Credit: FOX

'Empire' expands for two-part Season 2

Did FOX consider moving 'Empire' to an 8 p.m. slot?

But don't rejoice too much, eh? It's not quite as much bigger as perhaps you might have hoped.

FOX executives announced on Monday (May 11) that Season 2 of "Empire" will expand to 18 episodes, split into two separated half-seasons, up from 12 episodes this spring, but well short of a full network slate of 22.

In a conference call with reporters, FOX brass didn't go into depth on why "18" was the magic number for Season 2 episodes, but there were questions on the decision to keep "Empire" in a 9 p.m. Wednesday slot and how FOX will attempt to keep or build momentum for a show that will presumably return in September after more than six months off the air.

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<p>&quot;The X-Files&quot;</p>

"The X-Files"

Credit: FOX

FOX execs weigh in on 'X-Files' scheduling, the future of '24'

What is Chris Carter's plan for mythology/stand-alone episodes?

The truth about FOX's scheduled return of "The X-Files" was finally out there as of Monday (May 11) morning, but that premiere announcement brought several additional questions with it.

FOX revealed that "The X-Files" will return with a two-night event in January. The first episode will air at 10-ish p.m. after the NFC Championship game on Sunday, January 24. The following night, "The X-Files" will have its time period premiere at 8 p.m. on Monday.

This raised questions about the strategic value of both using that football game as a platform to relaunch what is a very established property, while also simultaneously burning off one-third of the network's inventory of the six-episode limited "X-Files" return.

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<p>Ryan Seacrest and your &quot;American Idol&quot; judges</p>

Ryan Seacrest and your "American Idol" judges

Credit: FOX

'American Idol' will end after Season 15

Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban will return

FOX announced on Monday (May 11) morning that "American Idol" has been renewed for the 2015-16 season, but that next year's installment will be its last.

Per the official FOX release, host Ryan Seacrest and all three current judges -- Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr -- will return to "search for the final 'Idol' superstar and pay tribute to the past 14 seasons of amazingly talented contestants and the millions of fans who tweeted, texted and championed their Idols."

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<p>FOX&#39;s &quot;Minority Report&quot;</p>

FOX's "Minority Report"

Credit: FOX

FOX's 2015-16 Schedule: 'Minority Report' takes Monday, 'X-Files' returns in January

'New Girl' is held for midseason, while 'Sleepy Hollow' is on the move

FOX announced the first part of its 2015-16 schedule on Monday (May 11) morning and even though the network has abandoned its annual tradition of revealing two separate schedules, what we already know is full of interesting tidbits.

A few highlights before we get down to the night-by-night breakdown:

*** "The X-Files" will return with a two night premiere starting after the NFC Championship on Sunday, January 24.

*** "New Girl" is being held for midseason and will air [virtually] uninterrupted in the spring.

*** "Empire" will continue to air at 9 p.m., meaning this season's biggest ratings sensation won't be able to serve as a lead-in for anything new, though FOX hopes a halo effect will benefit "Rosewood."

*** A Tuesday comedy block featuring Rob Lowe and John Stamos suggests a bit of a demographic shift for FOX.

*** Oh and this next season of "American Idol" will be its last. But that's important enough for its own story.

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<p>Tim Allen of &quot;Last Man Standing&quot;</p>

Tim Allen of "Last Man Standing"

Credit: ABC

ABC renews 'Last Man Standing' for Season 5

Tim Allen's Friday comedy will, of course, live again

It's become a little game that ABC plays each spring. In a big burst, the network renews nearly all of its shows and then leaves "Last Man Standing" to sweat it out for a renewal a day or two later.

On one hand, it might be considered mean. On the other hand, by doing it this way, "Last Man Standing" gets a separate renewal story all to itself each year.

As it ever was, so it is again: Two days after ABC issued every other one of its renewals, "Last Man Standing" has been picked up for a fifth season.

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<p>Zachary Levi of &quot;Heroes Reborn&quot;</p>

Zachary Levi of "Heroes Reborn"

Credit: NBC

NBC New Series Images: Naked Jaimie Alexander, Gun-Toting Zachary Levi and Topless Philip Winchester

Check out first images from 'Blindspot,' 'Heroes Reborn, 'Heartbreaker' and more

NBC announced its 2015-16 schedule on Sunday (May 10) morning and also unveiled first-look photos from many of its new shows.

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<p>&quot;American Odyssey&quot;</p>

"American Odyssey"

Credit: NBC

NBC leaves 'American Odyssey,' 'A.D. The Bible Continues' in limbo

No official decision will come before the Sunday dramas finish their seasons

Normally, the announcement of an official primetime schedule for the upcoming season offers final clarity on the fate of all existing shows, but that isn't the case for NBC's "American Odyssey" and "A.D. The Bible Continues."

In the past couple days, NBC has gone through its 2014-2015 schedule dead-weight slashing and burning, saying farewell to dramas like "Constantine" and "State of Affairs" and canceling every existing comedy other than "Undateable."

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<p>Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester of &quot;The Player&quot;</p>

Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester of "The Player"

Credit: NBC

NBC's 2015-16 TV Schedule: 'Blindspot' lands post-'Voice,' 'Heroes Reborn' to Thursday

Jennifer Lopez's 'Shades of Blue,' Eva Longoria's 'Hot & Bothered' will wait for midseason

NBC announced its 2015-16 primetime TV schedule on Sunday (May 10), a schedule that arrived with several key open questions, including:

What will get the benefit of "The Voice" lead-in?

What can be done to save "The Blacklist" in specific and Thursday in general?

Where, if anywhere, will NBC be able to make room for comedy programming?

We now have answers to all three questions.

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<p>Tyler of &quot;Survivor: Worlds Apart&quot;</p>

Tyler of "Survivor: Worlds Apart"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Tyler Fredrickson talks 'Survivor: Worlds Apart'

Ex-talent agent's assistant and professional placekicker discusses his blindside

As so often happens on "Survivor," Tyler Fredrickson seemed well on his way to winning the million bucks, at least until he suddenly wasn't and Jeff Probst was snuffing his torch.

Tyler had weathered a bumpy transition out of the not-wholly-functional White Collar tribe and he found himself in the center of a seemly strong numbers alliance, one that he helped solidify through his tight bond with original tribemate Carolyn. The former Cal Bears kicker and preseason Redskin and Raider was just strong enough that he seemed capable of winning an Individual Immunity or two, but not so dangerous that everybody viewed him as a threat. And in a season of larger-than-life personalities prone to extended shouting matches, he seemed level-headed and quiet. 

Naturally, that was a combination of factors that caused people to start talking about him as the eventual winner and that's the kind of talk that can get you blindsided and on Wednesday's episode, Carolyn led a flip on her old partner and Tyler was sent home.

The way Tyler explains it now, he was actually prepared to flip on Carolyn this week as well, except that she won Individual Immunity and couldn't be touched. He sounds disappointed, though, that he was so surprised to be leaving that he didn't get to stir up some drama as he left.

In his exit interview, Tyler talks about Rodney's birthday, the votes he was expecting were his and his decision to portray himself as an "ex-talent agent's assistant" rather than going into depth on his background.

I wanted to ask Tyler about his role in the Will-Shirin blow-up, but Tyler gave long enough and thoughtful enough answers that I ran out of time. Apologies!

Click through for the full Q&A...

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<p>Ellen DeGeneres</p>

Ellen DeGeneres

Credit: NBC

NBC orders 'Little Big Shots' from Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey

From 'One Big Happy' to 'Little Big Shots' for Ellen

NBC still has "Big" plans for Ellen DeGeneres.

One day after dumping DeGeneres' struggling freshman comedy "One Big Happy," NBC has ordered eight episodes of the comedy/variety show "Little Big Shots" from DeGeneres and Steve Harvey.

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