The death of horror pioneer Wes Craven has spawned an outpouring of warm remembrances from friends, collaborators and fellow fright-flick luminaries like John Carpenter and Joe Dante. See below for a roundup of reactions (to be updated throughout the week).

New Line Cinema:

In 1984, Wes Craven brought “A Nightmare on Elm Street” to New Line, and in so doing, altered the course of the studio’s history.  We are eternally grateful to our friend and partner, and are proud to be “The House That Freddy Built”.

Robert Englund:

William Friedkin:

Neve Campbell:

“We lost a great deal of magic yesterday. I’m devastated to hear of Wes’s passing,” the actress said in a statement Monday. “My life wouldn’t be what it is without him. I will be forever grateful for his brilliant direction, his wicked sense of humor and his consummate kindness and friendship. He has entertained us all for decades and inspired so many to follow in his path. I loved Wes dearly and will miss him always. Thank you Wes!!!”

Angela Bassett:

Eli Roth:

Darren Lynn Bousman ("Saw II-IV," "Repo! The Genetic Opera" director):

Rose McGowan:

Courteney Cox:

John Carpenter:

David Arquette:

Amanda Wyss (Tina in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"):

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

Joe Hill (Horror writer, son of Stephen King):

Joe Dante:

Leigh Whannell:

James Wan:

Cary Elwes:

Kumail Nanjiani:

Roland Emmerich:

Skeet Ulrich (Billy in "Scream"):

Jamie Kennedy:

Don Coscarelli ("Phantasm," John Dies at the End" writer/director):

Clive Barker:

Bob Weinstein (co-chairman of The Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films):

Kevin Smith:

Lloyd Kaufman ("The Toxic Avenger" writer/director):

Kevin Williamson ("Scream" screenwriter):

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