Anyone who’s watched Amy Schumer’s Comedy Central show or her summer movie “Trainwreck” has probably come to the natural conclusion that the lady would be fun to hang out with. If there’s any doubt about that, know that Jennifer Lawrence spent a chuck of her precious vacation time with the comedienne.

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard appears to know full well that an Amy Schumer movie set is a desirable place to be. He tweeted at Schumer today his proposal that she cast him as an extra in one of her movies. 

Schumer, a Manhattan native, tweeted back “#LGM.” (That’s “Let’s go Mets,” non-New Yorkers.)

Schumer found a role for a pro sports player in “Trainwreck” (LeBron James, proving he has some serious comedy chops). Surely she can do the same with her next film?

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