<p>Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh on the set of &quot;Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit&quot;</p>

Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh on the set of "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"

Credit: Paramount

Kevin Costner brings sun to the set of 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'

'Dances with Wolves' Oscar winner sits down for a wide-ranging chat
LONDON, ENGLAND. Kevin Costner has powers. Eerie powers.
It's October 2012 and a group of reporters is sitting huddle in a pub across the street from both London's Liverpool Station and the building where "Jack Ryan" (later to be "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit") is shooting a scene. Because it's meant to be Moscow, it's appropriate how chilly it is, but the steady rain has left us unable to witness any filming with our own eyes. 
Costner, who plays Jack Ryan's CIA mentor William Harper, isn't in the scene and he wasn't supposed to be on set. 
However, graciously eager to chat, Costner has shown up on his off-day and the second he gets out of his car, the rain stops. 
The sun comes out for Kevin Costner.
"I tell ya, it's one of those universal things sometimes when [the sun] comes out, I think everybody sometimes feels good," Costner says, sitting down. "That's one of the things, there's like universal things, right, with people? Like even like a dick in life, even a really bad guy, I always think that even a bad guy recognizes a good idea. They might stay there and go, "That's a f***ing really good idea," but they know it when they hear it, you know what I mean? There's just something. A good idea is something like an emotion, you just can't keep it in. 'Mmm, that's a good idea, I really like that!'"
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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 216

Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 216

Dan and Alan review 'Intelligence,' 'Killer Women,' 'Girls' and 5 other shows


Happy Monday, Boys & Girls!
We've got so much new stuff premiering this week that we had to reverse the timing for the podcast and the video show. With a ton of stuff premiering on Tuesday, we moved the podcast up to review gems like "Intelligence" and "Killer Women" and whatnot. We have eight reviews in this podcast. That's a lot.
Then tomorrow, we'll do our video show, which will include a Golden Globes preview and a preview of the upcoming TCA press tour, plus reviews of "True Detective," "Enlisted," "Chozen" and "Spoils of Babylon."
Here's today's podcast breakdown:
"Intelligence" (00:02:15 - 00:11:15)
"Killer Women" (00:11:15 - 00:18:00)
"Justified" (00:18:00 - 00:24:30)
"Cougar Town" (00:24:30 - 00:29:30)
"Chicago PD" (00:29:35 - 00:41:45)
"Helix" (00:41:45 - 00:50:45)
"Shameless" (00:50:50 - 00:57:00)
"Girls" (00:57:05 - 01:04:30)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed or subscribe on IHeartRadio.] 

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.


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<p>Director and co-star Kenneth Branagh on the set of &quot;Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit&quot;</p>

Director and co-star Kenneth Branagh on the set of "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"

Credit: Paramount

Set Visit: 'Jack Ryan' team brings Russia to London for franchise reboot

How has Tom Clancy's hero been made current?
LONDON, ENGLAND. It's a late October day in 2012 and a movie called "Maryland" is shooting in the lobby of a Moscow skyscraper.
As the dateline to this story might spoil, we're actually nowhere near Moscow. We're actually directly adjacent to the very British Liverpool Station.
And as the headline to this story might also spoil, "Maryland" is just a dummy title to throw civilians off the scent. The movie that's actually shooting is Paramount's "Jack Ryan," a reintroduction for the eponymous character, who has been previously played by Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford.
On this day, our new Jack Ryan, played by Hollywood's reigning king of the franchise reboot Chris Pine, isn't engaged in any high tech espionage, or at least not in any tradecraft that we can see. The budding intelligence operative is just descending an escalator and a flight of stairs outside of headquarters belonging to villain Viktor Cherevin, played by Kenneth Branagh, who is present, but dressed for his other job as director on the Paramount production. Over and over, Jack Ryan makes his way out of the building, each time seemingly sensing that he's being watched. Each time, he ends up in a mysterious blue van.
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<p>Chris Pine of &quot;Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit&quot;</p>

Chris Pine of "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"

Credit: Paramount

Chris Pine makes Jack Ryan his own on the 'Shadow Recruit' set

What is it like to balance Jack Ryan and Captain Kirk?
LONDON, ENGLAND. Over the past 25 years, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan has been realized on the big screen by a three-headed Cerberus of A-listers, each capturing a different side of the intelligence operative who, through an epic series of convolutions, eventually became the President of the United States, at least on the page.
In "Hunt for Red October," Alec Baldwin was a macho, prime-of-his-life Jack Ryan, facing off with Sean Connery in underwater mayhem.
In "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger," Harrison Ford portrayed an older, wiser Jack Ryan, still capable of kicking butt if required, but better suited for the political side of global intrigue.
In "Sum of All Fears," Ben Affleck was an inexperienced Jack Ryan on the cusp of greater responsibilities, though the shadow of 9/11 made it hard to view that character as anything other than an in-over-his-head tragic figure when the movie opened in 2002.
It's October 2012 and on the London set of "Jack Ryan" (the subtitle "Shadow Recruit" will come later), Jack Ryan is being reborn. Many of us will say he's being rebooted. Heck, I'll say Jack Ryan is being rebooted, but for producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, that's not the preferred nomenclature.
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<p>Seth Rogen guested on Sunday's &quot;The Simpsons&quot;</p>

Seth Rogen guested on Sunday's "The Simpsons"

Credit: FOX

TV Ratings: 49ers-Packers thriller, 'The Simpsons' lead FOX on Sunday

'Revenge,' Jimmy Fallon special also draw solid numbers
Fast National ratings for Sunday, January 5, 2014.
The chilly Wild Card showdown between San Francisco and Green Bay came down to a last minute field goal and carried deep enough into primetime to help FOX win Sunday night in all measures.
With FOX's primetime win inevitable, several other networks spotlighted specials, with NBC's "Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" doing solid demo numbers and ABC's "The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo" finishing close behind. The "Bachelor" special proved a compatible lead-in for "Revenge," which did its best key demo numbers since early October.
Meanwhile, you might have noticed enhanced tweeting around "The Good Wife" without competition on HBO, Showtime or AMC, but that attention wasn't linked to any real ratings growth, as the CBS favorite was down from its last original airing.
On to the numbers...
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<p>Danny Pudi on Thursday's &quot;Community&quot;</p>

Danny Pudi on Thursday's "Community"

Credit: NBC

Ratings Analysis: So-so 'Community' Season 5 return, 'The Assets' tanks

Young male numbers for 'Community' aren't bad, or they aren't awful
I promised a slightly deeper look at the "Community" premiere ratings when Final Live+Same Day numbers came in, but I got bogged down in writing stories for a set visit embargo that lifts on Monday. Apologies for that!
I'm not sure that the numbers are all that thrilling, but click through for the nitty gritty on the fifth season premiere of "Community." Like Nicolas Cage, they are neither good nor bad, at least not inherently.
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<p>Missouri running back Henry Josey</p>

Missouri running back Henry Josey

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Missouri-Oklahoma State Cotton Bowl thriller leads FOX on Friday

'Grimm' is solid, 'Dracula' low for NBC
Fast National ratings for Friday, January 3, 2014.
The competitive Cotton Bowl between Missouri and Oklahoma State was tight into the closing minutes and helped carry FOX to wins on Friday night against repeats on ABC and CBS.
FOX's football game faced limited competition, but NBC got decent numbers for "Grimm," but another weak performance from the return of "Dracula." Over on The CW, "The Carrie Diaries" was slightly above its normal averages, which tends to suggest preemptions of some sort.
On to the numbers...
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<p>Thursday's &quot;The Big Bang Theory&quot;</p>

Thursday's "The Big Bang Theory"

Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: 'Community' returns down, while 'Big Bang Theory' dominates Thursday

ABC's 'The Assets' spies very few viewers in its premiere
Fast National ratings for Thursday, January 2, 2014.
On 2014's first night of largely original programming, "Big Bang Theory" came out strong and dominated Thursday in all measures, carrying CBS to comfortable primetime victories.
Over on NBC, "Community" started its fifth season below last spring's return, but still far above returning numbers for "Sean Saves the World" and "The Michael J. Fox Show," so take that with some grains of salt. 
"Community" also came back with far better demo numbers than the night's other premiere, impressively dismal numbers for ABC's fill-in drama "The Assets."
Depending on timing, I'll probably do further analysis of Thursday's numbers a bit later in the day (or tomorrow morning) when Finals are available.
On to the Fast National numbers...
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First 'Veronica Mars' trailer teases a Piz-Logan-Veronica love triangle and more

First 'Veronica Mars' trailer teases a Piz-Logan-Veronica love triangle and more

Trailer shows where Veronica is now and what brings her to Neptune
Poor Duncan.
I mean... Not really. Nobody cares about Duncan. Still, Duncan Kane is pretty much the only guy in Veronica Mars' life with no chance of ending up with her, unless there's some major twistiness in store this spring from the "Veronica Mars" film, which dropped its first trailer on Thursday (January 2) night.
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<p>The cast of &quot;Modern Family&quot;</p>

The cast of "Modern Family"

Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: 'Criminal Minds,' 'Modern Family' repeats lead New Year's Day Wednesday

It's all repeats all the time to start 2014
Fast National ratings for Wednesday, January 1, 2014.
Perhaps ceding much of the TV audience on 2014's first night to ESPN's college football coverage, all five networks aired full slates of repeats on Wednesday night. While "Modern Family" delivered the biggest audience among young viewers, "Criminal Minds" helped CBS dominate overall and eke out a primetime victory in the key demo.
You'd be hard-pressed to find anything truly notable amongst the repeats --  FOX, for example, continues to get CW-sized audiences for comedy encores -- but maybe ABC could take some minor notes from a "Goldbergs" repeat improving on a "Middle" repeat among young viewers, suggesting plausible compatibility should the network ever want to make an changes.
On to the numbers...
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