"The Returned" is returning! No, not A&E's "Returned." Nor ABC's long-dead "Resurrection." "The Returned" coming back this fall is the series known in France as "Les Revenants," which had its American debut late in 2013, was one of that year's most memorable shows, and which will debut its belated second season this fall, both overseas and here on Sundance.

The set-up is identical to the A&E remake (which I stopped watching because it wasn't interesting enough to wait for the point where it started to significantly deviate from "Les Revenants") and similar to the unrelated "Resurrection," where in an isolated mountain community, long-dead citizens begin returning to life, looking exactly as they did before their passing. The plot was very secondary to the dread-soaked atmosphere, and I'm curious to see how the show functions as the story has to advance a bit. But I watched the teaser embedded above and was very eager for fall (no premiere date has been announced yet) to get here so little boy Victor can start creeping me out again.

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