This is one fans of both Star Wars and James Bond will be ogling at on several re-watches.

Every Star Wars installment opens with the iconic yellow title crawl. Now we get to see what Empire Strikes Back’s opening would have looked like if it had an opening à la James Bond films.

Designer Kurt Rauffer created this title sequence for a senior project at New York’s School of Visual Arts. He posted the video online a couple days ago, and online it’s found an audience well beyond his classroom.

It features some iconic images from Empire Strikes Back (and from the first Star Wars film) like the Death Star trench run, Luke’s falling lightsaber, and the icy hills of Hoth — all with a moody, haunting, arty quality.

Rauffer even found a sure way to give the credits sequence a 007 sound without using a song recognizable for its place in the Bond canon: The video features Radiohead’s unused track for Spectre, also titled “Spectre,” which the English group released on Christmas Day last year.

Watch Rauffer’s Empire Strikes Back credits with some mesmerizing graphics below:

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