<p>Guns N' Roses play in the U.S. in August</p>

Guns N' Roses play in the U.S. in August

Credit: AP Photo

Guns N' Roses tells crowd 'We Won't Rock You,' after pelted by bottles

Axl and the boys walk off stage after three songs in Dublin

Have Guns N’ Roses fans really not learned the drill yet? Could there be any Axl Rose fan left in the universe who truly expects the band to go on when it says it will? Well, apparently yes.

Last night at Dublin’s O2 Arena, the GN’R took the stage 70 minutes later than expected, which is probably just enough time for an already drunk crowd to turn mean. 

The band opened with “Welcome to the Jungle,” but was pelted by water bottles (see, there’s at least one reason they won’t give us bottles here in the U.S. and the beer is served in plastic cups). Rose told the crowd to stop it or they would quit playing. Or, as the below video says, “All right, here’s the deal: one more bottle, we go home. It’s up to you.”

Apparently, the crowd wanted the the group to go home because three songs later, that’s what Guns N’ Roses did, according to musicradar. Left the stage. Like Axl has done before. 

No word on if the venue is offering refunds, although we doubt it because, technically, the band did finish the show, going back on after another hour delay to a mainly empty venue (there are conflicting reports as to whether Rose ever returned to the stage). The promoter MCD and the venue issued a statement, according to the AP, taking Rose to task for coming on late, but added that "no artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them." Missiles? 

Listen, if Kings of  Leon walks off after three songs because of a little pigeon poop, we surely don’t expect GN’R to stick around with bottles flying.

Watch below: It's short, but you get the point.



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<p>Lady Gaga</p>

Lady Gaga

Credit: Evan Agostini/AP

Lady GaGa picks Scissor Sisters as openers for 2011 tour dates

Will she ever come off the road?

If Lady GaGa continues to tour at the rate she is now, she’ll be playing every backyard and Bar Mitzvah by the time she is done. The relentless touring machine (and one of the few artists who seems totally immune to the horrible touring season) has selected Scissor Sisters as the opening act for her 2011 tour. Yes, we’re already thinking that far ahead.

The Scissor Sisters’ run starts with the Feb. 19 opening of GaGa’s 2011 North American leg, according to GaGadaily.com. We think Scissor Sisters are a great pairing with LG, follow in the footsteps of recent openings Semi Precious Weapons and Alphabeat.

Lady GaGa’s current world tour ends Dec. 17 on London. Then she and her little monsters take a two-month break before starting the whole thing over again. However, we’re hoping that by the time the new tour starts in February, we’ll have new music.


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<p>Chris Martin</p>

Chris Martin

Credit: Paul Sakuma/AP

Watch: Coldplay's Chris Martin unveils new song at Apple event

Does 'Wedding Bells' ring your chimes?

Coldplay’s Chris Martin unveiled a new song this morning at the Apple Event. Such is the power of Steven Jobs.

The tune, “Wedding Bells,” is an inexorably sad song about an ex getting married, even though her former boyfriend clings to the hope of reconciliation.“You keep on moving/but I stand stll/I always loved you and I always will,” Martin sings.

Martin, alone at the piano, announces that “it could all go terribly wrong,”  before launching into the song. All that goes wrong is he hits a few clams, but the song itself is lovely.

What do you think?


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<p>Green Day's Billie Joe Aremstrong</p>

Green Day's Billie Joe Aremstrong

Credit: AP Photo

Watch: Green Day premieres new song, 'Cigarettes and Valentines,' in concert

Look for it on a forthcoming live album

Only four years after Green Day’s live album, “Bullet in a Bible,” it looks like the punk pop trio is ready to release a new concert album.

The group premiered a new song, “Cigarettes and Valentines,” during a tour stop in Denver, according to punknews,  and added that they were recording a new live album.... or "live fucking album," as Billie Joe Armstrong declared.

“Cigarettes” was allegedly on Green Day’s lost--or should we say, stolen--album. As the well-known story goes, the master tapes for the follow-up to the band’s 2000 album, “Warning,” were nabbed. This was on of the songs supposedly on there. Instead of re-recording, the band wrote “American Idiot” instead. We never condone stealing of any kind, but thank you, thieves!

Check out the new song for yourself below.


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Katy Perry on the Today Show

Katy Perry performs on the 'Today' show last month in New York City.

Credit: AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

Katy Perry tops the Billboard 200 -- How low does Eminem go?

Fantasia, Usher and Little Big Town also score big

Katy Perry dislodges Eminem from the top spot on the Billboard 200 as her sophomore album, “Teenage Dream,” debuts with sales of 192,000.

Perry’s first album, 2008’s “One of the Boys,” peaked at No. 9. Perry is the first solo female to hit No. 1 since Ke$ha did so with “Animal” in January, according to Billboard.biz.  The number seems low, given the amount of excitement surrounded the album. However, she has sold more than 3 million downloads of first single, "California Gurls" and second single "Teenage Dream," which is the top digital download of the week. We are, as we have written about in the past, seeing the continuing transition from album sales to single sales, and it's important to bear in mind that, as the New York Times wrote about this week, album sales are no longer the only meaningful barometer of a project's success.

It’s a pair of ladies at the top with former “American Idol” winner Fantasia snaring the runner up position. Her set, “Back to Me,” sold 117,000, which is enough to land it at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.
Eminem slides to No. 3 with sales of 98,000, which, remarkably, is the first time “Recovery” has slipped below the 100,000 mark since its release in June.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs in Kennebunkport, Maine, Friday.  After today's nods were announced, she likely won't be performing at the CMAs.

Credit: AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Miranda Lambert leads all CMA nominations -- How did Taylor Swift fare?

Other top nominees? Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band

Miranda Lambert leads the list of artists nominated for the Country Music Association Awards with nine nods, the most for a female artist in the ceremony’s 44 years.

The most awards she can go home with will be seven since she’s competing with herself in two categories.

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<p>Jazmine Sullivan</p>

Jazmine Sullivan

Watch: Missy Elliott joins Jazmine Sullivan in old-school 'Holding You Down' clip

Hi-top fades drop by for a party

Many folks had never heard of Jazmine Sullivan until she received a Grammy nod for best new artist. If you’re still not on the Sullivan train, you will be after checking out this fierce video for “Holding You Down.”

Sullivan’s voice is simply gorgeous (we have some great female artists out there right now with sumptuous pipes--whether it’s Sullivan, Fantasia or genre-defying Janelle Monae). Here, she laments that she can’t let go of her cheating man. And, apparently, that’s cause for a party with lots of Kid ‘n Play types and assorted other characters with hi-top fades and bad fashions.

She’s also joined by Missy Elliott (c’mon Missy --give us your own album!) here, as well as Salt-n-Pepa’s Pepa, in the Marcus Raboy-directed clip.

Sullivan, who has a new album, “Love Me Back,” coming soon, is getting ready to tour with Mary J. Blige, which is a marriage made in heaven. Dates run starting Oct. 1-23.

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<p>Lady Gaga</p>

Lady Gaga

Credit: AP Photo

Watch: Lady Gaga unveils new song 'Living on the Radio' on the road

Is she letting her softer side show to her little monsters in this high quality clip?

Nothing says soul like a black bra and panties... if you’re Lady GaGa, that is. Sitting clad in next to nothing at her black grand piano (at least she matches her undies to her surroundings), she unveiled a beautiful new ballad, “Living on the Radio,” concluding the song with “I hope you like that. It came straight from my soul to you.”

Her surpremeness debuted the raw tune about life on the road at earlier this week in St. Paul, Minn. and a concertgoer captured it all on video (with remarkably clear audio.)

“I’m living on the radio, that’s my dream,” GaGa sings, in the tender, vulnerable tune about the loneliness of being on the road that’s partly about the glory of fame, but also about the emptiness (as she ironically sings, “because you sure would miss the caviar...”).

It’s the second piano ballad she’s revealed on the road, following “You and I,” and her buddy Elton John’s influence is definitely showing. We’re liking this revealing (literally and figuratively) side of GaGa.

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<p>R. Kelly in &quot;When a Woman Loves&quot;</p>

R. Kelly in "When a Woman Loves"

Watch: R. Kelly emotes old style for video for 'When a Woman Loves'

Is it too close to Maxwell's 'Fistful of Tears?'

When we last heard from R. Kelly, he was warbling the “Sign of a Victory,” the official FIFA World Cup anthem. He’s gone from the macro to the micro.

With his new single and video, “When a Woman Loves,” R. Kelly is going old school, conjuring up the spirits of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding and even further back to the Platters. The soul ballad, about the power of a good woman’s love, is a bit one-note but it’s so smooth, you just glide along with it, swept away by Kelly’s spot-on vocals.

For the video, directed by Jeremy Rall, Kelly also imitates his predecessors, creating a sleek, stunning B&W performance video that features only him in front of a curtain and then surrounded by microphones. It’s beautifully shot and works perfectly for the song, but it would be a hell of a lot more effective if Maxwell hadn’t done a very similar idea with his clip for “Fistful of Tears,” earlier this year.

“When a Woman Loves” is the first single from Kelly’s 11th studio album, “Love Letter.”

Compare the two and tell us what you think.





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<p>Ryan Bingham</p>

Ryan Bingham

Credit: Lost Highway

Review: Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses' 'Junky Star'

Has winning an Oscar lightened up the weary troubadour?

Ryan Bingham would seemingly have every reason to be happy after traveling from relative mainstream obscurity to nabbing the best original song Oscar for “The Weary Kind” from “Crazy Heart.”

However, he’s keeping his glee to himself. There is no evidence of celebration or his growing celebrity on “Junky Star,” his third album with the Dead Horses. The characters who populate the largely acoustic “Junky Star” are so downtrodden, they make “Crazy Heart’s” desolate  Bad Blake seem as successful as a Fortune 500 CEO.

These protagonists aren’t diamonds in the rough. They are, and always will be, chunks of coal and it is to Bingham’s credit that he sees the tarnished beauty amid the decay.

Bingham’s roughnecks  may not have shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, but they create their own murderer’s row, in some cases killing strangers, in others, killing kin. They’ve been marginalized by the economy and by their own misdeeds and no one notices when they’re no longer there.  If they aren’t physically dying, as they are on “Hallelujah” or “All Choked Up Again,” they are spiritually and morally.

The few flickers of hope are still muted in desperation. On “Depression”  and “Yesterday’s Blues,” love is the only life raft in very choppy waters.

The stripped down production, handled nimbly by T-Bone Burnett (with whom Bingham worked on “Crazy Heart”) allows the songs to be front and center. Recorded solely with the Dead Horses--drummer Matthew Smith, bassist Elijah Ford and guitarist Corby Schaub-- and no outside musicians, the album feels insular and slightly claustrophobic, just like the characters. Everyone is going nowhere fast, but they’re in no hurry to get there.  Bingham’s weatherbeaten vocals--he’s 29, but he sounds like he’s 65--add to the high lonesome feel. His growl can be a slap or a caress.

Bingham isn’t doing anything that Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen haven’t done before, but that he can even stand comfortably within their shadows here is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

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