Make no mistake: Conan O'Brien is still our funniest talk show host. He's the last remaining member of the profession to rely solely on wit, brilliant writing, and genuine talent to make his show great. There's little in the way of pandering topicality or celebrity stunt antics to keep him hilarious. It's 2015 and he's still Dick Cavett spiked with "Kids in the Hall" silliness. He'll always be perfection.

And so he was perfect when he visited Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and ran into a group of Syrian refugees who knew his show from YouTube. It's a pretty amazing moment in a place where you don't expect to see stars of Burbank-filmed TV shows roaming the streets. 

Check out the 2:00 mark to meet his Syrian fans, but just watch the whole thing. Conan practically shrieks at a stunt show, and it's a riot.