<p>&quot;Michael Jackson ONE&quot;</p>

"Michael Jackson ONE"

Credit: Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil

Inside 'Michael Jackson One,' the new Cirque du Soleil show

Go behind the scenes of the new magical Las Vegas extravaganza

Tonight, “Michael Jackson One,” Cirque du Soleil’s new show heralding the King of Pop, starts previews at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Will the show, which officially opens June 29, bring the same fervor and excitement as Cirque’s “Love,” which features the music of the Beatles?

Hitfix got a sneak peek at “MJ One” a few weeks ago when we saw four production numbers in the tale that follows four misfits: each one comes into possession of a certain article associated with Jackson: his sequined glove, his dancing shoes, his bowler hat and his sunglasses and the story follows their journey of discovery.

Through 22 different Jackson tunes, different scenes play out. For example, during “Bad,” the dancers and acrobats swing from scaffolding in a city landscape complete with a running subway.. For “Tabloid Junkie,” they find themselves pursued by “Matrix”-like futuristic paparazzi who come complete with cameras built into their shoulders. It’s a reinterpretation of Jackson’s songs via Cirque’s magical world.

“It’s expressing and experiencing things in a new way,,” says the show’s director and writer Jamie King, who toured with Jackson as a dancer on the “Dangerous” tour. “It’s taking Michael’s videos like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’ and being able to put a twist on them in the very fantastical way Cirque has. Imagine taking the ‘Thriller’ dance from the sky? What could that look like? There were all these opportunities.”

Indeed, Welby Altidor, the show’s director of creation (how’s that for a title?), says the Cirque troupe re-envisioned Jackson from a 360 perspective. “If Michael were an acrobat, how would he move? How would he fly?  How would he do some of the things that Cirque du Soleil is known for doing?” Take those elements and tie in inspiration from urban dance, hip-hop and many other dance forms and those ideas created the springboard for the show.

The idea was also for the spectacular to focus on Jackson’s theme of unity. “The message we heard in many, many of his songs [was] togetherness, oneness. It’s something we want to explore and celebrate in his show.”

“He had a very simple message at the end of the day,” King says of Jackson. “We are one.”

“One” is the second show  created by the estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil. Unlike “Immortal,” the tremendously popular touring show about Jackson, “Michael Jackson One” features his songs in their near entirety, as opposed to in mash-ups, as well as follows a narrative based on these four characters.

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Credit: AP Photo

Metallica preps songs for next album

Quartet hopes to put out new set 'in the next year'

Metallica has enough songs for its follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic,” but fans may have a bit of a wait before they get the next studio album from the metal gods.

“We’ve getting there,” bassist Robert Trujillo told Billboard, “and we’ll have something great, hopefully, in the next year.”

“We got out into the room and jammed and we’ve come up with enough material for a record, for sure,” confirmed lead singer James Hetfield. “We just haven’t had enough time to really focus on it and dial in and start whittling it into these masterpieces, hopefully.”

Standing between the band and the studio is its second Orion Music + More festival, which takes place June 8-9 at Detroit’s Belle Isle. The quartet also has its previously announced 3-D film, “Metallica Through the Never,”  in the works.  The band’s Lars Ulrich is at the Cannes Film Festival seeking international buyers; the movie bows in the States on Sept. 27.


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<p>Daft Punk</p>

Daft Punk

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hold at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 with 'Can't Hold Us'

Daft Punk scores its first Top 10 hit

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Can’t Hold Us”  holds up at No. 1 for the third consecutive week on the Billboard Hot 100; the song registers its fifth week atop Billboard’s Hot E&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Rap Songs chart.

Just as the rap duo hang on to the top spot, the first five slots on the Billboard Hot 100 stay the exact same as last week: Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason,” featuring Nate Ruess is No. 2, Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” is No. 3; Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” is No. 4 and Rihanna’s “Stay,” featuring Mikky Ekko, is No. 5.

There’s more activity in the bottom of the top 10 with Daft Punk lands its first Top 10 hit close to 20 years after the duo began, according to Billboard.  “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams, moves 15-10. Shockingly, its 2001 hit “One More Time,” peaked at No. 61. Look for Daft Punk to land the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 next week with “Random Access Memories.”

Daft Punk has the only new entry in the Top 10:  at No. 6 is Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise,” which drives up from No. 10; Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It” falls 6-7, Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” is No. 8 and Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” featuring Charli XCX, is No. 9.

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<p>Will Smith</p>

Will Smith

Credit: AP Photo

Will Smith and Kanye West hit the studio together

Will their collaboration yield Smith's first release in 8 years?

It’s been eight years since movie blockbuster king Will Smith released any new music, but if Kanye West has his way, Smith will be singing a new tune soon.

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 While promoting his new thriller, “After Earth,” Smith told HipHollywood.com that West has been encouraging him to return to his musical roots. “I’ve been messing around with Kanye. We were in the studio a couple of times,” Smith said.

That doesn’t mean fans can expect to get jiggy with any new Smith music any time soon. He’s coy about releasing any tunes. “I might get the bug. I’m not going to do it unless I get truly inspired,” he says, “but ‘Ye’s been pushing me a little bit.”


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<p>The Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the 2013 edition.&nbsp;</p>

The Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the 2013 edition. 

Credit: AP Photo

Coachella sets 2014 dates

Tickets go on sale on Friday

With Coachella 2013 barely in the rear-view mirror,  the Indio, Calif. festivals organizers have announced the dates for the 2014 event.

Once again spanning two weekends, with the same acts appearing both weekends, Coachella 2014 will take place April 11-13 and April 18-20.

Tickets go on sale Friday. General admission passes per weekend are $349 or you and yours can splurge and go for the Safari Tent, which is $6,500, but covers two people! It includes your tickets, an an air-conditioned tent with up to two queen beds, plus restrooms and showers. For more information, go here.

Who would you like to see play Coachella 2014?


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Listen: Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' in full

Listen: Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' in full

She is woman, hear her roar

After previewing it on a Pepsi commercial several weeks ago, a full version of Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” has leaked (so listen to it fast) and it’s fierce.
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<p>Ray Manzarek</p>

Ray Manzarek

Listen: Five essential musical moments from The Doors' Ray Manzarek

Keyboardist died today of cancer

Ray Manzarek, founding member of The Doors has died. We have posted the AP obit, but it's giving Manzarek short shrift to not get to hear his contributions.  The keyboardist was instrumental in crafting the Doors’ sound (especially in his innovation of playing bass parts on the keyboards). After the Doors ended, he went on to produce some incredible work for other artists, including Echo & The Bunnymen and X.

While he is probably best known for his transcendent, instantly recognizable keyboard work on “Light My Fire,” he had several other wonderful moments.

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<p>Dave Grohl, John Fogerty and the Sound City&nbsp;Players perform on &quot;Jimmy Kimmel Live.&quot;</p>

Dave Grohl, John Fogerty and the Sound City Players perform on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Credit: ABC

Listen: Foo Fighters and John Fogerty on 'Fortunate Son'

Plus, watch Dave Grohl perform 'Bitch' with The Rolling Stones

When I wrote about hearing John Fogerty’s new album, “Wrote A Song For Everyone,” which pairs him with acts like Miranda Lambert, My Morning Jacket, Bob Seger and Keith Urban on some of his best-known songs, I raved about the raw energy of his remake of “Fortunate Son” with the Foo Fighters. Now you can hear for yourself.

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Review: Darius Rucker's 'True Believers' is a lighthearted, enjoyable ride
Credit: Capitol Records Nashville

Review: Darius Rucker's 'True Believers' is a lighthearted, enjoyable ride

Guests on third country set include Lady Antebellum and Sheryl Crow

Several years ago, I interviewed Darius Rucker as Hootie & The Blowfish’s third album was coming out. He talked about how anyone could make a first album, the second one would happen if your first one did OK, but if you got to make a third album, then you had a career. By that point, you probably had enough hits under your belt that fans and radio really had started to believe in you as an artist.

And so tomorrow (May 20), Darius Rucker puts out “True Believers,” his third country album as a solo artist (he put out a pop solo album during his Hootie days that I’m not counting here). And his words have proven true once again.

There are a lot of reasons for Rucker’s country success: Perhaps, most importantly, his timing was impeccable. Many of Hootie fans from the ‘90s have migrated to country radio since what country radio plays now much more closely approximates what they were listening to then than today’s Top 40. Also, despite having sold millions of records, Rucker approached the country format with the humility of a brand new artist. He went to every radio station, shook every hand, kissed every baby, and never, ever acted as if his multi-platinum pop success gave him any kind of leg up. Furthermore, unlike many of the pop carpetbaggers who just happened to declare their love of country when their pop career dried up, Rucker really did grow up listening to country music. You don’t want to go against him in a conversation about Merle Haggard or George Jones’ catalog. You will lose.

And then, of course, there’s the music. As he shows again on “True Believers,” he has established himself as a country artist who loves singing about his kids and his family, which makes him 100% the same as every other country act, but he does it with a lighthearted honesty that resonates. On the title track, which peaked at No. 24 on the Country Songs Chart,  he admits that even though “we are one, now and forever,” there have been difficult times in his marriage. On “Miss You,” he sings about longing for the person who shares a bed with him, yet feels so far away.  Maybe he just sells these ideas better than other artists even though he’s mining the same territory.

Second single, the good-timey, jaunty “Wagon Wheel,” a remake of the Old Crow Medicine Show tune, featuring backing vocals by Lady Antebellum, hit No. 1. and with good reason. It’s a charming, toe-tapping slice of Americana that doesn’t sound like everything else on the radio. “Take Me Home” has the same roots/gospel feel (and a rollicking piano bed) that recalls The Band.

Other highlights include “Love Without You,” a stripped-down ballad about trying to move on featuring Sheryl Crow. There’s a nice, jazzy piano touch on the tune. “Heartbreak Road” is another peppy trip down those Carolina highways and byways he loves so much with a flirty, catchy twist.

Rucker  throws in a soulfulness and bluesy touch on many of the songs. “Leavin’ The Light On” starts with “A Rainy Night In Georgia” feel before seguing into praising nocturnal activities. “I feel like I ought to tip my hat to the man upstairs” for his wife agreeing to leave the light on may be a bit of a lyrical stretch, but we’re sure many men may try to convince their wives that it’s the godly thing to do now.  “Radio,” a upbeat reminiscence about controlling the car radio, has an irresistible funky back beat that should be a summer single.

Rucker’s music isn’t challenging or particularly deep, but from his star’s perch, he still manages to touch on the mundane aspects of quotidian life in a way that seems totally genuine and relatable whether you’re a CEO or a fork-lift driver. That could be an even bigger gift than his gritty, instantly recognizable vocals.

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<p>Taylor Swift arrives at the 2013 Billboard&nbsp;Music Awards.</p>

Taylor Swift arrives at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Credit: John Shearer/Invision/AP

Live Blogging the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Prince set to perform

7:55 p.m.: It's time for the Billboard Music Awards. When I was West Coast Bureau Chief at Billboard, the BMAs were one of my favorite events. Back then, they were in December and they were based on the year-end Soundscan/BDS numbers. Two years ago, after a four-year hiatus, the BMAs were resurrected for May sweeps, so now they are awarded based on the top sellers between that well-recognized March-to-March period. In other words, ABC gave Billboard the slot and Billboard had to come up with awards that somehow made sense. Of course, they aren't the only awards that don't follow a calendar year: the Grammys cover October to September.

Among the performers on tonight's show are Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Pitbull with Christina Aguilera (and with Jennifer Lopez), Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Prince. Here we go, into the breach...

8 p.m.: The evening opens with Bruno Mars performing  on what looks like a "Soul Train" set from the '70s, full of disco balls.  Performing the retro-sounding "Treasure," Mars and his band are all dressed in similar red suits and have the same dance moves. It's delicious. He ends with a bit of the medley of "Locked Out of Heaven." I say this every time I write about Mars, he is a stone-cold star.

8:06: Tracy Morgan is hosting. He comes out behind a shroud of scantily-clad Vegas show girls because that's never been done before...yawn. I won't be doing this all night, but when I was at Billboard, I'd say the best hosts were Kathy Griffin, who was hilarious, and Bernie Mac, may he rest in peace.  Morgan gets through his monologue with some tired jokes, such as how you don't want to date Taylor Swift because she'll write a song about you, but he lands his joke about Mr. Vegas, Wayne Newton being his long-lost father.

8:09: Shania Twain, who has a residency at Caesars Palace in Vegas, presents top rap artist to Nicki Minaj, who has on a beautiful red dress. She first exclaims that she didn't expect this. I will say that when I was aware of how the awards were handled, the winners really didn't know in advance. They knew they were finalists, but that was it (although given that the awards are based on SoundScan and BDS data, in some cases, it's not too hard to figure out who will win). Minaj gives a restrained, fairly generic thank you speech with no mention of Mariah Carey at all...

8:17: That's some fine lipsyncing by Selena Gomez on "Come and Get It," her first top 10 hit. I've seen her do a variation of this performance about four times now with different costumes and slightly different motifs, but it's all been pretty much the same. She looks beautiful, but this is nothing more than a girls revue performed to an extremely mediocre song that sounds like a Rihanna cast-off.

8:21: The Band Perry, or Kimberly Perry and her two back-up brothers, are performing "Better Dig Two," the first single off their current album, "Pioneer." I wonder why they're doing that instead of current single, "Done." Now the three siblings are banging on drums in front of them. I've seen Blue Man Group do the exact same thing, but they do it with lots and lots of groovy-colored paint splashing everywhere. But they don't have to sing while they're doing it. Advantage: The Band Perry.

8:30: Carly Rae Jepsen introduces Icona Pop who are performing their hit "I Love It." Two thoughts: Jepsen has sadly become a one-hit wonder. There's still, of course, time for that to change, but it makes me a little sad that she hadn't had more success. Second thought: "I Love It"  took a tremendously long time to catch on at top 40-- after tunneling through countless commercial placements. So far, all of the performances have been uptempo, which is a smart move.  Oh my, we're going straight from synthetic (albeit catchy)  Icona Pop to Psy. Psy and Tracy Morgan are having a dance off and Morgan is calling Psy fat, which I wouldn't say. But they use it as a way to segue into Chris Brown's performance of "Fine China." Based on some of the clams he's hitting, he is definitely singing live when he's singing, although most of the singing is taped. At least he's not even pretending to be singing when he's not.  My God, the man can dance. Working off the China motif, he goes into a ninja routine (I googled, yes, ninjas are Japanese, but apparently some of the moves originated in China-- entertaining AND informative... ) Orianthi comes on and adds some guitar shredding. Michael Jackson had tagged her as the guitarist for the "This Is It," so maybe she'll now sign on with Brown since he so badly wants to be Jackson.

8:40: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are performing "Thrift Song," which I'm still loving, probably because of the horns and Wanz's poppin' tags. They may be lip syncing, but it's a very entertaining performance.This was pre-taped at Tryst at the Wynn.

8:54: Huh? Why is Tracy Morgan giving a shout out to Michael Jackson and wearing a silver MJ jacket. TI thought he was going to give a shout out to the new Cirque du Soleil show , "Immortal," that's coming to Mandalay Bay, but no, it's just some random thing. Now Kid Rock, who seems inebriated, comes out and lambasts the folks who are lip synching. He presents   Top Rap Song to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for "Thrift Shop." They accept from The Wynn, so maybe their performance wasn't pre-taped.

9:02: Don't you think Jabbawockeez dance crew when you think Taylor Swift? Well, you might not, but she does. They, and a league of other dancers, join her on a fun-filled "22."  As usual, she hits some notes that sound a little flat, but it's a lively performance that starts in her dressing room and runs through the backstage of the arena. Tracy Morgan comes back, still in his MJ jacket,  to make a bad joke about how the show is so hot by the time it ends, Elvis Presley, TuPac and Notorious B.I.G. will have come back to life.

9:09: Kacey Musgraves is performing her country top-10 hit, "Merry-Go-Round."  This needed more of a set-up than Florida Georgia Line since about 98% of the people watching have never heard of her. It's a very restrained, low-key performance, which means people could hear the words, including one of my favorite lines from this year, "Mama's hooked on Mary Kay/Brother's hooked on Mary Jane/Daddy's hooked on Mary two doors down. Her album, "Same Trailer, Different Park" is one of my favorites so far this album, but this reeks of her label saying they wanted her on the show if Billboard was going to get some other big names.

9:15: Will.I.Am is presenting Madonna with the top touring artist.  Oh, Madge, she's a BDSM Jackie O from the top up with her fur coat and sunglasses and chain lock around her neck, and hooker from the waist down since she forgot to wear pants and is in a garter and thigh highs.  She's giving a very boring speech thanking the folks who put her tour together, including the music director and set designers. Oh, yeah, she just remembered to thank her four children, two of them who worked on the show. Go child labor! She finally gets around to thanking her fan. "Without you, I wouldn't have a show to do and a show girl needs her fans. Thank you for supporting me for three decades."  I don't even know what to say. Madonna had a chance to give a really heartfelt speech about her fans and about being able to have this amazing career for 3 decades. A chance to actually show some emotion. Most disappointing performance of the night. What's the matter with her (m)DNA? Thighs: 10, Heart: 0.

9: 25: Justin Bieber wants to take us home in his baggy black leather pants... they're so loose, there's room for all of us in there.  I am not in the Bieber-Hater club, but what a wretched song and performance. Did he sing a word of that? The global graphics were cool, but does he think he's a reject from "The Matrix" or something? He climbs into a pod at the end. Time for the mothership to beam him back to Canada.

9:33: Taylor Swift's "Red" wins Top Billboard 200 album, again, thanks to the timetable of the awards. She runs through her laundry list, but comes back thanks her fans and calls their support "magical." Madonna could learn from Swift. A classy looking Ke$ha (I know, I know, that sounds like a oxymoron) introduces Pitbull and Christina Aguilera, who are performing "Feel This Moment." Aguilera, who can really, really sing, is lipsyncing for some reason along to some super-enhanced vocals, but it doesn't matter, because all the press will talk about is how great she looks now that she's dropped some weight. And she does. I'm a sucker for this song and for a lot of Pitbull songs. Maybe in this case, it's the interpolation of the melody from A-ha's "Take On Me," but in general, he's just good time dance pop that isn't meant to be anything more than that.  They're supposed to be joined by a special guest. And it's A-ha's Morten Harket, who looks great!  He's also lipsyncing and no one over 30 will know who he is, but it's a nice little homage.

9:42: When did Miley Cyrus become, as Morgan calls her, is one of the biggest stars on the planet? Really? Maybe one of the biggest tabloid sensations. She's supposed to perform her new single tonight. We'll see. Now she's presenting top male artist, which goes to Justin Bieber. He redeems that performance by thanking his fans, the Beleibers. However, the camera is much more concerned with how his once and possibly current girlfriend Selena Gomez is reacting...which is not much. All I can think of is how sad I feel for Mally, the monkey he abandoned in Germany.

9:47: Miguel's performing "Adorn." His Grammy performance was one of the highlights of the Grammys and, like Bruno Mars, I think he's a really strong new talent, but there's something off about this performance... or is it just me? He and his band don't seem to by in sync, but at least he's singing.

9:52: We've got a little more than an hour left and the show has been very fast paced. Like most award shows, the awards are a complete afterthought and most aren't being given out on TV.  I really hate how much people are lipsyncing. I wonder when it became totally acceptable to do that on a live TV show, even when you're not dancing around? I have to think that Kid Rock's comment about it was ad libbed because there's no way that someone would have written that in... guess he won't be back. Hell, I think he should host next time.

9:56 I could cry with relief. Ed Sheeran is actually singing live. He's singing "Lego House," but if I close my eyes and ignore the accent, I swear I hear Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car." Is it just me? 

10:00: The third hour opens with Pitbull and "global superstar," Jennifer Lopez performing "Live It Up." Like Madonna, Lopez forgot her pants. In truth, I am in awe of their bodies, but that doesn't mean their outfits look great. "Live It Up" is much less catchy than Pitbull's number with Aguilera and I can't enjoy it because I'm too afraid Lopez's heel is going to get caught on the grate. Wow. We just got a full Lopez crotch shot.  She is very well groomed. The gifs  of that slide will start in 3...2...1. Is that Lopez screaming "Put me down!" at the end? 

10:07: Billboard, I hope you feel good about totally just selling out with this horrible O.D.I.V (One Day In Vegas) spot with Sky Blu that's part of the programming. I hope the tourism board paid you buckets. I know sponsorship and placement within shows has become acceptable, but they will never seems unclunky to me. Rest easy, Madonna... you're off the hook with your acceptance speech. There's a new low.

10:12: David Guetta wins top EDM artist. The award was co-presented by Kelly Rowland. If you aren't familiar with his and Rowland's song "When Love Takes Over" from a few years ago,  as soon as the show is over, go listen. It's fantastic. I also still love "Without You" featuring Usher.  He gives a very sweet acceptance speech about how he thought Billboard was crazy when they put him on the cover a few years ago, heralding EDM as the next big thing.

10:14: Bieber and his baggy leather pants are back to perform "That Power" with will.i.am.  I know this is absolutely nothing new, but I'm so bored with performances that double at aerobics routines. A real song, as Ed Sheeran showed earlier, doesn't need that and great dance moves can't redeem a boring song.

10: 24: David Guetta, Akon and Ne-Yo are performing "Play Hard."  Guetta, who probably makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per appearance now, has the easiest job in the world. He gets to hang out in the DJ booth, spin, and play with hair or raise his hand as an emphasis point every now and then and/or clap. No wonder he can't get that grin off his face. Props that his green headphones match the green laser. What's it say when the EDM guys are among the few not lipsyncing?

10: 28: Did Tracy Morgan just call Cee-Lo his favorite poop stain?  Anyway, Cee-Lo and a lucky winner, who's much more poised than Morgan, is presenting the fan-voted Milestone Award. It's supposedly for innovation, but it's just a popularity contest. Swift is forced to look happy for him as he stands there holding the award with his sunglasses on, looking like a douchebag. Seriously, unless you have pink eye, take off the damn sunglasses inside.  "I'm 19 years old, I think I'm doing a pretty good job," Bieber says, before he starts talking about his "craft" and being taken "seriously" and not all the other "bull." My hat is off to you, Billboard... tonight I have experienced two things I never thought I would: Taylor Swift performing with Jabbawockeez and Beiber using the word "craft" in a sentence to express his career.

10:38: Taylor Swift wins artist of the year. Sounding perfectly rational she's talking about how her music covers an"extreme emotional spectrum.. Those are the crazy emotions and I want to thank you for making it the soundtrack to your crazy emotions. You are the longest and best relationship I ever had." Aah... Are you listening Madonna? 

10: 44: Nicki Minaj is now giving Lil Wayne a lap dance as they perform "High School." Now she's shaking her booty in the camera. Between that and the shot of Jennifer Lopez's lady business, I'm good... I feel very safe in saying that they don't deserve to be taken seriously. I'm all for women (and men) expressing their sexuality, but Jesus, when did flashing your crotch or shaking your ass become some indicator of your talent?

10:49: Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae, wearing the outfits they sport in their "Q.U.E.E.N." video, are introducing Prince, who's won the Icon Award. They can say all they want about Prince, but I really want to ask them how they feel about Nicki Minaj's performance. I think it's safe to say that we'll never see these two wonderfully talented women giving someone a lap dance on stage.

10: 52: I guarantee you with every dollar I have in my bank account, Prince made them put the line about his being a champion for performers' rights in this taped piece.

10:53: Prince, with a full afro, is doing a slow-down, funkified "Let's Go Crazy." I bet he's never lipsynced in his life.He's got what looks like an all-female band. Here's a thought: he and Jack White should take their all-girl bands out on the road together. Or he and Beyonce. I would pay lots of money for that. Now he's gone into ferocious version of a relatively new song, "FixUrLifeUp," before he goes back into "Let's Go Crazy" with some incredibly shredding, Hendrix-style. Game, set, match. Prince, thank you for getting the taste of Nicki Minaj out of my mouth. For the kids watching, go pull out every single one of your parents' Prince CDs and listen to them over and over and over again so you actually understand what real music is.

11:02: So the BMAs started very strong with a great performance by Bruno Mars and ended with a strong, electrifying performance by Prince. There were certainly some good moments inbetween, but not enough. My favorite performances were Mars, Prince, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Ed Sheeran and Pitbull/Christina Aguilera. Tracy Morgan was a dud of a host (even though I know it's a really thankless job).

What did you think? 



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