The Miss America pageant had a good idea this year: What if we apologized to that immensely popular, universally adored former Miss America we disgraced in 1983 for basically no reason?

Vanessa Williams acted as a judge in Sunday's 2015 Miss America pageant, which was pretty kind of her. In 1983 the Grammy-, Emmy-, and Tony-nominated star became the first African-American Miss America, but her reign was dashed by a nude photo scandal. Miss America officials reportedly coerced her to resign, and since that dark period she's had a uniformly terrific career (or terrific careers, I should say).

It was satisfying watching her return to the Miss America stage and sing Amy Grant's "Oh How the Years Go By," though for fun's sake I wish she'd busted out that old dance jam "Running Back to You." 

If anyone can make an old-fashioned pageant palatable in 2015, it's Vanessa Williams. Here's hoping we get more pageants that teach contestants to smirk like Wilhelmina Slater