Listen: Lady Gaga teases us with a very busy 'Hair'

Listen: Lady Gaga teases us with a very busy 'Hair'

Frenetic track is the latest from 'Born This Way'

It’s still a week until Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” drops, but the constant teasing continues, this time with “Hair.”

The track, at least the fifth that she’s revealed from the new album, is a rocker that, like “The Edge Of Glory,” features E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons.  It’s also another in a series of tunes that salutes those follicles on top of our head, whether it be Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” India.Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair” or, of course, the original theme to the musical “Hair.”

According to some websites, we’ve read that Lady Gaga describes the tune as having a “Bruce Springsteen vibe,” but to us it is all about Laura Branigan.  She sounds like she’s channeling the late “Gloria” and “Self Control” singer. We first noticed the vocal similarity on “Paparazzi,” but really hear it here.

So far, we’ve gotten an interesting mix of what Lady Gaga has to offer between the piano ballad “You and I,” the anthemic “Born This Way,” “Judas” and “The Edge of Glory.”

This a high energy electro rocker that’s busier than Ben & Jerry’s “Chubby Hubby” ice cream:  between the  keyboards,  the auto-tuned stuttering in the middle, the insistent drum beat, and Lady Gaga’s whelping at the end there is a lot going on here on the RedOne-produced track. But we like it, in part because we really like the songs that show off Lady Gaga’s singing, like “Bad Romance,” and her commitment to the vocal. It may sound a bit like there’s everything here but the kitchen sink, but every element has a purpose, if only to amp up the hair-whipping frenzy.

Lyrically, it’s definitely meant to appeal to the younger end of her demo as she sings about “Whenever I dress cool/My parents put up a fight” and “I scream Mom and Dad, ‘why can’t I be who I want to be’.” She may be a self-confessed Daddy’s girl, but she’s about 10 years past asking her parents’ permission for anything.

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<p>Pearl Jam</p>

Pearl Jam

Happy 20th Anniversary: Pearl Jam hosting Labor Day bash

Cameron Crowe's documentary on the band premieres Oct. 21 on PBS

Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary celebration continues as the Seattle band throws itself a big old party over Labor Day weekend.

On Sept. 3-4, the band and several of its famous friends will come together at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wis. for two days of music. Along with Pearl Jam, performers include The Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, John Doe, Joseph Arthur, Glen Hansard, Liam Finn and more. The event is the band’s only U.S. show on the books. Find more info at  Phish fans know that is the same weekend that the jam band is throwing its own little soiree.

Additionally, the band will show its love for its fans in the great white north with a short Canadian tour from Sept. 7-25. Two dollars from every ticket sold to the Alpine Valley and Canadian shows will go to the Vitalogy Foundation

But wait, there’s more: The band will also release the Cameron Crowe-directed film, “Pearl Jam Twenty,” which chronicles the group’s history, as well as an accompanying book and soundtrack this fall. The New York Times reports that the documentary will air as part of PBS’s “American Masters” series starting Oct. 21. Crowe compiled the film from 1,200 hours of footage.

The year-long 20th anniversary activities started earlier this year with the release of “Live on Ten Legs”  and then expanded reissues of “Vs.” and “Vitalogy.”

As Pearl Jam fans already know, Eddie Vedder’s solo album, “Ukulele Songs,” comes out May 31. Enjoy the video for first single, “Longing to Belong,” here.

Additionally, Joseph Arthur’s new album, “The Graduation Ceremony,” comes out May 24. It is his first solo album since 2006’s “Nuclear Daydream.” To celebrate, he will perform 10 shows at New York’s The Living Room starting June 12.

Pearl Jam Canadian Tour Dates, Cities and On Sale Information:

Date               City               Venue               
7- Sep        Montreal           Bell Centre           
11-Sep        Toronto           Air Canada Centre
12-Sep        Toronto           Air Canada Centre   
14-Sep        Ottawa        Scotiabank Place   
15-Sep        Hamilton            Copps Coliseum   
17-Sep        Winnipeg           MTS Centre           
19-Sep        Saskatoon           Credit Union Centre   
21-Sep        Calgary           Scotiabank Saddledome
23-Sep        Edmonton           Rexall Place           
25-Sep        Vancouver           Pacific Coliseum   

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<p>The men of Lonely Island</p>
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The men of Lonely Island

Can Adele make it another week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200?

How far do the Beastie Boys fall?

Adele remains the queen of the chart as “21” has a firm lock on the top spot on the Billboard 200 going into the weekend. “21” is poised to sell around 130,000 copies, according to Hits Daily Double. That gives it a 50,000 lead over No. 2, “Now That’s What I Call Music 38.”  Additionally, her first album, “19,” continues to rally as it storms back up the chart, likely climbing into the top 15 next week.

It’s a strong week for debuts in the top 10 as the Andy Samberg-fronted trio, Lonely Island, debut at No. 3 with “Turtleneck & Chain." The set includes the music from many of the digital shorts first featured on "Saturday Night Live."  Duking it out for the No. 4 spot is the unlikely pairing of  Christina Perri’s “lovestrong” and Tyler, The Creator’s “Goblin.” Both are on track to sell between 45,000-50,000.

This week’s No. 2, The Beastie Boys’ “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2,” likely drops to No. 6, as "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez’s “Love?,” may fall two spots to No. 7. The Cars’ first album in 27 years with this line up looks to come in at No. 8, with Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes rounding out the top 10.


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<p>Katy Perry performing on the Today Show last year.</p>

Katy Perry performing on the Today Show last year.

Credit: AP Photo

Music Power Rankings: Adele, Katy Perry and the music industry's good news

Fleetwood Mac and Fleet Foxes both make this week's list

For years, the music industry operated under the assumption that digital sales would make up for sinking physical CD sales and it’s finally happened. It may be very short lived, but through May 8, music sales are up 1.6% over the previous year, marking the first this has happened in years. The increase comes as digital sales sold enough to offset the continuing decline in physical sales.

This news comes on top of last week’s good word that digital sales were up 8% over the same time period last year.

1. U.S. album sales (not ranked): Woohoo!  Overall sales are up for the first time in nearly a decade. It’s only 1.6% over the previous year, but for just one shiny moment we’re going to pretend that it’s all going to be alright.

2. Katy Perry (not ranked):
Lady Gaga may get more attention for letting her freak flag fly, but Katy keeps setting record after record. A few weeks ago she became the first artist in several years to score four No. 1s from an album. This week she becomes the only artist in the 52-year history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have a song in the top 10 of the chart continuously for a year. “Firework,” indeed.

3. Google (not ranked):
The mega-search engine (and YouTube owner) bows its Google Music Beta service to largely positive reviews, although it has to settle for launching the cloud service after it is unable to secure licenses from the major labels in order to debut a full-on downloadable service. Not really #winning.

4. Adele (No. 3):
She just moves from strength to strength. The British singer lands her first No. 1 single on the Hot 100 as “Rolling in the Deep” goes to No. 1 on the chart six months after its release. “21,” the album featuring “Rolling” remains at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Adele’s first album, “19,” soars back up the Billboard 200. “Rolling in the Dough” would be more appropriate.

5. Limewire (not ranked): The P2P and the Big Four label groups (Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and EMI) reach a $105 million out-of-court settlement. Who’s the winner? The labels, despite the fact they were intially asking for $1.4 billion.

6. Lady Antebellum (not ranked):
“Just A Kiss,” the group’s first single from its forthcoming third album, debuts at No 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, setting a record for the highest debut by a country group on the pop chart.

7. Fleet Foxes (not ranked):
The neo-folkies hit a major milestone this week: The group’s “Helplessness Blues” sells 8,900 copies on vinyl this week, marking the highest amount in the history of Nielsen Soundscan. It also sells 48,000 digital copies and 34,000 CDs for a hat trick that adds up to a No. 4 debut.

8. Fleetwood Mac (not ranked):
The band, who just saw a major surge in sales for its landmark album “Rumours” thanks to the “Glee” treatment looks like it will head back out on tour next year. This will likely be the only time in the history of Music Power Rankings that we get to have both the Fleet Foxes and Fleetwood Mac in a ranking.

9. Pink Floyd (not ranked):
The veteran band announces a huge reissue and archival footage program to give CDs one last hurrah. Additionally, Roger Waters and David Gilmour reunited for the first time publicly since 2005 to perform the classic “Comfortably Numb” at London’s O2 Arena. See it here.

What do you think of this week's rankings?  Share your thoughts below.

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Listen: 'I Wanna Go' set as 'mentally incapable' Britney Spears' next single

Listen: 'I Wanna Go' set as 'mentally incapable' Britney Spears' next single

Is she mentally incompetent, as her parents allege?

“I Wanna Go” will be the third single from Britney Spears’ current album “Femme Fatale.” The tune, which features Spears’ singing (autotuned as it may be), is produced by Shellback, Savan Kotecha and Max Martin. Chris Marrs Piliero will direct the video.

The song, which is also distinguished by Spears’ playful stuttering and its peppy whistling along the lines of Peter, Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks,” is about gratification, both self (wink, wink) and at the hands of others.

It follows “Hold It Against Me,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100, and “Till the World Ends,” which got a rebirth through a remix featuring Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha, ultimately peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. The tune is also No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs.

Spears’ Femme Fatale kicks off June 16 in Sacramento with guests Minaj, Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo.

In other Spears news, her parents are claiming that she is still mentally unstable. The singer’s ex-manager, Sam Lufti, is suing Spears’ mom, Lynne Spears, for defamation. As part of the suit, he wants Spears to dive a deposition. However, her parents filed a motion in Los Angeles Superior Court on May 9, claiming that she is mentally incapable of testifying, according to Hollywood Reporter. Spears’ father, Jamie, still serves as her conservator, as he has since her very public breakdown four years ago.

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Credit: Peter Kramer/AP

Beyonce delays video for 'Run the World (Girls)'

The big question is will it come out at all?

Has the curse of Friday the 13th struck Beyonce

Initially, the video for Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" was to go live at 12:01 a.m. EDT May 13. Then it was pushed back to 8 a.m. Now, Vevo is running a statement that says, “OK, bad news: 'Run the World (Girls)' won't be out on Friday like we thought. No new date yet. Beyonce is perfecting it."

The song, the first from Beyonce's new album, "4," has had a troubled life so far. The tune, which features a tribal, militaristic beat and a sample from Major Lazer's "Pon de Floor,"  debuted at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has moved in the wrong direction ever since. Last week, it fell to No. 48 and this week it plummets to No. 65.  We have no inside information on this one yet, but it's possible that Sony has decided to pull the plug on the song and attendant promotion all together and move on as if it never happened. It wouldn't be the first time a label decided to cut its losses, although given that the bulk of the video seems done, we imagine it will still come out in some form or fashion. If not timed to the single, it may be temporarily shelved and saved as an extra on a DVD or some later compilation. We have a message into Beyonce's publicist to see if we can get any information.

As you know, even though Interscope did release the video for Lady Gaga's second single "Judas," as it was apparent that the song was tanking, the label followed up three days later with a third single, "Edge of Glory." Whether it's smart to have already burned through three singles before the album is released is a topic we'll address in another post.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer to "Run the World (Girls)." It looks like a helluva video.

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<p>Just like J-Lo, Steven Tyler is using &quot;American Idol&quot; to launch a brand new single.</p>

Just like J-Lo, Steven Tyler is using "American Idol" to launch a brand new single.

Credit: FOX

Watch: Steven Tyler's video for '(It) Feels So Good'

What's Nicole Scherzinger doing in there?

I would have loved to have seen the treatment for Steven Tyler’s “(It) Feels So Good”: “Okay, we’re going to have an elephant, a monkey, a girl young enough to be Tyler’s granddaughter playing the love interest, a peregrine, Nicole Scherzinger, belly dancers, wrestlers, a melting disco ball and we’re going to go back and forth between black and white and color.”

Sold! In other words, the video makes absolutely no linear sense whatsoever, but clever editing with the images cut perfectly to the beat save the day as the Ray Kay-directed clip starts with Tyler in the make-upchair, holding a monkey. Said monkey soon ends up driving a golf cart.  The young girl, who goes from scantily clad to nude, rolling on the bed, and in the shower never actually cavorts with Tyler, we just see her holding someone’s hand, presumed to be Tyler. (Of course, longtime Aerosmith fans will remember that he likes them young, in shorts, and bent over both here and in the video for "Cryin,' which featured an underage Alicia Silverstone). Instead he nuzzles up to a pachyderm and to head Pussycat Doll Scherzinger, who, as it turns out, does some of the singing at the end of the song. Maybe this is how Tyler’s mind works...random scattershot images.

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<p>Roger Daltrey</p>

Roger Daltrey

Credit: AP Photo

Roger Daltrey to tour the Who's classic rock opera 'Tommy'

Pete Townshend absent, but gives outing his 'support'

And then there was one. Roger Daltrey is hitting the road to perform the Who’s classic rock opera “Tommy” in its entirety, as well as other Who classics.

Guess who’s not performing with him? Who guitarist Pete Townshend, who wrote the bulk of “Tommy.”  Instead, his baby brother Simon Townshend will be on guitar, in a band rounded out by guitarist Frank Simes, drummer Scott Deavours, bassist Jon Button and keyboardist Loren Gold.
The Who never toured the musical in its entirety in sequence, so this is your chance. Daltrey premiered this iteration at Royal Albert Hall in London in March at a benefit for Teenage Cancer Trust and will now embark on a six-week U.S. tour starting Sept. 13 in Hollywood, Fla.

Pete Townshend has given the tour his blessing, according to a statement: “Great to see Roger performing ‘Tommy’ with his band in 2011. I will be there in spirit. Roger has my complete and most loving support. Roger is touring his unique concert version of ‘Tommy’ using his faithful presentation of the original work as the backbone for a set of wider material. It is wonderful to hear the way Roger and his new band re-interpret the old Who songs.”

Tickets for the AEG-produced tour go on sale May 19.

9/13    Hollywood, FL    Seminole Hard Rock
9/15    Alpharetta, GA    Verizon Wireless Pavilion
9/17    Boston, MA    Agganis Arena
9/18    Newark, NJ    Prudential Center
9/21    Philadelphia, PA    MANN Center
9/23    Uniondale, NY    Nassau Coliseum
9/24    Hartford, CT    XL Center
**9/27    Montreal, QC    Place Des Arts
**9/28    Ottawa, ON    Scotiabank Place
**9/30    Toronto, ON    Sony Centre For The Performing Arts
10/1    Windsor, ON    The Coliseum at Caesars Windsor
10/5    Minneapolis, MN    U.S. Bank Theater at Target Center
10/7    Hammond, IN    Venue at Horseshoe Casino
10/8    St. Louis, MO    Peabody Opera House
10/11    Cedar Park, TX    Cedar Park Center
10/12    Grand Prairie, TX    Verizon Theatre
10/14    Kansas City, MO    The Midland by AMC
10/16    Broomfield, CO    1STBANK Center
10/19    Los Angeles, CA    NOKIA Theatre
10/21    San Jose, CA    San Jose Civic
10/22    Las Vegas, NV    The Joint
10/24    Portland, OR    Rose Quarter-Theatre of the Clouds
10/25    Seattle, WA    Key Arena at Seattle Center
10/27    Vancouver, BC    Rogers Arena
10/29    Edmonton, AB    Rexall Place
10/30    Calgary, AB    Scotiabank Saddledome
11/1    Saskatoon, SK    Credit Union Centre
11/2    Winnipeg, MB    MTS Centre


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<p>Katy Perry</p>

Katy Perry

Adele may be No. 1, but 'E.T' sets an out-of-this world Hot 100 record

Does the 'Judas' video help revive Lady Gaga's tune on the chart?

Katy Perry’s “E.T.” featuring Kanye West may fall out of the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, but Perry sets a much sweeter record: with “E.T.” at No. 2, it marks the first time an artist has spent 52 consecutive weeks in the top 10 of the chart.

Perry’s streak began when “California Gurls” featuring Snoop Dogg bowed on the Hot 100 at No. 2 for the week of May 29, 2010. This week’s chart is dated May 21.

Knocking Perry’s “E.T.” out of the top spot is Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” meaning the British singer has both the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 and the No. 1 single on the Hot 100 simultaneously. She’s the first female artist to do so since Ke$ha hit both summits in January 2010 with the single “TiK ToK” and album “Animal,” according to Billboard. More remarkably, it is the first song by a female solo artist to top both Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and the Hot 100 since Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” in 1990.

Just as Adele will likely receive an additional  surge next week from performing on “Dancing With the Stars” earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez gets a boost from singing “On the Floor” featuring Pitbull on “American Idol” last week: that song jumps 7-3 this week on the Billboard Hot 100.  The Black Eyed Peas’ “Just Can’t Get Enough”  stays at No. 4, as Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” remains at No. 5.

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<p>Dave Matthews</p>

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews, Neil Young among headliners for 2011 annual Farm Aid

Line up also includes founder Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp

Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp will headline the annual Farm Aid concert on Aug. 13 at Kansas City’s Livestrong Sporting Park. Other acts will be announced soon.

Tickets start at a staggeringly low $29 for the concert that benefits family farming.  Nelson, Young and Mellencamp founded Farm Aid in 1985.

As one might imagine, the food at the festival will come from family-farm identified, local and organic foods.

This marks the first time that Farm Aid has taken place in Kansas.

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