Of all the new series previewed at the broadcast network upfronts last month, none inspired quite as much mocking as the trailer for "Heartbreaker," an NBC medical drama starring Melissa George as a surgeon who — stop me if you've heard this before — can heal other people's hearts but can't mend her own.

Critics who were busy sharpening their knives to review that one will have a longer wait, though, as NBC announced today that "Heartbreaker" will be held for mid-season, replaced Tuesdays at 9 on the fall schedule by "Chicago Med."

That's not because of the reaction to the trailer (some critics have also seen the pilot; I haven't had time for it yet), but because Melissa George is pregnant, and the show will only be able to film a few episodes before going on production hiatus until after she gives birth. There wouldn't be enough episodes ready for a fall launch, so "Chicago Med" (spinning off from "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD") gets moved up in the order.

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