Lady Antebellum reveals track listing, details for 'Own The Night'

Lady Antebellum reveals track listing, details for 'Own The Night'

Set's first single, 'Just A Kiss' continues to rise up the chart

Lady Antebellum has revealed new details about its third studio album, “Own the Night,” coming Sept. 13.

The trio —Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and the newly-engaged Hillary Scott —wrote 10 of the album’s 12 songs, including first single, “Just A Kiss.”  The group also co-produced the set with longtime producer Paul Worley. The set follows the quintuple Grammy-winner, “Need You Now.”

“We’re definitely more in tune with each other musically and personally than ever,” Haywood said in a statement. “I think we share a real feeling of accomplishment, both as a band and as friends.”

Below is the track listing for “Own The Night.”

1. We Owned The Night
2. Just A Kiss
3. Dancin’ Away With My Heart
4. Friday Night
5. When You Were Mine
6. Cold As Stone
7. Singing Me Home
8. Wanted You More
9. As You Turn Away
10. The Love I’ve Found In You
11. Somewhere Love Remains
12. The Heart Of The World

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Watch: Paramore's spooky new video for 'Monster'

Watch: Paramore's spooky new video for 'Monster'

Who—or what— has the band on the run?

Add another beautifully-shot video to Paramore’s video canon. The clip for “Monster,” which MTV2 premiered today,  opens with the band members floating face up (thankfully) in shallow water like displaced water lilies.
Luckily they dry off before they plug in their instruments and start to play the mid-tempo, tortured tune (which is also featured in the new “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” flick. The band is  in a broken down, abandoned hospital, surrounded by dead flowers and exploding light fixtures, and yet, there’s time to play, while they try to figure out what the freak is going on. There's an unseen monster among them and this Scooby gang can't figure out the mystery.

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<p>Foster the People</p>

Foster the People

Watch: Foster the People's striking new video for 'Helena Beat'

'Mad Max' meets 'Lord of the Flies'

Hey kids, don’t try this at home. In the video for  “Helena Beat,” the new single from Foster the People,  a post-apocalyptic town run by young reprobates captures our band by using one of the oldest tricks in the world: placing a baby decoy in the middle of the road.

Then all manner of gritty, grim scenes follow: some funny, such as one of the tweens looking at a copy of “Playpen” magazine, others a little disturbing, like the ones with kids carrying around guns and then torture an older fellow by sending god-only-knows how many volts into his head turning him into a modern day Frankenstein. If your kids are mad at you, you might not want to let them watch this and get any ideas.

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Listen: Red Hot Chili Peppers' new single 'Rain Dance Maggie'

Listen: Red Hot Chili Peppers' new single 'Rain Dance Maggie'

Could it use more cowbell?

It’s like they were never away. “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie,” the first single from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in four years, is a funky, propulsive slab that is instantly recognizable from Anthony Kiedis’s first line.

The lyrics are typical RHCP:  more dependent on matching the flow and beats of the music rather than creating any real narrative. For example:  “Tick-tock, I want to rock you like the ‘80s/cock-blocking isn’t allowed” or “Rain Dance Maggie advances to the final/who know that she had the goods/ little did I know her body was one delicious vinyl.”

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<p>&nbsp;The cover of Blake Shelton's 'Red River Blue'</p>
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 The cover of Blake Shelton's 'Red River Blue'

Blake Shelton's 'Red River Blue' likely flows to No. 1 on Billboard 200 next week

Four other sets debut in the top 10

If there were any doubt that appearing as a mentor on “The Voice” was a good career move for Blake Shelton, he gets the answer—a resounding yes— on next week’s Billboard 200 as “Red River Blue” comes in at No. 1.

The title looks like it will sell up to 115,000, handily surpassing Incubus’s new set, “If Not Now, When,” which will come in at No. 2 with approximately 90,000 units sold.

Other debuts in the top 10 will be Chris Young, whose “Neon” looks good to light up at No. 4, Colbie Caillat’s “All Of You” (read review here), which is in a hot race with Beyonce’s “4” for the No. 5 spot, Theory of a Deadman’s “The Truth Is” and Sublime with Rome’s “Yours Truly,” which are in a dead heat for the No. 9 and No. 10.

Adele’s “21” hangs around at No. 3,  while this week’s No. 1, Beyonce’s “4,” as we mentioned, will drop to either No. 5 or 6. Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party” looks good for No. 7, while Selena Gomez & The Scene’s “When The Sun Goes Down” will likely land around No. 8.

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Credit: Brian Jones

Music Power Rankings: Adele, Rihanna and Chris Brown make the list

So do Spotify and Pandora

1) Spotify (not ranked): The ad-supported streaming service (or users can choose two premium, ad-free tiers) finally arrives stateside and it brings 15 million tracks with it. We doubt Steve Jobs has lost one minute’s sleep over this.

2) Adele (not ranked): Another week, another record or two: “Rolling in the Deep” becomes the biggest crossover hit in the last 25 years and “21” surpasses Eminem’s “Recovery” as the top-selling digital album since Nielsen SoundScan started keeping track.

3) Rihanna (not ranked): She overtakes Lady Gaga as the female artist with the most “friends” on Facebook, but the little monsters rally. As of this writing, LG is less than 50,000 behind.  We expect her fans will work their fingers down to the nubs to get her back into prime position.

4) Lyor Cohen (not ranked):
The Warner Music Group chief of recorded music is expected to get the big bump up to the Chairman/CEO spot, according to the rumor mill, following WMG’s sale to Len Blavatnik by current CEO/chairman Edgar Bronfman and his partners.

5) Chris Brown (not ranked): He draws a record-breaking crowd of more than 18,000 for his Today” show appearance on Friday. Following that and his big wins at the BET Awards, it’s clear that it’s okay to beat a woman and that the public will not only forgive you, but exalt you a few years later. (I would just like to compare this to Leann Rimes, who had an affair with a man she’s now married to, and seems to not be able to come back no matter what and continues to be condemned...just as long as we’ve got our priorities straight).

6) Clear Channel (not ranked):
The radio giant takes huge measures to increase awareness for I Heart Radio, its web offering, by announcing a two-day festival, Sept. 23-24, featuring Lady Gaga, Coldplay, The Black Eyed Peas (God, when does that hiatus begin?) Nicki Minaj, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood and many more. Anyone want to still pretend that radio isn’t still king? Or at least prince?

7) Pandora (not ranked): The service that Clear Channel is taking on head to head with I Heart Radio’s upcoming ability for listeners to create their own station streams, hits 100 million users. That’s a pretty good head start.

8) Jennifer Lopez (not ranked): She likely says yes to “American Idol” for another year for at least $12 million, but no to Marc Anthony as the pair announce their split. I did not see that one coming.

9) Mathew Knowles (not ranked): Did Live Nation set him up by telling his daughter Beyonce that he was allegedly taking money from her? He sues and Live Nation lawyers up with a very big name. Blood may be thicker than water, but money is thicker than blood.

10) Rob Grill (not ranked): Lead singer of the Grassroots dies from complications of a fall. He will live on forever via such perfect pop tunes as “Midnight Confessions” and “Temptation Eyes.”


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<p>Kelly Clarkson</p>

Kelly Clarkson

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Kelly Clarkson shows her 'Dark Side' in another leaked track

Will you still love her tomorrow?

Kelly Clarkson’s fifth studio album isn’t out for awhile, but as another song leaks, it sure sounds like a winner.

“Dark Side,” a mid-tempo thumper (girl likes her mid-tempo songs, doesn’t she?) opens with a few wispy, Katy Perry-like “oh,ohs” and a jewelry box-sounding tinker before she gets to the point: can her partner love her “even with her dark side.” 

She sounds sweet and vulnerable before the chorus bursts into an explosion that matches the cacophony going on in her own head.
 â€¨Clarkson’s voice sounds great here. There are times when she’s really belting--and she’s a strong belter-- that the pitch doesn’t match the power. Here, both are perfect.

Between “Dark Side” and “Let Me Down,”  which leaked two weeks ago, sounds like Clarkson’s love life has been less than satisfactory lately. But that’s okay. We’ve had enough of silly little love songs.

Clarkson has been downright lowkey about the leaks, taking them in stride. As she posted on her website on Monday, "Well .....I get back in the states from a vacation and somehow like 50 of my songs are leaked on the Internet?! No point in getting angry because there's nothing I can do so I hope y'all like the music. I can't wait for everybody to hear my actual finished 5th album! On a side note, Tahiti is one of the greatest places I've ever been. It's so beautiful! I had an amazing vacation and and got to hang with some awesome people! There's nothing better than dancing, laughing, having a couple drinks, then more dancing, games, and then more laughing :)"

Clarkson will play at the IHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas, which takes place Sept. 23-24.

Listen to “Dark Side” via Idolator.

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<p>Lenny Kravitz </p>

Lenny Kravitz

Watch: Lenny Kravitz as you've never seen him in new video for 'Stand'

He lets his freak flag fly in '70s game show spoof

We’ve already declared our love for Lenny Kravitz’s new single, the crunchy, infectious pop delight, “Stand.” And now he’s made a Foo Fighters-worthy video to go along with it. And that is high praise indeed.

The song has a ‘70s vibe to it, so it makes perfect sense that the Paul Hunter-directed clip sets the Wayback Machine to a spoof of “Let’s Make A Deal”--the original with Monty Hall, not the current lame version with Wayne Brady.

Kravitz plays obnoxious host Bart Billingsworth as well as bad, hair-flipping Prince clone, Desmond Richie.  As deal after deal goes south for the contestants, drummer Bubba Washington, also played by Kravitz, pulls back the curtain (literally) on the corruption.

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Listen: Blink-182's first single in six years, 'Up All Night'

Is there trouble in Blinkville?

Our boys are growing up. A dozen years ago, a  Blink-182 song called “Up At Night” would have undoubtedly been about sneaking out and staying awake until dawn’s early light by partying and carrying on.

The trio’s first single in six years will have you asking, “what’s their age again?,” because Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker are definitely living in the adult world on “Up All Night.”

Instead of regaling in frat-boy hijinks of yore, which, quite frankly, just seem pathetic after 25, what’s keeping our boys up all night are the pains and struggles of every day life. “All these demons, they keep me up all night,” the band sings in the crunchy, new tune, which debuted this morning on Los Angeles’ rock outlet KROQ.

The song is instantly identifiable as Blink, though it has a kind of cool, heavy Rush vibe that wasn’t always so apparent in their earlier hits. The cascading, dense, ominous intro lets us know that we’re not in for another party anthem. Leave that to LMFAO.

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<p>Lady Gaga</p>

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga gives Cher a song for Oscar winner's new album

Cher tweets about uplifting 'The Greatest Thing'

Maybe they can share outrageous outfits next. Cher has recorded a song written by Lady Gaga and RedOne for her next album, her first set in 10 years.

The Oscar winner tweeted the good news Wednesday night: “Just walked in from studio! I finished 1st track on new cd &.... ‘Gaga’ ‘You Are The Greatest Thing to Me.’”

The interpretation of this tweet, according to Idolator, is that Gaga and RedOne gave the song, “The Greatest Thing,” to Cher. For now, it won’t be a duet, although Cher remains hopeful. “Who knows?,” Cher further tweeted. “I did hold her meat purse. Ha ha! One can wish!”

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