tears on the Comic-Con panel?
SAN DIEGO - Ah, Comic-Con interviews, the gift that keeps on giving.
You've already seen my Comic-Con interviews with Anna Torv and John Noble, which followed the emotional Hall H panel for FOX's "Fringe." At that panel, Torv and Jasika Nicole were moved to tears discussing the Astrid-heavy "Making Angels" episode from last season, setting off a chain reaction that left Lance Reddick choked up.
In the press room after the panel, Joshua Jackson and I discussed his lack of tears on the panel, but we also discussed his hopes for the fifth and final season of the FOX cult favorite, including a discussion of how Peter Bishop has evolved since the pilot.
Check out this interview and I think my interviews with Reddick and showrunner J.H. Wyman may be coming tonight.
"Fringe," of course, returns to FOX on Friday, September 28.
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<p>The cast of &quot;Fringe&quot;</p>

The cast of "Fringe"

Credit: FOX

Press Tour 2012 Live-Blog: FOX's 'Fringe'

Has anything changed since the 'Fringe' cast was at Comic-Con last week?

BEVERLY HILLS - If it seems to you like I just live-blogged a "Fringe" final season panel just a day or two ago, you're close to right. 

It's only been eight days since the tear-filled "Fringe" farewell at San Diego's Comic-Con.

Now? It's time for "Fringe" to say good-bye to the Television Critics Association press tour. 

We won't cry.

Of course, we won't have Jasika Nicole on this panel to reduce everybody to tears.

Click through for the full report...

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<p>Kevin Reilly</p>

Kevin Reilly

Credit: FOX

Press Tour 2012 Live-Blog: FOX Executive Session with Kevin Reilly

Will there be big 'Idol' announcements? Of course not, silly...

BEVERLY HILLS - By delaying FOX's Executive Session for mid-morning, we've already gotten a teaser of things to come when "Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said that he was still in negotiations for next season and hinted that Jennifer Lopez is only 99 percent likely to leave. In short: Expect no concrete answers on the "Idol" front from FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly.

But will he say? Click through...

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<p>Brendan Coyle</p>

Brendan Coyle

Credit: PBS

Interview: Brendan Coyle talks 'Downton Abbey' Season 3

What's next for the imprisoned Bates and more
BEVERLY HILLS - "You have excellent taste," Brendan Coyle tells me as we conclude our interview overlooking the pool at the Beverly Hilton. 
The words sound familiar, coming from an actor who has become best known Stateside for playing emotionally tortured, physically hobbled, pathologically noble and expertly obsequious Mr. Bates on PBS' "Downton Abbey." 
Of course, in this case, Coyle's words come with a wink, because I've just realized that he was one of the stars of the West End production of "The Weir," which I saw and loved in London shortly after its 1997 premiere. At the time, I didn't know Coyle or his co-star Michelle Fairley, now of HBO's "Game of Thrones." Now, 14-plus years later, I've taken the opportunity for a retroactive compliment for what happens to be a favorite project for Coyle as well.
Actually, other than his consummate politeness, Coyle seems very little like Mr. Bates. He dresses nattily, walks without a limp and -- and this will seem almost unfathomable for "Downton Abbey" fans -- he frequently smiles.
I got very few spoilers out of Coyle in our brief chat. 
I know that Mr. Bates will spend some/much of Season Three in prison. But I don't know how much, exactly. 
I also know that he knows what happened with Vera, the horrible late Mrs. Bates, but I don't know what he knows.
Click through for the full conversation...
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<p>The Season 2 cast of &quot;Downton Abbey&quot;</p>

The Season 2 cast of "Downton Abbey"

Credit: PBS

Press Tour 2012 Live-Blog: PBS' 'Downton Abbey'

Julian Fellowes and stars tease Season 3 for the Emmy favorite

"Downton Abbey" was already a moderate-sized phenomenon last July when we got our Season 2-previewing Television Critics Association press tour panel last summer. That was a big deal, but it's nothing compared to the build-up for Saturday's (July 21) TCA panel, which is the centerpiece of PBS' weekend, with a panel, an associated buffet dinner and a subsequent reception. 

I already had a 10-minute sit-down with Brendan "Mr. Bates!" Coyle earlier this afternoon and I'll post that soon.

But here's the live-blog from the panel, which features creator Julian Fellowes, as well as many of the show's stars.

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Watch: 'Fringe' star John Noble discusses his Season 5 acting choices

Watch: 'Fringe' star John Noble discusses his Season 5 acting choices

How hard will it be for Noble to top Walter Bishop in future roles?
SAN DIEGO - I've mentioned this before, but if John Noble isn't HitFix's Most Interviewed Man, he's very close.
I've done four or five video interviews with the "Fringe" star over the years, plus at least one long interview on the show's Vancouver set, where John Noble and I shared a key scene together in the Season 3 episode " Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?"
On the list of contemplative, generous and sage interview subjects, Noble has to rank somewhere near the top. He's always given Walter Bishop and all of his incarnations an astounding amount of thought and anybody who thinks Noble's interest in the dimension-bending realities of "Fringe" is just an act has never tuned in to Science Channel's "Dark Matters." He truly relishes the nuances that "Fringe" has allowed him to explore.
Last weekend at San Diego's Comic-Con, I caught up with Noble after the final "Fringe" panel, a standing-room-only affair in front of 6000 passionate fans in Hall H. It's no wonder that the actor was, in his words, "numb" after the emotional experience.
In our four-plus minute conversation, Noble discusses the choices he's facing for the 13-episode fifth season, set largely in the future introduced in the "Letters of Transit" episode. He also discusses the particular challenge he's facing looking forward to life after "Fringe."
You've already seen my interview with Anna Torv, but hopefully my chats with J.H. Wyman, Joshua Jackson and Lance Reddick will also be posting in the days to come.
"Fringe" returns to FOX on Friday, September 28.
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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 139

Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 139

Dan and Alan talk Emmys, 'Sullivan & Sons,' 'Breaking Bad' and more


Happy Thursday, Boys & Girls. 
It's time for a special Emmy-heavy installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
Just in case you haven't read my Winners & Losers gallery or read Sepinwall's reactions, we chatter for more than 35 minutes in celebration of Kathy Bates, random "Downton Abbey" supporting players and the absurd notion that "American Horror Story" is a movie or miniseries.
We also spend a few minutes tearing into TBS' dismal "Sullivan and Son" and then we do our usual "Breaking Bad" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" chatter.
Here's the breakdown:
Emmy Nominations (00:01:40 - 00:38:20)
"Sullivan and Son" (00:38:25 - 00:45:15)
"Breaking Bad" premiere (00:45:25 - 01:04:40)
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (01:04:45 - 01:15:45)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed.] 

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.

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Louis C.K. and Lena Dunham lead Emmy Nomination Winners & Losers

Louis C.K. and Lena Dunham lead Emmy Nomination Winners & Losers

'Justified' and 'Parks and Recreation' are less lucky
Last night, I posted my full slate of Emmy nomination predictions for 10 major categories and then, at 5:40 this morning, I found out how foolish I am.
Actually, I got 44 of 61 nominees in the categories I predicted, which is a respectable 72 percent. I got all six of the Lead Actor Comedy nominees and six of seven Lead Actress Comedy nominees (and I shouldn't be responsible for not anticipating a tie. 
As I guessed last night, one of my mistakes was underestimating the chances for "Downton Abbey." Joanne Froggat was, I believe, the only nominee who I didn't even place in my "Some other notable candidates" slide. Big ooops there. I also assumed xenophobia would give Elizabeth McGovern the advantage over the far more deserving Michelle Dockery, so... Yay!
A lot of the nominees that I missed -- folks like Jared Harris, Kathryn Joosten and Hugh Bonneville -- were relatively high up among contenders, but I know why I didn't predict them.
Anyway... I think that makes me both a Winner and a Loser on Emmy Nomination Morning.
Here's a gallery of other Winners & Losers.
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Predictions for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards
Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

Predictions for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards

All of this summer's Emmy nomination predictions in advance of Thursday's nods
Within 12 hours, all of these predictions for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Award nominations will be moot. Jimmy Kimmel (a late replacement for Nick Offerman) and Kerry Washington will have read their share of the nominees and the TV Academy will have released the rest and we'll all look foolish.
Maybe we'll all look foolish for having underestimated the appeal of "Smash" to the actor-heavy TV Academy, as the NBC musical-drama scooped up 15 nominations, including nods for the guys who played Ellis and Leo. For now, I've only got Anjelica Huston making the cut.
Maybe I'll look foolish for overestimating potential support for "Girls," which I have picking up a Comedy Series nod and a Lead Actress nod for Lena Dunham, but may prove too insular or too "New York" for Emmy voters. 
Maybe we'll all look foolish for not anticipating a "Modern Family" backlash. One of these years, the entire adult cast of the ABC comedy *won't* be nominated for Emmys. I don't think this'll be the year and I've got nominations predicted for everybody, once again. Or maybe this is the year Emmy voters turn on "30 Rock" and boot Tina Fey or Alec Baldwin? I don't think so.
Maybe I'll look foolish for assuming that "Downton Abbey" will build on last year's momentum in the movies/miniseries field and make a strong showing in the drama categories. Or maybe I'll look foolish for not predicting more nominations for "Downton Abbey." 
Anyway, that's why you post prediction lists, either to look brilliant or to look foolish. I'm counting on foolishness.
For my final nomination predictions, I'm sticking with the Top 6 I selected in my epic Emmy handicapping galleries. I stared at the fields for many hours to come up with those galleries and spend thousands of words depending those guesses, so I might as well stand by them, even if I no longer remember the reasons for some of those anticipated nods. Like I know why I like Max Greenfield on "New Girl," but why the heck did I put him at No. 6 in my gallery, rather than Nick Offerman? Or why did I predict that all of the Showtime "comedy" leading ladies were going to drop out of that nomination field? I don't know.
But at 5:40 a.m. Pacific tomorrow morning, we'll get our answers.
Here are the full predictions in the 10 main fields, category-by-category (plus Sepinwall's wish-lists):
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Watch: 'Fringe' star Anna Torv talks Comic-Con emotions and the final season

Watch: 'Fringe' star Anna Torv talks Comic-Con emotions and the final season

How will Olivia handle the 'Letters of Transit' future?
SAN DIEGO - The final Comic-Con panel for FOX's "Fringe" was emotional for the entire cast, with tears coming easily for stars Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and even Lance Reddick. 
In the press room after the panel, Torv was quick to jokingly blame Nicole for her lachrymosity in front of a crowd of 6000 fans. 
We also discussed the biggest news to come out of the Comic-Con panel, which was that the fifth and concluding season of "Fringe" will be largely -- never say "entirely" went it comes to time, space or dimensions on "Fringe" -- set in the 2036 future established in the "Letters of Transit" episode from last spring.
That just happens to have been an episode that didn't include Torv. In our conversation, Torv discusses going out of her way to meet her on-screen future-daughter and what she expects the future is going to mean for Olivia.
Stay tuned in the days to come for my "Fringe" Comic-Con interviews with Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick and showrunner J.H. Wyman (somehow I missed Jasika in the press room tumult).
"Fringe" returns to FOX on Friday, September 28.
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