That's what Lucy Lawless had to say about Xena Warrior Princess winning HitFix's first annual March Mayhem bracket in 2014.

Lawless' beloved TV character is back in the bracket this year, with hopes of keeping the throne in this year's fan-voted competition. And Lucy Lawless herself wants you, Xenites and Xenaites and Xenaphiles, to return and vote to help her Xena keep her claim.

Lawless was on hand in Austin, Texas during SXSW to help promote her forthcoming role in WGN's "Salem," but she wanted to make sure to give a shout-out.

"Guys, if this character's ever coming back in movie or television, we have to keep her there at No. 1. Xena Warrior Princess... all the way."

So what are you waiting for? Vote for Xena (or don't, and she may come after you).

After five years as a columnist and editor at Billboard, Katie Hasty joined HitFix in 2009 for music and film reporting out of New York. The Midwest native has worked as a writer, music promoter and in A&R since 1999 and performs with her band Numbers And Letters.