<p>R.E.M. frontman/nude model Michael Stipe attends the 2011 Elton John Oscar viewing party in West Hollywood,&nbsp;CA</p>

R.E.M. frontman/nude model Michael Stipe attends the 2011 Elton John Oscar viewing party in West Hollywood, CA

Credit: AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

R.E.M. reveals track listing for 31-year retrospective

Nov. 15 release will combine I.R.S. and WB years

Last week came word that  R.E.M.  31-year history would be tied up nearly in a bow with “Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982-2011,” but details were scant on the package.

Now we are getting the full track listing for the Nov. 15, 40-song retrospective, plus the good news that it will include three new tracks,  first single “We All Go Back To Where We Belong,” “A Month of Sundays” and “Hallelujah.” "Belong" goes to radio on Oct. 18.

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<p>Justin Timberlake</p>

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake signs on to play Casablanca head Neil Bogart in new biopic

Is he the right fit?

Justin Timberlake is making quite a movie career out of playing real-life characters.  In “Alpha Dog,” he played low-life Frankie Ballenbacher, who was based on Jesse James Hollywood’s buddy Jesse Rugge; in “The Social Network,” he portrayed internet entrepreneur Sean Parker, and now, he’ll bring colorful music executive Neil Bogart to the big screen. (Not to mention, he voiced Boo-Boo in “Yogi Bear.”)

“Spinning Gold” will tell the story of Bogart, who died of cancer in 1982 when he was 39, and his rise from a poor kid in Brooklyn to a major player in pop culture. “This is saga about a young dreamer who started with nothing and came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, believing anything was possible and every risk was worth taking,” said Bogart’s son/”Spinning Gold’s” screenwriter, Tim Bogart, to Deadline Hollywood.

Bogart accomplished a lot in his short life. After stints at Cameo-Parkway and Buddah Records, Bogart co-founded Casablanca Records. The first signing was Kiss, but the label will always be most closely associated with its disco acts like Donna Summer and the Village People, as well as funk act Parliament. He also started Boardwalk Records with Joan Jett as his debut artist. Casablanca was an innovative label: it was one of the first to issue 12” singles and also, smartly, licensed a number of European disco hits for the U.S.

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<p>LeAnn Rimes' &quot;Lady &amp; Gentleman&quot;</p>

LeAnn Rimes' "Lady & Gentleman"

Album Review: LeAnn Rimes' 'Lady & Gentlemen'

Can we please go back to focusing on the music now?

There are no pictures of LeAnn Rimes in a bikini on her new album, “Lady & Gentlemen.” And that’s a good thing.

Over the last few years, Rimes’ illicit and now legal relationship with new hubby, “The Playboy Club” star Eddie Cibrian; her incessant tweeting about her life with said new hubby and two stepsons, photos of her in  various kleenex-sized bikinis, and discussion about her seemingly ever-more-slender frame have completely and totally overwhelmed her considerable abilities as a singer.  With “Lady,” out Tuesday, maybe we can all move on.

Rimes was only 13 when she came to national prominence with her preternaturally mature, resonant, rangy vocals on her stone-cold country song “Blue,” which was written originally for Patsy Cline, but the legendary singer died before she could record the tune.

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<p>Kelly Clarkson in &quot;Mr. Know It All&quot;</p>

Kelly Clarkson in "Mr. Know It All"

Watch: Kelly Clarkson and her Wall of Doubt in 'Mr. Know It All' video

Do we know a thing about her after viewing this?

It’s Kelly Clarkson and her fan, the blowing kind, in the video for “Mr. Know It All,” which premiered on Vevo today.

The majority of the video is Clarkson performing the song in front of her self-described “Wall of Doubt,” a seemingly endless wall totally covered with headlines of tabloid stories written about Clarkson, ranging from speculation on why she’s still single to how she dropped all her friends after winning “American Idol,” and the recent leaking of tracks from new album “Stronger," which is out Oct. 24.

Throughout, a fan gently blows her light-brown locks, as her band members appear in silhouette projected on the Wall of Doubt.  There are a few additional scenes interspersed, including Clarkson at a party dancing with another girl until Clarkson falls on her butt, as well as a Clarkson packing her bag  as she tells the titular “Mr. Know It All”  that he doesn’t know a thing about her.

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<p>Lady&nbsp;Gaga performing at the I&nbsp;Heart Radio festival in Las Vegas on Saturday night.</p>

Lady Gaga performing at the I Heart Radio festival in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Credit: AP Photo/Chris PIzzello

Watch: Lady Gaga dedicates an emotional 'Hair' to 14-year old bullying victim

Mother Monster sends off one of her own

I wouldn’t consider myself a Little Monster, but I think Lady Gaga just won me over for life with this performance and dedication. Last night in Las Vegas at Clear Channel’s I Heart Radio mega-concerts,  Lady Gaga gave a knock-out, emotional tribute to 14-year Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide last week after being bullied for more than a year.

Rodemeyer was a huge Gaga fan. In this moving intro to “Hair,” a breathless Gaga, seated at a piano shaped like the motorcycle from the "Born This Way" cover, says, “I just want to take a minute because I don’t know if any of your know this, but we lost a little monster this week and I wanted to dedicate this song to him tonight because he was really young.” The screen then flashed Rodemeyer’s name, the date of his death, and apparently a tweet to Lady Gaga he sent that serves as a chilling last note: “Bye Mother Monster. Thank You For All You Have Done. Paws Up Forever.”

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<p>&nbsp;Michael Stipe</p>
<div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;">&nbsp;</div>

 Michael Stipe

Credit: AP

Music Power Rankings: R.E.M. says goodbye, Lady A says hello

Tony Bennett puts the younguns to shame

1) R.E.M.: Sometimes magnificent, often inscrutable, but always interesting, the durable Athens, Ga. purveyors of jangle pop call it quits after 31 years.  It’s not the end of the world as we know it, it just feels that way.

2) Lady Antebellum:
Country trio lands its second No. 1 album as “Own The Night” opens with sales of close to 350,000 copies. They own the charts too.

3) Universal Music Group and Live Nation: The two powerhouses partner up to blend their artist management companies, but the pact hardly ends there.  The deal has potential for an amazing array of synergies (or conflicts of interest, depending upon whom you ask). How much larger does Live Nation Entertainment have to get before it is officially too big to fail?

4) Tony Bennett:
This week Bennett became the oldest living artist  to chart on the Hot 100. The 85-year old may very well land the first No. 1 album of his career  and may very well possibly land the first No. 1 album of his career with “Duets ll.” Hey, he may have a future in this business we call show.

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<p>The cover of Tony Bennett's &quot;Duets II&quot;</p>
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The cover of Tony Bennett's "Duets II"

Tony Bennett, 85, will finally land his first Billboard 200 No. 1

Crooner's "Duets ll" looks like a lock for the top spot

Tony Bennett will get a wonderful birthday present: his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. “Duets ll,” which pairs him with such artists as Amy Winehouse, Carrie Underwood and k.d. lang to commemorate his 85th birthday,  will debut at the top of the chart next week with sales of up to 170,000.

The title should be able to hold off on any last minute surge by Lady Antebellum, whose “Own The Night” drops to No. 2 with a still very sturdy 150,000 in sales, according to Hits Daily Double.  “Duets: An American Classic,” which Bennett released in 2006 to herald his 80th birthday, peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, selling 202,000 in its opening frame.

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Credit: Columbia

And the Grammy goes to... Who will get an Album of the Year nod?

Eligibility period ends next week

Sure, we all know Adele’s “21” is a shoo-in for a Grammy nomination for album of the year, but after the British thrush’s second effort, who will likely land a nod among the top five slots?

We know the Grammy Awards aren’t until Feb. 12, 2012, but next Friday, Sept. 30, marks the last release day of eligibility for an album to be considered. Any album put out between Oct. 1, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2011 falls within the qualifying period.

That means that a number of sets still to come in 2011 will have to wait until the 2013 ceremony for their chance to snare the golden gramophone, including new titles from Coldplay, Kelly Clarkson, Drake, Tom Waits, Miranda Lambert and Lou Reed/Metallica.

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<p>Jason Aldean in &quot;Tattoos on This Town&quot;</p>

Jason Aldean in "Tattoos on This Town"

Watch: Jason Aldean's video for 'Tattoos on This Town' leaves its mark

Country superstar amps up the story in new clip

Jason Aldean had the country hit of the summer with the massively popular country rap “Dirt Road Anthem.” Will he rule the fall with “Tattoos on This Town.” The song, which is already No. 23 on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, will undoubtedly get a boost from the video released today.

Aldean is one of country’s resident hunks, so he needs to be in the video, which intersperses footage of he and his band playing in an abandoned warehouse with a story that takes a deeply tragic turn that, to my mind, is a bit too heavy handed for the song. Having said that, congrats to the songwriters, Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley and Michael Dulaney, who came up with an image we haven’t gotten before in country songs—or any song—about leaving your permanent mark on your home city by comparing it to a tattoo.

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Watch: Wavves crash in violent clip for 'Bug'

What? Didn't they just declare their love for Dave Grohl?

You know what’s a buzz kill at a party? A dude who crashes your  perfectly civilized game night who is wanted by the police.

Then, when the pills that you’ve been popping all night kick in, a drag queen (or at least we think it’s a guy) dressed as a mermaid toting a machine gun pops up through the coffee table, and takes out the cops with said gun and splatters their blood all over a perfectly fine poster of Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. What? It seems like it was only last month the band was declaring its love for for Grohl in “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl.”

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