With the "It" remake currently stumbling towards production, clowns are hot right now. So hot that I am compelled to bring you the trailer for "Badoet," an Indonesian horror film about a clown who murders children (of course!). Here's the synopsis:

“After three children are found tragically dead, a band of college students are forced to conduct an investigation. And that is when terror from a mysterious clown figure starts to mount. Our heroes soon realize that what they are facing is a force that disguises its darkness through laughter—a force so menacing, it will not hesitate to take lives to get what it wants: immortality.”

Watch the trailer below, during which you may ask yourself some of the following questions: Is this just an Indonesian remake of "It," then? Why is the clown being tortured by a room full of doctors? Is this movie going to be bad? Is "Badoet" Indonesian for "clown"? What are the animal welfare laws in Indonesia?

(h/t Bloody Disgusting)

A former contributor to sites including MTV's The Backlot and Bloody-Disgusting, Chris Eggertsen worked in film development before indulging his love of pop culture writing full time. He specializes in horror, the intersection of social issues and entertainment and Howard Stern. He's on Twitter @HitFixChris.