Melissa McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. This puts me at ease. I think we can confirm that more than any other recurring host, the Spy star commits to ridiculous characters, crafts great moments, and brings a level of shameless audacity that no other performer can touch. The singular weirdness of her characters and their baffling universality is 

Look, here she is previewing this week's hosting gig by singing the famous Kanye West jam "Butterscotch Man."

Perhaps her most famous sketch character was Arlene the Office Flirt, a ravenous bandit in a swivel chair who threw herself at Jason Sudeikis and made lewd comments about balloons. It is somehow grosser than I remembered.

While "unsettling" is a key characteristic of many McCarthy renderings, it is particularly awesome to see her irk a wine-guzzling women's group with her grim weirdness. The line about yogurt is hilarious (as is the Jennifer Hudson cameo). 

People who eat other people's spare pizza are, indeed, heroes, so please respect Barb's entrepreneurial wisdom here. What is that voice? I respect it. 

Tell me if my otherwise flawless pop culture memory is failing me: Besides Sue Sylvester on Glee and Betty Buckley's character in Carrie, we've not had many memorable lady coaches. Well, finally we have a third one. The wardrobe alone is flawless and the brick-throwing is essential. Here's hoping her fourth hosting appearance is as audacious and downright hilarious as her last three outings.