Kate Winslet may be looking at her seventh Oscar nomination thanks to "Steve Jobs," the new Danny Boyle-directed biopic of the tech innovator, but that seems like a marginal curiosity compared to her other award-centric feat: She only needs a Tony to complete the storied EGOT -- Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

She's already collected an Emmy for "Mildred Pierce," a Grammy in the Best Spoken Word Album for Children category thanks to her narration of "Listen to the Storyteller" (alongside Graham Greene and Wynton Marsalis), and an Oscar for "The Reader."

"I know, I've got a Grammy!" she exclaimed in our interview. "What's that about?" 

We asked her about her plans to get the Tony, whether she admires her character Joanna Hoffman (the Jobs confidante and original Mac team member), and her favorite Oscar memory. It involves a serious star sighting.