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Watch: Shakira's new clip for 'Gypsy' with tennis star Rafael Nadal

Colombian star gives Nadal the dance of his life

Reason No. 2683 on why it’s good to be a music superstar: you get to pick hot dudes to make out with in your music videos.

In the clip for “Gypsy,” Shakira’s lasted single from her “She Wolf” album, she cavorts with hot Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, who seems only too happy to be invited to the party for two. We imagine his thought process went something like this? “What? Shakira wants to straddle me and shake her booty in my face and make out with me on camera? Sign me up!”

Seriously, the song is nothing to get excited about and we predict it’s going to do nothing to lift “She Wolf” out of the basement of the Billboard 200, but the video is muey caliente.

It starts with Shakira showing off her fabulous abs in a black gauzy slip of a thing. She’s then joined by Nadal, whose job description here is basically to look good shirtless (check), fondle Shakira (check) and look appreciative while she dances for him in a shimmery mini dress and shakes her quite impressive booty in his direction (check).

I’m not real sure why the two multi-millionaires have to hang out in a dirt pit, but apparently that’s what rich, gorgeous people do.

Regardless, we know they’re just acting, but there’s chemistry to spare here.



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<p>Maxwell at the Grammys</p>

Maxwell at the Grammys

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Maxwell and Jill Scott pair together for summer tour

R&B superstars kick off in Cleveland on May 21

Maxwell and Jill Scott start a co-headlining tour May 21 in Cleveland in what is sure to be one of slinkiest, sexiest and smoothest outings of the year.

The two Grammy winners will be on the road through June. They’ll both be singing songs spanning their career, with Maxwell highlighting his latest set, the platinum “Blacksummer’s Night,” while Scott will be previewing material from her forthcoming set, “The Light of the Sun.”

Dates from the Live Nation-produced tour will be released soon, but here’s a partial list of stops on the 20-city outing: Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, DC; Philadelphia and New York.

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Can Sade continue her reign on the Billboard 200 next week?

Or does Lady Antebellum return to No. 1?

Look for the regal Sade to continue her reign as the queen of the album charts next week.

“Soldier of Love” is poised to spend its third week at No. 1 and will likely surpass the 750,000 total albums sold, according to Hits Daily Double. The album is on target to sell 125,000 copies this week. http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/news/rumormill.cgi

Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” is the only title within striking distance of “Soldier,” and is expected to stay at No. 2 with 115,000. That will take “Need You Now” past platinum in four weeks. Take that, you slugging music industry!

The only debuts entering the top 10 will be Johnny Cash’s “American VI: Ain’t No Grave,” the legendary singer’s  third posthumous set, and Alkaline Trio’s “This Addiction.” Cash’s album should come in around No. 5, with 45,000 in sales, while “This Addiction” is on slate to scan around 28,000 copies to come in at No. 8 (although Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” and Rihanna’s “Rated R” are all hovering around that same tally.

Otherwise, the top 10 looks pretty much the same as the last several weeks with the Black Eyed Peas,  Lady GaGa, Lil Wayne and Ke$ha hanging out in the chart’s upper reaches.

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<p>Massive Attack</p>

Massive Attack

Credit: EMI

Massive Attack returns for first North American tour in four years

Stops include Sasquatch Festival

Trip-hop duo Massive Attack will tour North America—if you can call five cities a tour—for the first time since 2006 starting May 7 in Toronto.

Robert Del Naja and Grand Marshall are performing in support of the pair’s fifh studio album, “Heligoland,” which debuted at No. 46 on the Billboard 200. The set includes collaborations with Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Martina Topley-Bird and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe.

Dates for the May tour are below:

5/7        Toronto, ON       
5/9        Toronto, ON       
5/11        NYC, NY       
5/12        NYC, NY       
5/18        Los Angeles, CA   
5/19        Los Angeles, CA   
5/25        San Francisco, CA   
5/27        San Francisco, CA   
5/30        George, WA        Sasquatch Festival   

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Listen: The-Dream's new single, 'Love King,' from final album

Is it catchy or nervous twitch-inducing?

The-Dream knows how to spell and he’s very proud of the fact. Listening to “Love King,” the title track from what he’s declared is his final solo album,  I wasn’t sure if I was hearing a new song or had tuned in to a spelling bee.

The producer/artist, best known for his work with Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Usher and Mary J. Blige,  sounds amazingly sweet as he runs through the facts:  He has a girl not only in every port, but every landlocked area as well. Plus one for each of his mobile devices. Some of them he met at his record label. Some are from church. Some work at the bank. Some have weaves. Some don’t. And, as he sings, “I’m just sayin’…,” you should know him “like that.”

Lyrically, it’s incredibly lazy. He repeats the phrase “You should know me like that” so much, I developed a migraine.

We’re not sure any of that matters since the beat is ridiculously infectious. Just try not tapping your toes while you listen.

Hear "Love King" here.




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<p>Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels</p>

Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus duet on 'Nothing to Lose'

Does she know he's old enough to be her dad?

Does Billy Ray know about this?  Poison’s Bret Michaels is macking on Daddy’s little girl.

On Michaels' new power ballad, “Nothing to Lose,” Cyrus minimally chimes in with a few, awkwardly placed and delivered vocalizations before joining Michaels on the chorus.

The song is country rock, not in a great, southern rock, “Freebird” way, but in an overly slick, super-polished way.  The paint-by-numbers story line, which is well-sung by Michaels--we'll give him that much-- details how despite all the scars we carry and armor we wear, we still go back to love’s battlefield again and again. As Michaels asks in the chorus: “Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose/if the truth is all we could see/If I fall for you, could you fall for me?”

Yeah, about that chorus: Am I the only one creeped out by the fact that this is basically a love duet between a 46 year-old man and a 17-year old girl? Yuck. It's the stuff  Lifetime movies are made of. Sure, it’s pretty innocent lyrically in some ways and vague, but I get the same feeling listening to it that I got when I watched Taylor Swift shimmy up and down the mike stand while  duetting with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott during their “Crossroads” taping. Similarly, even though she's 22, Joss Stone's duet with Ringo Starr on "Who's Your Daddy" from his new album is just plain gross.

And what’s the goal and/or appeal here? Is Michaels going after the teen crowd that won't see him on "Celebrity Apprentice" this season? Good luck with that. Is Cyrus a huge metal band fan, despite the fact that she wasn’t even born until a few years after Poison’s hey day? God in Heaven, please don't let there be a video for "Nothing to Lose." 

Apparently, they aren’t done yet. The two are also set to re-do Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” according to www.aceshowbiz.com .



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<p>Ke$ha in London this week</p>

Ke$ha in London this week

Watch: Ke$ha's new video 'Blah, Blah, Blah'

Can she find a boy worthy of a classy chick such as herself?

The party may never ends for Ke$ha, but sometimes it’s hard to get it started.

In the clip for “Blah, Blah, Blah,”  Ke$ha has trouble finding guys to party with who are  worthy of a dame as classy as herself. We know that’s very hard to believe.   If you want  to party without your pants on, as she spells it out, all you have to do is meet her in the back with a bottle of Jack Daniels by the jukebox. How hard can it be, really?

Unworthy dude after dude hits on Ke$ha, at the club and at the video arcade. What’s a girl to do? Apparently, shut them up by “zipping their lip” with duct tape and then  go bowling  in a inappropriately short gold lame dress.

I know it’s the height of ridiculousness to be discussing plot points in a Ke$ha video, but we couldn’t follow some of it. Is the guitar-playing wastrel with the intentionally hilarious bad hairdo  her boyfriend?  Is she searching for other dudes because he doesn’t want to go out? He’d rather stay in and strum guitar and arrange his shrine candles in alphabetical order by the saints’ names?

The boys from 3Oh!3 appear toward the end and aren’t having any better luck with the ladies than their buddy Ke$ha is having with the gents.

The quick cuts are practically seizure inducing, but will undoubtedly appeal to the short attention span of Ke$ha’s fans.

"Blah, Blah, Blah" is already racing up the charts, so we'll see if it has the same staggering appeal at "Tik Tok," which has spend nine weeks at No. 1. It's not as catchy, but the rhythm is pretty intoxicating and we're sure there are club girls everywhere who are already looking at losers and singing "Blah, blah, blah" just before they fall face down drunk in a planter.

On the plus side, the intro with the obnoxious bridge-and-tunnel dude who hits her up to help get in the club made us laugh every time we watched it. He’s much more amusing than Ke$ha. We say add him to the “Jersey Shore” cast ASAP.





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<p>Rain and bad weather spoiled much of last year's All Points <strike>Wet</strike> West</p>

Rain and bad weather spoiled much of last year's All Points Wet West

Credit: Katie Hasty

Is All Points West about to become extinct? Doubts cast on 2010 event

Promoter AEG Live confirms it is having trouble booking the Jersey City fest

Is All Points West about to join Rothbury  in the 2010 festival morgue?

According to a story in today’s New York Times, organizer AEG Live, is having a tough time putting together a strong talent line-up for the 3rd annual festival. The three-day event takes place at Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

“There is no question that our biggest challenge is finding suitable headliners, and it has been more challenging this year than in the past,” said AEG’s Mark Shulman, tells the New York Times. “No final determination of any kind has been made for 2010.”

In other words, probably not. It’s only February, but if All Points West is still scrambling to find headliners, when most suitable acts have already locked into their summer schedules, it would seem next to impossible to come up with a strong line up for an August event. Bonnaroo has already announced its schedule and Lollapalooza is expected to any day.

Past headliners have included Jay-Z, Coldplay, Radiohead, tool and Jack Johnson.

Michigan’s Rothbury Music Festival pulled the plug on its 2010 event last month.

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Keane keen to return with 'Night Train'

Will the British, piano-based band ride its fourth album to the top of the U.K. charts?

Keane returns with its first album since 2008’s “Perfect Symmetry” with “Night Train,” out May 11.

The piano-based, British rock band, famous for featuring no guitars,  wrote and recorded the album while on its Perfect Symmetry world tour. The 8-track set includes collaborations with rapper K’Naan and Japanese MC Tigareh. Also, in a rare move, lead singer Tom Chaplin will hand over the mike to the band’s composer/keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley, who will handle vocals on one track.

While still strong internationally, Keane hasn’t been able to build on the U.S. excitement or audience the band garnered following 2004’s “Hopes and Fears.” All three of its albums have hit No. 1 in the group's native U.K., and Q  Magazine readers named “Perfect Symmetry” the 2008 album of the year.

Although not confirmed, the band is supposedly planning a summer tour where it will play in forests. 

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Rihanna talks fashion, revenge and her surprising choice for a collaboration

Singer's AOL Sessions taping shows a playful, friendly side

Rihanna has certainly done some stellar collaborations in her short career, including with Jay Z and Kanye West on the recent Grammy-winner “Run This Town,” but guess who she really wants to work with? Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa. Talk about a power trio.

I interviewed Rihanna as part of her AOL Sessions taping a few weeks ago. Other than a few red-carpet interviews, I’d never met her and found her charming and funny. And may we add she can stand in the highest heels we’ve ever seen and not topple over. Add that to her list of talents.

In addition to wanting to work with those other two hotter-than-hot ladies, Rihanna would really like to delve more into acting, particularly comedy. Anyone who saw her “Saturday Night Live” digital short with “Shy Ronnie” (Andy Samberg) knows she has got comedy chops worth developing. She’d also like to eventually launch a fashion line.

But before any of that can happen, she’s got a big world tour to take care of. The outing starts in April in the spring. She says it’s going to be a “massive production.” I don’t know if the band will be the same configuration that she bought to “Sessions,” but they were great, especially Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt on guitar.

"Rated R,” Rihanna’s latest album, has sold very well, if not spectacularly, in the U.S. (around 650,000 copies in three months) and that pleases her since she knows its often dark tone threw fans of “Umbrella” and “Don’t Stop the Music” for a loop.

“When we first made ‘Rated R,’ I kind of braced myself, prepared myself for it to be a culture shock to people’s ears, especially my fans, who are used to the type of music that I have been doing so far,” she says. “I knew it would have taken a while before people got into it and got into the new music, the new sound, the new look, and now people are getting it and it’s the best feeling. The album is doing really well all over the world, and that’s the best revenge.”

We never brought up Chris Brown because, quite frankly, it's very clear that she has moved way past that relationship and there is nothing more to say about it.  Good for her.

See her AOL Sessions performance of "Rude Boy" below.



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