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And now, here’s a Stormtrooper getting into a Smart car

Posted Jul 9, 2015 11:41 PM By
David Eckstein

Getting to Comic-Con is a nightmare whether you’re flying, driving or hoverboarding (it’s 2015, so we can hoverboard now, right?). So when hundreds of thousands of costumed fanboys and fangirls descend on downtown San Diego, you can be certain they’ll all be looking for clever ways to get in and around town.

In today’s era of social media, nothing escapes the eyes of anyone with a cell phone camera and a Twitter or Instagram account. Here’s some of what we’ve been seeing out on the town…

If Joffrey saw this, it would kill him all over again.

Conan O’Brien “Mad Max”ed it.

Did “Muppets” TV show producer Bill Prady use this as his ride, or is it just a lucky coincidence that he saw it?

This Storm Trooper will need his body armor if he gets in an accident with this Smart car.

Deadpool hitchhikes. Not the smartest move, but he’s got the superpowers to protect himself.