For some, winning an Academy Award is the sweet reward after an established and respected career. A select few have been movie stars for some time prior to their win. For others, it is the fuel they need to kickstart superstardom. This year's Best Actor and Best Actress winners represent both sides of that coin. 

Leonardo DiCaprio has been famous almost as long as he's been alive. Brie Larson has been building a body of work that demonstrates both great skill and range. And her her first big post-Oscar move is a bold, and in some ways, risky one.

It was recently revealed that Larson is the frontrunner to star in Marvel's fist solo female superhero outing: Captain Marvel.

Here, Drew McWeeny and Roth Cornet talk about Larson taking on the role that many thought very well might go to Emily Blunt, and whether the actress is making the right move with her newly earned cache. 

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